Series III:
Corporate correspondence

Sub-series 1:
Colleges and Universities

Unit III/1:
Antioch College
Folder 1Letter to Adolf Meyer from the Assistant to the President . — 1930

Unit III/2:
Calvert Hall College
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the President . — 1919

Unit III/3:
Clark University
Folder 1-3Correspondence with G. Stanley Hall, President. — 1892-1896
Folder 4-7Correspondence with G. Stanley Hall and Louis N. Wilson, Librarian. — 1896-1907
Folder 8Correspondence with Edmund C. Sanford and G. Stanley Hall re 20th anniversary. — 1909
Folder 9-12Program of 20th anniversary celebration and preliminary notes/drafts of Adolf Meyer's address, "The Dynamic Interpretation of Dementia Praecox" (pub. 1910) . — 1909
Folder 13Correspondence with G. Stanley Hall and Louis N. Wilson. — 1909
Folder 14Correspondence with Louis N. Wilson and Professor Edmund C. Sanford. — 1910-1913
Folder 15Correspondence with the Anniversary Committee, Louis N. Wilson and John S. French, President, The Alumni Association. — 1914-1916
Folder 16Correspondence with Louis N. Wilson, G. Stanley Hall and others. — 1916-1920
Folder 17Correspondence with Wallace A. Atwood, President, and Louis N. Wilson. — 1923-1925

Unit III/4:
Columbia University
Folder 1Correspondence with Marion Rex Trabue and related material. — 1918

Unit III/5:
Cornell University
Folder 1Correspondence with John Rogers Jr., Secretary of the Faculty, Jacob Gould Schurman, President, and others. — 1904-1905
Folder 2Correspondence with William M. Polk, Dean, Medical School and related material. — 1904-1906
Folder 3Correspondence with John Rogers Jr., and others. — 1906-1907
Folder 4Correspondence with I. Madison Bentley. — 1907-1908
Folder 5Correspondence with Jacob Gould Schurman and James Ewing, for Comm. on Experimental Medicine. — 1908-1909

Unit III/6:
Duke University
Folder 1Letter from Adolf Meyer to the President and Trustees . — 1931

Unit III/7:
Emory University
Folder 1Reprint request from the Librarian, A.W. Calhoun Medical Library . — 1929

Unit III/8:
Goucher College
Folder 1Correspondence with William W. Guth, President. — 1916-1926
Folder 2-3Notes/drafts toward talk to class in physiology and hygiene . — 1926

Unit III/9:
Harvard University
Folder 1Correspondence re the Harvard University Tercentenary Celebration . — 1936
Folder 2Correspondence with James Conant, President, Reginald Fitz, Sidney I. Schwab, and George Sarton. — 1942
Folder 3Bulletin of Commencement . — 1942
Folder 4Invitations and programs re Honorary Degree . — 1942
Folder 5Alumni Bulletin . — 1942

Unit III/10:
Howard University
Folder 1Correspondence with the Dean of Women . — 1925
Folder 2Material re talk to college women . — 1925

Unit III/11:
Johns Hopkins University (JHU): Office of the President
Folder 1Correspondence with Ira Remsen, President, JHU. — 1908-1909
Folder 2Correspondence with Ira Remsen, Frank J. Goodnow and related correspondence and material. — 1909-1916
Folder 3-6Correspondence with Frank J. Goodnow and related correspondence and material. — 1916-1926
Folder 7Correspondence with Charles K. Edmunds, Provost, and Frank J. Goodnow and related correspondence and material. — 1926-1927
Folder 8-14Correspondence with Joseph S. Ames, President, and related correspondence. — 1927-1934
Folder 15-16Correspondence with Joseph S. Ames and Isaiah Bowman. — 1934-1935
Folder 17-26Correspondence with Isaiah Bowman, President. — 1935-1942
Folder 27-28Notes by Adolf Meyer re retirement . — 1939-1942

Unit III/12:
JHU: Office of the Treasurer
Folder 1-3Correspondence with the Treasurer, and related material re finances and budgets . — 1910-1940
Folder 4-5List of funds of the Department of Psychiatry . — 1940-1941
Folder 6Correspondence with the Treasurer . — 1941-1948

Unit III/13:
JHU: Office of the Registrar
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Thomas R. Ball, Registrar. — 1914-1920

Unit III/14:
JHU: Office of the Business Manager
Folder 1Correspondence with S. Page Nelson, Business Manager. — 1930-1931

Unit III/15:
JHU: Board of University Studies
Folder 1-11Mimeograph material re Board . — 1929-1940

Unit III/16:
JHU: Various Committees
Folder 1Correspondence with Lewellys F. Barker and H. Findley French of The Endowment and Extension Comm. and Dean Lewis, Chairman of the Professional Comm. of the JHU Fund. — 1910-1936

Unit III/17:
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSM): Advisory Board of the Medical Faculty
Folder 1Letter from Adolf Meyer and related correspondence and material . — 1911-1913
Folder 2-5Notes and minutes of meeting re choice of new President . — 1927-1929
Folder 6-18Letters from various individuals re candidates . — various dates
Folder 19Slight correspondence with the Advisory Board . — 1937

Unit III/18:
JHUSM: Office of the Dean
Folder 1Correspondence with William H. Howell, Dean. — 1909-1910
Folder 2-17Correspondence with J. Whitridge Williams, Dean, and related correspondence. — 1911-1923
Folder 18Correspondence with J. Whitridge Williams and Lewis H. Weed. — 1924-1925
Folder 19Correspondence with Lewis H. Weed and related material. — 1925-1926
Folder 20"Memorandum" re Phipps finances by Adolf Meyer . — c1926-1927
Folder 21Correspondence with Lewis H. Weed. — 1927-1929
Folder 22-23Correspondence with Alan M. Chesney, Dean. — 1930-1931
Folder 24Budgets and notes . — 1932
Folder 25Correspondence with Alan M. Chesney and related material. — 1932
Folder 26Annual appropriation to the Department . — 1933-1934
Folder 27-29Correspondence with Alan M. Chesney and related material. — 1934-1939
Folder 30Notes re the budget . — 1939
Folder 31Correspondence with Alan M. Chesney, Edwards A. Park, and related material. — 1939-1941

Unit III/19:
JHUSM: Office of the Director
Folder 1Correspondence with Lewis H. Weed, Director. — 1930-1936

Unit III/20:
JHUSM: Office of the Business Manager
Folder 1Correspondence with Harry C. Burgan, Manager. — 1930-1932

Unit III/21:
JHUSM: The Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic
Folder 1Miscellaneous correspondence and notes re the opening of the Phipps Clinic, 16-18 April 1913 . — 1912
For correspondence with individuals re the opening ceremonies, see:
Unit I/7Achucarro, Nicolas
Unit I/57Alzheimer, A.
Unit I/204Barrett, Albert M.
Unit I/341Bleuler, Eugen
Unit I/382Bonhoeffer, K.
Unit I/581Cajal, Ramon y
Unit I/815Cushing, Harvey
Unit I/1001Dunlap, Charles B.
Unit I/1013Dupré, A.
Unit I/1644Heilbronner, K.
Unit I/1725Hoch, August
Unit I/1907Janet, Pierre
Unit I/1962Jones, Ernest
Unit I/2110Kirby, George H.
Unit I/2188Kraepelin, Emil
Unit I/2230Lambert, Charles I.
Unit I/2439Lugaro, E.
Unit I/2499McDougall, William
Unit I/2788Mott, Sir Frederick W.
Unit I/2963Osler, Sir William
Unit I/3017Paton, Stewart
Unit I/3241Retzius, Gustav
Unit I/3343Rossi, O.
Unit I/3922von Monakow, Constantin
Unit I/3991Wells, Frederick Lyman
Folder 2Programs, invitations and seating arrangements for the opening of the Clinic . — 1913
Folder 3-11Drafts and typed manuscript of speeches by Adolf Meyer and others at the opening of the Clinic . — 1913
Folder 12Letters re Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration of the Phipps, 30 April 1928 . — 1928
Folder 13-103Correspondence with various individuals re the Celebration of Adolf Meyer's 70th Birthday and the beginning of the 25th year of work at the Phipps, 16-17 April 1937 . — 1936-1937
Folder 104-124Invitations, programs, notes, lists of staff and drafts of speeches at the Celebration . — 1937
Folder 125-157Correspondence with various individuals re the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Phipps, 15-16 April 1938 . — 1938
Folder 158-179Programs, newsclippings and drafts of speeches at the 25th Anniversary celebration . — 1938
Folder 180-189Applications for technical, stenographic, library and nursing positions at the Phipps . — various dates
Folder 190Correspondence with the Insurance Commissioner, State Insurance Department of Maryland re Fire Inspection of the Phipps Clinic . — 1939
Folder 191-199Correspondence with Frank J. Goodnow, William T. Shanahan, Frederick Peterson, J. Whitridge Williams, William G. MacCallum, Chairman, Comm. on Epilepsy Research, Edwards A. Park, and others re Gillender Fund and epilepsy research at the Clinic. — 1912-1940
Folder 200-219Miscellaneous notes and other materials re epilepsy research, found with above correspondence . — various dates

