OslW, William Osler Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 2] Personal and Biographical Material
Series contains contemporary newspaper clippings about Osler and his work, and biographical and obituary publications. There are programs to dinners and other testimonials honoring Osler.
This material comes from a variety of sources - some from the Tudor and Stuart Club at The Johns Hopkins, some collected by George Harrel, and some are from untraceable sources in the biographical files.

[Sub-series 2.1] Personal documents related to William Osler

[Folder] Dinner to Dr. William Osler, menu with signatures of attendees. — 1903, May 15
Donated by Palmer Futcher from the papers of his father Thomas Futcher

[Folder] Dinner to Dr. William Osler, menu with signatures of attendees. — 1903, May 15
Donated by Carmichael Tilghman

[Folder] Chloroform Certificate from the Os=slurs Chloroforming Institute. — 1905
blank certificate

[Folder] Dinner invitations, program and reprint of addresses delivered on the occassion of Osler's departure for Oxford University. — 1905, May 2. — 1 invitation with envelope, 1 progrm and 2 prints of the addresses

[Folder] Poem, "Our Regius Prof." sung at the Dinner to Dr. Osler. — 1905, May 2. — 1 copy and 1 print

[Folder] Program on presentation of bust of Osler to Johns Hopkins University. — 1906, February 22. — 1 print, which includes 2 photographs
Bust was presented in 1905 and the brochure produced in 1906

[Folder] Whole Time Clinical Professors. Johns Hopkins 1911-1914. Photocopies from 2 volumes at McGill University, Bibliotheca Osleriana 7651. — 1911-1914
For reference use only. Photocopies are not permitted per agreement with Osler Library at McGill which holds the originals

[Folder] Bookplate for Library of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland, purchased through the William Osler Testimonial Fund for the Advancement of Medicine. — 1919. — 1 print
Creator: Brödel, Max, 1870-1941
bookplate was designed by Max Broedel

269225[Bookplate for Library of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland]. — undated;2017-10-23. — 1 print ; 6 x 4 in
Creator: Brödel, Max, 1870-1941

[Folder] Osler Bibliography, Original Manuscript compiled by Minnie Blogg. — 1919, May 29
Creator: Blogg, Minnie Wright

[Folder] Osler Bibliography, Addenda, compiled by Minnie Blogg. — after 1919
Creator: Blogg, Minnie Wright

[Folder] Photocopies of correspondence related to Minnie Blogg's compilation of the Osler Bibliography. — 1919-1921;1891-1929
Most of these papers (1909 - 1929) refer to Blogg's work compiling the Bibliography of Sir William Osler. Others relate to early beginnings of JH Hospital library, and the Welch Library. Contains numerous letters from Harvey Cushing. Additional correspondents include Thomas McCrae, Howard Kelly, Maude Abbott, Archibald Malloch, Fielding Garrison, Thomas Cullen and others.
Photocopies were sent to Welch Library in 1997 by the Librarian at the Miami Heart Institute. Provenance of the original letters is unknown.

[Folder] Osler punch recipe. — 1920
as prescribed by Mr. Abernethy

[Folder] Advertisement for Classified and Annotated Bibliography of Sir William Osler's Publications, edited by Maude Abbott. — 1939
includes order blank

[Folder] William Osler Medal of the American Association of the History of Medicine, notices for submission. — 1952

[Folder] Reference to Osler consulting on treatment of Walt Whitman . — 1987

[Sub-series 2.2] Publications and Clippings about William Osler, 1889-1919. — 1889-1919

[Folder] Album of Newspaper Clippings, All On Dr. Osler. — 1889 - 1905. — Original articles
Wide range of content covering his success, contributions and controversies

[Folder] Newspaper Clippings About Osler from Baltimore Sun. — 1891-1917

[Folder] Articles About Osler. — 1900-1920. — Photocopies of 15 articles
Articles in recognition of Osler and his speeches

[Folder] American Medicine Article on Osler's Practice. — 1902. — Original journal
Osler's practice

[Folder] British Medical Journal Osler Accepts Oxford Post. — 1904. — Original journal
Osler's appointment to Oxford

[Folder] Indiana Medical Journal Article on Osler at Oxford. — 1904. — Original journal
Osler's appointment to Oxford

[Folder] Journal of the American Medical Assocation Article on the Departure of Dr. Osler. — 1904. — Original journal
Osler's departure from JHU

[Folder] Photostats of Newspaper Articles - Osler May Be Only Copies?. — 1904, August 17. — Photostats
His appointment to Oxford as regius professor of medicine

[Folder] Medical News Article on the Osler Dinner. — 1905. — Original journal
Article in recognition of his achievements and contributions to Maryland and in general.

