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N1-Methylnicotinamide Chloride
See Nicotinic Acid

Naevi multiple
Case of multiple naevi. (Proceedings) [Baltzell, W.H.]. — 1891, 2: 104

Nail Polish toxicity
Subungual hemorrhages and hyperkeratoses due to Everon [Sullivan, M.]. — 1949, 84: 11

Pigment in the nails during hyperthyroidism [Thomas, H.M., Jr.]. — 1933, 52: 315

Nails mycosis
Sporothrix infection of the large intestine and finger-nails [Boggs, T.R., and Fried, H.]. — 1925, 37: 164

See Vitamins K

Naphthyl Thiourea
Pulmonary edema and pleural effusion produced by acute alpha-naphthyl thiourea poisoning in rats and dogs [Latta, H.]. — 1947, 80: 181

On the effect of narcosis upon the body temperature [Davis, S.G.]. — 1909, 20: 118

Narcosis [Verworn, M.]. — 1912, 23: 97

See Pharynx

Necator Americanus
The American hookworm (necator americanus) in Guam and China [Stiles, C.W.]. — 1906, 17: 313

Haemorrhage into a postscarlatinal cervical abscess. Ligation of the common carotid. Recovery [Rivers, T.M.]. — 1919, 30: 240

Necrosis area of, typhoid fever
See Fever typhoid, necrosis

Necrosis internal capsule, typhoid fever
See Fever typhoid, necrosis

Necrosis lachrymal sac
Cases of necrosis of lachrymal sac. (Proceedings) [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1891, 2: 61

Needle, Clamp for injecting lymphatics
A needle and clamp for injecting lymphatics [Miller, W.S.]. — 1905, 16: 273

Needle-holder new
A new needle-holder. (Proceedings) [Williams, J.W.]. — 1891, 2: 63

A note on the nail-fold capillaries in negroes [Bordley, J., III, Grow, M.H., and Sherman, W.B.]. — 1936, 59: 447

Neoplasm canine
A report of eight cases of canine neoplasm [Ortschild, J.F.]. — 1905, 16: 186

Neoplasms malignant
A study of reticular supporting network in malignant neoplasms [Wooley, P.G.]. — 1903, 14: 21

The first nephrectomy and the first cholecystotomy, with a sketch of the lives of Doctors Erastus B. Wolcott and John S. Bobbs [Tinker, M.B.]. — 1901, 12: 247

Studies on a case of chronic acid nephritis [Major, R.H.]. — 1922, 33: 56

The after-effects of the late toxemias of pregnancy [Harris, J.W.]. — 1924, 35: 103

Chronic nephritis following eclampsia [Peckham, C.H.]. — 1929, 45: 176

Haemorrhagic Bright's Disease. I. Natural history. II. Prognosis, etiology and treatment [Addis, T.]. — 1931, 49: 203, 271

On the relation between the concentration of total protein and of globulin in the urine and the pathogenesis of certain renal lesions in Bright's disease [Blackman, S.S., Jr., Goodwin, W.E., and Buell, M.V.]. — 1941, 69: 397

Nephritis blood in
A study of the inorganic constituents of the serum in children with acute nephritis [Blackfan, K.D., and Hamilton, B.]. — 1927, 41: 322

Nephritis chronic malarial
Chronic malarial nephritis, with report of a case [Larned, C.W.]. — 1899, 10: 131

Nephritis experimental
The relation of spontaneous nephritis of rabbits to experimental lesions [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1919, 30: 121

The production of acute nephritis by means of pneumococcal autolysate [Blackman, S.S., Jr., Brown, J.H., and Rake, G.]. — 1931, 48: 74

Nephritis glomerular
Varicella complicated by acute nephritis. Report of a case associated with streptococcal infection of the tonsils. [Denny, E.R., and Baker, B.M., Jr.]. — 1929, 44: 201

The pathogenesis of glomerular nephritis [Longcope, W.T.]. — 1929, 45: 335

The prognosis of acute glomerular nephritis in childhood [Guild, H.G.]. — 1931, 48: 193

Acute experimental glomerulitis following repeated injections of haemolytic streptococci into the renal artery [Lukens, F.D.W.]. — 1931, 49: 312

Acute experimental glomerulitis following injection of streptococcus viridans into the renal artery [McLeod, N., and Finney, G.G.]. — 1932, 51: 300

