KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 103P] KOUWENHOVEN PAPERS. — 1961-1962
Meeting and Presentations

FileAMA Exhibit - Hektoen Gold Medal June 26-30, 1961. — Nov. 1960 - July. 1961
Creator: Jude, James R. ;  Knickerbocker, G. Guy
This folder covers logistical and financial arrangements made by Dr. Kouwenhoven in connection with his attendance at the 1961 AMA meeting in New York. At the meeting he was joined by Dr. James Jude and Mr. Guy Knickerbocher in presenting an exhibit entitled Closed Chest Cardiac Massage and Defibrillation. Included are drawings of the exhibit, photos used in it and articles about their exhibit being awarded the Hektoen Gold Medal for originality and excellence of presentation. The Medal was given by Dr. Kouwenhoven to Mr. Knickerbocker who in turn presented it the JHU Medical Archives in 2012.

FileAmerican Acad. of Occupational Medicine Pittsburgh Feb. 8, 1962
Dr. Kouwenhoven presented a talk at this meeting entitled "Cardiac First Aid." Miscellaneous correspondence relating to this presentation and a copy of the meeting program are found in this folder.

FileAmerican Heart Association Paper by Dr. Jude Miami Meeting 10/21/61. — Oct. 21, 1961
Creator: Jude, James R.
Dr. James Jude presented this paper accompanied by slides entitled "Closed Chest Cardiac Massage" at a meeting of the AHA in Miami. Methods of resuscitation and case histories are discussed.

FileAmerican Heart Association Teaching Program March-May, 1961. — 1961
This folder contains correspondence related to Dr. Kouwenhoven's plans to conduct a course for the Texas Heart Association on closed chest cardiac resuscitation. There is also a complete schedule of AHA presentations on the same topic which Dr. Jude and Dr. Kouwenhoven conducted in Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and Denver. Sessions were also conducted by Dr. Crane and Mr. Knickerbocher in Chicago, Richmond and Atlanta. These session were formally called "Teaching Institutes for Physicians on Closed Chest Resuscitation." Other related correspondence and itemized expenses are included.

FileAmerican Public Power Assn. Memphis Feb. 8, 1962 (Guy speaks)
Creator: Knickerbocker, G. Guy
Guy Knickerbocher presented a paper ("Closed Chest Heart Massage")about his work with Dr. Kouwenhoven at this meeting. A copy of the talk and related correspondence are in this folder.

FileAmerican Surgical Association Boca Raton March 21-23, 1961. — March-June, 1961
Creator: Jude, James R. ;  Knickerbocker, G. Guy
A copy of the paper entitled "A New Approach to Cardiac Resuscitatiion" which Dr. Kouwenhoven presented at this meeting is in this folder. It was co-authored by Dr. Jude and Mr. Knickerbocker. A copy of another paper on the same topic by Dr. Jude is included ("Closed Chest Cardiac Resuscitation"), as are Dr. Kouwenhoven's itemized expenses for attending the meeting, and the complete program.

FileAssociation of Military Surgeons of the U.S. Washington, Nov. 8, 1961. — 1961
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Scientific Program Chairman Dr. Thomas J. Kennedy Jr., about his speaking at the meeting on "Closed-Chest Massage and Closed-Chest Defibrillation." A complete program from the meeting is included. Dr. Alfred Blalock recommended him as the speaker.

FileCentral Ohio Heart - Columbus (Ohio) Academy of Medicine Nov. 16,1961. — 1961
Dr. Kouwenhoven delivered a keynote address at this meeting on "External Cardiac Massage and External Defibrillation." The program is found in this folder as well as correspondnce with the Association, Dr. Kouwenhoven's expenses and a Columbus Dispatch news article based on an interview with him.

FileChicago Medical Society Feb. 28/March 1-3, 1961. — 1961
A copy of the lecture Dr. Kouwenhoven gave at the meeting ("Closed Chest Resuscitation of Cardiac Arrest") is in the folder as well as his notes and information about his participation in a Color Televsion program at the meeting. He was on a panel discussing "Respiratory and Circulatory Resuscitation."

