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Vaccine and vaccination [Dock, G.]. — 1904, 15: 109

A letter of Edward Jenner containing a brief account of the discovery of vaccination [McBryde, C.M.]. — 1916, 27: 177

Vaccine, Vaccination
See Vaccination

The nervous complications of variola, vaccinia, and varicella with report of cases [Wilson, R.E., and Ford, F.R.]. — 1927, 40: 337

A familial spread of vaccinia with one death. Isolation and identification of the virus [Gray, F.G.]. — 1948, 82: 538

The radical cure of prolapsus vaginae [Gatch, W.D.]. — 1906, 17: 374

Studies on supra-vitally stained living and dead leucocytes and epithelial cells in the vagina of the rat and their relation to the ovulation cycle [Guttmacher, A.F.]. — 1926, 38: 61

The bacterial content of the vagina and uterus on the fifth day of the normal puerperium [Harris, J.W., and Brown, J.H.]. — 1928, 43: 190

Vagina double
A case of double vagina, with operation [Robb, H.]. — 1894, 5: 50

Vaginal Cysts
See Cyst vaginal

Symposium on vagotomy for peptic ulcer. I. Experimental observations [Harkins, H.N., Hooker, D.H., Alford, T.C., Jr., Callander, J., Elliott, S.R., II, Kearms, W., Jr., Mitchener, J., and Cooley, D.A.]. — 1947, 81: 79

Symposium on vagotomy for peptic ulcer. II. Early surgical results in forty-three cases [Johns, T.N.P., and Grose, W.E.]. — 1947, 81: 92

Medical aspects of vagotomy for peptic ulcer. Including observations on the clinical value of the insulin test and on postoperative criteria for the completeness of bilateral gastric vagus section [Paulson, M., and Gladsden, E.S.]. — 1947, 81: 107

See Chickenpox

Varicose Veins
Schede's operation for varicose veins of the leg. (Proceedings) [Finney, J.M.T.]. — 1895, 6: 146

The results of operative treatment of varicose veins of the leg by the methods of Trendelenburg and Schede [Miller, R.T., Jr.]. — 1906, 17: 289

Varicose Veins of leg
Varicose veins of leg. (Proceedings) [Finney, J.M.T.]. — 1895, 6: 32

Varicose Veins ovarian, ligation of
Ligation of varicose ovarian veins. (Proceedings) [Kelly, H.A.]. — 1890, 1: 23

See Smallpox

Vaso-motor Center
See Cerebral Compression vaso-motor center

Vaso-motor Center mechanism of
See Cerebral Compression vaso-motor center

Vasomotor System
Vaso-motor reactions [Bayliss, W.M.]. — 1922, 33: 412

Progress in autopharmacology. A survey of present knowledge of the chemical regulation of certain functions by natural constituents of the tissues. I. Introduction. The action of histamine, and the evidence restricting its probable significance. Evidence for other natural vasodilators [Dale, H.H.]. — 1933, 53: 297

Blood flow to the forearm and calf. I. Vasomotor reactions: role of the sympathetic nervous system [Wilkins, R.W., and Eichna, L.W.]. — 1941, 68: 425

Blood flow to the forearm and calf. II. Reactive hyperemia: factors influencing the blood flow during the vasodilatation following ischemia [Eichna, L.W., and Wilkins, R.W.]. — 1941, 68: 450

Blood flow to the forearm and calf. III. The effect of changes in arterial pressure on the blood flow to limbs under controlled vasodilatation in normal and hypertensive subjects [Wilkins, R.W., and Eichna, L.W.]. — 1941, 68: 477

Blood flow to the forearm and calf. IV. Thyroid activity: observations on the relation of blood flow to basal metabolic rate [Eichna, L.W., and Wilkins, R.W.]. — 1941, 68: 512

On certain vascular effects of curare in man: the "histamine" reaction [Grob, D., Lilienthal, J.L., Jr., and Harvey, A.M.]. — 1947, 80: 299

