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Bilateral dacryo-adenitis. (Proceedings) [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1897, 8: 132

Tubercular dacryoadenitis and conjunctivitis, containing the report of a probable case ending in spontaneous recovery and a review of the previous literature on tubercular dacryoadenitis [Stieren, E.]. — 1901, 12: 349

Case of dactylitis. (Proceedings) [Booker, W.D.]. — 1891, 2: 104

Dark Adaptation
See also Vitamins A

Studies in vitamin A. Relation of blood level and adaptation to dim light to diet [Josephs, H.W., Baber, M., and Conn, H.]. — 1941, 68: 375

See Dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane

The inheritance of deafness. (Proceedings) [Brooks, W.K.]. — 1900, 11: 112

Observations on the pathology of high-tone deafness [Crowe, S.J., Guild, S.R., and Polvogt, L.M.]. — 1934, 54: 315

Death sudden
Sudden death [Hamman, L.]. — 1934, 55: 387

Rupture of a papillary muscle in the heart as a cause of sudden death [Stevenson, R.R., and Turner, W.J.]. — 1935, 57: 235

The coronary arteries in relation to sudden death during anaesthesia [Follis, R.H., Jr.]. — 1940, 67: 211

An analysis of deaths in the operating rooms of The Johns Hopkins Hospital with special reference to those occurring under general anesthesia and spinal anesthesia [Lyford, J., III, Berger, O.L., and Shumacker, H.B., Jr.]. — 1942, 70: 488

Sudden death in young adults in association with fatty liver [Graham, R.L.]. — 1944, 74: 16

Deciduoma Malignum
Exhibition of specimens from a case of deciduoma malignum. (Proceedings) [Williams, J.W.]. — 1894, 5: 136

Decomposition, Finkelstein
See Infants

Defects congenital, iris
See Eye congenital defects

Deformity congenital
A case of congenital deformity [Stavely, A.L.]. — 1891, 2: 158

See Tissue

The influence of dehydratation on the phenomena of anaphylaxis in guinea-pigs [Rubin, M.I., and Kellett, C.E.]. — 1931, 49: 170

Delirium Tremens treatment of
The treatment of delirium tremens and allied conditions. (Proceedings) [Welch, W.H.]. — 1904, 15: 261

Treatment of delirium tremens and allied conditions. (Proceedings) [Lambert, A.]. — 1904, 15: 262

Dementia paralytica
Dementia paralytica in the negro [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1893, 4: 94

Dengue, its history, symptomatology and epidemiology [Stitt, E.R.]. — 1913, 24: 117

Dental Caries
The relation of nutrition to tooth development and tooth preservation. I. A preliminary study of gross maxillary and dental defects in two hundred and twenty rats an defective and deficient diets [McCollum, E.V., Simmonds, N., Kinney, E.M., and Grieves, C.J.]. — 1922, 33: 202

A case of dermatitis due to the X-rays [Gilchrist, T.C.]. — 1897, 8: 17

Additional cases of dermatitis due to the X-rays [Gilchrist, T.C.]. — 1897, 8: 46

A case of arsenic dermatitis in child, treated with sodium thiosulphate [Bugg, C.R., and Folkoff, C.]. — 1924, 35: 76

Sulphanilamide rash [Schwentker, F.F., and Gelman, S.]. — 1937, 61: 136

Dermatitis immigrant
Immigrant dermatitis. (Proceedings) [Morison, R.B.]. — 1892, 3: 42

Dermatitis protozoic
Protozoic and blastomycetic dermatitis. (Proceedings) [Stiles, C.W.]. — 1901, 12: 296

Dermatology salycilic acid in
Salicylic acid in dermatology [Morison, R.B.]. — 1890, 1: 42

Nutritional dermatoses in the rat. VII. Notes on the posture, gait and hypertonicity resulting from a diet containing unheated, dried egg white as the source of protein [Sullivan, M., Kolb, L.C., and Nicholls, J.]. — 1942, 70: 177

See Adrenal Preparations

See Di-Isopropyl Fluorophosphate

Di-Hydranol. Control of intestinal putrefaction in man by oral administration of 2-4-dihydroxyphenyl n-heptane [Leonard, V., and Feirer, W.A.]. — 1931, 48: 25

di-Nitrophenol toxicity
An unusual case of dinitrophenol poisoning [Eichert, H.]. — 1936, 58: 378

