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Studies on the physiology, biochemistry, and cytopathology of the cornea in relation to injury by mustard gas and allied toxic agents. XVI. Comparison of the effects of mustard, ultraviolet and X-radiation and colchicine on the cornea [Friedenwald, J.S., Buschke, W., and Moses, S.G.]. — 1948, 82: 312

A brief outline of the status of radium therapeutics [Burnam, C.F.]. — 1915, 26: 190

Parathormone in the treatment of "radium poisoning"; a preliminary report [Flinn, F.B., and Seidlin, S.M.]. — 1929, 45: 269

Osteo-sarcoma of the radius in a dog [Gundrum, F.F.]. — 1907, 18: 467

Radius congenital absence of
Congenital absence of radius. (Proceedings) [Warfield, M.]. — 1892, 3: 42

See Hay Fever

Rat-Bite Fever
Rat-bite fever. A review of the American cases with reevaluation of etiology; report of cases [Brown, T.M., and Nunemaker, J.C.]. — 1942, 70: 201

Rat bite fever due to streptobacillus moniliformis treated with penicillin. Case report [Weber, R.A., and Favour, C.B.]. — 1945, 77: 132

Raynaud's Disease
Hyperproteinemia associated with multiple myeloma. With report of a case in which an extraordinary hyperproteinemia was associated with thrombosis of the retinal veins and symptoms suggesting Raynaud's disease [Wintrobe, M.M., and Buell, M.V.]. — 1933, 52: 156

A pin imbedded in the rectum [Ramsay, O.G.]. — 1900, 11: 256

Posterior resection of the rectum and rectosigmoid (Kraske or modified) under regional anesthesia [Labat, G.L.]. — 1922, 33: 134

Rectum and sigmoid flexure
A new method of exploring the rectum and sigmoid flexure. (Proceedings) [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1894, 5: 137

Rectum pin imbedded in
See Rectum

A study of reflexes in the deafferented leg of the cat and their relation to tonus [Sprong, W.L.]. — 1929, 45: 371

Psychogalvanic reaction to painful stimuli in hypnotic and hysterical anesthesia [Levine, M.]. — 1930, 46: 331

Reflex vesical contraction in the cat after transection of the spinal cord in the lower lumbar region [Langworthy, O.R., and Hesser, F.H.]. — 1937, 60: 204

A curious illustration of "mass reflex" and involuntary micturition following injury of the spinal cord [Langworthy, O.R.]. — 1937, 60: 337

The orienting reflex (questioning reaction) cardiac, respiratory, salivary and motor components [Robinson, J., and Gantt, W.H.]. — 1947, 80: 231

Some manifestations of reflex activity in spinal man with particular reference to the occurrence of extensor spasm [Kuhn, R.A., and Macht, M.B.]. — 1949, 84: 43

Tremor and changes in reflex status produced by DDT in decerebrate, decerebrate-decerebellate and spinal animals [Bromiley, R.G., and Bard, P.]. — 1949, 84: 414

Reflexes conditioned
An attempt to condition adrenalin hyperglycemia [Gantt, W.H., Katzenelbogen, S., and Loucks, R.B.]. — 1937, 60: 400

Analysis of the mental defect in chronic Korsakov's psychosis by means of the conditioned reflex method [Gantt, W.H., and Muncie, W.]. — 1942, 70: 467

Effect of amphetamine (benzedrine) sulfate upon higher nervous activity. I. Animal experiments [Alpern, E.B., Finkelstein N., and Gantt, W.H.]. — 1943, 73: 287

Amphetamine (benzadrine) sulfate upon higher nervous activity compared with alcohol. II. Human experiments [Finkelstein N., Alpern, E.B., and Gantt, W.H.]. — 1945, 76: 61

Toxicity of sulfanilamide on higher nervous activity [Gantt, W.H., and Marshall, E.K., Jr.]. — 1945, 77: 104