Unit III/22:
JHUSM: Various Committees
Folder 1Correspondence with John Howland, Committee on Lunches, J. Whitridge Williams, Chairman of the Committee on Development and Committee on Graduate Instruction. — 1924-1931
Folder 2Correspondence with the office of Dr. Lewis H. Weed, Chairman, Committee on Neurology and Dr. J. Whitridge Williams. — 1921
Folder 3Correspondence with G. Canby Robinson and Report of the Committee on Neurology (encl. Wilder G. Penfield). — 1921
Folder 4-5Correspondence with Dr. Lewis H. Weed, Committee on Neurology (encl. Ross G. Harrison). — 1922-1931
Folder 6Correspondence with Edwards A. Park and Georges Schaltenbrand re Committee on Neurology. — 1931-1932
Folder 7Correspondence with Dr. Lewis H. Weed and notes by Adolf Meyer re neurology at JHU. — 1934
Folder 8Correspondence with Lewellys F. Barker, William W. Ford and William G. Shules, Medical Library Committee. — 1913-1929
Folder 9Miscellaneous correspondence . — 1913-1933

Unit III/23:
The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health (JHUSH): Office of the Director
Folder 1-5Correspondence with William H. Howell, Assistant Director, and related material re mental hygiene at JHU. — 1919-1926
Folder 6Correspondence with Dr. William H. Howell and W.H. Frost, Dean. — 1927-1934
Folder 7Correspondence with Dr. W.H. Frost, and related correspondence. — 1934
Folder 8-10Correspondence with Dr. W.H. Frost, A.W. Freeman, and others. — 1934-1935
Folder 11Correspondence with Louise G. Cotton, A.W. Freeman, and others. — 1935-1945
Folder 12"Follow-up Study of Eastern Health District, New Patients Examined in Phipps Clinic during the year 1933" . — 1935
Folder 13-21Progress Reports and related material . — 1934-1938
Folder 22"The Mental Hygiene Component of a City Health District", by Ruth E. Fairbank and related material. — 1938?
For case records see Series XV Confidential correspondence and medical records
Folder 23-28Newsclippings, charts and related material re Eastern Health District Survey . — various dates

Unit III/24:
The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH): Board of Trustees
Folder 1Correspondence with Henry D. Harlan, President of the Board of Trustees. — 1908-1913?
Folder 2-3Correspondence with Dr. Henry D. Harlan and Henry M. Hurd. — 1913-1922
Folder 4Letter to Adolf Meyer from Dr. Henry D. Harlan and related material. — 1922-1926
Folder 5Correspondence with Dr. Henry D. Harlan and related correspondence. — 1933-1936
Folder 6Correspondence with Dr. Henry D. Harlan and John S. Gibbs Jr.. — 1936-1946

Unit III/25:
JHH: Medical Board
Folder 1Letter and drafts of letter from Adolf Meyer to the Medical Board re plans for the Phipps . — 1911
Folder 2Letter and copies of letter from Adolf Meyer to the Medical Board re financial difficulties . — 1913
Folder 3Various notes by Adolf Meyer re financing of the clinic . — 1913

Unit III/26:
JHH: Office of the Superintendent
Folder 1-6Correspondence with Henry M. Hurd, Superintendent, and related correspondence. — 1908-1910
Folder 7Correspondence with Dr. Henry M. Hurd and Winford H. Smith (encl. correspondence re Adolf Meyer's license). — 1911
Folder 8Correspondence with Dr. Winford H. Smith. — 1912
Folder 9Letters to Adolf Meyer from Dr. Winford H. Smith and his "Report Relating to the Estimated Cost of Operating the Phipps Clinic". — 1912
Folder 10-14Various notes and Memoranda re estimates of the Phipps . — 1912-1913
Folder 15-17Correspondence with Dr. Winford H. Smith and related correspondence. — 1913-1918
Folder 18-19Correspondence with Dr. Winford H. Smith, and related material re Phipps endowment. — 1921-1923
Folder 20-22Miscellaneous notes and materials re Phipps endowment . — c1923?
Folder 23-24Correspondence with Dr. Winford H. Smith. — 1924-1925
Folder 25Correspondence with Dr. Winford H. Smith, Edwin L. Crosby, and related correspondence. — 1926-1946

Unit III/27:
JHH: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, 4-6 May 1939
Folder 1Correspondence with Warfield T. Longcope and Winford H. Smith. — 1938-1939
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. Warfield T. Longcope and copies of letter to Charles Macfie Campbell and Franklin G. Ebaugh. — 1939
Folder 3Typed manuscript of Adolf Meyer's presiding remarks . — 1939
Folder 4Programs, notes, seating arrangements, etc. . — 1939
Folder 5"Psychiatry at Hopkins", summary by Richard S. Lyman. — 1939

Unit III/28:
JHH: Half-Century Fund and Other Committees
Folder 1Correspondence with Daniel Willard, Dean Lewis and Sydney R. Miller, The Half-Century Fund. — 1925-1935

Unit III/29:
Loyola College
Folder 1Correspondence with the President's Office re dinner for Karl Buehler. — 1941

Unit III/30:
Lutheran Theological Seminary
Folder 1Correspondence with the Secretary of the Faculty . — 1938

Unit III/31:
McGill University
Folder 1Invitation to opening of Montreal Neurological Institute, 27 September . — 1934

Unit III/32:
The New School for Social Research
Folder 1Correspondence with Frankwood E. Williams and others. — 1921-1924
Folder 2Lecture by Edward J. Kempf, 12 November. — 1926
Folder 3Lecture by Smith Ely Jelliffe, 19 November. — 1926
Folder 4Lecture by William Alanson White, 26 November. — 1926
Folder 5Lecture by Thaddeus Hoyt Ames, 10 December. — 1926
Folder 6-7Lecture by Adolf Meyer, 17 December . — 1926
Folder 8Correspondence with Alvin Johnson, Director, and others. — 1927-1940

Unit III/33:
New York University
Folder 1Miscellaneous announcements . — 1917-1932

Unit III/34:
North Central College
Folder 1Slight correspondence re Life Chart . — 1938

Unit III/35:
North Western University Medical School
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Librarian's office re bookplates . — 1937

Unit III/36:
University of California
Folder 1Correspondence with Robert S. Sproul, President, and Isaiah Bowman re Adolf Meyer's appointment as the Charles M. and Martha Hitchcock Professor. — 1939

Unit III/37:
The University of Chicago
Folder 1Correspondence with William R. Harper, President, and related material re Adolf Meyer's curriculum vitae. — 1892-1893
Folder 2Correspondence with Professor William R. Harper and others. — 1893-1895
Folder 3Correspondence with Charles A. Strong, T.W. Goodspeed, Charles W. Morris, and related material. — 1895-1927
Folder 4Correspondence with Franklin C. McLean and related correspondence and material. — 1929-1943

