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Ulcer gastric
Gastric ulcer: Clinical varieties and symptoms. (Proceedings) [Howard, C.P.]. — 1905, 16: 116

Gastric ulcer: Diagnosis and medical treatment. (Proceedings) [McCrae, T.]. — 1905, 16: 116

Ulcer of stomach
Exhibition of specimen of round ulcer of the stomach. Erosion of gastric artery; post-mortem perforation. (Proceedings) [Flexner, S.]. — 1898, 9: 41

Ulcer of the stomach caused by the diphtheria bacillus [Stokes, W.R.]. — 1901, 12: 209

An early case of ulcer of the stomach [Bloodgood, J.C.]. — 1904, 15: 345

Ulcer peptic
See Peptic Ulcer

Ulceration of ileum
Unusual ulceration of ileum. (Proceedings) [Councilman, W.T.]. — 1892, 3: 31

Ulcers of stomach, multiple tuberculous
Multiple tuberculous ulcers of the stomach, with a report of three cases [Hamilton, A.]. — 1897, 8: 75

Ulcers perforating
Cases of perforating ulcers. (Proceedings) [Thomas, H.M.]. — 1891, 2: 41

Ultraviolet Rays
See also Vitamins D

The ultraviolet rays. (Proceedings) [Ford, W.W.]. — 1905, 16: 149

The bactericidal action of ultra-violet light [Bayne-Jones, S., and Van Der Lingen, J.S.]. — 1923, 34: 11

Studies on the physiology, biochemistry, and cytopathology of the cornea in relation to injury by mustard gas and allied toxic agents. XVI. Comparison of the effects of mustard, ultraviolet and X-radiation and colchicine on the cornea [Friedenwald, J.S., Buschke, W., and Moses, S.G.]. — 1948, 82: 312

Uncinaria Duodenalis enteritis caused by
Pathological report upon a fatal case of enteritis with anemia caused by uncinaria duodenalis [Yates, J.L.]. — 1901, 12: 366

Uncinariasis. Report of a case of infection with the American species [Boggs, T.R.]. — 1903, 14: 232

Report on the prevalence of uncinariasis in the Southern States. (Proceedings) [Stiles, C.W.]. — 1903, 14: 315

Undecylenic Acid
See Fatty Acids

Undulant Fever
See Brucellosis

University Education
University education [Foster, M.]. — 1898, 9: 69

Uranium nitrate
The course of uranium nitrate intoxications in pregnant dogs [MacNider, W. de B., Helms, S.T., and Helms, S.C.]. — 1927, 40: 145

The significance of the distribution of urea in the body [Davis, D.M.]. — 1915, 26: 154

The non-protein nitrogen and urea in the maternal and the fetal blood at the time of birth [Slemons, J.M., and Morris, W.H.]. — 1916, 27: 343

A study of the Austin-Stillman-Van Slyke index of the urea excretion [Hitchock, C.H., and Loveland, R.]. — 1922, 33: 294

The excretion rate of urea in the toxemias of pregnancy [Stander, H.J., Duncan, E.E., and Moses, B.L.]. — 1924, 35: 97

The blood chemistry during pregnancy [Stander, H.J.]. — 1924, 35: 133

Uremia therapy
Acute nephritis in children, with special reference to the treatment of uremia [Blackfan, K.D.]. — 1926, 39: 69

Ureter left, duplication of
A complete duplication of the left ureter from the kidney to the bladder [Ramsay, O.G.]. — 1896, 7: 201

Ureteral Abnormality
Notes on two cases of ureteral abnormality [Blumer, G.]. — 1896, 7: 174

Uretero-cystostomy performed seven weeks after vaginal hysterectomy [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1895, 6: 27

Uretero-ureteral Anastomosis
See Anastomosis

Ureterotomy. (Proceedings) [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1894, 5: 137

Pyelitis et ureteritis et cystitis cystica [Jacobson, V.C.]. — 1920, 31: 122

Ureters cancer
Primary tumor of the ureter. A new method for complete nephro-ureterectomy [Colston, J.A.C.]. — 1934, 55: 361

Unusual ureteral extension of prostatic carcinoma [Higgins, W.H. III]. — 1941, 68: 337

Ureters female bladder, examination of
The direct examination of the female bladder and catheterization of the ureters. (Proceedings) [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1894, 5: 16

Ureters stricture
Two cases of stricture of the ureter; two cases of hydronephrotic renal pelvis successfully treated by plication [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1906, 17: 173

