The cottage at High Hampton


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1. When was Dr. Halsted born?

2. When did Dr. Halsted come to Hopkins?

3. Where did Dr. Halsted come from?

4. Who was President of the United States at this time?

5. Where did Dr. Halsted live? Was Halsted ever in residence at Johns Hopkins? If so, what room?

6. Whom did Dr. Halsted marry?

7. How many children did Dr. Halsted have?

8. Who was Dr. Halsted's first resident?

9. Who succeeded Dr. Halsted as Chief of Surgery?

10. When did Dr. Halsted die?

11. When was the American College of Surgeons founded and when did Dr. Halsted join the American college of Surgeons?

12. Who was Dr. Halsted's secretary?

13. Where did Dr. Halsted summer?

14. List three innovations Dr. Halsted is known for?

15. Where did Dr. Halsted send his laundry?

16. By what name/title did Dr. Halsted's students refer to him?

17. Who was the doorman at the club Dr. Halsted belonged to and what is his connection with Hopkins?

18. What were Dr. Halsted's dogs' names?

19. Are there any collateral descendants to Dr. Halsted?

20. Who was J.W.B.?

21. Who was Dr. Halsted known for proposing to the National Academy of Science?

22. What were Dr. Halsted's hobbies?

23. Which hobbies did Dr. Halsted pursue at High Hampton?

24. Name several items Dr. Halsted purchased in prodigious quantities?

25. Where did Dr. Halsted shop for fruit?

26. How often did Dr. Halsted send his shirts abroad to be laundered?

27. Which of Dr. Halsted's anatomical features did Sargent focus on?

28. What was Dr. Halsted's favorite breakfast?

29. Who were Dr. Halsted's biographers?

30. What contribution did Dr. Halsted make to the science of Medical Records?

31. What was Dr. Halsted's age in the Becker painting?

32. Where was Dr. Halsted's office located?

33. What was located on each floor of Dr. Halsted's Eutaw Place house?

34. In what sport did Dr. Halsted engage at the University Club in New York?

35. Who was Dr. Halsted's roomate at Yale?

36. On what day did Dr. Halsted marry?

37. What brand of cigarettes did Dr. Halsted smoke?

38. What was the name of Dr. Halsted's gardener at High Hampton?

39. How many papers did Dr. Halsted publish?

40. Which of Dr. Halsted's college reunions did he attend?

41. In what play at Andover did Dr. Halsted perform and in what role?

42. Who was Dr. Halsted's most famous patient?

43. What society was Dr. Halsted president of and in what year?

Bonus Question

How does one know when it is time to remove the terrapin from the soup pot?


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