KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Defibrillation Experiments: Reprints, Notes, Manuscripts, Correspondence

Creator: Hanlon, C. Rollins ;  Johns, Thomas N.P. ;  Thomas, Vivien T., 1910-1985.
This is a collection of other scientists' articles and copies of manuscripts on the topic of electrical anesthesia. Included is one article from Johns Hopkins: "An Apparatus for Anesthesia in experimental Thoracic Surgery" by C. Rollins Hanlon MD, Thomas N.P. Johns MD, and Vivien Thomas.

FileArrhythmias. — 1964-1982
This folder contains 2 articles on the topic of cardiac arrhythmias and Dr. Kouwenhoven's hand written notes on one of them.

FileArrythmias - Ventricular Fibrillation. — 1932-33. — 2 copies of each
This folder contains reprints of 2 papers relating to ventricular fibrillation from the American Journal of Physiology written by D. R. Hooker (Department of Physiological Hygiene of the JHU).

FileArtful Organs. — 1965
Two articles on replacement organs, including the heart, are in this folder.

FileAtrial Fibrillation. — 1924-1965
This folder contains reprints of articles on the subject of atrial fibrillation, including one translated by Dr. Kouwenhoven from the original Russian.

FileBlood Cooling. — 1959
This folder contains one article on blood cooling and the effects of hypothermia.

FileBreak Down Voltage. — 1953-68
Letters and materials relating to the AIEE's publication entitled "American Standard for Measurement of Voltage in Dielectric Tests" and a draft for the updated document are found in this folder.

FileCardio-Pulmonary Physiology. — 1935-1962
This folder contains a number of articles relating to cardio-pulmonary physiology, including topics on cardiac excitability, ventricular fibrillation and electrocardiography.

FileCell Processes
Several scientific articles on experiments at the cellular level relating to the heart and neurological system are in this folder.

FileCirculation. — 1949
Creator: McKusick, Victor A. (Victor Almon), 1921-2008
This folder contains reprints of several articles discussing methods of measuring the flow and rate of blood circulation. Two deal with radio-active means and the 3rd, by H. K. Wiskind and V. A. McKusick MD of JHU is entitled "Electric Analog of the Human Circulation for Study of Hepatic Hemodynamics."

FileClosed Chest Cardiac Massage - Use of Machines. — 1966
Reprints of 2 articles on use of mechanical devices for external cardiac massage

FileCurrent: Impulse Generator. — ca early 1930s
Creator: Langworthy, Orthello R. (Orthello Richardson), 1897-1996
This folder contains 2 articles co-authored by Dr. Kouwenhoven and Orthello R. Langworthy (Dept. of Neurology) on the effect produced by the discharges from the impulse generator. These electrical current studies were conducted on rats.

FileEdison. — 1947
This folder contains a variety of historic materials surveying the life and achievements of Thomas Alva Edison.

FileElectric Fence. — 1939-1941
Found in this folder are a variety of reports, brochures and an article on the topics of electric fence hazards, electric controllers and safety rules for electric fences.

FileElectric Shock References. — 1933-1942
This folder contains several lists of articles on the topic of electric shock requested by Dr. Kouwenhoven from others.

FileEmergency Care. — 1963
One reprint of an article that appeared in The American Journal of Nursing, April 1963 entitled "The Law and the Nurse: Nurse, Hospital and Emergency Care" by Nathan Hershey is in this folder. It covers topics which include obligations and risks in giving emergency care and the law and ethics.

FileFlash Tubes. — 1948-1950
Two articles on flash tube technology and its use in photograhy are in this folder.

FileFranco Paper Electric Shock & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. — 1968
A copy of a paper entitled "Electric Shock and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation" by S. Charles France M.D. and correspondence with Dr. Kouwenhoven requesting permission to quote him are in this folder.

FileInjuries and Illnesses (other forms). — 1933-38
This folder contains a variety of reprints on articles on thyroid disease, back injuries and nerve injuries all relating to the topic of electrical current.

FileInstruments (experimental). — 1933-65
This folder contains miscellaneous articles about experimental instruments being developed for use in measuring blood flow, monitoring ECGs, and for recording arterial pulse wave forms.

FileLighting (Emergency). — 1955-56
This folder contains reprints of several conference paper (American Institute of Electrical Engineers)on batteries used in emergency lighting and emergency power for hospitals.

FileMine Safety: Bills. — 1958-64
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the Mine Safety Appliances Company about his consultant agreement with them and information on the development of a mine safety portable defibrillator. It includes a photograph of Dr. Kouwenhoven using the instrument on a patient.

FileMine Safety: Data, Reports, Meetings. — 1957-66
This folder includes ongoing correspondence betweenDr. Kouwenhoven and officials at the Mine Safety Appliances Company about the use of the Mine Safety Defibrillator, scientific papers written about it, and use if ut by others. Dr. Kouwenhoven was a consultant for the company.

FileMine Safety: Field Debibrillator. — 1959-71
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and officials of the Mine Safety Appliances Company about the research he was conducting on use of their Mine Safety Defibrillator. Photos of the components of the device are included as is information about the use of the device by others and Dr. Kouwenhoven's ongoing consultant relationship with the company. A copy of his 1960 agreement is also included.

FileNeurological Effects of Electricity on the Organism. — 1932-1938
Papers and abstracts written by scientists in the USA and abroad on the topic of neurologic effects of electric shock are accumulated in this file. Included is a Hebrew translation of an address on electrical accidents Dr. Kouwenhoven gave in 1937.