The Johns Hopkins Hospital

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An unusual case of dinitrophenol poisoning [Eichert, H.]. — 1936, 58: 378

Analysis of a case of psychasthenia [Flournoy, H.]. — 1914, 25: 328

Obstetrical Practice tabulated result of
Tabulated result of the obstetrical practice of Robert Kennedy Nuttall, M.D., L.R.C.S.I. (deceased), covering a period of fifteen years, ending 1865. (Proceedings) [Nuttall, G.H.F.]. — 1892, 3: 45

The maternal mortality in the first 5000 obstetrical cases at The Johns Hopkins Hospital [Goldsborough, F.C.]. — 1908, 19: 12

The obstetrical significance of the blood pressures and their relation to the work of the heart [Slemons, J.M., and Goldsborough, F.C.]. — 1908, 19: 194

Post-partum care of the perineum [Plass, E.D.]. — 1916, 27: 107

Occlusion partial, blood-vessels
The partial occlusion of blood-vessels, especially of the abdominal aorta [Halsted, W.S.]. — 1905, 16: 346

Ocular Muscle testing
See Muscles ocular

Oedematous Changes
See Epithelium oedematous changes

Oesophageal Stricture treatment of
Treatment of esophageal stricture. (Proceedings) [Dunham, T.]. — 1905, 16: 147

Oidium pseudo-lupus vulgaris
The presence of an oidium in the tissues of a case of pseudo-lupus vulgaris [Gilchrist, T.C., and Stokes, W.R.]. — 1896, 7: 129

Oliver's Haemocytometer
See Hemocytometer

Omentum inflammation
The changes in the omentum of the rabbit during mild irritations; with especial reference to the specificity of the mesothelium [Cunningham, R.S.]. — 1922, 33: 257

Opening of Surgical Building
Address at the opening of the Surgical Building and new Clinical Amphitheatre [Harlan, H.D.]. — 1904, 15: 379

Operating Outfit portable
A portable operating outfit [Finney, J.M.T., and Pancoast, O.B.]. — 1901, 12: 206

Operating Table
An operating table [Robb, H.]. — 1894, 5: 73

Ophthalmia sympathetic
The diagnostic and therapeutic use of uveal pigment in injuries of the uveal tract and sympathetic ophthalmia [Woods, A.C., and Knapp, A.]. — 1922, 33: 419

A protest against the indiscriminate use of the organic compounds of silver in ophthalmic practice [Theobald, S.]. — 1911, 22: 407

Ophthalmology and otology, early history of
See also Medicine history

The early history of ophthalmology and otology in Baltimore (1800-1850) [Friedenwald, H.]. — 1897, 8: 184

Ophthalmoplegia Externa
Ophthalmoplegia externa. (Proceedings) [Woods, H.]. — 1897, 8: 48

Ophthalmoscope invention of, fiftieth anniversary
The fiftieth anniversary of the invention of the ophthalmoscope [Friedenwald, H.]. — 1901, 12: 243

Opium Poisoning washing out the stomach
On the value of repeatedly washing out the stomach at short intervals in case of opium or morphine poisoning [Hamburger, L.P.]. — 1894, 5: 94

Irradiated orange juice; its value as an antirachitic agent [Maslow, H.L., Shelling, D.H., and Kramer, B.]. — 1926, 39: 56

Organotherapy ovarian
Ovarian organotherapy [Krusen, W.]. — 1901, 12: 213

Organs framework of
A new method for the demonstration of the framework of organs [Flint, J.M.]. — 1902, 13: 48

Organs relation of
A practical method of demonstration [Calvert, W.J.]. — 1905, 16: 19

Osler Clinic
Description of the Osler Clinic. Its organization [Longcope, W.T.]. — 1933, 52: 255

Osler Library
The Osler library [Francis, W.W.]. — 1930, 46: 74

Osler Nodes
Sir William Osler and bacterial endocarditis [Longcope, W.T.]. — 1949, 85: 1

Osmosis and Permeability
The increasing significance of permeability-problems for the biological and medical sciences [Hamburger, H.J.]. — 1923, 34: 173, 226

Study of the influence of chemicals on erythrocyte membranes by changes in corpuscular volume [Neuhausen, B.S., and Breslin. J.E.]. — 1923, 34: 199

Osteitis Deformans
A case of osteitis deformans [Watson, W.T.]. — 1898, 9: 133

Osteitis deformans with report of a case [Elting, A.W.]. — 1901, 12: 343

Osteitis deformans, Paget's disease. A report of six cases occurring in The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Dispensary [Hurwitz, S.H.]. — 1913, 24: 263