Di-Isopropyl Fluorophosphate
Symposium on the physiology of acetylcholine. V. The effect of anticholinesterases and related substances on nervous activity in the cockroach [Discussion by A.M. Harvey] [Roeder, K.D.]. — 1948, 83: 587, 600

Di-Isopropyl Fluorophosphate administration to man
The administration of di-isopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP) to man. I. Effect on plasma and erythrocyte cholinesterase; general systemic effects; use in study of hepatic function and erythropoiesis; and some properties of plasma cholinesterase [Grob, D., Lilenthal, J.L., Jr., Harvey, A.M., and Jones, B.F.]. — 1947, 81: 217

The administration of di-isopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP) to man. II. Effect on intestinal motility and use in the treatment of abdominal distention [Grob, D., Lilenthal, J.L., Jr., and Harvey, A.M.]. — 1947, 81: 245

The administration of di-isopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP) to man. III. Effect on the central nervous system with special reference to the electrical activity of the brain [Grob, D., Harvey, A.M., Langworthy, O.R., and Lilienthal, J.L., Jr.]. — 1947, 81: 257

The administration of di-isopropyl fluorophosphate to man. IV. The effects on neuromuscular function in normal subjects and myasthenia gravis [Harvey, A.M., Lilienthal, J.L., Jr., Grob, D., Jones, B.F., and Talbot, S.A.]. — 1947, 81: 267

Observations on the effects of tetraethyl pyrophosphate (TEPP) in man, and on its use in the treatment of myasthenia gravis [Grob, D., and Harvey, A.M.]. — 1949, 84: 532

Diabetes bronzed, enlargement of the liver
Bronzed diabetes, with enlargement of the liver and palpable spleen. (Proceedings) [Barker, L.F.]. — 1905, 16: 385

Diabetes heredity
See Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes in the negro
Diabetes in the negro. (Proceedings) [Pancoast, O.B.]. — 1898, 9: 40

Diabetes renal
Renal diabetes [Lewis, D.S., and Mosenthal, H.O.]. — 1916, 27: 133

Diabetes Insipidus
The calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and nitrogen metabolism and the organic acidity of the urine in a case of so-called phosphatic diabetes, with comments upon an interesting form of acidosis [Barker, L.F., and Voegtlin, C.]. — 1907, 18: 268

Polyuria and polydipsia (diabetes insipidus) and glycosuria resulting from animal experiments on the hypophysis and its environs [Reichert, F.L., and Dandy, W.E.]. — 1936, 58: 418

Diabetes Mellitus
See also Alloxan Diabetes
See also Blood Sugar
See also Pancreas
See also Pituitary Body
See also Adrenals
See also Liver

Heredity in diabetes mellitus, with a report of six cases occurring in a family [Pleasants, J.H.]. — 1900, 11: 325

Diabetes mellitus associated with hyaline degeneration of the islands of Langerhans of the pancreas. (Proceedings) [Opie, E.L.]. — 1901, 12: 263

Consanguineal diabetes mellitus [Foster, N.B.]. — 1912, 23: 54

Diabetes in early infancy [Knox, J.H.M., Jr.]. — 1913, 24: 274

The D:N ratio in diabetes mellitus [Mosenthal, H.O., and Lewis, D.S.]. — 1917, 28: 187

Diabetes: the results of past treatment and future problems [Joslin, E.P.]. — 1918, 29: 80

Diabetes mellitus and pregnancy [Peckham, C.H.]. — 1931, 49: 184

Diabetes Mellitus acidosis in
On diabetic acidosis [Magnus-Levy, A.]. — 1911, 22: 46

The influence of menstruation on acidosis in diabetes mellitus. Report of a case [Harrop, G.A., Jr., and Mosenthal, H.O.]. — 1918, 29: 161

Diabetes Mellitus complications and sequels
Malum perforans in diabetes mellitus. A report of seven cases [Sample, J.T., and Gorham, W.L.]. — 1913, 24: 28

Disappearance of diabetes mellitus during the development of cirrhosis of the liver [Bordley, J., III]. — 1930, 47: 113

Hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus [Andrus, E.C.]. — 1932, 50: 383

Diabetes mellitus and myxedema [Weinstein, A.]. — 1932, 51: 27

Diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism; the report of a case [Hills, R.G., Sharpe, J.C., and Gay, L.N.]. — 1934, 55: 193

The coincidence of diabetes mellitus and Addison's disease. Effect of cortical extract on glycemia and glycosuria [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1939, 65: 456