[Folder] Memorial Number of the Maryland Medical Journal June 1905 William Osler. — 1905. — Original journal
Recognition of Osler's work and contributions while in Maryland and in general

[Folder] Newspaper Clippings About Osler (Originals) on his "uselessness after 60 years" theory. — 1905. — Original articles and photocopies
Articles about his "uselessness after 60 years" theory

[Folder] Newspaper Clippings About Osler On Farewell Address at JHU. — 1905. — Original clippings
Clippings about his departure from JHU

[Folder] Pamphlet from Maryland Medical Journal on Dr. Osler. — 1905. — Original pamphlet
Recognition of Osler's work and contributions while in Maryland and in general

[Folder] Journal of the American Medical Assocation Article on Osler at the Tomb of Louis. — 1906. — Original journal
Article regarding Osler's visit to the Tomb of Louis

[Folder] Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Volume 30, number 341, July 1919. — 1919, July. — 2 original journals
Special Osler issie includes several article on Osler's influence:
Henry M. Thomas, "Some Memories of the Development of the Medical School & of Osler's Advent"
Lewellys Barker, "Osler as Chief of a Medical Clinic"
W.T. Councilman, "Some Early Medical Works of Sir William Osler"
William MacCallum, "Osler as Pathologist"
W.S. Thayer, "Osler, the Teacher"
Thomas R. Brown, "Osler and the Student"
Thomas McCrae, "Osler and Patient"
Louis Hamman, "Osler and the Tuberculosis Work of the Hospital"
Thomas Futcher, "Influence on the Relation of Medicine in Canada and the United States"
Henry Barton Jacobs, "Osler as a citizen and his relation to the tuberculosis crusade in Maryland"
Edward N. Brush, "Osler's influence on other medical schools in Baltimore. His relation to the medical profession"
Hiram Woods, "Influence [of Osler] in building up the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty"
J.A. Chatard, "Osler and the Book and Journal Club"
Marcia Noyes, "Osler's influence on the Library of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland"
Henry Hurd, "Some early reminiscences of William Osler"
Howard Kelly, "Osler as I knew him in Philadelphia and in the Hopkins"
Thomas Boggs, "Osler as a bibliophile"
Edward Brush, "Osler's literary style"
Bibliography of Sir William Osler

[Folder] Bulletin of the Medical Library Association Quarterly, volume 9, number 1, (July 19190. — 1919, July. — Original journal
Includes "Osler Reminiscences" by Charles Perry Fisher, Grace W. Myers, Laura E. Smith, Minnie W. Blogg, Fielding Garrison, Edwin Brigham, Marcia Noyes,

[Folder] Southern Medical Journal, Volume 12, Number 7 (July 1919) Osler Number. — 1919, July. — Original journal and photocopy of article
A tribute to Osler.
Lewellys Barker, "Osler and the South"
Howard Kelly, "A Tribute to Sir William Osler"
Editorial Department, "Sir William Osler"

[Bound volume] Scrapbook: Dr. Osler's "60 Years". — 1905. — 1 volume
Creator: Wilson, Harry E.
William Osler Scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Osler's controversial farewell address. Labeled "Dr. Osler's 60 years". The scrapbook, compiled by Dr. Harry Eugene Wilson (SOM, Class of 1914), is filled with newspapers clippings that appeared in papers across the country in March of 1905, reporting on William Osler's after-dinner remarks made at his farewell dinner. His address included facetious comments stating a man's best work was completed by age 35 (in reference to Anthony Trollope's work "The Fixed Period"); Osler went on to say that after 60 he should be chloroformed. The clippings are mostly March 1905.