Ureteral stricture - report of 100 cases [Hunner, G.L.]. — 1918, 29: 1

Experimental observations upon the ureters, with especial reference to peristalsis and antiperistalsis [Wislocki, G.B., and O'Connor, V.J.]. — 1920, 31: 197

Ureters surgery
Uretero-venous anastomosis. With observations on experimental hydronephrosis and the blood nitrogen [Reid, M.R.]. — 1918, 29: 55

Cardiac arrhythmia after bilateral ureteral ligation in the dog [Nicholson, W.M., and Schechter, A.J.]. — 1937, 60: 346

The sinus-spud [Halsted, W.S.]. — 1918, 29: 195

Urethral Orifice measurement of
Measurement of external urethral orifice [Miller, G.B.]. — 1901, 12: 251

Urethral Orifice stricture, congenital
A case of congenital urethral stricture associated with hematuria and symptoms suggesting renal disease [Churchman, J.W.]. — 1905, 16: 256

Urethritis chronic, infectiousness of
The infectiousness of chronic urethritis [Owings, E.R.]. — 1897, 8: 210

Uric Acid
On the threefold physiological origin of uric acid [Jones, W.]. — 1910, 21: 240

Uric Acid in blood
See Blood uric acid

See Liver enzymes

Urinary Anomalies
Urinary anomalies [Brown, T.R.]. — 1900, 11: 97

Urinary Diagnosis limitations of
The limitations of urinary diagnosis. (Proceedings) [Cabot, R.C.]. — 1904, 15: 174

Urinary Tract
Infection of the urinary tract by the Bacillus lactis aerogenes, with a consideration of the mode of entrance of bacteria into the bladder [Luetscher, J.A.]. — 1911, 22: 361

The preparatory treatment of urological operations [Hinman, F.]. — 1915, 26: 158

Intravenous urography in children [Schwentker, F.F.]. — 1932, 51: 318

Renal infections associated with prostatic obstruction [Young, H.H.]. — 1933, 53: 1

The significance of streptococci isolated from the female urinary tract [Schaub, I.G., and Davis, J.E.]. — 1945, 77: 372

Urinary Tract tuberculosis
Tuberculosis of the urinary system in women. Report of a case [Richardson, E.H.]. — 1913, 24: 103

Observations on the degeneration of leucocytes in the urine as a diagnostic aid in tuberculosis of the urinary tract in women [Wynne, H.M.N.]. — 1917, 28: 251

Demonstration of encephalic control of micturition by electrical stimulation [Langworthy, O.R., and Kolb, L.C.]. — 1935, 56: 37

Urgency and frequency of micturition in neurological disease [Langworthy, O.R., and Lewis, L.G.]. — 1935, 56: 211

A clinical study of the control of the bladder by the central nervous system [Langworthy, O.R., Lewis, L.G., Dees, J.E., and Hesser, F.H.]. — 1936, 58: 89

A curious illustration of "mass reflex" and involuntary micturition following injury of the spinal cord [Langworthy, O.R.]. — 1937, 60: 337

On trichloracetic acid as a test for albumen in urine [Reese, D.M.]. — 1890, 1: 33

Urinary hyperacidity and its relation to neuritis, neuralgia and myalgia [Brown, T.R.]. — 1911, 22: 1

A note on the bacteriostatic action of urine after the intravenous administration of mercurochrome to normal rabbits [Hill, J.H., and Colston, J.A.C.]. — 1923, 34: 220

The acid-base composition of urine from an epileptic child [Gamble, J.L., and Hamilton, B.]. — 1927, 41: 389

Skin-reacting substances present in the urine during acute streptococcal infections [Conybeare, E.T.]. — 1933, 52: 119

Acid-base balance of gastric juice, blood and urine before and at intervals after stimulation of the gastric juice by histamine [Martin, L.]. — 1934, 55: 57

Urine arsphenamine
Quantitative studies with arsphenamine. II. Distribution and excretion after intravenous injection [Kolls, A.C., and Youmans, J.B.]. — 1923, 34: 181

Urine bacteria in
Persistent bacteriuria [Geraghty, J.T.]. — 1909, 20: 12

Urine blood in
See Hemoglobinuria

Urine calcium and phosphorus
Studies on patients convalescent from fracture. III. The urinary excretion of calcium and phosphorus [Howard, J.E., Parson, W., and Bigham, R.S., Jr.]. — 1945, 77: 291

