KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 102P] KOUWENHOVEN PAPERS. — 1960-1973
Meetings and Presentations, includes correspondence and manuscripts

File1962 National Health Forum (Dr. Kennedy) Cleveland Mar. 20-22, 1962. — Oct. 1961 - April 1962
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and organizers of a meeting sponsored by the National Health Council entitled "Accident Prevention and Emergency Care" is found in this folder. Included is the full program from the meeting. Dr. Kouwenhoven conducted a 3 hour session entitled "First Aid - Artificial Respiration and Circulation."

FileAcademy of Achievement "Salute to Exellence" Golden Plate Award, San Diego Dec. 27-30, 1962. — October-December, 1962
This folder contains correspondnce between Hy Peskin, Director of the Academy of Achievement, and Dr. Kouwenhoven regarding his invitation and acceptance to being honored by the Academy at its 2nd annual banquet. Short biographies of the honorees (from varied professional fields and from a wide range of ages)are included, as well as a copy of the first year's program. In early December Dr. Kouwenhoven had to cancel his trip to San Diego because of his wife's illness.

FileAd Hoc Committee on CPR, National Research Council, Washington, May 23, 1966. — May, 1966
The National Academy of Sciences sponsored this meeting which included reps from many organizations. This folder includes various information related to the meeting.

FileAIEE Middle Eastern District Meeting, Wilmington, DE., May 7, 1962. — February-May, 1962
Contained in this folder is a program from the meeting and correspondence about Dr. Kouwenhoven having received second place in an American Institute of Electrical Engineers writing contest.

FileAIEE Winter Meeting New York Jan. 27-Feb. 3, 1963. — Dec., 1962-Jan., 1963
Correspondence regarding Dr. Kouwenhoven's participation in the Safety Committee meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers is contained in this folder. He was scheduled to present a paper on Portable Defibrillators. Also included are the minutes from the previous Safety Committee meeting and two photographs of Dr. Kouwenhoven and a photo of a poster entitled "Steps in External Cardiac Resuscitation."

FileAmerican Heart Assn. NE Regional Conf. on CPR Baltimore Holiday Inn 11/11, 12, 1966. — Oct. - Nov., 1966
Correspondence regarding Dr. Kouwenhoven's participation in an AHA meeting and the meeting program are in this folder. He agreed to present a report of CPR cases handled by the Baltimore City Fire Department.

FileAmerican Heart Association, Materials on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Hopkins Apr. 13-14, 1964. — April, 1964
Correspondence related to the meeting, a program schedule, and supporting Maryland and Michigan Heart Association materials are included in this file.

FileAmerican Heart Association of Maryland 1962 Annual Meeting Nov. 14, 1962. — 1962
Contains a flyer announcing the upcoming meeting.

FileBaltimore Association of Dental Surgeons Jan. 17,1963. — Oct. 24, 1962
This folder contains one letter confirming Dr. Kouwenhoven's acceptance of an invitation to speak to the Baltimore Association of Dental Surgeons.

FileBaltimore Association of Dental Surgeons Jan. 17, 1963, 6:30 PM. — October, 1962
Contains one letter to Dr. Kouwenhoven from John Michael, D.D.S. confirming the date and time of a dental meeting at which Dr. Kouwenhoven will speak.

FileColloquim on Electrical Hazards Harvard Univ. Feb. 27-28, 1962. — Nov. 1961-March 1962
Contained in this folder is correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the organizer of a meeting at Harvard University at which he made a presentation and his expenses for the trip.

FileConsolidated Edison Co., Preview "To Save a Life," Union Club N.Y. Oct. 4, 1962. — September-October, 1962
Contained in this folder is correspondence concerning Dr. Kouwenhoven's attending the preview of a film produce by Consolicated Edison on the newest techniques it is using combining resuscitation and external cardiac massage.

FileCPR 1966 Dr. Flynn. — 1966
This folder includes several schedules for CPR classes at The Johns Hopkins Hospital coordinated by Dr. Kouwenhoven. There is also a script for slides used in the presentations and a list of training films in CPR.