Diabetes Mellitus diet in
A graphic method for the calculation of diabetic diets in the proper ketogenic-antiketogenic ratio [Hannon, R.R., and McCann, W.S.]. — 1922, 33: 128

Glycerin, its use as an antiketogenic substance in the diet of diabetic patients [Thomas, H.M., Jr.]. — 1924, 35: 201

On the use of intarvin fat - glyceryl margarate - in diabetes mellitus [Keefer, C.S., Perlzweig, W.A., and McCann, W.S.]. — 1924, 35: 265

Further observations on the self-regulatory dietary selections of rats made diabetic by pancreatectomy [Richter, C.P., Schmidt, E.C.H., Jr., and Malone, P.D.]. — 1945, 76: 192

Diabetes Mellitus experimental
On the relation of the islands of Langerhans to glycosuria [MacCallum, W.G.]. — 1909, 20: 265

Further studies on the role of the hypophysis in the metabolism of carbohydrates. The autonomic control of the pituitary gland [Weed, L.H., Cushing, H., and Jacobson, C.]. — 1913, 24: 40

Studies of diabetes mellitus. III. The use of the pancreatis extract insulin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus [McCann, W.S., Hannon, R.R., and Dodd, K.]. — 1923, 34: 205

Crystalline insulin in the treatment of diabetes mellitus [Howard, J.E., and DeLawder, A.M.]. — 1933, 52: 173

Diabetes, insulin action, and the respiratory quotient [Bridge, E.M., and Winter, E.A.]. — 1939, 64: 257

The resistance of the young rabbit to the diabetogenic effect of alloxan [Shulz, C.S., and Duke, J.R.]. — 1948, 82: 20

Diabetes Mellitus heredity
See Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus metabolism in
Studies of diabetes mellitus. I. Respiratory exchange following the ingestion of glucose, glycerol, calcium hexose phosphate and calcium glycerophosphate [McCann, W.S., and Hannon, R.R.]. — 1923, 34: 73

Diabetes Mellitus pathology
Xanthoma diabeticorum [Major, R.H.]. — 1924, 35: 27

Hyperplasia of lipoid-holding cells in diabetes with lipemia [Smith, M.G.]. — 1925, 36: 203

The advances made on medical and surgical diagnosis by the Roentgen method [Leonard, C.L.]. — 1901, 12: 363

On some of the clinical methods of investigating cardiovascular conditions. The Jerome Cochran lecture, Alabama State Medical Association, 1909 [Barker, L.F.]. — 1909, 20: 297

Gland puncture as a diagnostic measure [Guthrie, C.G.]. — 1921, 32: 266

Diagnosis medical, surgical
See Diagnosis

Diagnosis Roentgen method
The advances made on medical and surgical diagnosis by the Roentgen method [Leonard, C.L.]. — 1901, 12: 363

On the development of the human diaphragm [Mall, F.P.]. — 1901, 12: 158

The phrenic as the nerve of motor innervation of the diaphragm [Schlaepfer, K]. — 1923, 34: 195

The effects of glucose and of insulin on the metabolism of the isolated diaphragm of the rat [Gemmill, C.L.]. — 1941, 68: 329

Diaphragm phenomenon
The diaphragm phenomenon - the so-called Litten's sign [Gwyn, N.B.]. — 1898, 9: 35

Diaphragmatic Grooves liver
See Liver diaphragmatic grooves

Diarrhea summer
The leucocyte count in the summer diarrhoeas of children [Knox, J.H.M., and Warfield, L.M.]. — 1902, 13: 167

A clinical summary of fifty cases of summer diarrhea. (Proceedings) [Knox, J.H.M.]. — 1903, 14: 319

Diastolic Murmurs
On the occurrence of diastolic murmurs without lesions of the aortic or pulmonary valves [Cabot, R.C., and Locke, E.A.]. — 1903, 14: 115

Dichloramine T
Dakin's solution and Dakin's oil in the normal peritoneal cavity of the dog [Grey, E.G.]. — 1918, 29: 221

Studies on the pharmacology of DDT (2, 2 bis-parachlorophenyl-1, 1, trichloroethane). The chronic toxicity of DDT in the dog [Bing, R.J., McNamara, B., and Hopkins, R.H.]. — 1946, 78: 308

Tremor and changes in reflex status produced by DDT in decerebrate, decerebrate-decerebellate and spinal animals [Bromiley, R.G., and Bard, P.]. — 1949, 84: 414