Glomerular changes in nephritis [MacCallum, W.G.]. — 1934, 55: 416

On the pathogenesis of lipoid nephrosis and progressive glomerulonephritis [Blackman, S.S., Jr.]. — 1935, 57: 70

The occurrence and significance of myocardial failure in acute hemorrhagic nephritis [Whitehill, M.R., Longcope, W.T., and Williams, R.]. — 1939, 64: 83

Electrocardiographic changes in acute hemorrhagic nephritis [Williams, Russell D.]. — 1939, 65: 434

The experimental demonstration that periarteritis nodosa is a manifestation of hypersensitivity [Rich, A.R., and Gregory, J.E.]. — 1943, 72: 65

Sarcoidosis simulating glomerulonephritis [Klinefelter, H.F., and Salley, S.M.]. — 1946, 79: 333

Renal failure in embolic glomerulonephritis as a complication of subacute bacterial endocarditis [Boyarsky, S., Burnett, J.M., and Barker, W.H.]. — 1949, 84: 207

Nephritis in infants and children
Acute nephritis in children, with special reference to the treatment of uremia [Blackfan, K.D.]. — 1926, 39: 69

A study of the inorganic constituents of the serum in children with acute nephritis [Blackfan, K.D., and Hamilton, B.]. — 1927, 41: 322

Tubular nephritis (nephrosis) in children and its relationship to other forms of nephritis [Davison, W.C., and Salinger, R.]. — 1927, 41: 329

Nephritis pathology
Acute pneumococcal nephritis [Blackman, S.S., Jr., and Rake, G.]. — 1932, 51: 217

On the relation between the concentration of total protein and of globulin in the urine and the pathogenesis of certain renal lesions in Bright's disease [Blackman, S.S., Jr., Goodwin, W.E., and Buell, M.V.]. — 1941, 69: 397

Nephritis renal decapsulation
Renal decapsulation in nephritis with report of a case [Harris, H.]. — 1905, 16: 404

Nephritis syphilitic
See Kidneys syphilis

Nephro-ureterectomy simultaneous
Nephro-ureterectomy - extirpation of the kidney and ureter simultaneously [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1896, 7: 31

Nephrosis lipoid
On the pathogenesis of lipoid nephrosis and progressive glomerulonephritis [Blackman, S.S., Jr.]. — 1935, 57: 70

Nerve Cell degeneration, syphilitic growths
On nerve degeneration in some syphilitic growths [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1891, 2: 80

Nerve Cell endings in the mucosae
The nerve endings in the mucosa of the small intestines, muscularis mucosae, and cortex of the kidney [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1892, 3: 73

Nerve Cell fifth cranial
The sensory distribution of the fifth cranial nerve [Cushing, H.]. — 1904, 15: 213

Nerve Cell manifestations, reflex
Two cases of reflex nerve manifestations cured by operation. (Proceedings) [Halsted, W.S.]. — 1890, 1: 35

Nerve Cell psychical
The psychical nerve cell in health and disease [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1896, 7: 162

Nerve Cell second cervical
Regeneration of the dorsal root of the second cervical nerve within the spinal cord. (Proceedings) [Baer, W.S., and others]. — 1898, 9: 144

Nerve Conduction
Symposium on the physiology of acetylcholine. I. The role of acetylcholine in conduction. [Discussion by S. Krop] [Nachmansohn, D.]. — 1948, 83: 463, 493

Symposium on the physiology of acetylcholine. II. Quaternary ammonium ions and sodium ions in nerve physiology, [Discussion by S.W. Kuffler] [Lorente De No, R.]. — 1948, 83: 497, 529

Symposium on the physiology of acetylcholine. IV. Concerning the mode of action of acetylcholine [Discussion by A.S. Marazzi] [Welsh, J.H.]. — 1948, 83: 568, 580

Symposium on the physiology of acetylcholine. V. The effect of anticholinesterases and related substances on nervous activity in the cockroach [Discussion by A.M. Harvey] [Roeder, K.D.]. — 1948, 83: 587, 600

Nerves acoustic
Treatment of Ménière's disease by section of only vestibular portion of acoustic nerve [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1933, 53: 52

Nerves cochlear
The effect of hemisection of the cochlear branch of the human auditory nerve. Preliminary report. [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1934, 54: 208

Effects on hearing after subtotal section of the cochlear branch of the auditory nerve [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1934, 55: 240

