KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 97P] KOUWENHOVEN PAPERS. — 1949-1972
Correspondence, Notes, Cases, Reports, Reprints

FileAIEE - Kouwenhoven for President 1944-45. — 1944
Several copies of the resume submitted in support of Dr. Kouwenhoven's candidacy for the presidency of the AIEE are in this folder.

FileAmerican Welding Society - Preparation of Papers for Presentation. — 1934-46
Welding research papers and correspondence concerning them are included in this folder.

FileAttempts to get Pressure Cycling Devices Prohibited in Cardiac Cases.. — Nov. 1964
Several letters from Dr. Kouwenhoven to Power Company executives about his attempt to have the Medical Task Force endorse the idea of prohibiting the use of Pressure Cycling Devices in cardiac cases.

FileBaltimore Gas & Electric Co. - Fatal Case August 5, 1964. — August 1964
This folder contains reports, photos and Dr. Kouwenhoven's personal notes on an electrical wire fatality that occurred in Baltimore when two men were using a crane to hoist a large metal tank onto a truckbed.

FileBernie Boykin York, Penna. - CCCM Device. — 1961-62
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Mr. Bernie Boykin of the Boykin Products Company about development of an efficient cardiac massage machine is found in this folder. Several drawings and charts are included.

FileBiomedical Engineering - Graduate Program. — 1961-1967
This folder contains materials about the Hopkins graduate program in Biomedical Engineering references to collaborations with scientists from the Medical School.

FileCardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Proposed instructions-Power Companies). — 1962-64
This folder contains several written exchanges between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Power Company Safety Directors about their instructions to their supervisors and foreman on using cardiac resuscitation for electric shock.

FileCases of CCCM: [patient name redacted], Easton Md.. — 1968
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Easton Memorial Hospital about the treatment of patient is in this folder.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FileCases of CCCM: [patient name redacted], Potomac Electric Power Co.. — 1963
This folder contains correspondence about patient and copies of his ECG readings. He survived an electric shock with use of CPR.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FileCases of ECM. — 1961-66
THis is a list of the use of ECM , including data on voltage and saved vs. fatal results.

FileCCCM - Inquiries about through 1962. — 1960-1962
Various correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and police and fire officials and other scientists about use of closed cardiac massage are found in this folder.

FileCCCM and Defibrillation England and Europe. — 1960-1964
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and various physicans and electrical company administrators in European countries about the use of the defibrillator at Hopkins and abroad.

FileCCCM and Defibrillation Canada & Mexico, Australia & Africa. — 1951-1964
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and physicians and hospital officials abroad about closed chest cardiac massage and use of the defibrillator.

FileExternal Cardiac Massage 1963 Resuscitation Cases. — 1963
This folder has one employee work injury report from the Potomac Electric Power company - workman survived electric shock with medical treatment.
PHI - Includes discussion of individual case.

FileFreeze-Wait-Reanimate: Life Extension Society. — 10/64-1/65
In this folder is a letter from Ev Cooper, President of Life Extension Society soliciting Dr. Kouwenhoven's opinion on the future use of the freeze-wait-reanimate technique in saving lives. No response is included.

FileHazards in OR and ICU. — 1964-67
This folder contains a variety of documents addressing electrical safety in the operating room, electrical work injuries and work Dr. Kouwenhoven did as a member of the IBM Biological-Medical Hazards Group, NFPA Committee on Hospitals.

FileHigh Voltage. — 1969-74
This folder contains a variety of articles and booklets on the topic of high voltage conferences, testing procedures and advances in equipment.

FileInjuries Produced by Contact With Electric Circuits: A Review. — unknown
Creator: Langworthy, Orthello R. (Orthello Richardson), 1897-1996
Orthello R. Langworthy (Dept. of Neurology) and William Kouwenhoven (Electrical Engineering), both from JHU, co-authored this 59-paged review. The purpose of the paper was to report recent studies of electric shock, attempts to correlate the experimental material and to suggest treatments and subjects for future research.

FileInquiries re Constructing the Hopkins A.C. Defibrillator. — 1957-1963
In this folder Dr. Kouwenhoven shares information with other scientists about constructing their own defibrillators. Note: The Hopkins defibrillator was not patented.

FileInquiries re Mine Safety - Portable Defibrillator & Purchase AMBU. — 1961-1963
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and several physicians and other medical personnel about purchasing the portable defibrillator and the AMBU Manikin from the Mine Safety Appliances Company is found in this folder.

FileInquiries re Purchase Hopkins A.C. Defibrillator 1957-62. — 1957-1962
This folder contains letters of correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and many hospitals, physicians, dentists and electric company administrators from around the country about purchasing the closed chest defibrillator.

FileInquiries re Purchase Hopkins A.C. Defibrillator 1960-68. — 1960-1968
This folder contains extensive correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and physicians, scientists and mine safety companies around the world about the purchase and use of the Hopkins defibrillator.

FileJohns Hopkins University Budgeting and Procedures Manual. — 1971-1974
This folder contains the Budgeting and Procedures Manual and updated information from the Comptroller's Office.

FileMeeting-Pressure Cycling Devices JH Hospital 12/4/64. — 1969-65
In this folder is correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and others about the ineffectiveness of using automatic breathing devices as part of resuscitating electric shock victims. Two copies of the 1964 revised Edison Electric Institute's "Resuscitatiion Manual: A Guide for Electric Utility Companies" are included.

FileObligations - Paper. — October 1950
This folder contains several copies of a paper presented by Dr. Kouwenhoven at an AIEE meeting in Baltimore entitled "Obligations of the Engineer." It expresses his views on the importance of developing well rounded young engineers.

FileSkrivan Defibrillator Mfg.. — 1958-64
This folder contains various orders for specialty wiring and transformers and correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Joseph Skrivan who's company in Towson, Md. was producing the debifrillators being tested and used at Hopkins.

FileStephenson Corporation Red Bank, N.J. - Elec. Shock Research. — 1954-61
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and Mr. William Stephenson, President of the Stephenson Corporation concerning the development and production of a defibrillator are found in this folder. Also of concern was the topic of university inventions and patent rights.

FileThe Development of the Defibrillator by W. B. Kouwenhoven. — September 1969
This article by Dr. Kouwenhoven ("The Development of the Defibrillator")was printed in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 71, No. 3, September 1969.

FileThe Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Purchasing Manual. — May, 1968
Rules and procedures for making purchases in the School of Medicine are covered in this manual.

FileUniversity Rules and Regulations, etc.. — 1966-68
This folder contains various memorandum and policy statements related to research grants,, training grants, contracts in the School of Medicine, reimbursement of travel costs, gift accounts and payroll policies.

FileUse of Pressure Cycling Devices - EEI Power Companies. — 1964-65
Correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and various power company officials regarding their experiences using external cardiac resuscitation and use of mechanical resuscitators. This exchange led to a recommendation to advise against the use of mechanical resuscitation when external heart compression is being used.

FileWelding Papers - Translations. — 1937-40
This folder contains several welding research papers in translatiion sent to Dr. Kouwenhoven by the Welding Research Committee of the Engineering Foundation. They appear to be from Germany.

FileWelding, Electric Committee on 1949-52. — 1949-51
This folder contains correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and several members of the A.I.E.E. Electric Welding Committee concerning research projects and meetings.