Abnormalities of the pulmonary blood-vessels [Meloy, C.R.]. — 1908, 19: 221

Veins lumbo-adrenal
Is the anastomosis between the portal vein and the vena cava compatible with life? [Bernheim, B.M., and Voegtlin, C.]. — 1912, 23: 46

Anomalies of the pulmonary veins [MacCready, P.B.]. — 1918, 29: 271

Adrenal insufficiency and atrophy of the cortex following venous obstruction of the suprarenal glands [Elman, R., and Rothman, P.]. — 1924, 35: 54

Successful ligation of the left common iliac vein for thrombophlebitis complicated by pulmonary emboli [Shackelford, R.T., and Whitehill, R.]. — 1943, 73: 307

Vena Cava obstruction of
Obstruction of the superior vena cava. (Proceedings) [Osler, W.]. — 1891, 2: 40

Vena Cava superior, obliteration of
On obliteration of the superior vena cava [Osler, W.]. — 1903, 14: 169

Veneral Diseases
The acquired venereal infections in children. A report of hundred and eighty-seven children treated in the Women's Venereal Department of The Johns Hopkins Hospital Dispensary. "A study." [Pollack, F.]. — 1909, 20: 142

Venesection cardiac, arterial disease
Venesection in cardiac and arterial disease [Lafleur, H.A.]. — 1891, 2: 112

Snake venoms. 1. Their constitution and therapeutic applications [Kellaway, C.H.]. — 1937, 60: 1

Snake venoms. 2. Their peripheral action [Kellaway, C.H.]. — 1937, 60: 18

Snake venoms. 3. Immunity [Kellaway, C.H.]. — 1937, 60: 159

Venous Congestion
Types of lesion in chronic passive congestion of the liver [Lambert, R.A., and Allison, B.R.]. — 1916, 27: 350

Venous congestion in its relation to necroses of the liver [Oertel, H.]. — 1917, 28: 249

A contribution to the study of mycotic warts [Pena Chavarria, A., and Shipley, P.G.]. — 1927, 41: 11

See Spine

Vertigo aural
Treatment of Ménière's disease by section of only vestibular portion of acoustic nerve [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1933, 53: 52

The treatment of so-called Ménière's disease [Dandy, W.E.]. — 1934, 55: 232

See Prostate

See Mustard Gas

See Vitamins D

Studies on virus problems. I. Tissue and cell affinities of viruses and reactions of the host [Ledingham, J.C.G.]. — 1935, 56: 247

Studies on virus problems. II. Cultivation methods. The development of antibodies, in particular, the antiviral body [Ledingham, J.C.G.]. — 1935, 56: 337

Studies on virus problems. III. The elementary bodies in virus infections and the filterable avian tumors and their etiological significance. The outlook for the future [Ledingham, J.C.G.]. — 1935, 57: 32

Viruses herpes
See Herpes virus

Viruses in tumor formation
The inactivation of the chicken-tumor virus by means of calcium compounds [Lewis, M.R., and Andervont, H.B.]. — 1928, 42: 191

The range of hydrogen-ion concentration of certain buffer solutions in which the chicken-tumor virus retains its activity [Lewis, M.R., and Michaelis, L.]. — 1928, 43: 92

Viruses and virus-like agents as causes of cancer. A brief recounting and reflection [Kidd, J.G.]. — 1948, 82: 583

Viruses Newcastle
Human conjunctivitis due to the Newcastle virus in the U.S.A. [Freymann, M.W., and Bang, F.B.]. — 1949, 84: 409

A factor in old hepatitis serum capable of agglutinating chicken red cells [Bang, F.B.]. — 1949, 84: 497

Agglutination of red cells altered by the action of Newcastle disease virus. I. The effect of chicken sera from infected birds on sensitized cells [Bang, F.B., and Libert, R.]. — 1949, 85: 416

