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History of the Bulletin




    Here is a timeline showing dates of the Bulletin, Medical Journal, and Medical News:

1889 The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin was established. The first issue was published in December 1889. John Murphy & Co. printed the Bulletin; the University managed the subscription service.

1917 The Johns Hopkins Press began publishing the Bulletin. About this time the School of Medicine began contributing to the budget of the Bulletin.

1920 Winford Smith proposed that the scope of the Bulletin be expanded and that the Bulletin also become the official publication of the School of Medicine and that the School of Medicine share the cost of its annual deficit.

1924 THe editorial responsibility of the Bulletin was transferred from the Office of the Director of the Hospital to the Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine. Williams and Wilkins became the publishers. The name changed to the Bulletin of The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

1928 The legal ownership of the Bulletin transferred from the Hospital to the University.

1930 Williams and Wilkins withdrew as publisher. The Johns Hopkins Press once again assumed publication of the Bulletin.

1967 The Bulletin was renamed The Johns Hopkins Medical Journal.

1976 In March, Hopkins Medical News made its debut.

1982 In December, The Johns Hopkins Medical Journal published its final issue.

The Editorial Staff

    The names of the Editors were not published in the Bulletin until 1924. To determine the identities of the editors of the earlier volumes, we have relied on the Minutes of the Medical Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Turner, Thomas B. A Heritage of Excellence. Even these sources leave some gaps. It is unclear who the editors were between 1914 and 1924. It is likely that Henry M. Hurd and Winford Smith each served as editor at some point during those years, but there is no way to know for certain.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin 1889-1924

1889 - 1906 Henry M. Hurd
1906 - 1914 Rupert Norton
*In 1916, an Editorial Board was appointed, consisting of: Henry M. Hurd, Winford Smith, Theodore Janeway, William S. Halsted, and Thomas Cullen.

The Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital 1924-1967

1924 - 1927 W.C. Davison
1927 - 1929 Alan M. Chesney
1929 - 1935 E. Cowles Andrus
1935 - 1936 Read Ellsworth
1936 - 1942 James Bordley, III
1942 - 1943 Maxwell M. Wintrobe
1943 - 1944 L. Emmett Holt, Jr.
1944 - 1947 Henry N. Harkins
1947 - 1949 E. Cowles Andrus
1949 - 1953 Frederick B. Bang
1953 - 1955 Philip F. Wagley
1955 - 1958 E.K. Marshall, Jr.
1958 - 1962 Philip F. Wagley
1963 - 1967 Edward F. Stafford (continued on as editor of The Johns Hopkins Medical Journal until 1970)

In 1967, the title was changed to The Johns Hopkins Medical Journal. Edward F. Stafford continued as Managing Editor until 1970, when an editorial board was appointed, with Thomas B. Turner as Chairman. The Johns Hopkins Medical Journal ceased publication in 1982.