ThoVT, Vivien T. Thomas Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 6] Research and Laboratory Materials
This series contains items related to the life of the laboratory and dog surgery. Extending across his time at Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins, this material gives a sense of Thomas’ numerous roles as teacher, researcher and laboratory manager. The contents are separated into two groups, the first being ‘Laboratory Notebooks and Manuals’ which were created for Thomas’ own research purposes and for teaching others. The volume of charts showing the failed convalescence of dogs indicates something of the laboriousness of perfecting the Taussig-Blalock shunt. The second section features laboratory administration materials which include job applications, receipts of laboratory purchases and correspondence with educational institutions on the topic of laboratory visits.
Each of the two sections is in its own separate box and organized chronologically where possible. ‘Laboratory Notebooks and Materials’ additionally contains a shoebox featuring notecards.

[Sub-series 6.1] Laboratory Notebooks and Materials

[Folder 27/1] Experimental Surgery Lab Notebook (Vanderbilt). — 1932-1946
Lab Notebook containing various notes on surgical procedures and records of procedures performed.

[Folder 27/2] Inventory. — August 31, 1957
Detailed inventory of property of surgical research laboratories

[Folder 27/3] Lab Notes Intestinal Ischemia. — 1937-1941
Lab Notes

[Folder 27/4] Dog Notes. — 1937-1945
Records of various dogs

[Folder 27/5] Lab Notebook: Coarcation of the aorta. — 1942-1943
Records of experiments on dogs with specific regard to the aorta

[Folder 27/6] Tourniquet Trauma. — 1943-1944
Correspondence between Alfred Blalock and Vincent P. Dole. Records and figures of "tourniquet trauma" research.

[Folder 27/7] Transplanted Kidneys. — 1943, 1961
Notes and Records detailing research on kidney transplanation. Copy of editorial published by Alfred Blalock

[Folder 27/8] Research Notebook: Air Embolism. — 1943-1944
Research Notebook detailing work on air embolism research

[Folder 27/9] Catherization. — 1952
Research Notebook detailing work on catherization research

[Folder 27/10] Multiple Pulmonary AV Fistula. — 1945
Research notes and records.

[Folder 27/11] Pulmonary Aortic Fistulas . — 1945-1947
Research notes and records

[Folder 27/12] Reversal Pulmonary Circulation. — 1946
Research notes and records

[Folder 27/13] Dog Surgery Notecards. — 1949
Research notes and records on dog surgeries

[Folder 27/14] Mitral Bypass, heart and lung transplants. — 1949, 1957
Research notes and records

[Folder 27/15] Notebook: Observations University of Chicago, Billings Hospital, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern. — 1952
Notes on setup of dog labs at various institutions

[Folder 27/16] Notes for Crush. — 1953
Research notes and records for Crush

[Folder 27/17] Observation of Mayo Clinic and correspondence with Dr. Malcolm. — 1953
Letter to D.C. Malcolm, various comments on Mayo Clinic Research Building, describes having developed the first defibrillator

[Folder 27/18] Multiple Pulmonary AV fistula C ductus. — 1945
research notes and records

[Folder 27/19] Esophagus. — 1957
Research notes and records

[Folder 27/20] Dog Experiments Results and Protocol on Experimental Transposition of the great vessels. — 1948-1949
Research summary of dog experiments on transposition

[Folder 27/21] Undated Laboratory Materials. — Undated
Notes and Records of various experiments on dogs and monkeys

[Folder 28/1] Canine Test Subjects- A (Aorta). — 1951-1953
Record of canine test subjects, A-3, and selected cases A-101 through A-120

[Folder 28/2] Canine Test Subjects- BL (Blalock Transposition Dogs). — 1947-1955
Record of canine test subjects, BL1 to BL965

[Folder 28/3] Canine Test Subjects- D (Caratid Divided). — 1949
Record of canine test subjects D142 to D145

[Folder 28/4] Canine Test Subjects- F. — 1949-1952
Record of canine test subjects, F16 to F112

[Folder 28/5] Canine Test Subjects- G (Gall Bladder). — 1948-1949
Record of canine test subjects, G1 to G6

[Folder 28/6] Canine Test He. — September-October 1950
Record of canine test subjects, He3 and He4

[Folder 28/7] Canine Test Subjects- J. — July and August (No year)
Record of canine test subjects, J1 to J6. Aorta experiments, extreme vessel reversal, spinal cord dog.