Unit III/38:
The University of Chicago - The American Institute of Sacred Literature
Folder 1Correspondence with Ernest B. Burton, Chairman of the Executive Comm.. — 1922-1923
Folder 2-3Correspondence with Shailer Mathews, Chairman, Executive Comm., and related material. — 1926-1932

Unit III/39:
University of Glasgow
Folder 1-2Slight correspondence with Thomas Somerville and related correspondence and material re Ninth Jubilee of the University and Adolf Meyer's Honorary Degree. — 1901

Unit III/40:
The University of Hawaii
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Bureau of Publications . — 1936

Unit III/41:
University of Illinois
Folder 1Correspondence with D.J. Davis, Dean, College of Medicine. — 1931

Unit III/42:
University of Maryland
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Maurice C. Pincoffs, Chairman, Committee on Post-Graduate Courses and miscellaneous material. — 1939

Unit III/43:
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Folder 1Telegram to Adolf Meyer from the Dean of Students . — 1929

Unit III/44:
University of Pennsylvania
Folder 1Letter to Adolf Meyer from The John Herr Musser Department of Research Medicine . — 1920

Unit III/45:
The University of Texas
Folder 1Correspondence with Homer P. Rainey, President, re the Hogg bequest to establish a mental hygiene program at the University. — 1939-1940

Unit III/46:
Vanderbilt University
Folder 1Correspondence with Richard O. Cannon, Chairman, Haggard Lectureship Committee. — 1942

Unit III/47:
Yale University
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Milton C. Winternitz, Dean, Yale University Medical School re Department of Psychology. — 1923-1926
Folder 3-4Correspondence with the Yale Endowment Fund and with Milton C. Winternitz, Dean. — 1926-1929
Folder 5Correspondence with James Rowland Angell, President, Joseph S. Ames, and related material. — 1929
Folder 6Memorandum, "Industry and the Institute of Human Relations at Yale University" . — 1930
Folder 7Correspondence with James Rowland Angell, President, Milton C. Winternitz, and related material. — 1930-1933
Folder 8Correspondence with Milton C. Winternitz re Honorary Degree. — 1934
Folder 9Correspondence with Eugen Kahn, Milton C. Winternitz, and related correspondence and material. — 1934
Folder 10Commencement Program . — 1934
Folder 11-12Newsclippings re Honorary Degree . — 1934
Folder 13-14Correspondence with Harvey Cushing, Chairman, Division of Medicine and Public Health, C.E.A. Winslow and others re broadcasts for the Worldwide Broadcasting Foundation. — 1936-1945
Folder 15-18Notes and drafts toward Adolf Meyer's mental hygiene broadcast . — 1945

Sub-series 2:
Medical Academies, Boards and Institutions

Unit III/48:
The Academy of World Economics
Folder 1Invitation to Fourteenth Meeting . — 1937

Unit III/49:
American Academy of Medicine
Folder 1Correspondence with Charles S. Sheldon, President. — 1912

Unit III/50:
American Academy of Neurology
Folder 1Correspondence with Joe R. Brown, Acting Secretary-Treasurer. — n.d.

Unit III/51:
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc.
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Edward A. Strecker, Louis Casamajor, George H. Kirby, and T.H. Weisenburg. — 1929
Folder 3Correspondence with Louis Casamajor and Edward A. Strecker. — 1929
Folder 4"Report of the Committee on a Diploma in Neurology and Psychiatry" . — 1930
Folder 5Correspondence with John Stewart Rodman, Palmer Findley and Franklin G. Ebaugh. — 1930
Folder 6Correspondence with George S. Stevenson, Franklin G. Ebaugh and related material. — 1930
Folder 7Correspondence with George S. Stevenson, Franklin G. Ebaugh, George H. Kirby, Louis Casamajor, and Edward A. Strecker. — 1931
Folder 8Correspondence with T.H. Weisenburg, Edward A. Strecker, and Louis Casamajor. — 1931
Folder 9Correspondence with Clarence O. Cheney, Chairman, Board of Examiners, American Psychiatric Association, Walter Freeman, Secretary, and related material. — 1934
Folder 10Correspondence with Reuben Greenbaum, Attorney at Law, and related material. — 1934
Folder 11Correspondence with Clarence O. Cheney. — 1934
Folder 12-14Correspondence with Walter Freeman, and related material. — 1934-1935
Folder 15Correspondence with Walter Freeman, Clarence O. Cheney, H. Douglas Singer, Lloyd H. Ziegler, and Henry Alsop Riley. — 1935
Folder 16-17Correspondence with Walter Freeman, Lloyd H. Ziegler, and related material. — 1935
Folder 18Correspondence with Winfred Overholser, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Mental Diseases, Walter Freeman, and others. — 1935
Folder 19Correspondence with Walter Freeman, Clarence O. Cheney, and related material. — 1935
Folder 20-21Correspondence with Walter Freeman. — 1936
Folder 22Correspondence with Walter Freeman, Lawrence F. Woolley, The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, and related material. — 1936
Folder 23Correspondence with Walter Freeman, Lewis J. Pollock, and related material. — 1937
Folder 24Correspondence with Walter Freeman, Charles Macfie Campbell, and related material. — 1937
Folder 25Correspondence with Walter Freeman and William C. Sandy, Secretary, American Psychiatric Association. — 1937
Folder 26Correspondence with Walter Freeman, H. Douglas Singer, and related material. — 1937
Folder 27Material re examinations given by Adolf Meyer . — 1937
Folder 28Correspondence with Walter Freeman, and related material. — 1938
Folder 29-30Material re examinations given by Adolf Meyer . — 1938
Folder 31Correspondence with Jess V. Cohn, Walter Freeman, and related material. — 1939-1940
Folder 32-33Correspondence with Walter Freeman and others. — 1944-1948
Folder 34-35Notes/drafts re diploma in psychiatry . — n.d.
Folder 36Various pamphlets re licensing regulations in London . — n.d.

Unit III/52:
American College of Physicians
Folder 1Letter to Adolf Meyer from Ross McC. Chapman and related notes by Adolf Meyer. — 1939

Unit III/53:
American College of Surgeons
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Bouman C. Crowell, Associate Director. — 1930

Unit III/54:
The American Golf Institute
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Director . — 1938

Unit III/55:
American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology
Folder 1Correspondence with John H. Wigmore, and related material. — 1909
Folder 2Correspondence with Edwin R. Keedy. — 1909
Folder 3Correspondence with William Healy and related material. — 1910
Folder 4Correspondence with Edwin R. Keedy, John H. Wigmore, and others. — 1911
Folder 5-6Correspondence with Edwin R. Keedy and William Alanson White. — 1911
Folder 7-14Correspondence mostly with Edwin R. Keedy and related material. — 1911-1920
Folder 15Correspondence with John H. Wigmore, Omer F. Hershey, and related material. — 1921
Folder 16Correspondence with John H. Wigmore, James Bronson Reynolds, President, Robert H. Gault, Harry LeRoy Jones, Acting Secretary, and Andrew A. Bruce, President. — 1921-1931

Unit III/56:
The American Institute of the City of New York
Folder 1Correspondence with Gerald Wendt, Director, and Oscar Riddle, research biologist re Symposium on the Biological Requirements for the Optimum Development of the Human Race. — 1936
Folder 2Correspondence with Gerald Wendt, S. Rowland Morgan, and G.B. Lal, Science Editor, New York American. — 1936-1937
Folder 3Draft of remarks by Oscar Riddle, and reprints. — 1936
Folder 4Monthly bulletins December-April . — 1936-1937
Folder 5Notes on talk of Oscar Riddle by Adolf Meyer and related material. — 1936
Folder 6-16Notes/drafts toward "Psychology in the Service of Man-Science", by Adolf Meyer . — 1936

Unit III/57:
The American Law Institute
Folder 1Correspondence with the Director, and related material . — 1934

Unit III/58:
American Museum of Health
Folder 1Correspondence with Louis I. Dublin and Victor G. Heiser, Chairman, Membership Committee. — 1939-1940
Folder 2Agenda, Fifth Annual Meeting, 26 January . — 1942
Folder 3Correspondence with the Secretary, and related material . — 1947