Nerves cranial
Multiple congenital osteochondromata with degeneration of cranial nerves and muscular dystrophy. Report of case [Boggs, T.R.]. — 1913, 24: 210

Bilateral and complete trigeminal paralysis without involvement of other cranial nerves [Byrnes, C.M.]. — 1916, 27: 138

Studies on the localization of cerebellar tumors. V. The cranial nerves [Grey, E.G.]. — 1916, 27: 251

The innervation of the tensor veli palatini and levator veli palatini muscles [Rich, A.R.]. — 1920, 31: 305

Neurinomas of the cerebellopontile recess. A clinical study of one hundred and sixty cases including operative mortality and end results [Gonzales Revilla, A.]. — 1947, 80: 254

Nerves cutaneous
See also Nerves peripheral

Localization of cutaneous nerves by electrical stimulation, applied to nerve-block anaesthesia [Hughson, W.]. — 1922, 33: 338

Nerves degeneration and regeneration
Regeneration in peripheral nerves. An experimental study [Kirk, E.G., and Lewis, D.D.]. — 1917, 28: 71

Observations on the degeneration and regeneration of post-ganglionic nerve fibers [Machida, K.]. — 1929, 45: 247

Clinical observations on the pupillary phenomena resulting from regeneration of the third nerve with especial reference to the Argyll Robertson pupil [Ford, F.R., King, A., and Walsh, F.B.]. — 1941, 68: 309

Nerves glossopharyngeal
Recent knowledge regarding the physiology of the glosso-pharyngeal nerve in man with an analysis of its sensory, motor, gustatory and secretory functions [Reichert, F.L., and Poth, E.J.]. — 1933, 53: 131

Nerves histology
The granules, vacuoles and mitochondria in the sympathetic nerve-fibers cultivated in vitro [Matsumoto, T.]. — 1920, 31: 91

Nerves interosseus dorsalis
Progressive paralysis of the nervous interosseus dorsalis: pathological findings in one case [Otenasek, F.J.]. — 1947, 81: 163

Nerves moderator
Experimental hypertension from section of moderator nerves: relationship of the acute pressor response to the development and course of chronic hypertension [Thomas, C.B.]. — 1944, 74: 335

Nerves motor
Hiccup crisis in tabes dorsalis [Byrnes, C.M.]. — 1935, 56: 264

The significance of fibrillation, fasciculation and other muscular twitchings with special reference to recent physiological investigations [Ford, F.R.]. — 1939, 64: 114

A method for the study of neuromuscular transmission in human subjects [Harvey, A.M., and Masland, R.L.]. — 1941, 68: 81

Progressive paralysis of the nervous interosseus dorsalis: pathological findings in one case [Otenasek, F.J.]. — 1947, 81: 163

Nerves oculomotor
Clinical observations on the pupillary phenomena resulting from regeneration of the third nerve with especial reference to the Argyll Robertson pupil [Ford, F.R., King, A., and Walsh, F.B.]. — 1941, 68: 309

Nerves optic
Observations on experimentally induced choked disc [Cushing, H., and Bordley, J., Jr]. — 1909, 20: 95

Nerves pathology
Lesions of the nerve cell and vascular tissues produced by acute experimental alcoholic poisoning [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1909, 20: 139

Histological changes in nerve cells following injury [Langworthy, O.R.]. — 1930, 47: 11

The virus, the nerve cell, and paralysis. A study of experimental poliomyelitis in the spinal cord [Bodian, D.]. — 1948, 83: 1

Nerves peripheral
Regeneration in peripheral nerves. An experimental study [Kirk, E.G., and Lewis, D.D.]. — 1917, 28: 71

Cutaneous distribution of peripheral nerves in rhesus monkeys as determined by the electrical skin resistance method [Bruesch, S.R., and Richter, C.P.]. — 1946, 78: 235

Nerves phrenic
The phrenic as the nerve of motor innervation of the diaphragm [Schlaepfer, K]. — 1923, 34: 195

Right-sided diaphragmatic hernia. Report of a case occurring with an intrathoracic neoplasm compressing the right phrenic nerve [White, J.C.]. — 1925, 37: 203

Nerves radial
On the cutaneous distribution of the superficial ramus of the radial nerve and its compensatory extension [Hardesty, I.]. — 1910, 21: 102