[Folder 28/8] Canine Test Subjects- L. — 1949-1951
Record of canine test subjects, L1 to L6, Portal aortic anastomosis

[Folder 28/9] Canine Test Subjects- M (Mitral Valve Stenosis). — 1951
Record of canine test subjects, M1 to M111,

[Folder 28/10] Canine Test Subjects- Ms. — 1948-1950
Record of canine test subjects, MS1 to MS4, Mitral ring

[Folder 28/11] Canine Test Subjects- NI and NM. — 1951-1952
Record of canine test subjects, NI1 to NI4 and NM1 to NM4.

[Folder 28/12] Canine Test Subjects-P and PO (Pancreas, Polyethylene). — 1947,1949,1950
Record of canine test subjects, P14 and P17, PO1 to PO3

[Folder 28/13] Canine Test Subjects-S (IASD). — 1949
Record of canine test subjects, S102 to S107

[Folder 28/14] Canine Test Subjects-T (Tetralogy of Fallot). — 1951
Record of canine test subjects, T1 and T2

[Folder 28/15] Canine Test Subjects-V. — 1950-1951
Record of canine test subjects, V1 to V115

[Folder 28/16] Canine Test Subjects-V continued. — 1951-1953
Record of canine test subjects, V60 to V102, Dead pulonary stenosis, 9 dogs

[Folder 28/17] Canine Test Subjects-VK. — 1951-1953
Record of canine test subjects, VK1 to VK62

[Folder 28/18] Canine Test Subjects-VK and V (Stenosis for IVSD). — 1951-1953
Record of canine test subjects, VK5, VK45, V76, V78, V98, V104

[Folder 28/19] Canine Test Subjects-W. — 1949
Record of canine test subjects, W6 to W21

[Folder 28/20] Canine Test Subjects-X (Auric Defect, Pulmonary Stenosis). — 1947-1948
Record of canine test subjects, X1 to X45

[Folder 28/21] Canine Test Subjects List. — 1952, undated
Research notecards listing dogs, identifying experimenmts and names of residents

[Folder 28/22] Miscellaneous Notes. — 1951-1954
Various research notecards on a variety of projects

[Folder 28/23] Canine Hematology Reports. — March, April 1952
For Canine test subjects V and VK

[Sub-series 6.2] Administrative materials related to the Laboratory

[Folder 29/1] Bodine Electric Company. — 1949-1954
Bodine Electric Company, Paul W. Sanger, Johns Hopkins Medical School

[Folder 29/2] Invoices and Administrative Correspondence . — 1953-1977
University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Health, Emory University School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital Department of Surgery, University of Saskatchewan Department of Surgery, University of Leeds, Boston City Hospital, University of Cincinnati Department of Internal Medicine, Morris Surgical Clinic, Cornell University Medical College, Sutter Hospital of Sacramento, The University of Texas, Creighton University, University of Oregon, University of Colorado Medical Center, Medical College of Virginia, University of Kentucky

[Folder 29/3] Personnel Information. — 1977-1978
Resumes of senior surgical staff, listing of various duties performed in department, Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing,

[Folder 29/4] Undated Ephemera From Lab Administration . — 1974-1979
Johns Hopkins University, Syracuse University, a number of invoices and receipts

[Folder 29/5] Correspondence Between Vivien Thomas and Educational Institutions. — 1969-1978
St Paul's School for Girls, Johns Hopkins University, Essex Community College, Dulaney Senior High School, Bryn Mawr High School, Brandywine High School,

[Folder 29/6] Administrative Correspondence . — 1949-1952
National Institutes of Health, VA Medical Teaching Group, Louisiana State University, Indiana University, University of Minnesota, Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas, University of Saskatchewan, Yale University, Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Medical College of Alabama, University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, Alexander Blain Hospital and Clinic, Washington University of Saint Louis, Saint Louis University, University of Pennsylvania, Army Medical Center, Veterans Administration Hospital Maryland, Medical Research Foundation of Dade County, Baylor University, Universite Laval Quebec