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Miscellaneous Studies

1. Electrocardiogram

Carter, E. P., Richter, C. P., and Green, C. H. A graphic application of the principle of the equilateral triangle for determining the directions of the electrical axis of the heart in the human electrocardiogram. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin 30: 162-167, 1919.

2. Electromyogram

Richter, C. P. New methods of obtaining electromyogram and electrocardiogram from the intact body. J. A. M. A. 87: 1300, 1926.

Richter, C. P. On the interpretation of the electromyogram from voluntary and reflex contractions. Quart. J. Exper. Physiol. 18: 55-77, 1927.

Richter, C. P. The dependence of the electromyogram from voluntary contractions on the anterior horn cells. Am. J. Physiol. 85: No. 2, 1928.

Richter, C. P. and Ford, F. R. Electromyographic studies in different types of neuromuscular disturbances. Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. 19: 660-676, 1928.

3. Action currents from the stomach

Richter, C. P. Action currents from the stomach. Am. J. Physiol. 67: 612-633, 1924.

4. Decerebrate rigidity of the sloth

Richter, C. P. and Bartemeier, L. H. Decerebrate rigidity of the the sloth. Brain 49: 207, 1926.

5. Sudden death in animals and man

Richter, C. P. On the phenomenon of sudden death in animals and man. in Psycho-pathology--A Source Book. Edited by Charles F. Reed, Irving E. Alexander, and Silvan S. Somkin with introduction by Robert W. White. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. 1958.

Richter, C. P. The phenomenon of unexplained sudden death in animals and man. in Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. Completed and edited by W. Horsley Gantt. p. 112-125, 1958. (Articles read at the 25th Anniversary of the Pavlovian Laboratory, Phipps Psychiatric Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital).

6. Alligator and progression-effects produced by brain stimulation

Bagley, C., Jr., and Richter, C. P. Electrically excitable region of the forebrain of the alligator. Arch. Neurol. and Psychiat. 2: 257-263, 1924.

7. Self-stimulation of wild animals

Richter, C. P. Some observations on the self-stimulation habits of young wild animals. Arch. Neurol. and Psychiat. 13: 724-728, 1925. (Honey bear and Caoti mundi).

8. Single food preparations for the dissection of nerves

Richter, C. P. An ideal preparation for the dissection of spinal, peripheral and autonomic nerves of the rat. Sci. 112: 20, 1950.

Park, E. and Richter, C. P. Transverse lines in bones: the mechanism of their development. Bull. Johns Hopk. Hosp. 93: 234-248, 1953.

Richter, C. P., Langworthy, O. R., and Park, E. A. An ideal preparation of animals (on single food-choice diet) for dissection of nerves and glands for bone growth studies. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 57: 265-272, 1967.

9. Oculo-cardiac reflex

Gillespie, R. D., Richter, C. P., and Wang, C. The oculo-cardiac reflex: its clinical significance. J. Mental Sci. 72: 321-325, 1926.

10. Brain section

Richter, C. P. and Warner, C. L. Comparison of Weigart stained sections with unfixed, unstained sections for study of myelin sheaths. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 71: 598-601, 1974.

11. Cataracts--yogurt

Richter, C. P. and Duke, J. R. Cataracts produced in rats by yogurt. Sci. 168: 1372-1374, 1970.

Richter, C. P. Yogurt induced cataracts: comments on their significance to man. J. A. M. A. 214: 1878-1879, 1970.

12. Cerebral circulation

Levine, M. and Wolff, H. G. Cerebral circulation. Arch Neurol. and Psychiat. 28: 140-150, 1932.

13. Interruption of bulbocapnine catalepsy

Wagner, H. N., Jr. and Woods, J. W. Interruption of bulbocapnine catalepsy in rats by environmental stress. Arch. Neurol. & Psychiat. 64: 720, 1950.

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