FileCleveland Academy of Medicine March 24, 1961. — Jan.-May, 1961
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Dr. John R. Reed, Chairman of the Committee on Education & Scientific Work of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland about Dr. Kouwenhoven presenting his work at a meeting sponsored by the Academy. His talk was entitled "External Cardiac Massage and External Defibrillation." His itemized expenses are included.

FileDemonstration U.S. Naval Dental School Hopkins 1/23/62
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Captain George W. Ferguson (Dental Corps - U.S. Navy) about his CCCM demonstration and lecture for the students and staff of the Naval Dental School. The group came from Bethesda to Hopkins.

FileEdison Medal Jan. 1962. — Nov. 1961-Jan. 1962
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers regarding his being awarded the prestigious Edison Medal for 1961 is found in this folder. Also included are 2 copies of his acceptance speech, an introductory talk given by Ferdinand Hamburger, Jr., the January 29th program for the AIEE Winter General Meeting, and a list of Dr. Kouwenhoven's personal associates who were invited to attend the luncheon and ceremony.

FileGilbert Associates, Inc. (Jack Leslie) New York City April 10, 1961. — 1961
Dr. Kouwenhoven spoke at this Safety Conference sponsored by Gilbert Associates, Inc, an engineering and safety consulting company on closed chest heart massage. Safety brochures and related information are included in this folder.

FileHeart Association of Maryland Orientation Session for Board and Committee Members Jan. 10, 1961. — 1960-61
Materials include the agenda for the meeting, names of Board Members and their professional affiliations, and various pamphlets published by the Heart Association (e.g. Stroke, Heart Attack and Varicose Veins Guides).

FileJHU Medical and Surgical Association Hopkins 2/24-25/61. — February 24-25, 1961. — 2 copies
The program booklet for the Biennial Meeting of The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association (2/24-25/61) is found in this folder. The dinner speaker was Milton S. Eisenhower [President of the University]. Dr. Kouwenhoven spoke on the topic "Experiences with Closed Chest Defibrillation."

FileMaryland Heart Association Agenda Council on Professional Education 2/9/61. — February 9, 1961
Dr. Kouwenhoven was a member of this Council. The agenda for the meeting is found in this folder.

FileMarymount Hospital Ohio Oct. 16, 1961
This folder contains one letter of thank you from Dr. Kouwenhoven to the Program Director of the Medical Staff at this hospital and his itemized expenses.

FileN.Y. Heart Association May 22, 1961. — May, 1961
Creator: Jude, James R.
This folder contains a letter from Dr. Jude to the N.Y. AHA explaining the conditions under which he and Dr. Kouwenhoven can present their work ($150 honorarium each plus expenses). Dr. Kouwenhoven's itemized expenses are included as well as a letter of thank you from the Association.

FileNational Resuscitation Society New York March 10, 1961. — 1960-61
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Dr. Paluel J. Flagg, Executive Director of the National Resuscitatioon Society about his attending the course and demonstrating closed chest cardiac massage (using a dog).

FileNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation Syracuse, N.Y. Oct. 25-26, 1961. — Oct. 1961
Dr. Kouwenhoven's travel schedule, expenses and a few notes from the meeting are included in this folder.

FileTalk to U.S. Ordinance Feb. 20, 1962 Aberdeen, Md.. — Jan. - March 1962
Dr. Kouwenhoven presented a lecture and demonstration on "Closed Chest Massage" to army ordinance personnel at Aberdeen as part of an effort there to increase safety awareness. Correspondence related to this talk is found in this folder as well as a copy of the Aberdeen Proving Ground newspaper which contains a photo of Dr. Kouwenhoven and a statement about his presentation.

FileWinter Meeting AIEE Jan. 30, 1962. — May 1961-Feb. 1962
Dr. Kouwenhoven presented a paper to the AIEE Safety Committee on his work on the portable closed chest defibrillator the day after he was presented the Edison Medal by the AIEE. This folder contains miscellaneous correspondence relating to giving that talk and his expenses for the trip.