KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 2013-031-07] Research Materials: Defibrillator. — 1950s-1970s
Box 2013-031-07 had been numbered Ms. 95, Box 7 when housed at the Eisenhower Library and described as part of the Research Materials Series.

[Folder] IEEE Summer Meeting: "The Great Environmental Debate and the Power Industry". — 1970
Program from the meeting which included panelists Wm. Gould, R. Philip Hammond, John Vukasin, Frederick Warren, and James Watson.

[Folder] Minnesota Hospital Survey - Defibrillation Research. — 1963
The large notebook in this folder contains survey results of use of cardiac defibrillators in many cities and hospitals in Minnesota. The survey looks at types of defibrillators, voltage used and safety issues.

[Folder] Reprint - "A Simple Electrical Apparatus for the Clinical Treatment of Ventricular Fibrillation" (Kouwenhoven and Kay). — 1951
Reprinted from Surgery, this article describes the electrical defibrillator in use at Hopkins Hospital.

[Folder] Reprint - "Closed Chest Cardiac Resuscitation: Methods - Indications - Limitations" (Jude). — unknown
Creator: Jude, James R.
This paper is a discussion of cardiac arrest and various methods of treating it, including Closed Chest Cardiac Massage, drugs, and external defibrillation.

[Folder] Reprint - "Closed Chest Defibrillation of the Heart" (Kouwenhoven, Milnor, Knickerbocher, and Chestnut. — 1957
Creator: Milnor, William R. ;  Knickerbocker, G. Guy
Reprinted from Surgery, this article is a discussion of the history of defibrillation, research results using the dog model and a description of the defibrillator in current use at Hopkins Hospital.

[Folder] Reprint - "Field Treatment in Electric Shock Cases" (Kouwenhoven and Milnor. — 1957
Creator: Milnor, William R.
This article was a report presented at the AIEE 1957 winter meeting. It discusses defibrillation experiments on dogs and the closed chest method of defibrillation used on humans.

[Folder] Reprint - "Men in Insulation: Dr. William Bennett Kouwenhoven". — 1958
Appearing in the October 1958 issue of the publicaion "Insulation," this article is a biographical sketch of Dr. Kouwenhoven and his work in the field of insulation.

[Folder] Reprint - "The Current Flowing Through the Heart Under Conditions of Electric Shock" (Kouwenhoven, Hooker and Langworthy. — 1932
Creator: Hooker, Donald R. ;  Langworthy, Orthello R. (Orthello Richardson), 1897-1996
Reprinted from The American Journal of Physiology, this article presents data on the effects of electric shock on rats.

[Folder] Reprint - "The Effect of Alternating Electrical Currents on the Heart" (Hooker, Kouwenhoven and Langworthy. — 1933
Creator: Hooker, Donald R. ;  Langworthy, Orthello R. (Orthello Richardson), 1897-1996
Reprinted from The American Journal of Physiology, this article presents data on the effects of electric shock using the dog model.

[Folder] Reprint - "Three Russian Papers on EHV/UHV Transmission Line and Substation Design". — 1975
In this folder is a booklet which contains reprints in translation of 3 papers presented at a meeting of The American-Soviet Committee on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Field of Research, Design, and Operation of UHV Transmission.

[Folder] Reprint - Cochlear Microphonics in Man (Reuben, Knickerbocher, Sekula, Nager and Bordley). — 1959
Creator: Knickerbocker, G. Guy
Published in The Laryngoscope, this article discusses the findings of a study done at Johns Hopkins in the Department of Otolaryngology using some of Dr. Kouwenhoven's electronic equipment.

[Folder] Reprint - Contemporaries - William B. Kouwenhove, Dr. Ing.. — 1967
This NSP publication on "Safety - Conference Topics" contains information about the work of Dr. Kouwenhoven and his biography.

[Folder] Reprint - Effects on the Heart of Electric Shock from Low Frequency AC and DC, Separately and in Combination (Knickerbocker and Kouwenhoven). — 1969
Creator: Knickerbocker, G. Guy
This lengthy final report reflects work done by The Bell Telephone Laboratories and Dr. Kouwenhoven's laboratory. The results of the animal study are in the report.

[Folder] Reprint - Electrical Safety Regulations in the United States, Canada and Europe (Price and Michener-AIEE). — 1959
This is a paper presented at an AIEE Safety Committee Conference. The authors compare safety codes, enforcement and standards in approval of electrical equipment in the U.S., Canada and several European countries.

[Folder] Reprint - External Cardiac Resuscitation (Jude, Kouwenhoven and Knickerbocker). — 1964
Creator: Jude, James R. ;  Knickerbocker, G. Guy
Reprinted from Monographs in the Surgical Sciences, this is a lengthy look at the historic context of external cardiac massage and its current advances.

[Folder] Reprint - Field Treatment in Electric Shock Cases-II (Kouwenhoven, Knickerbocker, Milnor and Jude). — 1960
Creator: Knickerbocker, G. Guy ;  Milnor, William R. ;  Jude, James R.
Reprinted from Electrical Engineering, this article discusses treatment of respiratory failure and ventricular fibrillation and the use of the defibrillator.

[Folder] Reprint - Intravenous Drug Therapy of Stokes-Adams Disease (Zoll, Linenthal, Gibson, Paul and Norman). — 1958
Reprinted from Circulation, this article describes research done at the Beth Israel Hospital (Harvard, Boston)on the efficacy on ventricular rhythmicity and atrioventricular conduction.

[Folder] Reprint - Resuscitation - Miscellaneous Articles by Other Authors. — 1958-65
This folder contains a range of articles on closed-chest resuscitation, effects of electric currents on the heart, resuscitation after drowning and hypoxia. Hand-written notes, possibly Dr. Kouwenhoven's are also in the folder.

[Folder] Reprint - The Development of the Defibrillator (Kouwenhoven). — 1969
Reprinted from the Annals of Internal Medicine, this article traces the development of the defibrillator from its conceptual basis (Prevost and Battelli 1899) through research in the 1930's to the devolopment by Kouwenhoven of the Hopkins machine.

[Folder] Resuscitation Manuals. — 1959
This folder contains several instructional guides on resuscitation.