FileDr. W. R. Lee Univ. of Manchester England. — 1960-1974
Dr. Lee, Dept. of Occupational Health at the Univ. of Manchester and Dr. Kouwenhoven exchanged many letters are articles relating to exposure to high intensity electrical fields. They shared data and personal views and Dr. Kouwenhoven read and commented on Dr. Lee's M.D. thesis.

FileEastern Regional Safety Conference New York April 5-9, 1965. — July, 1964 - June, 1965
Included here is the correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the organizers of the conference related to his acceptance of the position as Chairman of the Electrical Hazards Session,as well as a copy of the full program.

FileEEI Accident Prevention Committee, Grand Rapids, Michigan 1966. — 1966-68
This folder contains a copy of Kouwenhoven's paper entitled "Ten-Year Analysis of EEI Electric Shock Cases" and later related data (1967-68). He expresses disappointment in the proficiency of using CPR.

FileFirst Training Class Duquesne Light Co. Jan 17-18, 1963 . — December, 1962-January, 1963
Registration information for the attendees and itemized expenses for the CPR training session held at Hopkins are included in this folder.

FileHonorary Membership Veterans of Safety, Chicago, Oct. 29, 1962. — August-October, 1962
This folder contains various correspondence related to Dr. Kouwenhoven's acceptance of the honor of becoming an honorary member of the Veterans of Safety and attending the banquet with his wife Abigail. A copy of the By-Laws of the organization is included as well as an article announcing the award that appeared in the Baltimore Sun.

FileHospitals Comm. NFPA Subcomm. Elec. Hazards Philadelphia 9/24/68. — 1968-1969
Correspondence about Dr. Kouwenhoven's attendence at a meeting of the subcommittee on electrical hazards of the Hospitals Committee of the National Fire Protection Association in 1968 is contained in this file.

FileIEEE Sumer Power Meeting - Hotel Jung - New Orleans, July 10-15,1966. — May - July 1966
Correspondence related to Dr. Kouwenhoven's attendance and presentation at the meeting

FileIEEE Summer Power Meeting Detroit 6/29/65. — April-June, 1965
Included in this folder is the program for the meeting,, a list of slides Dr. Kouwenhoven used for his presentation and his hand written notes for the talk, a reprint of the paper entitled "Body Currents in Live Line Working," and correspondence vis a vis the presentation.

FileIEEE Winter Meeting New York Feb. 2-5, 1964
Included here are the minutes of the IEEE Safety Committee which Dr. Kouwenhoven attended, a reprint of a paper by the committee for publication ("Electrical Shock Hazard of Underwater Swimming Pool Lighting fixtures" by A.W. Smoot and C.A. Bentel, both IEEE members) and correspondence related to the meeting.

FileIV World Congress of Cardiology, Mexico City, Oct. 7-13, 1962. — 1962-1964
Creator: Kouwenhoven, W. B. (William Bennett), 1886-1975 ;  Jude, James R. ;  Knickerbocker, G. Guy
This folder contains the paper Dr. Kouwenhoven presented at the World Congress ("The External Defibrillator"), correspondence about having the manuscript printed and and requests for purchasing a copy of the proceedings and multiple copies of his paper. The manuscript was authored by Kouwenhoven, Jude and Knickerbocker.

FileJohns Hopkins Hospital F.W. McRae Surgical Society Feb. 23, 1965 Demonstration. — Dec., 1964 - Feb., 1965
This folder contains the program of the meeting during which Dr. Kouwenhoven presented a demonstration of cardiac resuscitation.

FileJohns Hopkins Hospital "Cardiac Defibrillation May 13, 1963 Topics in Clinical Medicine meeting. — May, 1963
Included here is the program from the annual Topics in Clinical Medicine (May 13-18, 1963) and Dr. Kouwenhoven's notes from the meeting. He and Dr. Jude also participation in a presentation on Cardiac Defibrillation.

