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Quacks history of
The history of some famous quacks [Packard, F.R.]. — 1904, 15: 316

See Pregnancy multiple

A brief history of quarantine [Ford, W.W.]. — 1914, 25: 80

The use of quinine during the Civil War [Churchman, J.W.]. — 1906, 17: 175

Clinical notes. (1) Intermittent fever in influenza simulating malarial fever. (2) Grave malarial fever with few parasites in the peripheral circulation. Dangers of the intravenous injection of quinine [Thayer, W.S.]. — 1911, 22: 101

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A clinical study of myotonic dystrophy and myotonia congenita with special reference to the therapeutic effect of quinine [Kolb, L.C., Harvey, A.M., and Whitehill, M.R.]. — 1938, 62: 188

The action of quinine methochloride on neuromuscular transmission [Harvey, A.M.]. — 1940, 66: 52