Richter - Poster Sessions

Curt P. Richter and the
Psychobiology Laboratory at Johns Hopkins

The poster sessions in this conference are designed to provide two kinds of information, which we hope will enable conference participants to assess the merits of our potential data preservation and conversion plans. The first two sessions explain the types of data within the collection and the problems associated with saving each kind. Please take some time to post your comments at the end of these sessions. Your assessment of the value of the data and its utility in future scientific investigations will be considered as we formulate strategies for preserving Richter's data.

Poster sessions 3 through 6 are designed to present a context and some background information on Curt P. Richter and his laboratory. These include a history of the laboratory, a professional profile of Richter, a session on his approach to research and information gathering, and an analysis of the social structure of the laboratory. Your comments and questions will be appreciated on these sessions as well.

  1. Enhancing access to and use of Richter's data

  2. Assessing the physical state of the research records

  3. A brief history of the Psychobiology Laboratory (1908-1989)

  4. The modus operandi of Curt P. Richter

  5. Curt P. Richter: A professional profile

  6. Social and scientific organization in the Psychobiology Laboratory


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