FileLaFrance, Timothy Frank. — 1973
Contained in this folder are copies of letters written by Mr. LaFrance, a Research Engineer working with Dr. Kouwenhoven, requesting information and parts availability for the external defibrillator. Also included is a letter requesting an application for Mr. LaFrance for membership in the IEEE and a denial letter for reduced rate parking for Mr. LaFrance at Hopkins.

FileLecture to Undergraduate Student Body, Shriver, April 17, 1962. — March-April, 1962
Contained in this folder is correspondence about Dr. Kouwenhoven presenting a lecture entitled "What to Do for the Treatment of Sudden Death" to undergraduate JHU students which was planned by the Student Council Assembly Committee.

FileLee, Ralph H. Wilmington, Del.. — 1968-1971
This folder contains a series of correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Dr. Lee, an Electrical Engineer at the E. I. DuPont De Nemours & Company regarding their mutual interest in electrical safety. An article by Dr. Lee in the IEEE "Spectrum" drew strong criticism from Drs. Kouwenhoven and Knickerbocker regarding inaccuracies about closed chest massage. The corrections were approved by the Hopkins doctors and printed in a subsequent issue of the journal.

FileMaryland Heart Assn. JH Hospital Seminar May 3, 1962. — May 3, 1962
Included in this folder is the schedule for a meeting entitled "Cardiopulmonary Instructor's Seminar" and a list of attendees (Maryland leaders in the field of cardiology) who will be responsible for training other professionals under the guidance of the Maryland Heart Association.

FileN.A.S.A. (Manned Spacecraft) Houston Texas (Lippitt, Fagin, etc.) 1967 1968. — 1965-1968
This folder contains a paper entitled "Electric Shock" [no author given], plus 3 reprints of papers relative to space flight electrode measurements of physical and psychological effects.

FileNat'l Academy Science National Research Council. — 1968-1969
This folder contains a written version of the proceedings of a workshop on Electrical Hazards in Hospitals in which Dr. Kouwenhoven participated and his edited version of the transcript.

FileNational Electronics Conference Chicago Oct. 19-21, 1964. — May-Oct., 1964
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and others related to his presentaion of a a paper, co-authored with Guy Knickerbocher entitled "Status of Closed Chest Massage." Also included is a copy of the paper, the conference program and hand written notes from the conference.

FileNational Medal of Science. — June, 1962
Included here is correspondence related to Dr. Kouwenhoven's nomination for the IEEE's Nationasl Medal of Science Award and a reprint of an article about his receiving the award.

FileNational Power Conference (Lord Baltimore Hotel) 9/24-26, 1962. — July-September, 1962
This is An exchange of letter between Westinghouse Corporation and Dr. Kouwenhoven regarding His attending a luncheon in Baltimore at The National Power Conference.

FileNational Safety Congress, Chicago Oct. 26, 1965. — 1965
This folder contains a copy of the paper "The Gray Area" (topic: resuscitation) which Dr. Kouwenhoven presented at the meeting , correspondence regarding the presentation, and the full program booklet.

FileNational Safety Council, Metropolitan Safety Award, Chicago, Oct. 30, 1962. — May-November, 1962
The folder contains reprints of articles about the work in CPR and defibrillation done by Dr. Kouwenhoven which led to receiving the Metropolitan Life Insurance Award (which is judged by the National Safety Council), travel expenses for the meeting and miscellaneous correspondence relative to receiving the award.

FileOak Ridge National Laboratory - Oak Ridge, Tenn. June 11-13, 1963. — May - Aug., 1963
Included here is the correspondence between the Laboratory (operated by Union Carbide Nuclear Company) and Dr. Kouwenhoven about his and Dr. Jude's visit there, their schedule, travel expenses and honorarium agreement.

FilePhiladelphia Safety Group SK&F-Bellevue Stratford Phila. March 7, 1962. — February - April, 1962
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the organizers of a Philadelphia Safety Council meeting in which he participated ("life in Your Hands"). The full program is included.

FileRensselaer Polytechnic Institute April 1966. — February-May, 1977
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Professor Winsor regarding the latter's invitation to Kouwenhoven to present a talk on his research at a graduate colloquium.