Scottish experiments in social medicine [Davidson, A.]. — 1948, 82: 479

Renal and Ureteral Cases exhibition of
Exhibition of renal and ureteral cases. (Proceedings) [Young, H.H.]. — 1903, 14: 93

Renal Artery decapsulation
See Nephritis renal decapsulation

Renal Artery first appearance of
On the first appearance of the renal artery, and the relative development of the kidneys and Wolffian bodies in pig embryos [Hill, E.C.]. — 1905, 16: 60

Renal Decapsulation
See Nephritis renal decapsulation

Renal Infection ascending
See Infection renal

Renal Insufficiency cryoscopy
Cryoscopy as an index of renal insufficiency in surgical diseases of the kidney [Tinker, M.B.]. — 1903, 14: 162

Observations on reproduction in the chimpanzee [Schultz, A.H., and Snyder, F.F.]. — 1935, 57: 193

Blood pressure changes in Cheyne-Stokes respiration [Eyster, J.A.E.]. — 1906, 17: 296

Superventilation and carbon dioxide elimination [King, J.T., and Cross, V.B.]. — 1923, 34: 349

The effect of ventricular asystole on respiration [Thomas, H.M., Jr.]. — 1936, 59: 213

Decorticate polypneic panting in the cat [Lilienthal, J.L., Jr., and Otenasek, F.J.]. — 1937, 61: 101

Cardiac arrhythmia during Cheynes-Stokes respiration [Matthews, E., and Wood, W.B., Jr]. — 1940, 66: 335

The orienting reflex (questioning reaction) cardiac, respiratory, salivary and motor components [Robinson, J., and Gantt, W.H.]. — 1947, 80: 231

Studies of respiratory air flow. I. Significance of the normal pneumo-tachogram [Proctor, D.F., and Hardy, J.B.]. — 1949, 85: 253

Respiratory Enzymes
See Enzymes respiratory

Respiratory Quotient
Studies of diabetes mellitus. I. Respiratory exchange following the ingestion of glucose, glycerol, calcium hexose phosphate and calcium glycerophosphate [McCann, W.S., and Hannon, R.R.]. — 1923, 34: 73

Changes in total gaseous metabolism of unanesthetized dogs after intravenous injection of posterior pituitary extracts [Geiling, E.M.K., and DeLawder, A.M.]. — 1932, 51: 335

The correlation of the respiratory quotient to glycogen reserves [Bridge, E.M.]. — 1937, 61: 349

Diabetes, insulin action, and the respiratory quotient [Bridge, E.M., and Winter, E.A.]. — 1939, 64: 257

Respiratory Tract
The teaching of pathological physiology. III. Organs of respiration [MacCallum, W.G.]. — 1908, 19: 215

An unrecognized pathway for bacterial invasion of the respiratory tract [Winternitz, M.C., Smith, G.H., and Robinson, E.S.]. — 1920, 31: 63

Respiratory Tract bacteriology
The fate of bacteria introduced into the upper air passages [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1919, 30: 317

The fate of bacteria introduced into the upper air passages. IV. The reaction of the saliva [Bloomfield, A.L., and Huck, J.G.]. — 1920, 31: 118

The fate of bacteria introduced into the upper air passages. V. The Friedländer bacilli [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1920, 31: 203

The significance of the bacteria found in the throats of healthy people [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1921, 32: 33

Variations in the bacterial flora of the upper air passages during the course of common colds [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1921, 32: 121

The localization of bacteria in the upper air passages: its bearing on infections [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1921, 32: 290

Adaptation of bacteria to growth on human mucous membranes and special reference to the throat flora of infants [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1922, 33: 61

The dissemination of bacteria in the upper air passages. II. The circulation of bacteria in the mouth [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1922, 33: 145

The dissemination of bacteria in the upper air passages. III. The relation of bacteria to the mucous membranes [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1922, 33: 252

The effect of antiseptics on the bacterial flora of the upper passages [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1923, 34: 65

Respiratory Tract diseases
Variations in the bacterial flora of the upper air passages during the course of common colds [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1921, 32: 121