Nerves regeneration
See Nerves degeneration and regeneration

Nerves sensory
An effort to determine the sensory path from the ocular muscles [Harrison, P.W.]. — 1909, 20: 113

The relation of the sensory nerves to inflammation [Stevenson, H.N., and Reid, M.R.]. — 1915, 26: 21

Nerves spinal accessory
An examination of the spinal accessory nerves from a case of bilateral acquired spasmodic torticollis [Byrnes, C.M.]. — 1923, 34: 125

Nerves splanchnic
The treatment of essential hypertension by sympathetocmy. A report on twelve patients three to seven years following operation [Bordley, J., III, Galdston, M., and Dandy, W.E.]. — 1943, 72: 127

Nerves trigeminal
Clinical and experimental studies upon the injection of alcohol into the gasserian ganglion for the relief of trigeminal neuralgia [Byrnes, C.M.]. — 1915, 26: 1

Section of the sensory root of the trigeminal nerve at the pons; preliminary report of the operative procedure [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1925, 36: 105

Nerves vagus
The prevention of pyloric ligation-induced ulcers of the gastric rumen of rats by transabdominal vagotomy: a preliminary report [Harkins, H.N.]. — 1947, 80: 174

Nerves vestibular
Clinical observations upon the importance of the vestibular reflexes in ocular movements. The effects of section of one or both vestibular nerves [Ford, F.R., and Walsh, F.B.]. — 1936, 58: 80

Nervous System after parathyroidectomy
Changes in the nervous system after parathyroidectomy [Russel, C.K.]. — 1904, 15: 196

Nervous System anatomy and histology
Further observations upon the Monro-Kellie hypothesis [Weed, L.H., and Flexner, L.B.]. — 1932, 50: 196

Nervous System diseases
The nervous complications of measles; with a summary of the literature and publication of 12 additional case reports [Ford, F.R.]. — 1928, 43: 140

Nervous manifestations in infantile scurvy [Langworthy, O.R.]. — 1932, 51: 117

The relation of diet to the occurrence of ataxia and degeneration in the nervous system of pigs [Wintrobe, M.M., Miller, J.L., Jr., and Lisco, H.]. — 1940, 67: 377

Nervous System diseases, diagnosis of
An electric apparatus used in the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system [Thomas, H.M.]. — 1890, 1: 75

Nervous System electric apparatus
See Apparatus

Nervous System physiology
Nervous control of the electrical resistance of the skin [Richter, C.P.]. — 1929, 45: 56

Symposium on the physiology of acetylcholine. II. Quaternary ammonium ions and sodium ions in nerve physiology, [Discussion by S.W. Kuffler] [Lorente De No, R.]. — 1948, 83: 497, 529

Nervous System, Autonomic
Problems of tongue innervation: course of proprioceptive nerve fibers, autonomic innervation of skeletal musculature [Langworthy, O.R.]. — 1924, 35: 239

Spinal subdural abscess due to a congenital dermal sinus and accompanying changes in the autonomic nervous system [King, A.B., and Richter, C.P.]. — 1949, 85: 431

Nervous System, Parasympathetic
Sympathetic denervation of the feet and legs occurring spontaneously or as a result of disease. A preliminary report [Shumacker, H.B., Jr.]. — 1942, 71: 1

Colonmetrographic studies of the effects of section of the parasympathetic nerves of the colon [Scott, H.W., Jr., and Cantrell, J.R.]. — 1949, 85: 310

Nervous System, Sympathetic
Surgical aspects of the sympathetic nervous system in the work of René Leriche [Penfield, W.]. — 1925, 37: 369

Nervous System, Sympathetic physiology
Observations on the relation of the sympathetic nervous system to skeletal muscle tonus [Coman, F.D.]. — 1926, 38: 163

A search for trophic influence of the sympathetic nervous system on the adult mammalian skeletal muscle fiber [Tower, S.S.]. — 1931, 48: 115

The centers of the vegetative nervous system [Spiegel, E.A.]. — 1932, 50: 237

Blood flow to the forearm and calf. I. Vasomotor reactions: role of the sympathetic nervous system [Wilkins, R.W., and Eichna, L.W.]. — 1941, 68: 425

Neural Anatomy inguinal region
See Inguinal Region neural anatomy

Urinary hyperacidity and its relation to neuritis, neuralgia and myalgia [Brown, T.R.]. — 1911, 22: 1

