KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Subject Files, Artificial Respiration, A-D, Reprints, Clippings, Papers Presented, Notes, Cases, list of dogs, Correspondence, Photographs

FileA. C. Defibrillation of Man Cases . — 1957
This folder contains Dr. Kouwenhoven's notes on 4 cases at Hopkins where closed chest defibrillation was used and some of the actual EKG readings.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FileArtificial Respiration - Devices. — ca 1965
Information leaflets on the devices known as the AMBU E-Valve, the AMBU Ruben Resuscitator amd the UNI/FLEX Rescue Breather are found in this folder.

FileArtificial Respiration - Correspondence #2. — 1956-1962
A wide range of correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and other researchers, government agencies, JHU personnel and electric company officials on the the topic of artificial respiration are in this folder.

FileArtificial Respiration (reprints, articles, etc.). — 1956-67
Various articles, pamphlets, training instructions and manuals relating to proper use of artificial resuscitation are included in this folder.

FileArtificial Respiration #1 EEI 1952-1957. — 1952-1957
This folder contains various correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and others on the topic of artificial resuscitation: actual cases, scientific exchanges with electric company officials and other researchers, and commentaries on various resuscitation methods and mechanical devices.

FileAtrial Fibrillation - Arrythmias. — 1963-68
This folder contains copies of correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and various other scientists relating to research and clinical observations on electrical shock and arrythmias.

FileBatronic Ventilaide (Resuscitator) - Artificial Respiration. — 1956-1964
Included here is an article on the use of an electronic glass wand developed by Batrow Laboratories in Connecticut for resuscitation and Dr. Kouwenhoven's comments on its practical value.

FileBetz - Defibrillator Equipment. — 1954-58
This folder contains various correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Dr. Paul Betz of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. and with officials of the Levinthal Electronic Products, Inc. The subject is the building of an external defibrillator. Two photos of the engine generator unit discussed in Dr. Getz's paper "Field Current Sources for Electric Defibrillation" are included as are several drawings of curcuitry done by Dr. Kouwenhoven.

FileBetz - Electric Shock Equipment Data 1952-53. — 1952-54
Curves, charts and formulas relating to electric shock and curcuits are found in this folder in addition to some correspondence about the same subject matter.

FileBetz - Generator Resus. Current. — 1954
Technical information about a voltage regulator and alternating current generaor produced by Fidelity Instrument Corporation is in this folder.

FileBirther Corp. Defibril. Los Angeles. — 1961
Advertisements for the Birther Defibrillator and correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the company are found in this folder.

FileBrochures sent by Utilities, etc.. — 1968
Included are brochures from Con Edison, NJ Electric and Gas Co., Florida Power and Light Co. relating to use of CPR and an article about a Rockford, IL CPR training program. Several small photos accompany the latter.

FileBurns. — 1954-68
Various correspondence and papers are included in this folder which relate to burns caused by electric shock.

FileCardiac Arrest - Trauma and Treatment of Cases. — 1954-69
This folder contains a variety of news clippings, professional articles and papers on the subject of the use of cardiac resuscitation, as well as Dr. Kouwenhoven's hand-written notes and commentaries related to articles on the topic written by other scientists.

FileCardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (Heart Assoc of MD) Revision Manual. — 1962-69
Dr. Kouwenhoven worked on a revised edition of the Maryland AHA"s publication entitled "Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation: A Manual for Instructors-Prepared and Published by the Heart Association of Maryland." The original manual, his suggestions for changes and other related articles are included in this folder.

FileCases of CCCM. — 1960-65
Cases described in this folder cover a range of uses of external cardiac massage, from electric shock to drownings, to gas poisoning, and cardiac disease. It was also used on an African lion. News clippings and letters from grateful patients are included.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FileCases Saved by Artificial Respiration. — 1963-68
Several articles about successful use of respiration without cardiac massage and a letter by Dr. Kouwenhoven about the topic are included in this folder.

FileCCCM - Fire Department. — May, 1960
A letter inviting Dr. Kouwenhoven to the Fire Department graduation exercises, an editorial for the International Medical Digest entitled "Resiscitation Outside the Hospital," and a news clipping from Milwaukee about the use of artificial respiration without cardiac massage are found in this folder.

FileChicago Paper - Status of Closed Chest Cardiac Massage IEEE Oct. 21, 1964. — 1964-1965
This folder includes a copy of the paper presented (Status of Closed Chest Cardiac Massage), correspondence about having it printed in the IEEE publication Transactions and the galley.

FileConductive Clothing. — June 21, 1969
Article entitled "Graphite Fibers Coming of Age" from Science news

FileCounter Shock Apparatus Paper
Creator: Blalock, Alfred, 1899-1964.
Included in this file are the hand-written version and final copies of a paper entitled "Apparatus for Electrical Arrest of Ventricular Fibrillation" by W.B. Kouwenhoven, Jerome Kay and Alfred Blalock, as well as supporting diagrams and photos. There is also a 1951 correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and V.L. Vosburgh about an electrocardiac resuscitatior developed by the General Engineering Laboratory in Schenectady, N.Y.

FileDebibrillation - Horse. — May 1972
Reprint of an article entitled "Trans-Chest Electrical Ventricular Debibrillation of a 277 Kg Horse."

FileDefibrillation Data and Brochures. — 1954-1971
This folder contains a wide variety of information, reprints, articles and brochures relating to different defibrillators from the US and abroad.