Unit III/59:
The American Psychical Institute and Laboratory
Folder 1Letter to Adolf Meyer from Hereward Carrington, Research Officer, and related material. — 1921

Unit III/60:
American Research Institute
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Secretary . — 1917

Unit III/61:
Army Medical Museum
Folder 1Correspondence with various officers and individuals . — 1937-1940

Unit III/62:
Baltimore Birth Control Clinic, (formerly, Bureau for Contraceptive Advice)
Folder 1Correspondence with Donald R. Hooker re organization, and with Mary M. (Mrs. George) Radcliffe. — 1923-1926
Folder 2Correspondence with Mary Goodhue Cary, L. Wardlaw Miles, and related material. — 1927-1928
Folder 3Correspondence with Jacob M. Moses, Donald R. Hooker, Mary Goodhue Cary, and related material. — 1928-1930
Folder 4Correspondence with Donald R. Hooker, Helen S.W. Athey, Secretary, Juliana Keyser Clark, President, and related material. — 1931-1933
Folder 5Correspondence with Juliana Keyser Clark. — 1937-1938

Unit III/63:
Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, (until 1928, the Clinical Research Department of the American Birth Control League)
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, Director. — 1928-1929
Folder 3Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, Robert L. Dickinson, Secretary, and related material. — 1929
Folder 4Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, John A. Hartwell, New York Academy of Medicine, and Hannah M. Stone, Medical Director. — 1929
Folder 5Correspondence with Hannah M. Stone, and William F. Snow, National Health Council. — 1930
Folder 6Correspondence with Hannah M. Stone, Marie E. Kopp, and related material. — 1930
Folder 7Correspondence with Hannah M. Stone, William F. Snow, Committee on Maternal Health, Marie E. Kopp, and related material. — 1930
Folder 8-9Draft of statistical study of 200 cases by Marie E. Kopp. — 1930
Folder 10Correspondence with William F. Snow, Committee on Social Hygiene, and Hannah M. Stone. — 1930
Folder 11Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, James Alexander Miller, Chairman, New York Academy of Medicine, and William F. Snow. — 1930
Folder 12Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, and Lawrence B. Dunham, Bureau of Social Hygiene. — 1930
Folder 13-14Correspondence with Margaret Sanger. — 1930-1931
Folder 15Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, and Marie E. Kopp. — 1932-1933
Folder 16Correspondence with Margaret Sanger. — 1933
Folder 17Correspondence with Abraham Stone of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau re Journal of Contraception. — 1935
Folder 18Correspondence with Margaret Sanger re merger of the Birth Control Research Bureau and the American Birth Control League. — 1936-1938

Unit III/64:
Bureau of Social Hygiene (New York)
Folder 1Correspondence with Starr J. Murphy. — 1913-1914
Folder 2Correspondence with Starr J. Murphy, Secretary and Treasurer, and others. — 1914
Folder 3Correspondence with Starr J. Murphy, Katharine Bemont Davis and Alberta S.B. Guibord, Department of Correction, New York. — 1915
Folder 4Correspondence with Starr J. Murphy, Mabel R. Fernald, Director, Laboratory of Social Hygiene, New York, John D. Rockefeller, and Dr. Katharine Bemont Davis. — 1916
Folder 5Correspondence with Starr J. Murphy and Dr. Katharine Bemont Davis. — 1916-1917
Folder 6Report of the results of a questionnaire on venereal disease and correspondence with M.J. Exner, Acting Secretary. — 1920-1922
Folder 7Correspondence with C.C. Pierce, Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Katharine Bemont Davis and related material. — 1922
Folder 8Correspondence with Katharine Bemont Davis, Lawrence B. Dunham, and Leonard V. Harrison, Director. — 1923-1934

Unit III/65:
The Carnegie Institution of Washington
Folder 1Letter from Raymond Dodge, and related material. — 1913
Folder 2Correspondence with John C. Merriam, President, Aubrey T. Mussen, and related correspondence and material. — 1925-1940

Unit III/66:
Center for Psychological Service
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Director . — 1930

Unit III/67:
Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis
Folder 1Correspondence with Franz Alexander, Director, and related material. — 1937-1938

Unit III/68:
Cincinnati Academy of Medicine
Folder 1Correspondence with E.A. Baber, Superintendent, Longview Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio. — 1926

Unit III/69:
College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Folder 1Correspondence with John Beardsley, Chairman of Comm. re invitation to lecture. — 1923-1929

Unit III/70:
The Community Health Center
Folder 1Letter from the Executive Secretary . — 1927

Unit III/71:
The Employment Stabilization Research Institute
Folder 1Letter to the Director . — 1934

Unit III/72:
Eugenics Record Office
Folder 1Correspondence with Charles B. Davenport, Secretary, Eugenics Section, and Hon. W.M. Hays, Secretary, American Breeder's Association. — 1909
Folder 2Correspondence with Professor Charles B. Davenport, Mr. W.M. Hays, and E.E. Southard. — 1909
Folder 3Correspondence with Professor Charles B. Davenport. — 1909
Folder 4Correspondence with Mr. W.M. Hays, Professor Charles B. Davenport, Dr. E.E. Southard and related material. — 1910
Folder 5Correspondence with Dr. E.E. Southard, Professor Charles B. Davenport and related material. — 1910
Folder 6-8Correspondence mostly with Professor Charles B. Davenport, Herry H. Laughlin, Superintendent, and related material. — 1911-1919
Folder 9Correspondence with Professor Charles B. Davenport and Howard J. Banker. — 1919-1921
Folder 10Correspondence with Professor Charles B. Davenport and Albert F. Blakeslee, Director. — 1921-1936
Folder 11Miscellaneous reprints, charts, etc. . — various dates

Unit III/73:
Greenwich House (The Co-operative Social Settlement Society of the City of New York)
Folder 1Three letters from Ruth MacLaughton. — n.d.

Unit III/74:
Illinois Neuro-Psychiatric Institute
Folder 1Correspondence with H. Douglas Singer, typed manuscript of "Psychiatric Education in Illinois", and related material. — 1939
Folder 2-3Notes toward Illinois paper . — 1939
Folder 4Correspondence with various officers, and related material . — 1942

Unit III/75:
Institute for Juvenile Research
Folder 1Correspondence with Herman M. Adler, Director, Ethel Kawin, Ethel S. Dummer, and related material. — 1925-1926
Folder 2-11Drafts of paper, "The Scientific Study of Behavior and its Support" . — 1926
Folder 12Correspondence with Paul L. Schroeder, Director, and related material. — 1930-1939

Unit III/76:
Institute of Criminal Science
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Executive Director, and Report to the Academic Council . — 1938

Unit III/77:
Institute of International Education
Folder 1Correspondence with Hans Prinzhorn, and related correspondence. — 1929
Folder 2Slight correspondence with Edgar J. Fisher, Assistant Director, and related correspondence and material. — 1938-1945

Unit III/78:
Institute of Pacific Relations
Folder 1-2Correspondence with W.L. Holland, Research Secretary, and related material from 5th Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion. — 1944
Folder 3Correspondence with Dorothea Leighton. — 1944-1945
Folder 4-5Office of War Information Report, "Japanese Behavior Patterns", by Ruth Benedict, and related material. — 1945

Unit III/79:
The Institute of Social and Religious Research
Folder 1Letter from Stanley Went and related material. — 1923-1929

Unit III/80:
Institute of Social Psychoneurology and Mental Hygiene (USSR) - Kharkov Lectures
Folder 1Correspondence with Alexander R. Luria, Director, H. Zatonskaia. President of the Ukrainian Psychoneurological Academy, and L.M. Rosenstein. — 1932-1933
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. L. Rochlin, Professor Alexander R. Luria, Professor H. Zatonskaia, and related material. — 1933
Folder 3Correspondence with William Horsley Gantt, L.M. Rosenstein, Prof. Heymanovich, and related correspondence. — 1933
Folder 5-10Adolf Meyer's notes for Kharkov Lectures, comments on Soviet reaction . — 1933