FileSafety Committee IEEE New York Mar. 21, 1967
This folder contains the minutes of the 3/67 IEEE Safety Committee meeting in New York, as well as Kouwenhoven's correspondence with the hotel and the committee chairman, Mr. R. H. Herman. At the last minute he sent Guy Knickerbocher in his place.

FileSafety Committee of IEEE New York Hilton 3/23/65 9:30 AM. — Nov., 1964 - May, 1965
Dr. Kouwenhoven agreed to participate in the Safety Session of the meeting, but an illness prevented his participation. Minutes from that meeting are in this folder.

FileSecond National Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases 1122-24/64 Washington D.C.. — Nov. - Dec., 1964
This folder contains correspondence in which Dr. Kouwenhoven expresses his concerns about the failure of the use of mechanical devices in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Kouwenhoven's hand written notes from the meeting, the program booklet, a list of attendees and his travel expenses are also included.

FileSeminar at Hopkins Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation May 20, 1963. — April-May, 1963
Contained in this folder is correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and seminar attendees from 21 U.S. electric and safety companies. Expenses related to holding the meeting are also included.

FileSeminar Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Dec. 1, 1964 Hospital. — Oct. - Dec., 1964
Expense records for the meeting are in this folder as well as correspondence with attendees from electric companies around the country and the program schedule.

FileSixth International Congress Rome 9/19 - 21, 1963 International Cardiovascular Society. — Oct. 1962 - Sept. 1963
Although invited to attend this meeting, Dr. Kouwenhoven had to decline because of the unavailability of travel funds.

FileSociety of Clinical Surgery Johns Hopkins Hospital Apr. 24-25, 1964. — April, 1964
This folder contains the program of the meeting and correspondence about Dr. Kouwenhoven's participation in it. He presented a paper entitled "The Developmental Story of Cardiac Defibrillation and External Massage."

FileSoutheastern Electric Exchange - Roanoke Meeting Oct. 6,1966 -AEPCO (Rorden) Thurs AM. — August-October 1966
This folder contains the program of the meeting, correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and organizers of the meeting and executives of the Southeastern Electric Exchange. It also contains reprints of papers presented by H.L. Rorden, Charles J. Miller, Jr., and D.P. Dumont. A confirmation for a room at the Hotel Roanoke and Motor Inn (room rate $14) is included.

FileTaping for TV Program 5/8/66. — 1966
This folder contains correspondence with TV 13 regarding Dr. Kouwenhoven's appearance on the show "Johns Hopkins Review" ("Professors Without Equal" series) and letters of congratulations on his appearance. A list of advanced questions is included.

FileTraining Class New Jersey Dept. of Health 2/14/63. — Jan.-April, 1963
A list of attendees at this CPR traing session are in this folder as well as a copy of a report Dr. Kouwenhoven wrote on direct and alternating current external defibrillators.

FileTraining Course at Hopkins CCCM & DFN. Feb. 25, 1963. — Jan.-March, 1963
Contained in this folder is registration correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the 19 participants in this CPR training course held at Hopkins. Attendees were from various power and electric companies and the Baltimore City Health Department.

FileTraining Course at Hopkins CCCM and Defibrillation April 1, 1963. — March-April, 1963
Correspondence regarding registration for this training course in artificial respiration, closed chest heart compression and defibrillation is contained in this folder. Also included are 2 photos of a group of attendees from the Long Island Lighting Co. watching Dr. Kouwenhoven perform CPR.

FileU.S.A. Standard Leakage Current 1968 Underwriters" Labs Spring Meeting. — 1967-1968
This folder contains papers from the Underwriters' Laboratories' Standards Committee relating to effects of electrical leakage, a report on reaction currents, a report on leakage current for electrical appliances and copies of correspondence between the committee and Dr. Kouwenhoven.

FileUnderwriter's Lab Annual & Council Meeting May 8, 9, 1969. — 1969
This folder begins with an invitation from the Trustees of Underwriters' Laboratories to Dr. Kouwenhoven to become a member for a 4-year term. He was also honored in May, 1969, with their Distinguished Service Award. Correspondence about these events and the meeting information are contained in this folder.