Neurasthenia and Psychasthenia
Diagnosis and treatment of neurasthenia [Mitchell, J.K.]. — 1908, 19: 41

The nervous patient [Emerson, C.P.]. — 1915, 26: 133

Treatment of neurasthenia [Riggs, A.F.]. — 1916, 27: 281

Neurectomy angioneurotic erythema
Angioneurotic erythema and its surgical treatment by neurectomy [Bloodgood, J.C.]. — 1903, 14: 138

Neuritis arsenical
Arsenical neuritis following the use of Fowler's solution. (Proceedings) [Osler, W.]. — 1893, 4: 43

A case of arsenical neuritis. (Proceedings) [Sabin, F.R.]. — 1901, 12: 221

Neuritis etiology and pathology
Urinary hyperacidity and its relation to neuritis, neuralgia and myalgia [Brown, T.R.]. — 1911, 22: 1

A type of neuritis associated with malarial fever [Harvey, A.M.]. — 1944, 75: 225

Neuritis generalized, from lead
A case of generalized neuritis from lead. (Proceedings) [Thomas, H.M.]. — 1904, 15: 66

Neuritis optic
Neuromyelitis optica. An anatomical-pathological study of one case; clinical studies of three additional cases [Walsh, F.B.]. — 1935, 56: 183

Neuritis peripheral
Jake paralysis. Paralysis following the ingestion of Jamaica ginger extract adulterated with tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate [Kidd, J.G., and Langworthy, O.R.]. — 1933, 52: 39

Lead poisoning: report of a case in a child with extensive peripheral neuritis [Goodwin, T.C.]. — 1934, 55: 347

Peripheral neuritis. Clinical and physiological observations on a series of twenty cases of unknown etiology [Harvey, A.M., Kuffler, S.W., and Tredway, J.B.]. — 1945, 77: 83

Neuro-fibromatosis with paralysis and muscular atrophy
See also Von Recklinghausen's Disease

A case of neuro-fibromatosis (von Recklinghausen's disease) with paralysis and muscular atrophy of arms and legs [Thomas, H.M.]. — 1903, 14: 204

See Glioma of the retina

Cerebral cicatrix. The reaction of neuroglia and microglia to brain wounds [Del Rio Hortega, P., and Penfield, W.]. — 1927, 41: 278

Neuroglia genesis of glioma retinae
See Glioma of the retina

Neuroglia method of staining
On a rapid method of staining neuroglia [Van Wart, R.McL.]. — 1903, 14: 246

Neurological Nomenclature
Concerning neurological nomenclature [Barker, L.F.]. — 1896, 7: 200

Neurological Surgery
The special field of neurological surgery [Cushing, H.]. — 1905, 16: 77

Neuromuscular Transmission
The actions pf procaine on neuro-muscular transmission [Harvey, A.M.]. — 1939, 65: 223

The action of quinine methochloride on neuromuscular transmission [Harvey, A.M.]. — 1940, 66: 52

A method for the study of neuromuscular transmission in human subjects [Harvey, A.M., and Masland, R.L.]. — 1941, 68: 81

Observations on the nature of myasthenia gravis. The phenomena of facilitation and depression of neuromuscular transmission [Harvey, A.M., Lilienthal, J.L., Jr., and Talbot, S.A.]. — 1941, 69: 547

Neuromyelitis Optica
See Myelitis
See Neuritis optic

Neurone Theory
Some objections to the neurone theory. (Proceedings) [Paton, S.]. — 1899, 10: 139

The special field of neurological surgery: five years later [Cushing, H.]. — 1910, 21: 325

The treatment of neurosyphilis by the intraspinal route. With the report of a clinical study of a series of cases treated from the point of view of increased permeability of the meninges [Keidel, A., and Moore, J.E.]. — 1920, 31: 404

Studies in asymptomatic neurosyphilis. II. The classification, treatment, and prognosis of early asymptomatic neurosiphilis [Moore, J.E.]. — 1922, 33: 231

The influence of inadequate treatment of early syphilis on the incidence and incubation period of neurosyphilis [Kemp, J.E., and Menninger, W.C.]. — 1936, 58: 24

Nicotinic Acid
Two cases of pellagra treated with nicotinic acid [France, R., Bates, R.D., Jr., Barker, W.H., and Matthews, E.]. — 1938, 63: 46