The localization of bacteria in the upper air passages: its bearing on infections [Bloomfield, A.L.]. — 1921, 32: 290

A clinical epidemiological study of acute tonsillitis and acute upper respiratory infections [Hodges, A.B.]. — 1923, 34: 344

A note on the communicability of colds [Long, P.H., Bliss, E.A., and Carpenter, H.M.]. — 1932, 51: 278

An epidemic of acute respiratory disease associated with atypical pneumonia [Iverson, H.A.]. — 1943, 72: 89

A study of food-borne epidemic of tonsillitis and pharyngitis due to B-hemolytic streptococcus, type 5 [Commission on Acute Respiratory Diseases]. — 1945, 77: 143

Irradiation of lymphoid tissue in diseases of the upper respiratory tract [Proctor, D.F., Crowe, S.J., and Polvogt, L.M.]. — 1948, 83: 383

Respiratory Tract mucosa
The changes in para-ocular glands which follow the administration of diets low in fat-soluble A; with notes of effect of the same diets on the salivary glands and the mucosa of the larynx and trachea [Mori, S.]. — 1922, 33: 357

The renal mechanism of electrolytes excretion and the metabolic balances of electrolytes and nitrogen in congestive cardiac failure; the effects of exercise, rest and aminophyllin [Sinclair-Smith, B., Kattus, A.A., Genest, J., and Newman, E.V.]. — 1949, 84: 369

A brief history of the methods of resuscitation of the apparently drowned [Cary, R.J.]. — 1913, 24: 243

Ophthalmovascular choke [Gould, G.M.]. — 1908, 19: 101

The retinal blood vessels in hypertension and arteriosclerosis [Friedenwald, H., and Friedenwald, J.S.]. — 1929, 45: 232

The retinal arteries in experimental renal hypertension: the significance of localized caliber constriction [Laughlin, R.C., Thomas, C.B., and Friedenwald, J.S.]. — 1940, 67: 79

Factors influencing plasma prothrombin in the newborn infant. IV. The effect of antenatal administration of vitamin K on the incidence of retinal hemorrhage in the newborn [Maumenee, A.E., Hellman, L.M., and Shettles, L.B.]. — 1941, 68: 158

Retina ophthalmoscopic appearances of chorea
See also Chorea

Ophthalmoscopic appearances of chorea with embolism of central artery of retina [Reik, H.O.]. — 1901, 12: 325

Retinal Detachment anatomical changes
The anatomical changes in two cases of retinal detachment [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1896, 7: 179

Retinitis albuminuric
The significance of albuminuric retinitis in pregnancy [Randolph, R.L.]. — 1894, 5: 69

Reverdin Grafts
See Skin transplantation

Rh Factor
See also Blood groups
See also Agglutinins and Agglutination

An anti-Rh antigen-antibody reaction factor (the Rh protective factor). Preliminary report [Bloxsom, A., and Matthaei, R.]. — 1948, 82: 1

Rheumatic Fever
Notes on acute rheumatic disease of the heart [Thayer, W.S.]. — 1925, 36: 99

Studies concerning hypertension in childhood. II. The occurrence of hypertension in acute rheumatic fever in childhood [Taussig, H.B., and Hecht, M.S.]. — 1938, 62: 491

On the anaphylactic nature, or rheumatic pneumonitis [Rich, A.R., and Gregory, J.E.]. — 1943, 73: 465

Rheumatic Fever etiology and pathogenesis
Relation of tonsillar and nasopharyngeal infections to general systemic disorders [Crowe, S.J., Watkins, S.S., and Rothholz, A.S.]. — 1917, 28: 1

The influence of tonsillectomy upon the course of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. A study of 108 cases [Allan, W.B., and Baylor, J.W.]. — 1938, 63: 111

Rheumatic Fever experimental
Experimental evidence that lesions with the basic characteristics of rheumatic carditis can result from anaphylactic hypersensitivity [Rich, A.R., and Gregory, J.E.]. — 1943, 73: 239

