KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Papers, References, Reprints, Manuscripts, Correspondence, Drafts of American Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms, Bibloigraphy and Biographical Articles about Kouwenhoven

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Group 05 Final Draft - General (Fundamental and Derived) Terms. — 1948
This is the third and final draft of a 220 page document which covers definitions of general electrical terms. It was part of the work of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE).

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Group 10-Rotating Machines-Final Draft. — Dec. 1953
Proposed electrical definitions relating to rotating machines are in this 47 page document along with a notation that it was approved in 1954.

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Group 95-Miscellaneous First Draft. — February 28, 1951
Miscellaneous electrical terms are defined in this 3- page document.

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Group 60 Final Draft Electrochemistry and Electometallurgy 1951 . — 1951
This is an 11 page document of defined electrical terms relating to the fields of electrochemistry and electrometalurgy.

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Final Draft Group 70 - Electron Devices Aug. 1954. — August 1954
This folder contains a 53 page document of definitions relating to electron devices and an additional listing entitles "International Electrotechnical Vocabulary."

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Final Draft Group 45 Electromechanical Devices
Defined terms in this document are divided into two sections: Elevators and Cranes Derricks Hoists.

FileAmerican Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms Final Draft Group 55
The electrical definitions in this document relate to Photometric Quantities, Radiation, Color, Illuminants, and Photometric Standards and Tests.

FileData Edison Medal. — Dec. 1961 - March 1962
Included in this folder are various newspaper clippings and journal articles about Dr. Kouwenhoven receiving the prestigious Edison Medal for his "...investigations of the effects of electricity on the human body with the successful development of countershock for the cure of fibrillation of the heart." Also included is his resume and list of his publications which were used in a pamphlet promoting his candidacy for the American Institute of Electrical Engineers presidency (also found in this folder).

FileElectric Fences - Chas. F. Dalziel. — 1949-50
This folder contains a reprint of a paper entitled "Electric Fences" by Charles F. Dalziel which was presented at the 1949 Winter Meeting of the AIEE. There are also copies of commentaries on the paper and correspondence between Professor Dalziel and Dean Kouwenhoven.

FileElectric Shock - Pole Top Investigation Experimental Data
Folder contains a list of commentaries entitled: "Asphyxia - Notes from Yandel Henderson's book 'Adventures in Respiration'."

FileJHU School of Engineering Report to the Governor Jan. 1954. — January 1954
This is a formal report from the School of Engineering to the Governor and General Assembly of Maryland on its 1953 activities, achievements, needs and scholarship awards. The previous Dean of the school, Dr. Kouwenhoven, prepared this annual report from 1939 to 1953. His biography and photo are included in this report.

FileList of Publications-Effects of Electricity on the Human Body WBK 1930-1958. — 1930-1958
The list of publications which Dr. Kouwenhoven authored or co-authored spans his scientific interests from electric shock injury to resuscitation and defibrillation.

FilePolymen Publication Jan. 1954. — January, 1954
Published by the Brooklyn Polytechnic Alumni Association, this journal includes a photo and short biography of Dr. Kouwenhoven, class of 1906, in an article entitled "Poly Men Listed in 'Who's Who in America'." The bios appear to be copies of the entries from the book.

FilePurchasers of CCCM Film. — 1960-64
This folder contains the records of the 104 sales of the film "Closed Chest Cardiac Massage" and correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the purchasers. Included are many electric companies, Heart Associations and cities.

FileRequisitions 1957-1964. — 1957-64
Purchase requests and forms requesting transfer of services/materials by Dr. Kouwenhoven's office are contained in this folder.

FileThe Bridge - Eta Kappa Nu Publication Winter 1957. — Winter 1957
The national engineering honor society Eta Kappa Nu included a biography of Dr. Kouwenhoven in this edition of its journal.

FileThe Johns Hopkins Magazine June 1953. — June, 1953. — 2 copies
A brief article and photograph of Dr. Kouwenhoven appear in an article entitled "Three Retiring Hopkins Leaders - and a Pair of Their Successors." The other two featured in the article are Lowell Reed, vice-president of the Hopkins Hospital and University and Alan Chesney, dean of the School of Medicine.

FileThe Vector - JHU School of Engineering 1950-1953. — June 1950-November 1953
The Vector was a publication of the Johns Hopkins Student Engineers. This folder contains photocopies of articles related to Kouwenhoven from the June 1950 issue and two complete issues of the Vector (November 1952 and November 1953). The 1953 issue features a biographies of Dr. Kouwenhoven and Robert H. Roy the new Dean.