Unit III/81:
Institute of Social Psychoneurology and Mental Hygiene (USSR) - Heymanovich Festschrift
Folder 1Correspondence with L. Rochlin and related correspondence. — 1934-1947
Folder 2-4Typed manuscript, draft of Adolf Meyer's Heymanovich paper. — 1934

Unit III/82:
Life Extension Institute
Folder 1Correspondence with James D. Lennehan, Secretary. — 1916

Unit III/83:
Manila Bureau of Science
Folder 1Card from Librarian . — 1937

Unit III/84:
The Marriage Counsel of Philadelphia
Folder 1Correspondence with Emily Mudd, Director of Counselors. — 1940-1946
Folder 2Correspondence with Mrs. Emily Mudd, Stuart Mudd, and David H. Kling. — 1946-1947

Unit III/85:
The Maryland Academy of Sciences
Folder 1Letter from Herbert A. Wagner, President. — 1936

Unit III/86:
The Massachusetts Child Council, Inc.
Folder 1Correspondence with Herbert C. Parsons, Director. — 1936

Unit III/87:
Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland
Folder 1Correspondence with Arthur P. Herring, William Rush Dunton Jr., Secretary, J. Whitridge Williams, Chairman, Library Comm., and others. — 1908-1926
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. Arthur P. Herring and others. — 1927-1935

Unit III/88:
National Board of Medical Examiners
Folder 1-3Correspondence with John Stewart Rodman, Medical Secretary. — 1919-1931
Folder 4Correspondence with Dr. John Stewart Rodman and William L. Russell, President, American Psychiatric Association. — 1932
Folder 5Correspondence with Dr. John Stewart Rodman and related material. — 1933

Unit III/89:
National Institution for Moral Instruction
Folder 1Correspondence with Milton Fairchild, Director of Instruction, and related material. — 1912
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. Milton Fairchild and Adolf Meyer's answers to questions on morality. — 1912
Folder 3-8Correspondence with Dr. Milton Fairchild and others. — 1912-1934

Unit III/90:
The Neurological Institute of New York
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Financial Secretary, and others . — 1927-1929

Unit III/91:
New York Academy of Medicine
Folder 1Correspondence with Charles L. Dana and others. — 1905-1906
Folder 2-3Correspondence with E.W. Scripture and others. — 1910-1921
Folder 4Correspondence with Israel S. Wechsler, Secretary, George David Stewart, President, W. Gilman Thompson, Chairman, Samuel A. Brown, President, Frederick P. Reynolds, Medical Secretary, and Samuel W. Lambert, President. — 1923-1928
Folder 5Correspondence with Michael Osnato, and paper on the "Cerebellum" by Aubrey T. Mussen. — 1929
Folder 6Correspondence with Joseph H. Globus, Secretary, William M. Polk, Dr. Michael Osnato, Secretary and Chairman, and Israel Strauss, Chairman, Comm. on Medical Jurisprudence. — 1930
Folder 7-9Typed manuscript, "Orientations of Training and Practice in Neurology and Psychiatry", by Adolf Meyer (talk) . — 1930
Folder 10Correspondence with Dr. William L. Russell, Secretary, Henry Alsop Riley, John A. Hartwell, and related correspondence and material. — 1931-1937
Folder 11-12Miscellaneous materials, dues, receipts, etc. . — n.d.

Unit III/92:
New York Academy of Sciences
Folder 1Correspondence with Roy W. Miner, Assistant Secretary, E.O. Hovey, Recording Secretary, H. Lowie, Secretary, Section of Anthropology and Psychology. — 1906-1917
Folder 2Correspondence with Anne Roe, Secretary, Section of Psychology, re Andras Angyal's theory of personality. — 1938-1944
Folder 3Adolf Meyer's notes re Andras Angyal. — 1943
Folder 4Material re "Conference on Psychosomatic Disturbances in Relation to Personnel Selection" . — 1943

Unit III/93:
The New York Psychoanalytic Institute
Folder 1Correspondence with Bertram D. Lewin, and various reports. — 1937-1938
Folder 2Amended constitution and By-laws . — 1938
Folder 3Correspondence with Samuel Atkin, Executive Director, Lawrence S. Kubie, Leonard Blumgart, President, and others. — 1939-1948
Folder 4-5Materials re various courses offered . — c1937-1939
Folder 6Correspondence with Dr. Samuel Atkin, Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie, and related material. — 1941-1942
Folder 7-9Correspondence with Dr. Lawrence S. Kubie, Bela Mittelmann, and typed manuscript of Adolf Meyer's discussion of Waelder's Address Dr. Waelder. — 1942
Folder 10Notes re Colloquia . — 1941-1942

Unit III/94:
The Psychological Corporation
Folder 1Correspondence with J. McKeen Cattell, President, and related correspondence and material. — 1921-1931

Unit III/95:
Psychological Institute of the Hebrew University
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Secretary . — 1935

Unit III/96:
Research Bureau on Social Case Work
Folder 1Letter from the Bureau . — 1923

Unit III/97:
The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Folder 1Correspondence with Henry James Jr., Wade H. Brown, and Theobald Smith. — 1913-1926
Folder 2Scientific Reports to the Board of Scientific Directors . — 1929

Unit III/98:
The Scripps Institution for Biological Research
Folder 1Correspondence with the Business Manager . — 1919

Unit III/99:
The Seton Institute
Folder 1Letter from David Ross, Secretary, Medical Advisory Board re gift of books. — 1949

Unit III/100:
Southern California Academy of Criminology
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Samuel Wardlaw, Chairman Program Comm.. — 1929

Unit III/101:
The William Alanson White Psychiatric Foundation
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Ernest E. Hadley, and draft of talk by G.B. Chisholm. — 1939-1945

Unit III/102:
The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology
Folder 1Correspondence with Milton J. Greenman, Director, and related correspondence. — 1910-1914
Folder 2Correspondence with J.B. Johnston, University of Minnesota, and related correspondence and material. — 1915
Folder 3-4Correspondence with Mr. Milton J. Greenman and others. — 1916-1919
Folder 5Correspondence with Mr. Milton J. Greenman, G.E. Coghill, Managing Editor, and related material. — 1920-1930
Folder 6Correspondence with Dr. G.E. Coghill, Henry H. Donaldson and others. — 1930
Folder 7-10Correspondence with Dr. G.E. Coghill and others. — 1931-1941

Sub-series 3:
Hospitals, Prisons, Schools

Unit III/103:
Birmingham Hospitals Center
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Secretary re plans of the Phipps Clinic . — 1929

Unit III/104:
Boston City Hospital
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Trustees re opening of Thorndike Memorial Laboratory . — 1923

Unit III/105:
Folder 1Letter from The Health Resort Co. . — 1904

Unit III/106:
The Hebrew Hospital
Folder 1Correspondence with Louis H. Levin, Secretary, Irving J. Spear, Chairman, Medical Advisory Comm., and related correspondence. — 1913-1923

Unit III/107:
Hôpital Brugmann, (Brussels)
Folder 1Slight correspondence with officers . — 1929

Unit III/108:
The Lebanon Hospital for Mental Diseases
Folder 1-5Correspondence mostly with Norman A. Baldwin, Secretary, American Comm., and related material. — 1923-1934

Unit III/109:
Los Angeles County: General Hospital
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Superintendent . — 1907-1908

Unit III/110:
Maryland Training School for Boys
Folder 1Slight correspondence with various individuals . — 1931-1943

