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Curt P. Richter: a Professional Profile

Bibliography - Arranged by Topic

This bibliography was compiled by Dr. Richter at some time during the 1980s. The citations are arranged according to "Main Topics of Research - 1920 to Present." We have preserved Dr. Richter's original wording.

  • Neuro-endocrine study of spontaneous gross-bodily activity or energy - How to make an animal less active or more active?

  • Experimental and clinical studies on the sympathetic nerve system

  • Mysterious form of referred sensation in man

  • Natural history of the grasp reflex from the cradle to the grave

  • Periodic phenomena in animals and man - Biological clocks

  • Homeostatic phenomena in animals and man - Behavioral maintenance of a constant internal environment, caloric intake, salt appetite, calcium appetite, nest buildings to maintain constant temperature

  • Experimental and clinical uses of thioureas, alpha-naphthyl thioureas, phenyl-thioureas; observations on other poisons

  • Domestication of the Norway rat and implications for the study of man

  • Miscellaneous observations

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    Curt P. Richter: a Professional Profile

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