KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 2013-031-06] Research Materials: Electro-shock and Defibrillator. — 1930s-1970s
Box 2013-031-06 had been numbered Ms. 95, Box 6 when housed at the Eisenhower Library and described as part of the Research Materials Series.

[Folder] Defibrillator Research (Dogs). — 1958
This folder contains several series of Dr. Kouwenhoven's data on electric shock using the dog model. Experiments numbered 439 through 507 are included.

[Folder] Defibrillator Research - Comparison Data (Dogs). — 1960's
This folder contains data from a variety of electric shock dog experiments. The researcher's name is not indicated on the data summary sheets. Experiment numbers 869 through 906 are included.

[Folder] Defibrillator Research - 1/2 Cycle 1969-71. — 1969-71
The notes and summaries by Dr. Kouwenhoven and others from several electric shock experimental series using dogs are in this folder. Included are numbers 1168-1193, 1195-1204, and 3351-3518.

[Folder] Defibrillator Research - 1/2 Cycle AC Monophasic Defibrillator 1967. — 1967
This folder contains a description and diagrams of the 1/2 cycle AC defibrillator which Dr. Kouwenhoven constructed and correspondence with others about research being done using it.

[Folder] Defibrillator Research - AC Theory and AC Machinery Notes. — 1940's
Dr. Kouwenhoven's prolific hand-written notes on AC theory, including mathematical equations, are in this folder

[Folder] Defibrillator Research - Westinghouse 1965-69. — 1965-69
Results of electric shock experiments on dogs using the Westinghouse Defibrillator and correspondence with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation are in this folder. Dogs numbered 865 through 1164 are included.

[Folder] Electrocution - Case Study / Photos 1968. — 1968
This folder contains one case study of an injured linemen and a series of apparently staged photos showing linemen at work and use of closed chest cardiac massage on an injured worker.

[Folder] Electrocution - Miscellaneous Articles/Brochures 1938-39. — 1938-39
Several articles and brochures that relate to electical safety are in this folder.

[Folder] Electrocution - Original Data (Rats) 1928-29. — 1928-29
This folder contains several sets of Dr. Kouwenhoven's data on electric shock experiments using the rat model.

[Folder] Electrocution - Presentations of Data 1930-36. — 1930-36
This folder contains Dr.Kouwenhoven's hand-written notes for various talks he gave around the country from 1930 through 1936 on the subject of electric shock.

[Folder] Reprint - An Outline for Research in Penology (Robert H. Roy). — 1964
Reprinted from Operations Research, this article discusses a proposed model for prison confinement.