Unit III/111:
Montrose School for Girls
Folder 1Correspondence with Charles E. Ellicott, Vice-President, Hasting H. Hart, and others. — 1914
Folder 2Correspondence with M. Bates Stephens, Maryland State Superintendent of Education, George Walker, Helen S.W. Athey, and Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott. — 1915
Folder 3Correspondence with Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott, Helen S.W. Athey, John Hinkley, Maryland Industrial Training School for Girls, and others. — 1915
Folder 4Report of Francis Lee Dunham, Maryland School Representative. — 1915
Folder 5Correspondence with Helen S.W. Athey and Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott. — 1916
Folder 6Correspondence with Helen S.W. Athey, Thomas W. Simmons, Secretary of State, Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott, Mrs. Howard T. Schwarz, Correspondence Secretary, Isaac S. Field, President, Gov. Albert C. Ritchie, Helen C. Bartlett, and C. Hampson Jones. — 1918-1922
Folder 7Correspondence with Susan A. Ellison, Superintendent, Anna S. Abercrombie, reports on patients, and pamphlet. — 1923
Folder 8Correspondence with Dr. Anna S. Abercrombie, Isaac S. Field, Gov. Albert C. Ritchie, Susan A. Ellison, and others. — 1924
Folder 9Correspondence with Dr. Anna S. Abercrombie and others. — 1925
Folder 10Correspondence with Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott, Clarence A. Tucker, Treasurer, and Gov. Albert C. Ritchie. — 1925
Folder 11Correspondence with Mary B. Harris, Superintendent, Federal Industrial Institution for Women, Isaac S. Field, Clarence A. Tucker, Gov. Albert C. Ritchie, and others. — 1927
Folder 12Correspondence with Susan A. Ellison, and report by Adolf Meyer on the Montrose School. — 1928
Folder 13Correspondence with Susan A. Ellison, Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott, and others. — 1929
Folder 14Correspondence with Carrie W. Smith, Superintendent, Isaac S. Field, and others. — 1930
Folder 15Correspondence with various individuals re Carrie W. Smith. — 1931
Folder 16Correspondence with Winford H. Smith, JHH, Carrie W. Smith, Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott, and Gov. Albert C. Ritchie. — 1931
Folder 17Correspondence with Carrie W. Smith, and others. — 1931
Folder 18Correspondence with Isaac S. Field, Carrie W. Smith, and Clarence A. Tucker. — 1932
Folder 19Correspondence with Carrie W. Smith, and related correspondence and material. — 1932
Folder 20Correspondence with Carrie W. Smith, Isaac S. Field, Clarence A. Tucker, Mrs. Charles E. Ellicott, Miriam Van Waters and others. — 1933
Folder 21Correspondence with Fannie C. Woolley, Isaac S. Field, Edith P. Gardner, Superintendent, and others. — 1934
Folder 22Correspondence with Carrie W. Smith, Edith P. Gardner and others. — 1935
Folder 23-29Correspondence with Edith P. Gardner, Isaac S. Field, and others. — 1936-1941
Folder 30Correspondence with Joseph R. Byrnes, Secretary, Commission on Juvenile Delinquency, and parole reports. — 1942
Folder 31Report of the Maryland Commission on Juvenile Delinquency . — 1943
Folder 32Recommendations of a special committee and related material . — 1943
Folder 33"Plan of Treatment of Girls at Montrose and How it Works", by Rachel Gundry. — n.d.

Unit III/112:
The National Hospital for Speech Disorders, Inc.
Folder 1Letter from James Samuel Greene, President, and pamphlet. — 1927

Unit III/113:
Neuropathic Hospital
Folder 1Letter from the Secretary . — 1924

Unit III/114:
New Jersey State Hospital
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Joseph E. Raycroft, Princeton University. — 1927-1933

Unit III/115:
New York Medical Center
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Joint Administrative Board . — 1928

Unit III/116:
New York State Reformatory
Folder 1Letter from Joseph F. Scott, Superintendent of Reformatories, and others. — 1910

Unit III/117:
Rhode Island State Hospital for Mental Disease
Folder 1Correspondence with Jerome McCaffrey, Chief of the Division of Hospitals and Infirmaries, Department of Public Welfare, Seth F.H. Howes, Superintendent, and Walter C. Weigner. — 1938
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. Seth F.H. Howes, Dr. Jerome McCaffrey, and the Hon. Robert E. Quinn, Governor of Rhode Island. — 1938-1939
Folder 3Data pertaining to Adolf Meyer's Address at the Dedication of the Adolf Meyer Building . — 1938
Folder 4-27Drafts, typed manuscript and notes towards Address, "What Does Psychiatry Do?", by Adolf Meyer . — 1938

Unit III/118:
St. Gertrude School of Arts and Crafts
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the President . — 1930

Unit III/119:
The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital
Folder 1-2Correspondence with W. Champlin Robinson, President, Trustees of the Hospital and related material. — 1916-1925

Unit III/120:
Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children, (Montreal, Quebec)
Folder 1Letter to Adolf Meyer . — n.d.

Unit III/121:
Springfield State Hospital
Folder 1Invitations to attend Graduating Exercises of the Training School of Nurses . — 1932-1934
Folder 2Typed manuscript of Adolf Meyer's talk at Springfield, 16 May . — 1945

Unit III/122:
Utica State Hospital
Folder 1Letter from George E. Dunham, and program re dedication of the George Alder Blumer Research Laboratory. — 1921

Unit III/123:
The Woods Schools
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Irene S. Seipt, Director, and others. — 1929-1939
Folder 3-5Pamphlets and announcements . — various dates

Sub-series 4:
Government: Federal

Unit III/124:
U.S. Bureau of the Census
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Hon. William J. Harris, Director. — 1915

Unit III/125:
U.S. Bureau of Standards
Folder 1Letter to George K. Burgess, Director re experiments on muscle fatigue at the Phipps. — 1924

Unit III/126:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Folder 1-3Correspondence with Paul Kaufman, A.F. Woods, and related material. — 1937-1939

Unit III/127:
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Food and Drug Administration
Folder 1Correspondence with Theodore G. Klumpp, Chief, Drug Division. — 1939
Folder 2"Short Abstract of the Literature on Acetanilid and Bromides from 1890 Until the Present" . — 1939

Unit III/128:
U.S. Department of Labor: Children's Bureau
For the period 1915-1919 see Folders 16-17, Unit I/2269 Lathrop, Julia C.
Folder 1Correspondence with Ella Oppenheimer Acting Assistant Director, Division of Hygiene. — 1922
Folder 2-4Correspondence with Dr. Ella Oppenheimer and others. — 1922-1923
Folder 5Memorandum from Grace Abbott, Chief, and correspondence with Dr. Ella Oppenheimer. — 1924-1932
Folder 6Correspondence with the Hon. Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor, Katharine F. Lenroot, Chief, Martha M. Eliot, and related correspondence and material. — 1934-1942

Unit III/129:
U.S. Department of the Interior: Bureau of Education
Folder 1Correspondence with Elmer E. Brown, Commissioner, and related material. — 1910
Folder 2Correspondence with P.P. Claxton, Commissioner, and others. — 1913-1915

Unit III/130:
U.S. House of Representatives
Folder 1-2Correspondence with various congressmen and others . — 1914-1948

Unit III/131:
U.S. Office of the President
Folder 1Slight correspondence with President Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Herbert Hoover. — 1919-1932

Unit III/132:
U.S. Public Health Service
Folder 1Correspondence with Howard A. Knox, C.C. Pierce, Assistant Surgeon General, Rupert Blue, Surgeon General, and material re Interstate Conference of Educators, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. — 1914-1919
Folder 2Correspondence with C.C. Pierce and related correspondence and material re Institute on V.D.. — 1920
Folder 3Correspondence with C.C. Pierce, H.S. Cumming, Surgeon General, W.L. Treadway, and related material. — 1921
Folder 4Correspondence with C.C. Pierce, Dr. H.S. Cumming, Mark J. White, Assistant Surgeon General, and W.L. Treadway. — 1922-1923
Folder 5Correspondence with H.S. Cumming, A.M. Stimson, Assistant Surgeon General, and related material. — 1924
Folder 6Letter from Lawrence Kolb, and related material. — 1924
Folder 7Correspondence with W.L. Treadway, Mark J. White, Rupert Blue, Surgeon General, Thomas Parran Jr., Assistant Surgeon General, R.H. Creel, and others. — 1925-1933
Folder 8Correspondence with J.G. Wilson, Senior Surgeon, and W.L. Treadway. — 1936
Folder 9Correspondence with Winford H. Smith, JHH, W.L. Treadway, and Justin K. Fuller, Senior Surgeon. — 1936-1937
Folder 10Correspondence with Thomas Parran Jr. and W.L. Treadway. — 1937-1942
Folder 11Letter from Daniel Blain, Surgeon, and related material. — 1943

