KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Papers, Translations, References, Correspondence, Speech, Meetings, CPR and Industry Training Manuals

File"Cardiac Arrest Resuscitative Procedure" by WBK 1960. — 1960. — 30 copies
This 3 page paper explores the symtoms of cardiac arrest and application

File"External Cardiac Massage" Film Folders [Booklets]. — undated
This booklet describes a technique developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital for resuscitation without opening the chest. Smith Kline & French Laboritories published it in conjunction with a film by doctors James R. Jude, W.B. Kouwenhoven and G. Guy Knickerbocker.
  • Film #172043 "External Cardiac Massage" available in Medical Archives film collection.
  • Insert glued over part of the text on 4th page. The wording of one sentence was changed - from: "If heart action has not resumed after two minutes, another intracardiac injection of dilute epinephrine should be given." to: "If heart action has not resumed after two minutes, an intracardiac injection of dilute epinephrine may be given."

    FileA.S.T.M. Sub-Com. VII on Electrical Tests (Revision of D-150-34T) 1940-1951. — 1954-1956
    The documents included in this folder are approved final drafts of Definitions of Electrical Terms and American Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms. Also included is one revised draft. They are work done in conjunction with the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

    FileAIEE - Definitions, Tebo's Com. 0-5 #2. — 1946-1958
    This folder includes correspondence spanning a period of twelve years between D. Kouwenhoven and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers regarding his committee work on the definitions of electrical terms. Also included are copies of correspondence with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and The National Research Council.

    FileAMBU International Manikin: Reports for Distribution. — January 1961. — 19 copies
    The report titled "Principles and Experiences for the AMBU-MANIKIN" was presented at the AMBU International, Kastaniealle 22, Copenhagen. The rationale for using a manikin in

    FileAmerican Heart Association Posters (Resuscitation). — 1965
    Two AHA posters are in this folder: "Definitive Therapy: Heart-Lung Resuscitation" and "Emergency Measures: Heart-Lung Resuscitation."

    FileArticle: Relationship Between Displacement and Pressure in Closed-Chest Cardiac Compression. — 1964 May 23
    This folder contains the article and a reprint It appeared in The Lancet and was co-authored by Johansen and Ruben, both from Copenhagan, Denmark. It refers to Kouwenhoven's work and focuses on studies done on pressure in external cardiac massage.

    FileBaltimore Meeting - October 1950. — October 4, 1950
    Wm. Kouwenhoven Spoke to a gathering of engineers at the Engineers Club in Baltimore in October of 1950. This file contains a copy of the speech as well as hand written notes possibly used in its preparation. The focus is on aviation engineering. The need for highly trained and experienced engineers, including electronics specialists and physicists, is emphasized. The approach to continuing education at the Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore is discussed. WW II brought a rapid expansion in the industry and the difficult challenges of increased production of aircraft. Kouwenhoven also discusses the future work being done at the Martin Co., notably the development of the first successful high altitude research rocket (The Viking. the first successful pilotless aircraft (The Gorgon) built for the Navy, and significant advances in airplanes. Included in this file is a related reprint of a paper presented a month after this speech entitled "Continue Your Education - A Message to Young Engineers" by J. C. McKeon.

    FileBulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital January, 1952. — January 1952
    This issue contains a series of papers on chronic constrictive pericarditis.

    FileCardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (Heart Assoc. of MD.) A Manual for Instructors. — 1962 April. — 4 copies
    Creator: Jude, James R. ;  Scherlis, Leonard ;  Farr, Mary
    This is a 28 page manual of instruction for physicans responsible for training others is CPR.

    FileCardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (Heart Assoc. of MD.) A Manual for Instructors. — 1962 April. — 4 copies
    Creator: Jude, James R. ;  Scherlis, Leonard ;  Farr, Mary
    This is a comprehensive 28 page manual of instruction for physicans responsible for training others in CPR. In contains information about the fundamentals of CPR, steps in organizing and executing a training program, teaching aids, equipment and selected readings.

    FileCleveland Electric Illuminating Co.1961: "First Aid Training Techniques . — 1961. — 80 Pamphlets
    First-Aid resuscitation indications and techniques are discussed and iullustrated.

    FileCleveland Electric Illuminating Co.1961: "First Aid Training Techniques . — 1961. — 80 Pamphlets
    First-Aid resuscitation indications and techniques are discussed and iullustrated.

    FileClosed Chest Cardiac Resus. 1961 J.R. Jude, M.D. (American Heart Association) . — 1961. — 7 copies
    This paper, written for physicians and distributed as a service by the AHA, describes indications for resuscitation and methods. It also includes information about drug therapy, use of the EKG

    FileEmergency Squad Manual Ohio State University. — 1959. — one copy of the manual plus additional related informational materials
    The manual covers a wide range of topics including emergency vehicles, victim care, methods of resuscitation, first aid, waterfront operations and post mortems.

