KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Subject Files D-Z

File 101PA.C. Defibrillator- Publicity and its Use. — 1957-1959

File 101PAC Closed Chest Defibrilator. — early 1960's. — multiple copies
Multiple copies of a brocheure describing the Hopkins A.C. Closed Chest Debibrillator are in this folder.

File 101PAC Defibrillator Electrodes- Open Chest Corres.. — 1957-1959

File 101PAR- BPAL- PT- Schafer. — 1958-1971

File 101PBethlehem Steel Company Defib. Confer. Sparrows Point. — 1963

File 101PCambridge External Defibrillator. — 1962-1963

File 101PCorrespondence Regarding Movie on Defibrillation- DOG. — 1958-1961

File 101PD.C. Defibrillator (Amer. Optical- Dr. Lown). — 1962-1964

File 101PDefib. 400 Equipment. — 1954-1955

File 101PDefibrillations, Also Catalyst Models. — 1955-1960

File 101PDefibrillator. — 1970

File 101PDefibrillator (Dr. Bahnson). — 1954-1958

File 101PDefibrillator Characteristics- R, Volts, etc.. — 1962-1963

File 101PDefibrillator Equipment- Timer Data- Johns Hopkins Hospital. — 1955-1966
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and several companies about the purchase and use of circuit timers in his electrical current research.

File 101PDefibrillator Sign Out Sheet. — 1959-1961

File 101PDefibrillator Studies. — 1963-1964

File 101PDefibrillator- 1959-1961. — 1959-1961

File 101PDefibrillator- Advertisements. — 1960-1963
Materials from various companies producing equipment for use in electrical stimulation of the heart are in this file.

File 101PDefibrillator- Single Cycle AC. — 1963-1967

File 101PEKG Records- Lightning and Electric Shock Cases. — 1955-1968
Creator: Taussig, Helen B. (Helen Brooke), 1898-1986.
This is a folder containing miscellaneous papers and correspondence related to Dr. Kouwenhoven's research in effects of electric shock (including one authored by Dr. Helen Taussig entitled "Death from Lightening-and the Possibility of Living Again").

File 101PElect. Shock- Equipment 1950. — 1951-1962

File 101PElectric Shock Papers Dr. K Has Read Recently Apr. 1973. — 1973

File 101PElectrical Defibrillation of Calves, Horses, etc.. — 1966-1968

File 101PEquipment- Motors- General Elec. Catalog. — 1966

File 101PInsulating Oils- B.P. Kang. — 1965

File 101PMagnetic Fields

File 101PMyocardial Infarction. — 1967

File 101PPressure Transducers. — 1961-1966

File 101PResidential- Higher Voltages- Safety Considerations

File 101PRubber Gloves Accident Death. — 1957

File 101PRubber Gloves- Skarshaug Testing Lab. — 1955-1957

File 101PSelf- Excited Pacemakers. — 1971

File 101PSome Effects of Electrical Discharges on the Heart of Mammals by Prevost & Batelli. — 1930

File 101PSouth Carolina Electric & Gas Co. (Static Discharge Accident) [name redacted]. — 1954
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

File 101PSuggested Revision of D 150-34 T

File 101PTampa Electric Co. Fatality. — 1963
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

File 101P[name redacted] Case (Kentucky Power Company). — 1964-1965
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.