Experimental studies on the cultural behavior and the infectivity of lymphopathia venerea virus maintained in tissue culture [Gey, G.O., and Bang, F.B.]. — 1939, 65: 393

On the isolation and properties of the fluorescent factor F2 from human urine [Najjar, V.A., White, V., and Scott, D.B.M.]. — 1944, 74: 378

The laboratory diagnosis of nicotinic acid deficiency. An improved procedure for the determination of F2 (N-methyl nicotinamide derivative) in urine [Najjar, V.A.]. — 1944, 74: 392

The anti-black tongue activity of N-methylnicotinamide chloride [Najjar, V.A., Hammond, M., English, M.E., Wooden, M.B., and Deal, C.C.]. — 1944, 74: 406

The methylation of nicotinamide. A simple and practical test for liver function. (A preliminary note) [Najjar, V.A., Hall, R.S., and Deal, C.C.]. — 1945, 76: 83

Clinical and electrocardiographic response to N-methylnicotinamide chloride administration in man [Vance, G.A.]. — 1945, 77: 393

The lipotropic effect of N1-methylnicotinamide [Najjar, V.A., and Ratcliffe, I.M.]. — 1947, 80: 142

The antipellagra action of N1-methylnicotinamide [Najjar, V.A., and Deal, C.C.]. — 1947, 80: 166

Night Blindness
A family of hemeralopes [Bordley, J., Jr]. — 1908, 19: 278

See also Amino Acids
See also Urea
See also Uric Acid
See also Proteins

Nitrogen metabolism
The involution of the uterus and its effects upon the nitrogen output of the urine [Slemons, J.M.]. — 1914, 25: 195

Nitrogen metabolism before and after splenectomy in a case of pernicious anaemia [Minot, G.R.]. — 1914, 25: 338

Nitrogen metabolism during pregnancy [Wilson, K.M.]. — 1916, 27: 121

Studies on fracture convalescence. I. Nitrogen metabolism after fracture and skeletal operations in healthy males [Howard, J.E., Parson, W., Stein, K.E., Eisenberg, H., and Reidt, V.]. — 1944, 75: 156

Studies on fracture convalescence. II. The influence of diet on post-traumatic nitrogen deficit exhibited by fracture patients [Howard, J.E., Winternitz, J., Parson, W., Bigham, R.S., Jr., and Eisenberg, H.]. — 1944, 75: 209

The tryptophane requirement of man as determined by nitrogen balance and by excretion of tryptophane in urine [Holt, L.E., Jr., Albanese A.A., Frankston, J.E., and Irby, V.]. — 1944, 75: 353

Studies on convalescence. IV. Nitrogen and mineral balances during starvation and graduated feeding in healthy young males at bed rest [Howard, J.E., Bigham, R.S., Jr., Eisenberg, H., Wagner, D., and Bailey, E.]. — 1946, 78: 282

The nitrogen metabolism of gram-positive bacteria [Gale, E.F.]. — 1948, 83: 119

The renal mechanism of electrolytes excretion and the metabolic balances of electrolytes and nitrogen in congestive cardiac failure; the effects of exercise, rest and aminophyllin [Sinclair-Smith, B., Kattus, A.A., Genest, J., and Newman, E.V.]. — 1949, 84: 369

Nitrogen non-protein
The non-protein nitrogen and urea in the maternal and the fetal blood at the time of birth [Slemons, J.M., and Morris, W.H.]. — 1916, 27: 343

The blood chemistry during pregnancy [Stander, H.J.]. — 1924, 35: 133

Non-protein nitrogen retention during eclampsia and allied conditions. The blood nitrogen curve in normal and in toxemic pregnancies [Plass, E.D.]. — 1924, 35: 345

Total nitrogen and non-protein nitrogen partition of gastric juice obtained after histamine stimulation [Martin, L.]. — 1931, 49: 286

Studies on the physiology, biochemistry and cytopathology of the cornea in relation to injury by mustard gas and allied toxic agents. XV. Studies on non-protein nitrogen in the cornea [Herrmann, H., and Moses, S.G.]. — 1948, 82: 295

Nitrogen Excretion in pneumonia
See Pneumonia nitrogen excretion in

Nocht's Stain modified
A modified Nocht's stain [Hastings, T.W.]. — 1904, 15: 122