Osteitis Fibrosa
Renal osteitis fibrosa cystica. Report of a case with discussion of metabolic aspects [Albright, F., Drake, T.G., and Sulkowitch, H.W.]. — 1937, 60: 377

Renal osteomalacia and osteitis fibrosa in adults [Follis, R.H., Jr., and Jackson, D.A.]. — 1943, 72: 232

Osteo-plastic Operations
Osteo-plastic operations for the obliteration of a very large involucral cavity. (Proceedings) [Halsted, W.S.]. — 1891, 2: 160

See Bones tumors

Osteoid Tissue
Note on the osteoid tissue found in the tubercular exudate in the thoracic region of the cord. (Proceedings) [Flexner, S.]. — 1898, 9: 133

Osteology use of clay modeling in the study of
On the use of clay modeling in the study of osteology [Moody, R.O.]. — 1903, 14: 78

Osteoma auditory canal
Exhibition of a case of osteoma of external auditory canal. (Proceedings) [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1901, 12: 219

Renal osteomalacia and osteitis fibrosa in adults [Follis, R.H., Jr., and Jackson, D.A.]. — 1943, 72: 232

The use of large Reverdin grafts in the healing of chronic osteomyelitis [Reid, M.R.]. — 1922, 33: 386

Multiple osteomyelitis due to Bacillus paratyphosus B. Demonstration of the bacillus in a fresh blood preparation; report on one case [Carrington, G.L., and Davison, W.C.]. — 1925, 36: 428

Granuloma inguinale as a cause of arthritis and osteomyelitis [Scott, R.B., Lyford, J., III, and Johnson, R.W., Jr.]. — 1944, 74: 213

See Sarcoma osteosarcoma

A case of congenital osteosclerosis [Ghormley, R.K.]. — 1922, 33: 444

Ostheo-arthropathy tabetic vertebral
A case of tabetic vertebral osteo-arthropathy, with radiograph [Cornell, W.B., and Councilman, W.T.]. — 1902, 13: 242

Otitis Media
Treatment of acute otitis media following influenza. (Proceedings) [Theobald, S.]. — 1899, 10: 137

Catarrhal otitis media (non-suppurative) as a factor in the etiology of facial paralysis [Reik, H.O.]. — 1902, 13: 83

The value of naso-pharyngeal surgery in the treatment of chronic exudative otitis media [Reik, H.O.]. — 1913, 24: 289

Otomycosis aspergillus
Specimen of otomycosis aspergillus. (Proceedings) [Welch, W.H.]. — 1892, 3: 122

Otomycosis treatment of
The treatment of otomycosis by the insufflation of boracic acid and oxide of zinc [Theobald, S.]. — 1898, 9: 251

Ovarian Cyst dermoid
See Cyst ovarian

Ovarian Cysts
See Cyst ovarian

Ovaries removing
The more remote results of removing the ovaries and tubes [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1890, 1: 57

A survey of ovariotomy at extremes of life [Wiel, H.I.]. — 1905, 16: 102

The relation of the supplying ovary to the causation of sex [Murray, J.G., Jr.]. — 1918, 29: 275

Ovary anatomy and histology
Morphological and physiological studies on the musculature of the mature Graafian follicle of the sow [Guttmacher, M.S., and Guttmacher, A.F.]. — 1921, 32: 394

Atretic follicles in the ovary of the rat, mouse and rabbit with special reference to the significance of the basement membrane in determining the source of origin of the interstitial cells [Wilkerson, W.V.]. — 1926, 38: 339

Ovary cysts
See Cyst ovarian

Ovary excision
A note on the reactions of the mouse uterus to ovariectomy in the presence of the X zone [Howard, E.A.]. — 1939, 65: 341

The effect of ovariectomy and physiologic doses of estradiol upon body weight, linear growth and fat content of the female albino rat [Nyda, M.J., De Majo, S.F., and Lewis, R.A.]. — 1948, 83: 279

Ovary Müllerian duct
Aberrant portions of the Müllerian duct found in an ovary [Russell, W.W.]. — 1890, 1: 8

Ovary ossification
The relation of angiogenesis to ossification. Based upon the study of five cases of calcification and ossification of the ovary [Moschcowitz, E.]. — 1916, 27: 71

Ovary papillo-cystoma
Papillo-cystoma of the ovary [Cullen, T.S.]. — 1894, 5: 103