Unit III/133:
U.S. Senate
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Chairmen of various committees on public health and related subjects . — 1913-1933

Unit III/134:
U.S. Treasury Department
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, re provision of the National Prohibition Act . — 1920

Unit III/135:
U.S. Veterans Bureau
Folder 1Correspondence with Shepherd Ivory Franz, Director of Laboratories, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, and related material. — 1922-1923
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. Shepherd Ivory Franz, F.F. Hutchins, Clinical Director, Neuropsychiatry, Medical Division, and others. — 1923
Folder 3Correspondence with Roland E. Toms, E.O. Crossman, Medical Director, Pierce A.H., Medical Officer in Charge, and others. — 1924-1925
Folder 4Correspondence with C.D. Hibbard, Regional Manager, B.W. Black, Medical Director, Pierce A.H., Charles M. Griffith, Medical Director, and related material. — 1927-1940

Unit III/136:
U.S. War Department: Army Medical Library
Folder 1Slight correspondence with P.M. Ashburn, Librarian. — 1927

Unit III/137:
U.S. War Department: Office of the Surgeon General
Folder 1Correspondence with William C. Gorgas, Surgeon General, Pearce Bailey, and others. — 1916-1917
Folder 2"Recommendations for the U.S. Army" . — 1917
Folder 3-6Correspondence with Dr. Pearce Bailey, and related material. — 1917
Folder 7-8Correspondence with Dr. Pearce Bailey and Charles Bagley Jr.. — 1917
Folder 9Correspondence with Dr. Pearce Bailey, Dr. Charles Bagley Jr., Aaron J. Rosanoff, and Dr. William C. Gorgas. — 1917
Folder 10Correspondence with R.B. Miller, Dr. Pearce Bailey, Dr. Charles Bagley Jr., and Harold S. Hulbert, Assistant Surgeon. — 1917
Folder 11Correspondence with Dr. Pearce Bailey, Robert E. Noble, and Dr. Charles Bagley Jr.. — 1917
Folder 12Correspondence with Dr. Charles Bagley Jr., A.A. Russell, Dr. Pearce Bailey, Dr. William C. Gorgas, and related material. — 1918
Folder 13Correspondence with C. Judson Herrick, Dr. Pearce Bailey, Lewis H. Weed, Dr. Charles Bagley Jr., and Dr. William C. Gorgas. — 1918
Folder 14Correspondence with Richard H. Hutchings, Dr. Pearce Bailey, Frankwood E. Williams, C. Judson Herrick, and related material. — 1918
Folder 15Correspondence with Dr. C. Judson Herrick, Dr. Frankwood E. Williams, Dr. Charles Bagley Jr., and Dr. Pearce Bailey. — 1918
Folder 16Correspondence with Dr. Pearce Bailey, Edward P. Davis, President, Volunteer Medical Service Corps, Thomas W. Salmon, and related material. — 1919
Folder 17Correspondence with George P. Ard, R.G. Eaton, and others (involved in 6-week courses). — 1917
Folder 18Correspondence with Wilbur L. Heard, Robert H. Howard, and Victor P. Jourdan (involved in 6-week courses). — 1917-1918
Folder 19Correspondence with Paul A.M.D. Royal, and Dr. Skerversky (involved in 6-week courses). — 1917-1918

Unit III/138:
U.S. Work Project Administration
Folder 1Correspondence with various individuals re completion of the Cumulative Psychological Index by the WPA . — 1939

Sub-series 5:
Government: State

Unit III/139:
California: Board of Charities and Corrections
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Secretary . — 1920

Unit III/140:
Florida: Executive Department
Folder 1Slight correspondence with G.T. Whitfield, Secretary, Board of Commissioners of State Institutions. — 1911

Unit III/141:
Illinois: Board of Health
Folder 1Letter from the Chief Clerk re Adolf Meyer's state license . — 1892

Unit III/142:
Illinois: Executive Office
Folder 1Letter from member of the State House of Representatives, and from the Executive Secretary . — 1895

Unit III/143:
Illinois: Supreme Court
Folder 1Two letters to Adolf Meyer and "Abstract of Record" in the case of Edith Griffeth vs. Abraham L. Griffeth (1895). — 1894

Unit III/144:
Indiana: Board of State Charities
Folder 1Correspondence with Amos W. Butler, Secretary, and typed manuscript, "Results of the Indeterminate Sentence Law", by Amos W. Butler. — 1910
Folder 2Correspondence with Amos W. Butler and John A. Brown, Secretary. — 1915-1926

Unit III/145:
Louisiana: Board of Charities and Corrections
Folder 1Letter from the Secretary . — 1911

Unit III/146:
Maryland: Board of Labor and Statistics
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Anna S. Abercrombie, Examining Physician, and others. — 1917-1918

Unit III/147:
Maryland: Board of Mental Hygiene, (formerly, Maryland Lunacy Commission)
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Arthur P. Herring, Secretary. — 1908
Folder 3Correspondence with Dr. Arthur P. Herring, reprint, "The Problems of the State in the Case of the Insane", and related notes. — 1909
Folder 4-8Correspondence with Dr. Arthur P. Herring, and related material. — 1909-1918
Folder 9Correspondence with Dr. Arthur P. Herring, and Augusta Scott, Resident, The Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic. — 1919
Folder 10-13Correspondence with Dr. Arthur P. Herring, and related material. — 1921-1929
Folder 14Correspondence with George H. Preston, Commissioner of Mental Hygiene. — 1929-1930
Folder 15-18Correspondence with Dr. George H. Preston and others. — 1931-1944
Folder 19Patient examination forms . — n.d.

Unit III/148:
Maryland: Board of Welfare
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Superintendent of Prisons . — 1931

Unit III/149:
Maryland: Bureau of Statistics and Information
Folder 1Correspondence with J.C. Travers, Medical Examiner, Flora Aimee Guggenheimer, and Frank A. White, Chief. — 1914-1916

Unit III/150:
Maryland: Court of Appeals
Folder 1Letter and material re case . — 1924

Unit III/151:
Maryland: Department of Health
Folder 1Correspondence with Marshall L. Price, Secretary, John S. Fulton, Director, and Robert L. Swain, Deputy Drug Commissioner. — 1911-1924

Unit III/152:
Maryland: Department of State Employment and Registration
Folder 1Correspondence with Oliver C. Short and Harry C. Jones, Commissioners. — 1923-1938
Folder 2Correspondence with Harry C. Jones, Commissioner. — 1940

Unit III/153:
Maryland: District Court
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Judge John C. Rose. — 1913-1920

Unit III/154:
Maryland: House of Delegates
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Emmet W. White re bill. — 1916

Unit III/155:
Maryland: Office of the Executive
Folder 1Correspondence with Gov. Emerson C. Harrington and Gov. Albert C. Ritchie. — 1918-1922
Folder 2Correspondence with Gov. Albert C. Ritchie and others. — 1922-1930

Unit III/156:
Maryland: Works Progress Administration
Folder 1Letter from officer and copy of address by Joseph J. Maisch, State Director of Recreation. — 1939