The influence of dieting upon the course of cancer [Rous, F.P.]. — 1915, 26: 146

The effect of the diet on the healing of wounds [Clark, A.H.]. — 1919, 30: 117

A graphic method for the calculation of diabetic diets in the proper ketogenic-antiketogenic ratio [Hannon, R.R., and McCann, W.S.]. — 1922, 33: 128

The importance of diet in preventing acute yellow atrophy during arsphenamine treatment [Craven, E.B., Jr.]. — 1931, 48: 131

The mechanism of the ketogenic diet in epilepsy [Bridge, E.M., and Iob, L.V.]. — 1931, 48: 373

Further observations on the self-regulatory dietary selections of rats made diabetic by pancreatectomy [Richter, C.P., Schmidt, E.C.H., Jr., and Malone, P.D.]. — 1945, 76: 192

Digestion: an historical survey [Cary, R.J.]. — 1916, 27: 142

Digitalis and Digitalis Preparations
Observations on the clinical pharmacology of digitalis [Wedd, A.M.]. — 1919, 30: 131

Digitalis and digitalis preparations therapeutic conference. The treatment of heart failure. Part I: Digitalis and its derivatives. Part II: The use of diuretics [...]. — 1947, 81: 411, 430

Dilatation idiopathic
See Colon dilatation of

Dilatation of the colon
See Colon dilatation of

A rapid method for the determination of diodrast-iodine in blood and urine [Alpert, L.K.]. — 1941, 68: 522

Observations on the clearance method of determining renal plasma flow with diodrast, para-aminohippuric acid (PAH) and para-acetylaminohippuric acid (PACA) [Newman, E.V., Kattus, A.A., Genecin, A., Genest, J., Calkins, E., and Murphy, J.]. — 1949, 84: 135

The recent epidemic of diphtheria in The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical School: general procedures adopted [Ford, W.W.]. — 1911, 22: 357

Diphtheroid infections [Bunting, C.H.]. — 1915, 26: 179

The clinical manifestations of the severe form of diphtheria [Fisher, A.M., and Cobb, S.]. — 1948, 83: 297

Diphtheria antitoxin
The preparation of antitoxin [Banzhaf, E.]. — 1911, 22: 106

The effect of diphtheria antitoxin in preventing lodgment in the nasal passages of animals [Gelien, J., Moss, W.L., and Guthrie, C.G.]. — 1920, 31: 381

Diphtheria bacilli
Ulcer of the stomach caused by the diphtheria bacillus [Stokes, W.R.]. — 1901, 12: 209

Experimental inoculation of human throats with virulent diphtheria bacilli [Guthrie, C.G., Marshall, B.C., and Moss, W.L.]. — 1921, 32: 369

A selective culture medium for the diphtheria bacillus [Greenspon, E.A.]. — 1923, 34: 30

Diphtheria bacillus
See Diphtheria bacilli

Diphtheria bacteriology and pathology of
The bacteriology and pathology of diphtheria [Flexner, S.]. — 1895, 6: 39

Diphtheria carriers
Diphtheria bacillus carriers. Second communication [Guthrie, C.G., Gelien, J., and Moss, W.L.]. — 1920, 31: 388

Experimental inoculation of human throats with avirulent diphtheria bacilli [Moss, W.L., Guthrie, C.G., and Marshall, B.C.]. — 1921, 32: 37

Diphtheria bacillus carriers. A report of conditions found in an orphan asylum [Moss, W.L., Guthrie, C.G., and Gelien, J.]. — 1921, 32: 109

Diphtheria bacillus carriers; results of re-examination of apparently negative cultures [Marshall, B.C., and Guthrie, C.G.]. — 1922, 33: 110

Diphtheria circulatory failure in
The circulatory failure of diphtheria. I. The clinical manifestations of early and late failure [Schwentker, F.F., and Noel, W.W.]. — 1929, 45: 276

The circulatory failure of diphtheria. II. The carbohydrate metabolism in diphtheria intoxication [Schwentker, F.F., and Noel, W.W.]. — 1930, 46: 259

The circulatory failure of diphtheria. III. The treatment of the circulatory failure of diphtheria [Schwentker, F.F., and Noel, W.W.]. — 1930, 46: 359

Diphtheria cortical nerve cell
Lesions induced by the action of certain poisons on the nerve cell. Study VI - Diphtheria [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1897, 8: 23