Nodes juxta-articular
Subcutaneous nodules of the juxtaarticular type [Hopkins, H.H.]. — 1931, 49: 5

The importance of a microscopical examination of all growths removed from the nares, together with a report of early diagnoses of malignant growths [Rosenheim, S.]. — 1906, 17: 181

The surgical treatment of rhinophyma, with report of a case [Hanrahan, E.M.]. — 1921, 32: 49

Nose and Sexual Apparatus physiological, pathological relations
The physiological and pathological relations between the nose and the sexual apparatus of man [Mackenzie, J.N.]. — 1898, 9: 10

Nuclei pontis, development of
On the development of the nuclei pontis during the second and third months of embryonic life [Long, M.]. — 1901, 12: 123

Nuclei of Reception cochlear and vestibular nerves
On the anatomical relations of the nuclei of reception of the cochlear and vestibular nerves [Sabin, F.R.]. — 1897, 8: 253

Nucleic Acid
Changes in the blood picture after nucleic acid injections [Neymann, C.A.]. — 1917, 28: 146

On the presence of nucleic acid in bacteria (a preliminary report) [Schaffer, A.J., Folkoff, C., and Bayne-Jones, S.]. — 1922, 33: 151

The isolation of nucleic acid from tissues [Jones, W., and Folkoff, C.]. — 1922, 33: 443

Histochemical studies on nucleic acid phosphatase [Friedenwald, J.S., and Crowell, J.E.]. — 1949, 84: 568

Histochemical studies on cartilage and bone. I. The normal pattern [Follis, R.H., Jr., and Berthrong, M.]. — 1949, 85: 281

The preparation of nucleotides from yeast nucleic acid [Jones, W., and Perkins, M.E.]. — 1923, 34: 63

Nucleus Dentatus of the cerebellum
See Cerebellum nucleus dentatus, model of

Nucleus Dorsalis changes in the cells of
Changes in the cells of the nucleus dorsalis resulting from pressure upon the upper portion of the spinal cord. (Proceedings) [Barker, L.F.]. — 1900, 11: 72

Nurses and Nursing psychiatric
Nursing in the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic [Taylor, E.J.]. — 1915, 26: 206

Nurses and Nursing public health
The present attitude of the tuberculosis nurse towards her work [La Motte, E.N.]. — 1910, 21: 115

Hospital social service [Brogden, M.S.]. — 1915, 26: 201

The visiting nurses of Baltimore [Lent, M.E.]. — 1915, 26: 204

Role of the nurse in the control of the tuberculosis [Welch, W.H.]. — 1935, 57: 1

Nurses' Work quality of
The quality of thoroughness in nurses' work [Robb, I. Hampton]. — 1903, 14: 225

Nursing tubercular patients
See Dispensary Tubercular Patients nursing

Nursing Dispensary
See Dispensary Tubercular Patients nursing

Nursing Profession duties and dangers
The duties and dangers of organization in the nursing profession [Gould, G.M.]. — 1899, 10: 103

See also Amino Acids
See also Vitamins

Some modern problems in nutrition [Knoop, F.]. — 1913, 24: 171

German nutrition, 1914-1919 [Mason, C.C.]. — 1920, 31: 66

A study of pre-disease diets of patients with pernicious anaemia [Cornell, B.S.]. — 1927, 40: 409

Transverse lines in x-ray plates of the long bones of children [Eliot, M.M., Souther, S.P., and Park, E.A.]. — 1927, 41: 364

The experimental production of cirrhosis of the liver by means of a deficient diet [Rich, A.R., and Hamilton, J.D.]. — 1940, 66: 185

A note on the minimum requirements of man for vitamin C and certain other vitamins [Najjar, V.A., Holt, L.E., Jr., and Royston, H.M.]. — 1944, 75: 315

Nutrition experimental studies
Occurrence of anaemia in rats on deficient diets [Happ, W.M.]. — 1922, 33: 163

The relation of nutrition to tooth development and tooth preservation. I. A preliminary study of gross maxillary and dental defects in two hundred and twenty rats an defective and deficient diets [McCollum, E.V., Simmonds, N., Kinney, E.M., and Grieves, C.J.]. — 1922, 33: 202

Nutritional edema in the dog. III. Salt and the augmentation of tissue fluid [Weech, A.A., Goettsch, E., and Reeves, E.B.]. — 1936, 58: 1

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