Further experimental cardiac lesions of the rheumatic type produced by anaphylactic hypersensitivity [Rich, A.R., and Gregory, J.E.]. — 1944, 75: 115

The experimental production of anaphylactic pulmonary lesions with the basic characteristic of rheumatic pneumonitis [Gregory, J.E., and Rich, A.R.]. — 1946, 78: 1

Experimental anaphylactic lesions of the coronary arteries of the "sclerotic' type, commonly associated with rheumatic fever and disseminated lupus erythematosus [Rich, A.R., and Gregory, J.E.]. — 1947, 81: 312

Rheumatic Fever pathology
Rheumatic lesions of the left auricle of the heart [MacCallum, W.G.]. — 1924, 35: 329

Rheumatic Fever prevention
A preliminary report of the prophylactic use of sulfanilamide in patients susceptible to rheumatic fever [Thomas, C.B., and France, R.]. — 1939, 64: 67

Sulfanilamide as a prophylactic agent in rheumatic fever [Chandler, C.A., and Taussig, H.B.]. — 1943, 72: 42

Rheumatic Fever therapy
Salycilate therapy in rheumatic fever; a rational technique [Coburn, A.F.]. — 1943, 73: 435

Salicylate and rheumatic activity. An objective clinical-histologic study of the effect of salicylate on rheumatic lesions, those of joints and tendon sheaths in particular [Murphy, G.E.]. — 1945, 77: 1

Rheumatoid Diseases diagnosis, treatment of
The differential diagnosis and treatment of the so-called rheumatoid diseases. (Proceedings) [Goldthwait, J.E.]. — 1904, 15: 251

Rheumatoid Diseases pathological lesions of
The pathological lesions of the so-called rheumatoid diseases. (Proceedings) [Painter, C.F.]. — 1904, 15: 252

Bacillus ozaenae foetidae, Perz, and bacillus proteus in ozaena [Michailoff, A.]. — 1926, 39: 158

Perennial allergic rhinitis: an analysis of one hundred and ninety-eight cases [Winkenwerder, W.L., and Gay, L.N.]. — 1937, 61: 90

The surgical treatment of rhinophyma, with report of a case [Hanrahan, E.M.]. — 1921, 32: 49

Rhus toxicity
Poison ivy dermatitis. I. The diagnostic value of the patch test made with an ether extract from fresh leaves and stems of the poison ivy plant [Keeney, E.L., Sunday, S., Gay, L.N., and Lynch, K.]. — 1941, 69: 482

A riboflavin excretion test as a measure of riboflavin deficiency in man [Najjar, V.A., and Holt, L.E., Jr.]. — 1941, 69: 476

Riboflavin deficiency in swine. With special reference to the occurrence of cataracts [Wintrobe, M.M., Buschke, W., Follis, R.H., Jr., and Humphreys, S.]. — 1944, 75: 102

Ribonucleic Acid
Evidence for the presence of ribonucleic acid in the cytoplasmic bodies that appear in the hepatic and adrenal epithelial cells of man in acute infection [Rich, A.R., and Berthrong, M.]. — 1949, 85: 327

See Pentoses

Notes on cervical ribs [Brush, C.E., Jr.]. — 1901, 12: 114

The calcification of the coastal cartilages, the cardiothoracic index and other signs of pulmonary tuberculosis [Boardman, W.W., and Dunham, H.K.]. — 1911, 22: 247

Ricin action of, cortical nerve cell
Experimental lesions produced by the action of ricin on the cortical nerve cell. (Proceedings) [Berkley, H.J.]. — 1896, 7: 143

See also Cod-Liver Oil
See also Vitamins D

The dangers to life of severe involvement of the thorax in rickets [Park, E.A., and Howland, J.]. — 1921, 32: 101

The radiographic evidence of the influence of cod-liver oil in rickets [Park, E.A., and Howland, J.]. — 1921, 32: 341

Studies of certain hitherto undescribed antirachitic substances [De Bosanyi, A.]. — 1926, 38: 72

