Welcoming Remarks

Paul R. McHugh, M. D.

Director of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Welcome and greetings to all .........

(The link above is to Dr. Paul McHugh's opening remarks,
a 544 KB audio file, below is a transcript of his remarks.)

I want to welcome you to the cyberconference on the psychobiological studies of Dr. Curt Richter. Richter was a member of our faculty that we were most proud of here at Johns Hopkins, not only for the important research that he did, but particularly because of the way he did this research, systematically, coherently, and with data collection methods that were impeccable.

We are now making these data available because there is still much information that can be generated from their study. We're going to make them available here through the electronic formats that we have so that we will in this way facilitate both remote and multi-disciplinary use of this rich and varied collection.

We welcome you to the Cyberconference.

Thank you.

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