    FileFolders from AMBU INTERNATIONAL (Reports 6, 7, 8, 9E & Leaflet 1962. — 1962. — 19 leaflets
    Folder contains only Report No. 7E (leaflet) entitled "Training Aid for Closed Cardiac Massage. It describes

    FileFort Monmouth Oct. 23, 1956 NACA. — October, 1956
    The National Academy of Sciences Material Advisory Board was responsible for reviewing the Dept. of Defense Program on Materials Research and Development. Wm. Kouwenhoven was a member of the Dielectrics Panel of this group. This file contains correspondence and his expenses for a visit to Fort Monmouth in New Jersy, and a 2-volume final report of the Advisory Board's findings.

    FileGuy's Hospital Gazette 29 July 1961. — July 29, 1961. — One copy
    The focus of this issue is an article by Donald Ross entitled "The Management of Cardiac Arrest." It was a clinical lecture given at Guy's Hospital by the author. It includes dia

    FileJoint Comm. on Medicine & Biology MEETING - New York - November 7-8. — November 1956
    This folder contains the program for the meeting, Kouwenhoven's notes and correspondence requesting an advance copy of Drs. Shields and Geohegan's paper on cardiac resuscitation.

    FileLetters of congratulations on Award of Edison Medal Jan. 1962. — 1961-1962
    This folder contains many letters and telegrams of congratulations to Dr. Kouwenhoven and his responses. The prestigious Edison Medal for outstanding accomplishments was presented to him by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

    FileMay 24, 1956 Tech. Panel on Diel. Nat. Acad. of Sci. Washington, D.C.. — May 24, 1956
    This file contains background information on the first meeting of a panel on dielectrics sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences and a letter from Kouwenhoven expressing his regret at not being able to attend the meeting.

    FileMeeting - National Academy of Sciences - Dielectrics Washington Dec. 17, 1956. — December, 1956
    This files contains expenses and correspondence related to Dr. Kouwenhoven's attendance at a meeting of the Technical Panel on Dielectrics of the Materials Advisory Board of the National Academy of Sciences.

    FileMetodo A Torax Cerrado Para La Resuscitacion Cardio-Respiratoria. — May, 1964. — One copy
    This is a copy of a paper by 6 authors from the Departments of Anesthesiology and Cardiology at the University Hospital, Caracas, which was sent to Dr. Kouwenhoven. It covers methods of resuscitation and electrical defribulation. It includes a short summary of emergency treatment at the end in English.

    FileNorthern States Power Co. 1962 Minneapolis Cards for NSP Employees. — 1962. — 9 cards for External Heart Massage directions
    Two pamphlets describe Northern Power Company's embracing the External Heart Massage rescue technique developed at Johns Hopkins for all company employees. Pocket sized cards describing the steps in resuscitation are included for distribution to employees.

    FilePamphlet: Electric Shock and Resuscitation in the Electric Utility. — December, 1965. — 2 copies
    Topics include effect of electric current on man, human resistance to electrical currents, method of arranging a hitch to lower a man from an electrical pole and resuscitation techniques.

    FilePamphlet: First Aid in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Discussion Guide. — 1964. — one copy
    Creator: Jude, James R. ;  Scherlis, Leonard ;  Farr, Mary
    This Heart Association of Maryland publication accompanies a set if slides for use by physicians or other trained persons teaching first aid in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

    FilePamphlet: When Seconds Decide - Modern Co-Operation in Rescuing. — 1963. — 2 copies
    Briefly describes how rescuing is performed in Denmark and how the population are trained. Photographs accompany text.

    FilePapers, trans., refernces, etc.. — 1954-1962
    This folder contains miscellaneous papers, foreign language articles and translations relative to cardio-pulminary resuscitation.

    FileRequired Characteristics of a Portable Capac. Type Ext. Dfb. 1961 (WBK). — 1961 November 03. — multiple copies
    This a a one-page paper listing 19 required characteristics of a portable capacitor type external defibrillator.

    FileRubber Gloves Meeting - American Standards Asso. 7/26/56 70 E. 45th St., Room 2846 - Comm. J6.6. — 1956/July/07. — This folder contains a copy of proposed American Standard Specifications for Rubber Protective Equipment for Electrical workers. Also included is an article entitled " Rubber Gloves Can Kill You" by G. Ross Henninger and Paul E. Skarshaug and correspondence related to the article

    FileSave a Life! Rescue Breathing and Heart Compression - Pocket-size Pamphlets. — February, 1964. — multiple copies
    Prepared by the Florida Agricultural Extension Service, University of Florida, this pamphlet describes and illustrates the methods for rescue breathing and heart compression.

    FileThe External Defibrillator 1961. — 15 copies
    This 2-page paper lists the desirable characteristics of the external defibrillator and the names of the companies producing them

    FileThe Fire Fighter and Electrical Equipment - A Guide to Self Protection
    This booklet was written cooperatively by a variey of organizations in the state of Michigan to help fire fighters understand electrical installations, hazards and procedures for rescue. It contains a chapter on resuscitation and first aid.