Infantile rickets. Treatment by intramuscular injection of a cod-liver oil concentrate [Wilkins, L., and Kramer, B.]. — 1927, 40: 52

Renal rickets. Report of a case showing four enlarged parathyroids and evidence of parathyroid hypersecretion [Shelling, D.H., and Remsen, D.]. — 1935, 57: 158

Metabolic studies and therapy in a case of nephrocalcinosis with rickets and dwarfism [Albright, F., Consolazio, W.V., Coombs, F.S., Sulkowitch, H.W., and Talbott, J.H.]. — 1940, 66: 7

Rickets experimental
Studies on experimental rickets. III. A pathological condition bearing fundamental resemblances to rickets of the human being resulting from diets low in phosphorus and fat-soluble A: the phosphate ion in its prevention [Shipley, P.G., Park, E.A., McCollum, E.V., and Simmonds, N.]. — 1921, 32: 160

Studies on experimental rickets. XV. The effect of starvation on the healing of rickets [McCollum, E.V., Simmonds, N., Shipley, P.G., and Park, E.A.]. — 1922, 33: 31

Study on experimental rickets. XIX. The prevention of rickets in the rat by means of radiation with the mercury vapor quartz lamp [Powers, G.F., Park, E.A., Simmonds, N., Shipley, P.G., and McCollum, E.V.]. — 1922, 33: 125

Studies on experimental rickets. XX. The effects of strontium administration on the histological structure of the growing bones [Shipley, P.G., and Park, E.A.]. — 1922, 33: 216

Studies on experimental rickets. XXI. An experimental demonstration of the existence of a vitamin which promotes calcium deposition [McCollum, E.V., Simmonds, N., Becker, J.E., and Shipley, P.G.]. — 1922, 33: 229

Studies on experimental rickets. XXII. Conditions which must be fulfilled in preparing animals for testing the anti-rachitic effect of individual food-stuffs [McCollum, E.V., Simmonds, N., Shipley, P.G., and Park, E.A.]. — 1922, 33: 296

The healing of rickety bones in vitro [Shipley, P.G.]. — 1924, 35: 304

Studies of certain hitherto undescribed antirachitic substances [De Bosanyi, A.]. — 1926, 38: 72

The effect of sunshine on the acidity of the intestinal tract of rachitic rats [Tisdall, F.F., and Price, H.W.]. — 1927, 41: 432

The relation between phosphorus, chloride and bicarbonate in the serum of rachitic and normal rabbits [Hamilton, B., Kajdi, L., and Meeker, D.]. — 1930, 47: 215

Rickets prevention
Irradiated orange juice; its value as an antirachitic agent [Maslow, H.L., Shelling, D.H., and Kramer, B.]. — 1926, 39: 56

The influence of the administration of cod-liver oil to the mother on the development of rickets in the infant [Weech, A.A.]. — 1927, 40: 244

Calcium and phosphorus studies. XII. Six years' clinical experience with viosterol in the prevention and treatment of rickets, tetany, and allied diseases [Shelling, D.H., and Hopper, K.B.]. — 1936, 58: 137

Rickettsial Diseases
Tick-bite fever in children [Shipley, P.G.]. — 1932, 51: 83

The eastern variety of Rocky Mountain spotted fever [Florman, A.L., and Hafkenschiel, J.]. — 1940, 66: 123

Propionate and undecylenate ointments in the treatment of tinea pedis and an in vitro comparison of their fungistatic and antibacterial effects with other ointments [Keeney, E.L., Ajello, L., Broyles, E.N., and Lankford, E.]. — 1944, 75: 417

Sodium caprylate. A new and effective treatment for dermatomycosis of the feet [Keeney, E.L., Ajello, L., Lankford, E., and Mary, L.]. — 1945, 77: 422

Observations on the incidence of tinea pedis in a group of men entering military life [Ajello, L., Keeney, E.L., and Broyles, E.N.]. — 1945, 77: 440

Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
An address at the formal opening of the laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for medical research on May 11, 1906 [Welch, W.H.]. — 1906, 17: 247