FileUniversity of Maine, Orono, Maine, September 11, 1962. — July, 1962 - January, 1963
A summary of the paper "Resuscitation From Sudden Death" which Dr. Kouwenhoven was scheduled to present at the Electrical Safety Seminar is found here, as is correspondence about his attending the meeting. because of an operation he was unable to attend and the paper was presented by Mr. g. Guy Knickerbocker.

FileUniversity of Miami May 20-24, 1965. — Masy, 1965
James Jude, M.D. hosted a conference at the University of Miami entitled "Recent Advances in Cardiac and Respiratory Resuscitation" where Dr. Kouwenhoven was the honored Guest Lecturer. Included here is the program, Dr. Kouwenhoven's travel plans and personal correspondence with Jude. Mrs. Kouwenhoven accompanied him and they were guests at the home of Dr. Jude.

FileUSPHS Cardiopulmonary Resus. Seminars Dr, Brady, Arlington May 2 &23, 1967. — May, 1967
Dr. Kouwenhoven conducted two seminars in cardiopulmonary resusitation at Hopkins. The agendas, correspondence and participant lists are included in this folder.

FileVirginia Safety Association Conference, Roanoke, Va., May 18,1962. — January-May, 1962
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and the Virginia and Electric Power Co. regarding his participation in an annual safety conference. He spoke about resuscitation of electric shock victims ("Life in Your Hands").

FileVisit to Princeton University 5/28/63 - Accelerator. — April - June, 1963
Dr. Jude joined Dr. Kouwenhoven in participating in a Princeton Seminar on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation on May 28, 1963 and included here is correspondence and travel expense information related to this meeting.

FileWBK Cruise - Caribbean - Feb. 22 - March 8, 1967. — 1967
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and a travel agent regarding his cancellation of a cruise and Holland-America Line brochure are in this folder.

File'Workshop on Hazards in Hospitals - Committees on Anesthesia and Shock, Natl. Acad. of Sciences, April 4-5, 1968. — April 4-5, 1968
This folder contains the program and reprints of the papers presented at this Workshop and related articles. The papers include: Artley, John, Dr. Eng, Performance Criteria for Electrical Apparatus and Electronic Instruments; Schall, G.E., Jr.,M.E.E., Electrical Appliances for Hospital Use; Beitz, Richard C., B.A., Design for Living:Reduction of Electrical Hazards in Instruments for Use on Patients; Zarnstorff, William C., M.S.E.E., Testing for Transient Leakage Currents; Hopps, J.A., B.Sc.E.E., Electrical Hazards in Hospitals: the Systems Approach to Protection; and Testing Grounding Systems in Hospitals; Morse, Allan R., B Sc. (EE), Standards for Hospital Wiring; Leech, Graham J., M.A., An Instrument for Measuring Leakage Current; Hermach, F.L., B.E.E., Testing Hospital Electric Equipment for Safe Performance; Bruner, John M.R., M.D., The Horror of Common Practices; Soares, Eustace C., P.E., Grounding for Safety in Hospitals; Camishion, Rudolph C., M.D., Professional Education; Pratt, Leonard C., Application of Insulating Materials for Double Insulated Portable Electric Tools; Hickes, W.F., Intrinsic Safety;Aronow, Ph.D., Education of Engineers; Lloyd, Richard, Protectiion of Power Supply and Surge Protection; Weinberg, Daniel I., B.E.E., M. Sc., Safe Use of Electrical Equipment in Intensive Care Units. The Articles included in the folder are: The Journal of Japanese Medical Instruments, Sept. 1, 1966, Provisional Safety Standard for Electro-Medical Apparatus (Draft 6/66); McCormick, James M., D.M., The Role of the National Fire Protection Association's Committee on Hospitals in Promoting Better Patient Care; Meyer, James A., Lt. Col. M.C., U.S.A., Electrical Hazards in Medical Instrumentation; Geshman, Ronald, The Tiny Flaws in Medical Design Can Kill (from Electrical Design 9/1/67).