Diphtheria etiology of
The etiology of diphtheria [Abbott, A.C., and Welch, W.H.]. — 1891, 2: 25

Diphtheria experimental
The histological changes in experimental diphtheria [Flexner, S., and Welch, W.H.]. — 1891, 2: 107

A contribution to the pathology of experimental diphtheria, with special reference to the appearance of secondary foci in the internal organs [Abbott, A.C., and Ghriskey, A.A.]. — 1893, 4: 29

Diphtheria lips and gums
Primary diphtheria of the lips and gums [Flexner, S., and Pease, H.D.]. — 1895, 6: 22

Diphtheria measles and chicken-pox
A case of combined diphtheria, measles, and chicken-pox. (Proceedings) [Booker, W.D.]. — 1893, 4: 52

Diphtheria metabolism in
The metabolism following injection of diphtheria toxin in dogs [Josephs, H.W.]. — 1927, 41: 400

Diphtheria treatment of, by antitoxin
The treatment of diphtheria by antitoxin [Welch, W.H.]. — 1895, 6: 97

Forty-six intubated cases of diphtheria treated with antitoxine. (Proceedings) [Watson, W.T.]. — 1898, 9: 146

Diphtheria with broncho-pneumonia
Diphtheria with broncho-pneumonia [Flexner, S.]. — 1893, 4: 32

Diphtheria with cardiac malformation
Diphtheria with cardiac malformations. (Proceedings) [Amberg, S.]. — 1900, 11: 258

Diplegia facial
Congenital facial diplegia. (Proceedings) [Thomas, H.M.]. — 1897, 8: 130

Diplococcus intracellularis
A case of general infection by the Diplococcus intracellularis of Weichselbaum [Gwyn, N.B.]. — 1899, 10: 112

Diplococcus pneumoniae
Diplococcus pneumoniae. (Proceedings) [Welch, W.H.]. — 1890, 1: 73

Diptera carriers of diseases
A historical note upon diptera as carriers of diseases - Paré-Déclat [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1901, 12: 240

Diseases skin
See Skin diseases

Diseases transmission
The possible role of books in the dissemination of the contagious diseases [Laubach, C.A.]. — 1916, 27: 183

Mild solutions of corrosive sublimate in the treatment of keratitis. (Proceedings) [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1890, 1: 46

Corrosive sublimate as a disinfectant against the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus [Abbott, A.C.]. — 1891, 2: 50

Absolute alcohol as a disinfectant for instruments. A bacteriological study [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1896, 7: 185

The use of antiformin in the examination of sputum for the tubercle bacillus [Boardman, W.W.]. — 1911, 22: 269

Dislocation hip-joint
Congenital hip-joint dislocation. (Proceedings) [Platt, W.B.]. — 1900, 11: 72

Dislocation of elbow
Compound outward dislocation of elbow, with excision. (Proceedings) [Tinker, M.B.]. — 1902, 13: 246

Dislocation of jaw
Bilateral dislocation of jaw. (Proceedings) [Brockway, F.J.]. — 1890, 1: 59

Dispensary Tubercular Patients nursing
Report of results of nursing dispensary tubercular patients [Thélin, R.]. — 1904, 15: 171

Dissecting-Room Material
Use of the material of the dissecting room for scientific purposes [Bardeen, C.R.]. — 1901, 12: 155

Dissection of the sphincter ani muscle
See Perineum repair

Observations on distemper [Heuer, G.J.]. — 1906, 17: 385

Distoma Pulmonale
Distoma pulmonale in Wisconsin [Hanson, H.]. — 1911, 22: 112

Distomatosis pulmonary
Pulmonary distomatosis in man. (Proceedings) [Stiles, C.W.]. — 1904, 15: 263

Diuresis and Diuretics
Ultracentrifugation of the antidiuretic, chloruretic, and pressor factors of posterior pituitary extracts [Ham, G.C., and Rosenfeld, M.]. — 1942, 71: 18

The mechanism of excretion of ammonium thiosulfate [Franklin, J., Genest, J., and Newman, E.V.]. — 1947, 81: 168

Digitalis and digitalis preparations therapeutic conference. The treatment of heart failure. Part I: Digitalis and its derivatives. Part II: The use of diuretics [...]. — 1947, 81: 411, 430

D:N Ratio
See Diabetes Mellitus

The prevention and treatment of motion sickness. I. Seasickness [Gay, L.N., and Carliner, P.E.]. — 1949, 84: 470

