KouW, William B. Kouwenhoven Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Correspondence, reprints, meetings

FileAccidents (Electric Shock). — 1935-1953
This folder contains a variety of case studies of electrical accidents and several reprints of papers presented on the same subject. Government statistical reports on mortality from various causes and home accident fatalities are also included.

FileElectrical Safety. — 1952-58
This folder contains reprints of AIEE conference papers on the topic of electrical safety, as well as a variety of safety manuals and a printed bibliography on Electrical Safety - 1930-1953. Also included is a paper on AIEE safety standards and a copy of an address Herbert Hoover gave in response ro receiving the Howard Conley Gold Medal comferred by the American Standards Association.

FileNon-Conforming Shocks. — 1957-58
This folder contains extensive correspondence between Dr. Kouwenhoven and power companies across the United States regarding episodes of electric shock. This exchange of information was an ongoing part of Dr. Kouwenhoven's research on the effect of electric shock on the human body.

FilePole Top Resuscitation. — 1939-45
Included in this folder are articles on the Pole Top methods of resuscitating linemen after electric shock. Photographs are included.

FileProceedings of the AIEE Feb. 1916. — Feb. 8-9, 1916
This folder contains one copy of the Proceedings of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Vol. XXXV, No. 2, February, 1916. It details the papers to be presented at the 4th Midwinter Convention of the Institute.

FileReprints - Electrical Studies. — 1914-35
The reprints of studies authored or co-authored by Dr. Kouwenhoven in this folder cover various topics in the field of electrical engineering, primarily on magnetic analysis of flaws in steel.

FileResistance of the Human Body. — 1921-34
Several papers on the topic of the human body's resistance to direct and alternating electrical currents are found in this folder.

FileResuscitation: Cardiac Massage (Open Massage). — 1941-56
This folder contains several scientific reports and papers by other scientists on the successful use of cardiac massage in resuscitating patients.

FileResuscitation: Countershock (Open Chest). — 1932-48
The research papers and news clippings in this folder relate to the topics of the effects of electric shock on the human body and electric shock treatment of ventricular fibrillation.

FileResuscitation: Countershock (Closed Chest). — 1939-63
This folder contains copies of research papers and reprints of articles on the use of counter shock as a method of resuscitation on animal models and actual human cases.

FileResuscitation: Drugs. — 1934-45
The use of drugs in cardiac resuscitation is the topic of several reprints in this folder. Some of the studies were animal ones, the others involved human responses to the drugs.

FileResusitation: Cardiac Massage (Closed Chest). — March 1962-April 1963
This folder contains several magazine articles on the then new technique of using closed-chest heart massage to resuscitate victims of cardiac arrest.

FileSafety: Cardiac Catherization. — 1962
Creator: Ross, Richard S., 1924-2015
This folder contains a copy of a thesis by Daniel I. Weinberg entitled"Electric shock Hazards in Cardiac Catherization." It was submitted as a requirement for the degree of Master of Science in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at Duke University. Included are comments on the thesis by Dr. Richard Ross and copies of other papers by Weisberg.

FileSafety: Electrical hazards. — 1941-62
A variety of reports and conference papers on electric shock hazards in several different industrial settings are found in this folder.

FileSkin Resistance. — 1928-69
Copies and reprints of research papers by Dr. Kouwenhoven and other scientists around the world on the topic of the reaction of human skin to electrical currents are found in this folder.