[Sub-series 2.3] Publications about Osler written after his death. — 1919-present
Articles collected here do not reflect the entirety of articles written about Osler since his death. These were collected and deposited at the Medical Archives by various sources over the years.

[Folder] Annals of Medical History, Volume II, Number 2, June 1919. — 1919
Original Journal includes several articles on Osler. Harvey Cushing, "William Osler, the Man", Howard Kelly, "Sir William Osler, A Tribute", John Ruhrah, "Osler's Influence on Medical Libraries in the United States", Fielding Garrison, "Sir William Osler's Contributions to Medical Literature", and "Presentation to Sir William Osler". While the publication date is summer 1919, articles reference his death in December 1919 so this volume was published in 1920.

[Folder] Harvey Cushing, "William Osler: The Man" reprinted from Annals of Medical History. — 1919. — Reprint and Newspaper clipping

[Folder] Lewelly's Barker, "Sir William Osler" Reprinted from The Sun. — 1919, December. — reprint

[Folder] "In Memoriam, Sir William Osler" Editorial in Quarterly Journal of Medicine, Volume 13. — 1920. — reprint

[Folder] "The Passing of Sir William Osler" Editorial in The Southern Medical Journal, Volume 13, number 1, (January 1920). — 1920, January. — reprint

[Folder] "William Osler" in Sonderdruck aus der Munchener Medizinischen Wochenschrift. — 1920. — Reprint (in german)
A short biography

[Folder] "William Osler: A Short Biography and Some Tributes to His Memory" reprinted from British Medical Journal. — 1920, January 3-10. — Reprint
A short biography and some tributes

[Folder] Bulletin of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland. Osler Memorial. Volume 12, Number 4, (1920, January). — 1920, January. — reprint

[Folder] Fielding Garrison, "Sir William Osler (1849-1919)" reprint from Science, Vol 51, Number 1307 (January 16, 1920). — 1920, January 16. — reprint
tribute to Osler's memory

[Folder] Nature, Number 2619, Volume 104 (January 8, 1920) with article on Sir William Osler by C. Abbutt. — 1920, January 8. — Original journal

[Folder] Osler Memorial Service, St. James Cathedral, Toronto, with address by Rev T.C.S Macklem, Trinity College. — 1920, January 11

[Folder] Thomas Futcher, "Sir William Osler" Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine. — 1920. — Reprint
A short biography including his appointments

[Folder] William S. Thayer, "Osler" reprinted from The Nation. — 1920, January 24. — reprint
tribute to Osler's memory

[Folder] C.W.G. Rohrer, "Sir William Osler" poem. — 1921. — reprint

[Folder] J.M.T. Finney, "A Personal Appreciation of Sir William Osler" reprint from the Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 77 (December 24, 1921). — 1921, December 24. — reprint

[Folder] Osler Memorial Meeting reprinted from the Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine, Volume 9, Number 4, (June 1921). — 1921, June. — reprint
Speeches from Osler's Memorial Meeting by Henry Van Dyke, William Welch, Edith Reid

[Folder] Newspaper Clippings About Osler from Baltimore Sun. — 1923-1977

[Folder] Edgar Lorrington Gilcreest, "William Osler - Physician and Philanthropist - Glimpses During the World War" reprinted from the International Association of Medical Museums. — 1925. — reprint

[Folder] The Osler Club, Saranac Lake, Inaugural Dinner. — 1925. — dinner program and menu

[Folder] William Welch, "A Great Physician and Medical Humanist: A Review of Harvey Cushing's Life of Sir William Osler" reprint from the Saturday Review of Literature (November 1925). — 1925, November. — reprint

[Folder] "Special Meeting of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Historical Club: Presentation to the Hospital of Memorial Plaque of Sir William Osler, January 19, 1925" reprinted from the Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, volume 41, number 3 (September 1927). — 1927, September. — reprint

[Folder] John Hammond Bradshaw, "The Age Limit" reprint from the Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey . — 1927. — reprint
Article about dealing with aging in the workforce

[Folder] Newspaper Clippings About Osler . — 1930s-1984

[Folder] William Dancy, "A Man of Medicine" reprint from the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, Volume 19, number 5, (May 1930). — 1930, May. — reprint