The life history of drepanidium. (Proceedings) [Durham, H.E., and Myers, W.]. — 1901, 12: 300

A sulfonamide film for use as a surgical dressing [Pickrell, K.L.]. — 1942, 71: 304

Dropsy of the peritoneum
See Peritoneum dropsy of

A brief history of the methods of resuscitation of the apparently drowned [Cary, R.J.]. — 1913, 24: 243

The effect of saline purgatives on the absorption of other drugs [Macht, D.I., and Finesilver, E.M.]. — 1922, 33: 330

On a graphic solution of the dosage-effect curve [Litchfield, J.T., Jr., and Fertig, J.W.]. — 1941, 69: 276

Ductus thyreoglossus
See Cyst from the ductus thyreoglossus

Ductus Arteriosus
See Heart abnormalities
See Heart Disease congenital

Ductus Bottali
See Heart abnormalities
See Heart Disease congenital

Ductus Thyreoglossus
See Cyst from the ductus thyreoglossus

Congenital duodenal septum with obstruction [Seidlin, S.M.]. — 1925, 37: 328

The arteriomesenteric occlusion of the duodenum. An anatomical study [Halpert, B.]. — 1926, 38: 409

Jaundice produced by a diverticulum pf the duodenum [Nicholson, W.M.]. — 1935, 56: 305

Difficulties in the enzymic titration of duodenal contents [Davison, W.C.]. — 1942, 70: 504

Duodenum intubation
Intubation of the duodenum. (Proceedings) [Hemmeter, J.C.]. — 1896, 7: 79

Duplicature arch of aorta
See Aneurysm aortic

Renal rickets. Report of a case showing four enlarged parathyroids and evidence of parathyroid hypersecretion [Shelling, D.H., and Remsen, D.]. — 1935, 57: 158

Metabolic studies and therapy in a case of nephrocalcinosis with rickets and dwarfism [Albright, F., Consolazio, W.V., Coombs, F.S., Sulkowitch, H.W., and Talbott, J.H.]. — 1940, 66: 7

Creatinuria induced by methyl testosterone in the treatment of dwarfed boys and girls [Wilkins, L., Fleischman, W., and Howard, J.E.]. — 1941, 69: 493

The influence of a number of androgenic steroids on the urinary excretion of neutral 17-ketosteroids [Frame, E.G., Fleischmann, W., and Wilkins, L.]. — 1944, 75: 95

Dysentery - Abscess of liver - Amoeba coeli in stools and sputum - Death - Necropsy. (Proceedings) [Lafleur, H.A.]. — 1891, 2: 83

Bacillary dysentery in children [Davison, W.C.]. — 1920, 31: 225

The isolation of B. Dysenteriae (Flexner) from the urine of an infant with dysentery [Creighton, C., Wagner, C.E., and Davison, W.C.]. — 1921, 32: 50

Sulfanilylguanidine in the treatment of acute bacillary dysentery in children [Marsahll, E.K., Jr., Bratton, A.C., Edwards, L.B., and Walker, E.]. — 1941, 68: 94

Dysentery amoebic
On the amoeba coli in dysentery and in dysenteric liver abscess [Osler, W.]. — 1890, 1: 53

Anatomical lesions of amoebic dysentery. (Proceedings) [Councilman, W.T.]. — 1892, 3: 13

Cases of amoebic dysentery [Wilson, C.]. — 1895, 6: 142

A contribution to the study of amoebic dysentery in children [Amberg, S.]. — 1901, 12: 355

Dysentery tropical, etiology of
On the etiology of the tropical dysentery [Flexner, S.]. — 1900, 11: 231

A report of four cases of membranous dysmenorrhea [Morse, Elizebeth]. — 1907, 18: 40

Progressive muscular dystrophy - right facial paralysis. (Proceedings) [Thomas, H.M.]. — 1892, 3: 140

Multiple congenital osteochondromata with degeneration of cranial nerves and muscular dystrophy. Report of case [Boggs, T.R.]. — 1913, 24: 210

A clinical study of myotonic dystrophy and myotonia congenita with special reference to the therapeutic effect of quinine [Kolb, L.C., Harvey, A.M., and Whitehill, M.R.]. — 1938, 62: 188

Hyperthrophia musculorum vera (dystrophia musculorum hyperplastica associated with hypothyroidism: a case study [Hesser, F.H.]. — 1940, 66: 353