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
The eastern variety of Rocky Mountain spotted fever [Florman, A.L., and Hafkenschiel, J.]. — 1940, 66: 123

Roentgen Method
See Cancer of mamma
See Diagnosis Roentgen method

Roentgen Rays
See also Cancer of mamma

An instrument for measuring distortion due to the divergence of x-rays [Hill, E.C.]. — 1923, 34: 164

Roentgen Rays effects
The bactericidal action of Roentgen rays [Sulkowitch, H.W.]. — 1929, 44: 439

Roentgen Rays in diagnosis
The x-ray diagnosis of thoracic aneurysms [Baetjer, F.H.]. — 1906, 17: 24

The use of the X-ray in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis [Minor, C.L.]. — 1910, 21: 263

The stereoscopic x-ray examination of the chest with especial reference to the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis [Dunham, H.K., Boardman, W.W., and Wolman, S.]. — 1911, 22: 229

Observations following the use of collargol in pyelography [Vest, C.W.]. — 1914, 25: 74

Thorium - a new agent for pyelography [Burns, J.E.]. — 1916, 27: 157

On the value of Roentgen-ray examinations in the diagnosis of cancer of the stomach [Baetjer, F.H., and Friedenwald, J.]. — 1916, 27: 221

Roentgenography in the localization of brain tumor, based upon a series of one hundred consecutive cases [Heuer, G.J., and Dandy, W.E.]. — 1916, 27: 311

Ureteral stricture - report of 100 cases [Hunner, G.L.]. — 1918, 29: 1

Certain clinical aspects of peptic ulcer with special reference to Roentgen-ray diagnosis as observed in a study of 743 cases [Baetjer, F.H., and Friedenwald, J.]. — 1918, 29: 177

Fluoroscopy of the cerebral ventricles [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1919, 30: 29

Stereoroentgenograms of the injected lung as an aid to the study of the lung architecture [Miller, W.S.]. — 1919, 30: 34

The correlation of x-ray findings and physical signs in the chest in uncomplicated epidemic influenza [Bloomfield, A.L., and Waters, C.A.]. — 1919, 30: 252

The role of the x-ray in the diagnosis of long-standing renal tuberculosis [Colston, J.A.C., and Waters, C.A.]. — 1919, 30: 268

X-ray studies of the seminal vesicles and vasa deferentia after urethroscopic injection of the ejaculatory ducts with thorium. A new diagnostic method [Young, H.H., and Waters, C.A.]. — 1920, 31: 12

X-ray pictures of the bones in the diagnosis of syphilis in the fetus and in young infants [Shipley, P.G., Weech, A.A., Pearson, J.W., and Greene, C.H.]. — 1921, 32: 75

The uses and limitations of soft tissue roentgenography in placenta praevia and in certain obstetrical conditions [Brown, W.H., and Dippel, A.L.]. — 1940, 66: 90

Roentgen Rays injurious effects
Heart lesions produced by the deep x-ray. An experimental and clinical study [Hartman, F.W., Bolliger, A., Doub, H.P., and Smith, F.J.]. — 1927, 41: 36

Irradiation pneumonitis. Report of a case [Alexander, T.O.]. — 1944, 75: 199

Roentgenotherapy of angina agranulocytica [Waters, C.A., and Firor, W.B.]. — 1931, 48: 349

Irradiation of lymphoid tissue in diseases of the upper respiratory tract [Proctor, D.F., Crowe, S.J., and Polvogt, L.M.]. — 1948, 83: 383

Rubber Cylinders
See Intestine circular suture of

Rupture abdominal muscle
See Muscle abdominal, rupture of

Rupture estra-peritoneal
See Bladder rupture, treatment of

Rupture inguinal
The cure of the more difficult as well as the simpler inguinal ruptures [Halsted, W.S.]. — 1903, 14: 208

Rupture pneumo-cardial
A case of pneumo-cardial rupture. (Correspondence) [Brown, G.S.]. — 1897, 8: 33