ThoVT, Vivien T. Thomas Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 3] Personal and Biographical Materials
This series contains a broad range of material relating to Vivien Thomas and his life. It is probable that much of this material would have been collected by Thomas himself. There are items related to the honorary degree and portrait including correspondence, articles, and speeches. Also included are interviews Thomas gave, a college thesis on Thomas’ work, and eventually, obituaries. The volume and enthusiasm of letters congratulating him on the portrait and degree very much reveal the scale of his professional influence and just how well he was liked by his colleagues. This 1976 correspondence indicates a deep immersion in the life of the hospital and the value of his contribution to it.
In Box 22, the correspondence is organized alphabetically in common folders. Different events are given separate folders and these events are organized chronologically. In Box 23, where possible, folders are organized chronologically.

[Folder 22/1] Correspondence Related to University of Maryland Degree. — March-May, 1976, August, 1981
George H. Callcott, Steven Muller, Robert L. Gluckstern,

[Folder 22/2] Correspondence Related to Johns Hopkins University, Honorary Degree (Folder 1). — May-June, August, 1976
Benjamin M. Baker, W. Halsey Barker, Elizabeth Blalock Blackford, Charles E. Brown, Harold Francis Burton, Lewis J. Carter, Ralph D. Cressman, W.B. Firor, Sherry B. Gill, Arthur Grollman, Travis W. Vauls, Charles Harper, Irving Jacoby, Jerome Harold Kay

[Folder 22/3] Correspondence Relating to Johns Hopkins University, Honorary Degree (Folder 2). — March, 1971, April- June, August, October, December 1976, February, 1977, June, 1978, August, 1981
Jerome Harold Kay, Langford Kidd, Maude Knickerbocker, Abigail B. Kouwenhoven, John M. McKain, Robert Austin Milch, Juanita Jackson Mitchell, Steven Muller, Carolyn Knight, George D. Zuidema, Marvin M. Nachlas, Samuel R. Pines, Alan Pollock, Loring W. Pratt, Mark M. Ravitch, Richard S. Ross, C. Martin Rhode, Lee H. Riley Jr., H. William Scott Jr., Richard T. Shackelford, Frank Cole Spencer, Caroline Thomas, M.S. Valiathan,

[Folder 22/4] Vivien Thomas Correspondence to Ravitch About Degree . — June, 1981
Mark Ravitch (?)

[Folder 22/5] Articles About The Honorary Degree . — May, August, 1976
American Medical News, The Evening Sun, The Light, The Sunday Sun, JHMI News,

[Folder 22/6] Correspondence Related to Documentaries, Films and Books On Thomas. — January-February, August, October 1971
Alfred Blalock, Denton A. Cooley, The News American, Jeffrey A. Daisy, Corrine F. Hammett, George D. Zuidema, Alvin G, Lazen, Lorene Richardson, David C. Sabiston Jr., Larry Stephenson, Shari Mayer,

[Folder 22/7] Correspondence Related to Portrait. — July-Spetember 1970, 1971
William W. Carter Jr., Crile Crisler, Bob Gee, Leslie C. Grebel, Arthur Grollman, Jacob C. Handelsman, C. Rollins Hanlon, Emile Holmna, Thomas N.P. Johns, Raynard W. Jones, James R. Jude, Jerome Harold Kay, Louis Lasagna, Mary Linderman, William P. Longmire Jr., Edward Malin, George Norman, Kenneth L. Pickrell, Mark R. Ravtich, C. Martin Rhode, David C. Sabiston Jr., Siavoush Sehhat, Richard T. Shackelford, James L. Talbert, L.D. Wilcox

[Folder 22/8] Portrait: Articles and Clippings. — February, April, June 1971, June 1976
News American, Washington Post, Johns Hopkins Gazette, George D. Zuidema, C. Rollins Hanlon, Russell A. Nelson, David E. Rogers, J. Alex Haller Jr., JHMI News, Shari Mayer,

[Folder 22/9] Thomas' Private Unpublished Reflections On Portrait. — April 7, 1971
Reflections on Blaclock Dinner and Portrait

[Folder 22/10] Biographical Sketches Of Thomas By Others. — February-March 1971, July 1975, May 1976, August 1981, July 1982, November 1983, August 1989, January 1990, January 1993, 1994, 2003
Time-Life Books, Johns Hopkins Magazine, Hartford Courant, Washington Post, Baltimore Magazine, Katie McCabe, Vincent L. Gott, A. Shermal Hill Jr., J. Alex Haller, Roz Hamlett, Life Magazine, Thomas V. Brogan, George M. Aliferis, Debbie Vargas, The Washingtonian, The Baltimore Sun, Carolyn Knight, Under The Dome,

[Folder 22/11] Vivien Thomas Interviews. — April 16, 1968, April 21, 1971, October 28, 1974, April 1975
Peter D. Olch. National Library of Medicine, Ebony Magazine, Theophilus Green, Victor A. McKusick, Johns Hopkins Magazine, Pamela Jane Gray

[Folder 23/4] Certificate from United States Office of Scientific Research and Development. — March 1, 1945

[Folder 23/5] Blue Baby News Clippings. — December 19, 1945, February 17, 1946
Robert D. Potter, The American Weekly, The Evening Sun, Virginia Paty

[Folder 23/6] Vivien Thomas Bibliography. — October 1982
Copies of various bibliographies citing among others: C.R. Hanlon, J.H. Kay, and Alfred Blalock

[Folder 23/7] Jury Duty List With Vivien Thomas . — January 1965
List of jurors featuring Vivien Thomas

[Folder 23/8] Morgan State College Thesis on Vivien Thomas By Jessie Gladden. — May, 1973, May 1976
Thesis discusses parts of Thomas' life as well as his surigcal techniques and how race impacted his career

[Folder 23/9] Offer And Acceptance Of Position "Instructor In Surgery". — January 26, 1977 January 31, 1977
Richard S. Ross

[Folder 23/10] Certificates Of Appreciation. — 1977, 1979
Certificates of appreciation from JHMI to Thomas for "recognition of voluntary educational services extrended to students in the JHMI high schools health services careers program.

[Folder 23/11] Provident Hospital Board of Trustees Fundraiser and Award. — July-November, 1981
William Murphy, Sr

[Folder 23/12] Articles On Vivien Thomas' Death. — November 27-28, 1985
News American, The Sun, The Washington Post, JHMI News