Ovary paraovarian cyst
Report of a case of tubal pregnancy probably caused by a parovarian cyst [Brady, L.]. — 1922, 33: 442

Ovary sarcoma
Cysto-sarcoma of the ovary. (Proceedings) [Robb, H.]. — 1891, 2: 42

Primary melanotic sarcoma of the ovary [Winternitz, M.C.]. — 1909, 20: 314

Combined adenocarcinoma and missed-called sarcoma of the ovary [Cullen, E.K.]. — 1911, 22: 367

Ovary tumors
Angio-sarcoma of the ovary [Cullen, T.S.]. — 1894, 5: 134

Hematomata of the ovary, including corpus luteum cysts [Novak, Emil]. — 1917, 28: 349

An adenomyoma of the vesico-vaginal septum and a supernumerary ovary [Brady, L.]. — 1925, 36: 266

See also Estrus

Morphological and physiological studies on the musculature of the mature Graafian follicle of the sow [Guttmacher, M.S., and Guttmacher, A.F.]. — 1921, 32: 394

Studies on supra-vitally stained living and dead leucocytes and epithelial cells in the vagina of the rat and their relation to the ovulation cycle [Guttmacher, A.F.]. — 1926, 38: 61

Uterine bleeding as an early sign of pregnancy in the monkey (macacus rhesus), together with observations on the fertile period of the menstrual cycle [Hartman, C.G.]. — 1929, 44: 155

On the experimental production of superfetation [Wislocki, G.B., and Snyder, F.F.]. — 1931, 49: 103

Ovulation induced
The effect of the injection of urine from pregnant mammals on ovulation in the rabbit [Snyder, F.F., and Wislocki, G.B.]. — 1931, 48: 362

Further observations upon the experimental production of ovulation in the rabbit [Snyder, F.F., and Wislocki, G.B.]. — 1931, 49: 106

Failure to induce ovulation in the rabbit by blood transfusion from the pregnant doe [Bunster, E.]. — 1932, 51: 329

The prolongation of pregnancy and complications of parturition in the rabbit following induction of ovulation near term [Snyder, F.F.]. — 1934, 54: 1

Internal migration of the ovum [Corner, G.W.]. — 1921, 32: 78

A human tubal egg, unfertilized [Lewis, W.H.]. — 1931, 48: 368

Observations on the respiratory gases in ventricular paroxysmal tachycardia [Dieuaide, F.R.]. — 1924, 35: 229

Foetal blood studies. I. The oxygen relationships of umbilical cord blood at birth. [Eastman, N.J.]. — 1930, 47: 221

Oxygen consumption
Some oxidation mechanisms of the cell [Hopkins, F.G.]. — 1921, 32: 321

Direct measurements of the oxygen consumption of isolated, beating auricles from normal and thyrotoxic guinea-pigs [McEachern, D.]. — 1932, 50: 287

Studies in the metabolism of the human placenta; oxygen consumption in relation to ageing [Wang, H.W., and Hellman, L.M.]. — 1943, 73: 31

A simple volumeter for measuring the oxygen consumption of small animals [Lilienthal, J.L., Jr., Zierler, K.L., and Folk, B.P.]. — 1949, 84: 238

Oxygen in blood
The behavior of the blood toward oxygen in influenzal infections [Harrop, G.A., Jr.]. — 1919, 30: 10

The alveolar and blood gas changes following pneumectomy [Heuer, G.J., and Andrus, W.D.W]. — 1922, 33: 130

Oximeter control of arterial oxygen saturation in anoxemia studies [Penneys, R., and Thomas, C.B.]. — 1948, 82: 470

Physiological studies in congenital heart disease. VIII. The physiological findings in two patients with complete transposition of the great vessels [Campbell, J.A., Bing, R.J., Handelsman, J.C., Griswold, H.E., and Hammond, M.]. — 1949, 84: 269

A constant degree of anoxemia obtained by the administration of a gas of variable oxygen concentration [Penneys, R., Thomas, C.B., and McLean, R.L.]. — 1949, 84: 430

Oxygen pressure
The effect of low oxygen tension upon the development of experimental tuberculosis [Rich, A.R., and Follis, R.H., Jr.]. — 1942, 71: 345

Pin worm appendicitis [Ney, G.C.]. — 1912, 23: 123

Bacteriological findings in Baltimore oysters [Joseph, M.]. — 1914, 25: 128

See Rhinitis