Viruses poliomyelitis
See also Poliomyelitis

The microbic cause and manner of infection of poliomyelitis [Flexner, S.]. — 1915, 26: 180

Further observations on the presence of poliomyelitis virus in the human oro-pharynx [Howe, H.A., Bodian, D., and Wenner, H.A.]. — 1945, 76: 19

Poliomyelitic changes in multinucleated neurons, with special reference to the site of action of the virus in the cell [Bodian, D.]. — 1945, 77: 49

The elimination of poliomyelitis virus from the human mouth or nose [Ward, R., and Walters, B.]. — 1947, 80: 98

Congenital chickenpox with disseminated visceral lesions [Oppenheimer, E.H.]. — 1944, 74: 240

Viscera transposition
The anatomy of the heart in two cases of situs transversus [Taussig, H.B.]. — 1926, 39: 199

Visceral pain in case of situs inversus [King, A.B.]. — 1941, 68: 169

Viscera transposition of
Transposition of viscera [Hough, T.]. — 1893, 4: 8

Visceral Alterations pathological
On certain visceral pathological alterations, the result of superficial burns. (Proceedings) [Bardeen, C.R.]. — 1897, 8: 81

Visceral Crises erythema
See Erythema group, visceral crises

Visceral Diseases and mental phenomena
Mental phenomena and visceral disease [Gamble, C.B., Jr.]. — 1904, 15: 247

Distortions of the visual fields in cases of brain tumor. Statistical studies. (First paper) [Cushing, H., and Heuer, G.J.]. — 1911, 22: 190

Visiting Nurses
See Nurses and Nursing public health

Visual Field
The visual field as a factor in general diagnosis. (Proceedings) [De Schweinitz, G.E.]. — 1895, 6: 15

The nutritional requirements in inanition. II. The effect of mineral and vitamin supplements on the survival of animals on single foods [Holt, L.E., Jr., and Kajdi, C.N.]. — 1944, 74: 142

Vitamins A
On the alleged toxicity of cod liver oil [Cox, W.M., Jr., and Roos, A.J.]. — 1934, 54: 430

Studies in vitamin A. Relation of vitamin A and carotene to serum lipids [Josephs, H.W.]. — 1939, 65: 112

Factors influencing the level of vitamin A in the blood of rats [Josephs, H.W.]. — 1942, 71: 253

Vitamin A levels in maternal and fetal blood plasma [Byrn, J.N., and Eastman, N.J.]. — 1943, 73: 132

Vitamins B-complex
Two cases of pellagra treated with nicotinic acid [France, R., Bates, R.D., Jr., Barker, W.H., and Matthews, E.]. — 1938, 63: 46

Morphologic changes in the blood of pigs associated with deficiency of water-soluble vitamins and other substances contained in yeast [Wintrobe, M.M., Samter, M, and Lisco, H.]. — 1939, 64: 399

Sudden death in young adults in association with fatty liver [Graham, R.L.]. — 1944, 74: 16

A case of pellagra developing on a hospital ward in a patient receiving vitamin B complex [Roberts, D.W., and Najjar, V.A.]. — 1944, 74: 400

The anti-black tongue activity of N-methylnicotinamide chloride [Najjar, V.A., Hammond, M., English, M.E., Wooden, M.B., and Deal, C.C.]. — 1944, 74: 406

Nutritional dermatoses in the rat. XII. The influence of deficiencies on the extent of injury and healing time of liquid mustard gas burns [Sullivan, M.]. — 1947, 81: 367

Observations on the effects of folic acid antagonists, folic acid, liver extract and vitamin B12 on embryonated eggs. A preliminary report [Wagley, P.F., and Morgan, H.R.]. — 1948, 83: 275