Urine chemistry
Urinary changes due to sulfanilamide administration [Strauss, M.B., and Southworth, H.]. — 1938, 63: 41

Urine chlorine
The contrast in the excretion of chlorine in influenza pneumonia and in ordinary lobar pneumonia [Rowntree, L.G.]. — 1908, 19: 367

Urine creatine
Creatinuria induced by methyl testosterone in the treatment of dwarfed boys and girls [Wilkins, L., Fleischman, W., and Howard, J.E.]. — 1941, 69: 493

Urine diodrast-iodine
A rapid method for the determination of diodrast-iodine in blood and urine [Alpert, L.K.]. — 1941, 68: 522

Urine enzymes
The normal diastase-content of the urine [Brown, T.R., and Smith, C.W., Jr.]. — 1914, 25: 213

Amylase concentration in normal urine [Mayer, W.B., and Finkelstein, H.]. — 1929, 45: 105

Urine globulin
See Albuminuria
See Urine nitrogen compounds

Urine melanin
See Melanuria

Urine nitrogen compounds
The involution of the uterus and its effects upon the nitrogen output of the urine [Slemons, J.M.]. — 1914, 25: 195

A study of the Austin-Stillman-Van Slyke index of the urea excretion [Hitchock, C.H., and Loveland, R.]. — 1922, 33: 294

The excretion of guanidine bases in two cases of arterial hypertension with reduction in blood pressure [Major, R.H.]. — 1925, 36: 357

On the relation between the concentration of total protein and of globulin in the urine and the pathogenesis of certain renal lesions in Bright's disease [Blackman, S.S., Jr., Goodwin, W.E., and Buell, M.V.]. — 1941, 69: 397

Urine specific gravity
On the specific gravity of the urine during anaesthesia and after salt solution enemata [Brown, T.R.]. — 1898, 9: 190

Urine steroids
The influence of a number of androgenic steroids on the urinary excretion of neutral 17-ketosteroids [Frame, E.G., Fleischmann, W., and Wilkins, L.]. — 1944, 75: 95

Urine sugar in
Studies in glycosuria. I. Ether glycosuria [King, J.H., Chaffee, B.S., Anderson, D.B., and Redelings, L.H.]. — 1911, 22: 388

Urine trichloaracetic acid, test for albumen
On trichloracetic acid as a test for albumen in urine [Reese, D.M.]. — 1890, 1: 33

Urine uncontaminated
Uncontaminated urine [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1900, 11: 91

Urine urobilin
Urobilin excretion of infancy and childhood; relation to blood destruction and formation [Josephs, H.W.]. — 1934, 55: 154

The influence of dietary fat upon the excretion of urobilin [Josephs, H.W., Holt, L.E., Jr., Tidwell, H.C., and Kajdi, C.]. — 1942, 71: 84

The renaissance of urology [Young, H.H.]. — 1916, 27: 327

See Hexamethylenamin

A critical review of 170 cases of urticaria and angioneurotic oedema followed for a period of from two to ten years [Fink, A.I., and Gay, L.N.]. — 1934, 55: 280

Utero-vaginal Prolapse
See Prolapse utero-vaginal

The involution of the uterus and its effects upon the nitrogen output of the urine [Slemons, J.M.]. — 1914, 25: 195

The tubo-uterine junction in various animals [Lee, F.C.]. — 1928, 42: 335

The bacterial content of the vagina and uterus on the fifth day of the normal puerperium [Harris, J.W., and Brown, J.H.]. — 1928, 43: 190

Uterus bicornate, labor in
A case of labor in a bicornate uterus. (Proceedings) [Bettmann, M.]. — 1902, 13: 56

Uterus carcinoma
Notes on an improved method of removing the cancerous uterus by the vagina [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1900, 11: 55

The various types of carcinoma cervicis uteri: The changes they undergo with the progress of the disease and their clinical significance [Sampson, J.A.]. — 1907, 18: 12

Carcinoma of the cervix of the uterus [Kelly, H.A., and Neel, J.C.]. — 1913, 24: 231

Cauterization of "inoperable" carcinoma of the cervix of the uterus [Kelly, H.A., and Neel, J.C.]. — 1913, 24: 372

Carcinoma of the cervix uteri; a very early case [Martzloff, K.H.]. — 1922, 33: 221