[Folder] Edith Gittings Reid "British Masters of Medicine: William Osler" reprint from The Medical Press and Circular, (November 7, 1934). — 1934, November 7. — reprint

[Folder] David Macht, "Osler's Prescriptions and Materia Medica" reprint from Transactions of the American Therapeutic Society. — 1935. — reprint
Article about Osler's prescriptions

[Folder] Hamilton Academy of Medicine, An Osler Day, invitation and program, reprint from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. — 1935, February 27
Includes address by Thomas Futcher, "The Importance of Bed-side Study and Teaching" and editorials by Maude Abbott and W.W. Francis

[Folder] Lewellys Barker, "Osler in America: With Especial Reference to His Baltimore Period" Third Memorial Osler Memorial Oration of the Canadian Medical Association, reprinted from Canadian Medical Association Journal. — 1935

[Folder] Sir Humphrey Rolleston, "Sir William Osler: I - The Last Phase (1905-19) II - His Influence on Medicine as a Whole" Fourth Memorial Osler Memorial Oration of the Canadian Medical Association, reprinted from Canadian Medical Association Journal. — 1938

[Folder] Osler Historical Club, program. — 1939, March 21

[Folder] "Medical Education, Osler in Philadelphia" with print "Osler at Old Blockley" by Dean Cornwell, reprint from Modern Medicine. — 1940, July. — Original article

[Folder] Ludwig Edelstein, "William Osler's Philosophy" reprint from the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, volume 20, number 2 (July 1946). — 1946, July. — reprint
Osler's philosophy

[Folder] Thomas Boggs, "Rounds with Dr. Osler" poem reprinted in the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine. — 1946, April

[Folder] Willard E. Goodwin, "William Osler and Howard Kelly: Physicians, Medical Historians, Friends as Revealed by Nineteen Letters from Osler to Kelly" reprint from the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, volume 20, number 5, (December 1946). — 1946, December. — reprint
collection of correspondence

[Folder] Archives of Internal Medicine - Osler Memorial Number. — 1949, July. — Original journal
Articles by Norman Gwyn, HE MacDermont, R. Palmer Howard, Francis Packard, Edward Krumbhaar, George Blumer, Thomas Futcher, Thomas Cullen, James Herrick, George Dock, Rufus Cole, William Bennett Bean, Henry Christian, James Paullin, Joseph Pratt, Warfield Longcope, Wilder Penfield, Wilburt Davison, Arthur S. MacNalty, Walter Bierring, John Fulton, Arthur W.M. Ellis, and E. Rosencrantz

[Folder] Johns Hopkins Medical History Club, Osler Anniversary Program. — 1949, May 19
100th anniversary of Osler's birth

[Folder] Joseph H. Pratt, "A Year with Osler" book advertisement. — 1949

[Folder] L.W. Brockington, "An Address on the Life of William Osler" Trinity College School. — 1949, October 2
100th anniversary of Osler's birth

[Folder] C.D. Parfitt, "Recollections of Sir William Osler" reprint from the Bulletin of the Academy of Medicine. — 1950, July. — Reprint
Recollections of Osler

[Folder] Huntington Williams, "Osler and Welch: Founders of Modern American Public Health" reprint from Virginia Medical Monthly and Baltimore Health News. — 1953, June. — 2 reprints and photocopy of reprint

[Folder] J. Heyward Gibbes, "William Osler's Continuing Influence in the Field of Medicine" reprint fom Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association. — 1953, September. — Reprint
Article on Osler's influence

[Folder] Dorothy Tyler, "Sir William Osler and Sir Thomas Browne: A Friendship Across the Centuries" in Quarterly Review. — 1954, December. — Original article
Article about the relationship between Osler and Browne

[Folder] Stanley Dorst, "The Medical School Within the "Idea of a University"" reprint from the Journal of Medical Education, volume 29, number 12 (December 1954). — 1954, December. — Original article
Mentions Osler's attitude toward students having outside interests

[Folder] E.A Linnell and C.B. Farrar, "A Cairn to the Memory of Osler" reprint from the Canadian Medical Association Journal, volume 85, (December 16, 1961). — 1961, December 16. — Reprint