FileDefibrillator - Serial Discharge Generator Mine Safety Company. — May 27, 1958. — 4 booklets
This folder contains 4 copies of the "Operational Manual For Serial Discharge Generator Mark 1 Mood O" printed by the Catalyst Research Corporation of Baltimore.

FileDefibrillator Demonstrations 1956-. — 1956-57
This folder contains the program from a Postgraduate Course in Cardiac Medicine, Oct. 18, 1956, during which the 1st public demonstration of the defibrillator occurred, as well as Dr. Kouwenhoven's notes on 2 subsequent demonstrations.

FileDental Publications Regarding ECM. — 1965 - 66
Correspondence in this folder relates to a chapter Dr. Kouwenhoven wrote for a book entitled "Dental Clinics of North America." Also included are reprints of articles on external cardiac massage and management of medical emergencies in the dental office published inthe Journal of the Canadian Dental Association.

FileDischarge Characteristics Mono and Di Phasic. Defib. Grayson. — 1963
Photographs of defibrillator responses (Negovsky Russian model and Mine Safety Defibrillator) are accompanied by correspondence from Laurence Grayson, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Hopkins.

FileDr. Arthur Keith-Swenson - Electric Shock from Polishing Machine - "frozen" tissues - 1966-67. — 1966-67
Contained in this folder is correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and a Brooklyn, NY physician about a patient of his who suffered a shock while using an electric floor polisher.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FileDrugs-Arlidin CCCM. — Aug.-Sept. 1962
Found in this folder is one set of correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Franklin Teller, MD of the U.S. Vitamin & Pharmaceutical Corp. regarding a sample of a new vasodilator (Arlidin) the latter sent to the doctor.

FileEEI 1964 Resuscitation Manual. — 1962-64
Included in this folder is an edited copy of the Edison Electric Institute's "Resuscitation Manual: A Guide for Electric Utility Companies" and correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Mr. Robert Coleman of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company about the manual.

FileElectric characteristics of Human Body Tissues
Hand written notes about conductivity of cells in different organs of the body are in this folder.

FileElectric Shock - Article Reprints - Misc.. — 1958-1971
Articles on the theory of conductance, reducing shock hazard, intensity of electric shock, current leakage and curcuit protection in swimming pools.

FileExperimental Data CCCM. — 1961
This folder contains one page of Dr. Kouwenhoven's hand written notes on a report made to him by Dr. Wilder from City Hospital on Closed Chest Cardiac Massage experiment results (dogs).

FileExternal Cardiac Massage - Pumps. — April 1962
Two items are in this folder: 1) A Cleveland Clinic Quarterly magazine with a highlighted article sent to Dr. Kouwenhoven entitled "An Intrathoracic Pump to Replace the Human Heart: Current Developments at the Cleveland Clinic" by Willem J. Koloff, MD and 2) Notes Dr. Kouwenhoven made about an article by Marvin M. Nachlas about the Westinghouse Massage Machine.

FileGuy R. Radley - Artificial Respiration. — 1953-60
A long term correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Guy Radley, a safety consultant from White Plains NY on research each is doing on the efficacy of artificial resuscitation methods. Their presentations at the AIEE meetings is also discussed. Copies of Radley's papers are included, as is other related correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and AIEE officials.

FileHLR Heart-Lung Resuscitator (Archer Gordon) & Monopulse 807. — 1965
This folder contains brochures on the Travenol HLR Heart-Lung Resuscitator and its Monopulse 807 Defibrillator.

FileHopkins Defibrillator
Multiple copies and the original ditto of an information sheet entitled "Principal Items - Hopkins Defibrillator" are found in this folder. It is a listing of the components used in this defibrillator.

FileInfo - Articles - Clippings. — 1962-68
This folder contains miscellaneous news clippings sent to Dr. Kouwenhoven during the 1960's relating to successful use of closed cardiac message and the defibrillator.

FileList of Dogs. — 1951-1957
Dr. Kouwenhoven's hand written logs on the 408 dogs used over a 6 year period of time.

FileList of Dog Experiments 1956-1963. — 1956-1963
This folder contains a hand-written log of dog experiments related to the study of electrical shock performed over an eight year period.

FileMechanical - CCCM Devices. — 1961-66
This folder contains various brochures about cardiac compression machines, cardiac presses, other mechanical external cardiac devices, and the Resusci-Anne. Several pieces of correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the developers of these devices are also included.

FileMorris Defibrillator 1952. — Oct. - Nov. 1952
Contained in this folder is information about the Morris Defibrillator (invented by a Naval Engineer) and Dr. Kouwenhoven's assessment of its value.

FilePapers. — 1964-65
Miscellaneous papers written by other scientists relating to electric shock and blood flow.

FilePower Company Cases of CCCM - Folder #1 1962, 1964, 1965. — 1962-1966
Reports on fatal electric shock accidents and reports on successful resuscitation came to Dr. Kouwenhven from many public service companies nationwide and are found in this folder. Dr. Kouwenhoven's correspondence with these companies was extensive and is continued in a second folder.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FilePower Company Cases of CPR - Folder #2. — 1966-68
This folder is a continuation of reports Dr. Kouwenhoven received from many different power companies across the nation about fatal electric shock accidents and successful use of resuscitation. His responses are included.

FileRand Development Corp. - Russian Defibrillator. — Feb.-April 1963
This folder contains the brief correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and H. J. Rand regarding using a Russian Discharge Defibrillator and the MD-33 Rand Discharge Defibrillator in future experiments.