Carcinoma of the cervix uteri. A pathological and clinical study with particular reference to the relative malignancy of the neoplastic process as indicated by the predominant type of cancer cell [Martzloff, K.H.]. — 1923, 34: 141, 184

Carcinoma of the cervix uteri. Its operative prognosis: a clinical and pathological study to ascertain the prognosis following operation for extirpation of the malignant process [Martzloff, K.H.]. — 1927, 40: 160

Attempted heterologous transplantation of carcinoma of the cervix [Scott, R.B., and Brack, C.B.]. — 1949, 84: 526

Uterus Cesarean section
See Cesarean Section

Uterus contractions
Periodic variations in spontaneous contractions of uterine muscle, in relation to the oestrous cycle and early pregnancy [Keye, J.D.]. — 1923, 34: 60

Spontaneous peristalsis of the excised whole uterus and Fallopian tubes of the sow with reference to the ovulation cycle [Wislocki, G.B., and Guttmacher, A.F.]. — 1924, 35: 246

Spontaneous contractions of pregnant human uterus; a preliminary report [Sun, K.C.]. — 1925, 36: 280

A multi-channel strain-gage tokodynamometer: an instrument for studying patterns of uterine contractions in pregnant women [Reynolds, S.R.M., Heard, O.O., Bruns, P., and Hellman, L.M.]. — 1948, 82: 446

Uterus cysts
Diffuse uterine gland cysts in a cat [Guttmacher, A.F.]. — 1924, 35: 49

Uterus duplex solidus
A case of uterus duplex solidus, with atresia of the vagina and cervix. (Proceedings) [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1893, 4: 109

Uterus estrogens
An evaluation of progesterone therapy in the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia [Jones, G.E.S., and Te Linde, R.W.]. — 1942, 71: 282

Effect of atropine and estrogens on intraocular uterine transplants in the rabbit [Kaiser, I.H.]. — 1948, 82: 429

Uterus fibroids
Attempt to induce formation of fibroids with estrogen in the castrated female rhesus monkey [Vargas, L., Jr.]. — 1943, 73: 23

Uterus infections
Report of a case of puerperal infection with isolation from the uterus of Bacillus influenzae and a new method for making blood agar for its cultivation [Thalhimer, W.]. — 1911, 22: 293

Gonorrheal endocervitis treated with strong solutions of mercurochrome [Brady, L.]. — 1925, 37: 400

Uterus inversion
Abstract of Küstner's treatment of inversion of puerperal uterus. (Proceedings) [Robb, H.]. — 1894, 5: 19

Inversion of the uterus. (Proceedings) [Williams, J.W.]. — 1905, 16: 386

Uterus lipo-myoma
Lipo-myoma of the uterus [Knox, J.H.M.]. — 1901, 12: 318

Uterus myoma
See also Hysteromyomectomy cases
See also Hemorrhage uterine

Coeliotomy for myoma of the uterus. Hysteromyomectomy. Infection by Bacterium coli commune [Ghriskey, A.A., and Robb, H.]. — 1891, 2: 133

The causes and significance of uterine hemorrhage in cases of myoma uteri [Clark, J.G.]. — 1899, 10: 11

A myoma of the uterus showing unusual degenerative changes [Brady, L.]. — 1920, 31: 24

A study of frozen sections through a cadaver showing the anatomical relations of a large uterine myoma [Williams, J.W.]. — 1922, 33: 350

Salmonella suipestifer infection in myomas of the uterus [Gray, L.A.]. — 1936, 59: 231

Uterus sarcoma
Sarcomatous myoma. (Proceedings) [Cullen, T.S.]. — 1905, 16: 237

A sarcoma of the uterus arising from the endometrium [Brady, L.]. — 1918, 29: 164

Uterus surgery
Supra-pubic hysterotomy as a means of diagnosis and treatment of the uterus [Russell, W.W.]. — 1906, 17: 134

A study of the results obtained in sixty-four Caesarean sections terminated by supravaginal hysterectomy [Harris, J.W.]. — 1922, 33: 318

The diagnostic and therapeutic use of uveal pigment in injuries of the uveal tract and sympathetic ophthalmia [Woods, A.C., and Knapp, A.]. — 1922, 33: 419

Uveitis following gonorrhoeal ophthalmia
Oedematous changes in the epithelium of the cornea in a case of uveitis following gonorrhoeal ophthalmia [Stieren, E.]. — 1898, 9: 290