Vitamins C
See Ascorbic Acid

Vitamins D
See also Cod-Liver Oil
See also Rickets

Study on experimental rickets. XIX. The prevention of rickets in the rat by means of radiation with the mercury vapor quartz lamp [Powers, G.F., Park, E.A., Simmonds, N., Shipley, P.G., and McCollum, E.V.]. — 1922, 33: 125

Studies on experimental rickets. XXI. An experimental demonstration of the existence of a vitamin which promotes calcium deposition [McCollum, E.V., Simmonds, N., Becker, J.E., and Shipley, P.G.]. — 1922, 33: 229

Calcium and phosphorus studies. IV. The relation of calcium and phosphorus of the diet to th toxicity of viosterol [Shelling, D.H., and Asher D.E.]. — 1932, 50: 318

On the alleged toxicity of cod liver oil [Cox, W.M., Jr., and Roos, A.J.]. — 1934, 54: 430

Calcium and phosphorus studies. X. The effect of variation of calcium, phosphorus, and of vitamin D in diet on iron retention in rats [Shelling, D.H., and Josephs, H.W.]. — 1934, 55: 309

Calcium and phosphorus studies. XII. Effect of prophylactic and curative doses of standardized viosterol on human tissues: necropsy report of 13 cases showing no tissue damage [Shelling, D.H., and Jackson, D.A.]. — 1934, 55: 314

Calcium and phosphorus studies. XII. Six years' clinical experience with viosterol in the prevention and treatment of rickets, tetany, and allied diseases [Shelling, D.H., and Hopper, K.B.]. — 1936, 58: 137

Vitamins deficiency
Studies on experimental rickets. III. A pathological condition bearing fundamental resemblances to rickets of the human being resulting from diets low in phosphorus and fat-soluble A: the phosphate ion in its prevention [Shipley, P.G., Park, E.A., McCollum, E.V., and Simmonds, N.]. — 1921, 32: 160

The changes in para-ocular glands which follow the administration of diets low in fat-soluble A; with notes of effect of the same diets on the salivary glands and the mucosa of the larynx and trachea [Mori, S.]. — 1922, 33: 357

Studies in vitamin A. Relation of blood level and adaptation to dim light to diet [Josephs, H.W., Baber, M., and Conn, H.]. — 1941, 68: 375

Studies in vitamin A. Influence of vitamin A on serum lipids of normal and deficient rats [Josephs, H.W.]. — 1942, 71: 265

Lipid response to vitamin A administration. A possible test for vitamin A deficiency [Josephs, H.W.]. — 1945, 77: 402

Vitamins hypervitaminosis
The influence of hypervitaminosis A on bone growth [Van Metre, T.E., Jr.]. — 1947, 81: 305

Vitamins K
Factors influencing plasma prothrombin in the new born infant. I. Prematurity and vitamin K [Hellman, L.M., and Shettles, L.B.]. — 1939, 65: 138

Factors influencing plasma prothrombin in the newborn infant. II. Antepartum and neonatal ingestion of vitamin K concentrate [Shettles, L.B., Delfs, E., and Hellman, L.M.]. — 1939, 65: 419

Factors influencing plasma prothrombin in the new born infant. III. A study of the vitamin K activity of various naphthohydroquinone derivatives [Hellman, L.M., Moore, W.T., and Shettles, L.B.]. — 1940, 66: 379

Factors influencing plasma prothrombin in the newborn infant. IV. The effect of antenatal administration of vitamin K on the incidence of retinal hemorrhage in the newborn [Maumenee, A.E., Hellman, L.M., and Shettles, L.B.]. — 1941, 68: 158

Volvulus Recurrent
Recurrent volvulus. (Proceedings) [Finney, J.M.T.]. — 1893, 4: 27

Von Recklinghausen's Disease
See Parathyroid hypersecretion
See Atrophy muscular

Fibroid tumors of the vulva. A report of 12 cases and a digest of the literature on this subject [Leonard, V.N.]. — 1917, 28: 373

A case of carcinoma of the fourchette [Brady, L.]. — 1923, 34: 426