[Folder] Osler Club of London, booklet with constitution, history and club list. — 1962

[Folder] JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, William Osler Commemorative Issue, volume 210, number 12 (December 22, 1969). — 1969, December 22. — 2 Original journals
Commemorative issue with articles by CG Roland, Wilder Penfield, WC Davison, Emile Holman, EF Nation, JB Langstaff, Patrick Mallam, WS Rankin, JP McGovern, Nicholas Dewey, RP Howard, SG Ross, AD Gardner, George Pickering, JH Talbott and remembrances by Charles Symonds, Henry Viets, and Percy Dawson

[Folder] Canadian Osler stamp, first day issue. — 1969, June 23

[Folder] William B. Bean, "A Note on the Association of Walter Reed and William Osler" with Introduction by Alfred R. Henderson, Johns Hopkins Medical Journal, volume 129 (December 1971). — 1971, December

[Folder] George Harrell, "Osler's Practice" reprint fom Bulletin of the History of Medicine, volume 47, (November/December 1973). — 1973, November-December. — reprint

[Folder] A. McGehee Harvey, "William Osler and Medicine in America: With Special Reference to the Baltimore Period" Maryland State Medical Journal, 25:10 (October 1976). — 1976, October

[Folder] Alvin E. Rodin, "The Significance of William Osler's Museum Specimens of Aortic Aneurysms" from Chest, 72:4, October 1977. — 1977, October

[Folder] Ruth J. Mann and Jack D. Key, "The Osler Medical Historical Society: Mayo Foundation "Chapter," August 28, 1920-July 3, 1925" in Minnesota Medicine. — 1980, May. — article and correspondence

[Folder] Clinton Brush, "At 101 Years Young, Clinton Brush Hopkins Oldest Living M.D. Reminisces" Hopkins Medical News (March 1981). — 1981, March

[Folder] George T. Harrell, "The Osler Family" reprinted from JAMA, volume 248 (July 9, 1982). — 1982, July 9. — Original article and reprint

[Folder] Richard L. Golden, "Osler, 'E.Y.D.,' and Hysteria" JAMA, volume 247, number 19 (May 21, 1982). — 1982, May 21

[Folder] Robert Huntley, Commencement Remarks, Washington and Lee University. — 1982, June 3

[Folder] Joseph Lella, "Willie: A Dream (A Dramatics Monologue Portraying Sir William Osler) A Socio-Historical Interpretation" McGill University, Department of Humanities and Social Studies in Medicine. — 1983. — Photocopy of manuscript, letter from George Udvarhelyi to Victor McKusick referring to manuscript
Osler monologue

[Folder] Om P. Sharma, "Did Osler's Patient, Hannah W, Have Sarcoidosis?" from Chest, 86:2, August 1984. — 1984, August

[Folder] Eric Garland, "Puckish Dr. Osler" Johns Hopkins Magazine (June 1985). — 1985, June. — Original magazine
Article about Dr. Osler's joking side

[Folder] Advertisement for The Persisting Osler. — 1985

[Folder] George Harrell, "Osler's Professorships and His Families" reprint from Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 29, 1 (Autumn 1985). — 1985. — reprint

[Folder] Tsutomu Sasagawa, "William Osler, The Great Doctor" . — 1985. — Photocopy of original article from Niigata Nippo newspaper and translation by Chiaki Watanabe

[Folder] An Historical Program Commemorating the Anniversary of Sir William Osler's trip to America in 1913 and his Visit to the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Harvard Medical School on April 30, 1913, Gustave Dammin, Program Moderator. — 1987. — 1 booklet

[Folder] Paul McHugh, "William Osler and the New Psychiatry" Annals of Internal Medicine, 1987; 107:914-918.. — 1987, December

[Folder] W. Bruce Fye, "William Osler's Departure from North America: The Price of Success" reprint from the New England Journal of Medicine, volume 320, number 21 (May 25, 1989). — 1989, May 25. — Photocopy of original article, reprint, photocopy of reply to the editor

[Folder] Thomas Duffy, "Osler: The Father of All Mentors" in Hippocrates, (January 1995). — 1995, January. — Original magazine