Unit III/157:
Massachusetts: Board of Insanity, (formerly, State Board of Lunacy and Charity)
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Charles E. Woodbury, Inspector, Owen Copp, Executive Officer, and E.E. Southard. — 1895-1911
Folder 3Correspondence with Thomas J. Guthrie, L. Vernon Briggs, and related correspondence. — 1911
Folder 4Correspondence with Dr. Owen Copp and others. — 1911
Folder 5Correspondence with Dr. E.E. Southard, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs and related material. — 1911
Folder 6Correspondence with Herbert B. Howard, Chairman and Dr. L. Vernon Briggs. — 1911
Folder 7Correspondence with Dr. Herbert B. Howard, Dr. Owen Copp, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs and related correspondence. — 1911
Folder 8Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, Dr. Owen Copp, H.W. Mitchell, Superintendent, Danvers State Hospital and related correspondence. — 1911
Folder 9Correspondence with Dr. Irwin H. Neff, Charles E. Thompson, Superintendent, Gardner State Colony, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, Henry P. Frost, Superintendent, Boston State Hospital, and related material. — 1911
Folder 10Correspondence with Henry I. Klopp, Assistant Superintendent, Westborough State Hospital, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, and related material. — 1911
Folder 11Correspondence with Dr. H.W. Mitchell, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, Gov. Foss, and related material. — 1911
Folder 12Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs and petition to Gov. Foss re Dr. Briggs. — 1911
Folder 13Correspondence with Dr. E.E. Southard, Gov. Foss, and Dr. L. Vernon Briggs. — 1912
Folder 14Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, and related material. — 1912
Folder 15Correspondence with Dr. E.E. Southard, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, and related material. — 1913
Folder 16Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, William N. Bullard, and related material. — 1913
Folder 17Correspondence with Dr. E.E. Southard, Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, and Charles E. Thompson. — 1913
Folder 18Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs. — 1914
Folder 19Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs and Albert C. Thomas, Superintendent, New Haven Hospital. — 1914
Folder 20Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs and related material. — 1914
Folder 21-22Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, Dr. E.E. Southard, and related material. — 1914-1915
Folder 23Correspondence with Dr. E.E. Southard and related material. — 1915
Folder 24Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs, Dr. E.E. Southard, and copy of letter to Eugen Bleuler. — 1915
Folder 25Correspondence with Dr. L. Vernon Briggs and Dr. E.E. Southard. — 1916-1918
Folder 26Materials re Board of Insanity . — n.d.
Folder 27-31Notes and typed manuscript, "The Status of the Medical and Scientific Work in the Massachusetts Hospitals for the Insane", by Adolf Meyer . — 1912
Folder 32Appendix and discussion . — 1912

Unit III/158:
Massachusetts: Department of Mental Diseases, (formerly the Massachusetts Commission on Mental Diseases)
Folder 1Correspondence with George M. Kline, Director. — 1918-1931
Folder 2Correspondence with Neil A. Dayton, Director of Statistics and Research, and related material. — 1934-1940

Unit III/159:
New York: Commission for the Feeble-Minded
Folder 1Correspondence with Pearce Bailey and John Broadus Watson re qualifications of a psychologist. — 1919

Unit III/160:
New York: Commission in Lunacy
Folder 1Correspondence with Carlos F. MacDonald, President, Charles W. Page and P.M. Wise, President, State Commission in Lunacy re the Pathological Institute. — 1895-1900
Folder 2Typed manuscript of Adolf Meyer's views re psychiatry and the state . — 1900
Folder 3-4Correspondence with P.M. Wise re the Pathological Institute and Ira van Geison. — 1900
Folder 5Correspondence with Frederick Peterson, President, re Adolf Meyer's plans for the Pathological Institute. — 1901
Folder 6-8Adolf Meyer's plans for the Institute . — 1901
Folder 9Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson, T.E. McGarr, and related material. — 1901
Folder 10Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson, T.E. McGarr, P.M. Wise and related correspondence. — 1901
Folder 11Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson, Boris Sidis, and T.E. McGarr. — 1902
Folder 12-13Correspondence and material re New York State medical licensing examination . — 1902
Folder 14Correspondence with H.L. Palmer, T.E. McGarr, Dr. Frederick Peterson and related material. — 1902
Folder 15Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson and T.E. McGarr. — 1902
Folder 16Notes/draft, "Report of the Pathological Institute of the New York State Hospitals" . — 1902
Folder 17Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson and Mr. T.E. McGarr. — 1903
Folder 18Correspondence with Mr. T.E. McGarr, Dr. Frederick Peterson, William L. Russell, Medical Inspector of the New York State Commission in Lunacy, H.E. Allison, Daniel H. Arthur, H.L. Palmer, and related material. — 1903
Folder 19Letters from H.L. Palmer, Dr. Frederick Peterson, and related material. — 1903
Folder 20Letters from H.L. Palmer, Daniel H. Arthur, Dr. Frederick Peterson and Mr. T.E. McGarr. — 1903
Folder 21Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson. — 1903
Folder 22Copy of letter to Dr. Frederick Peterson. — 1903
Folder 23Correspondence with Dr. Frederick Peterson, Mr. T.E. McGarr, Dr. William L. Russell, and related correspondence. — 1903-1904
Folder 24Correspondence with Dr. William Mabon, and President of the State Commission, and Dr. William L. Russell. — 1904-1905
Folder 25-26Correspondence with Dr. William L. Russell, Albert Warren Ferris, President of the State Commission, Mr. T.E. McGarr, and related material. — 1906
Folder 27Correspondence with Dr. William L. Russell, Homer Folks and Jacob Gould Schurman, President, Cornell University. — 1907
Folder 28Correspondence with Dr. William L. Russell and Dr. Albert Warren Ferris. — 1907
Folder 29-30Correspondence with Dr. Albert Warren Ferris and Report of the Commission on the Care of the Insane Pending Commitment. — 1908
Folder 31-35Correspondence with Dr. Albert Warren Ferris and Dr. William L. Russell. — 1908-1910
Folder 36Correspondence with Dr. Albert Warren Ferris and Carlton H. Sears, New York Department of Labor. — 1910
Folder 37Correspondence with Dr. Albert Warren Ferris, George B. Campbell, and William Cary Sanger. — 1910-1911
Folder 38Correspondence with Dr. Albert Warren Ferris and related material. — 1911-1912

Unit III/161:
New York: Commission in Lunacy - Conference on After-Care of the Insane
Folder 1Correspondence with Mary C. Acker, Manager of the Willard State Hospital, Mary Vida Clark, Assistant Secretary, State Charities Aid Association, and related material. — 1906
Folder 2Correspondence with Mary Vida Clark and related correspondence and material. — 1906
Folder 3Correspondence with Mary Vida Clark, and Minutes of Conference. — 1906
Folder 4Correspondence with Mary C. Acker and Mary Vida Clark. — 1908-1912
Folder 5Newsclipping, and documents of the New York State Commission . — 1906-1909
Folder 6Report, "The Aftercare of the Insane" . — 1897
Folder 7Notes/drafts re After-care . — 1906?
Folder 8-12Reports and articles on After-Care . — 1906-1910

Unit III/162:
New York: Department of Corrections
Folder 1Correspondence with V.C. Branham, Deputy Commissioner, and related correspondence. — 1932-1934

Unit III/163:
New York: Department of Mental Hygiene
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Horatio M. Pollock, Director, Statistical Bureau, and Frederick W. Parsons, Commissioner. — 1928-1937
Folder 3Letter from the Chairman, Comm. Appointed for Study of Feld-Hamilton Law . — 1943

Unit III/164:
New York: Hospital Commission
Folder 1Correspondence with James V. May, Commissioner, Charles W. Pilgrim, President, Horatio M. Pollock, Statistician, and others. — 1915-1919
Folder 2-4Correspondence with Mr. Horatio M. Pollock and related material. — 1919-1925

Unit III/165:
New York: Hospital Development Commission
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Walter B. James and related correspondence. — 1917-1921

Unit III/166:
New York: Office of State Architect
Folder 1-3Correspondence with various state architects and related correspondence . — 1901-1918

Unit III/167:
New York: Office of the Executive
Folder 1Letter from Adolf Meyer to the Hon. J.A. Dix, Governor of the State of New York. — 1911?

Unit III/168:
New York: Prison Department
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Superintendent of State Prisons, and related material . — 1910

Unit III/169:
New York: Probation Commission
Folder 1Letter from Arthur W. Towne, Secretary. — 1907

Unit III/170:
North Dakota: Office of the Attorney General
Folder 1Correspondence with the Hon. William L. Langer, Attorney General, and related correspondence. — 1918

Unit III/171:
Pennsylvania: Executive Chamber
Folder 1Letter to the Governor re Adolf Meyer's views on State control of the feeble-minded and insane, and related correspondence . — 1917

Sub-series 6:
Government: Cities and Counties

Unit III/172:
Baltimore: Board of Estimates
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Board . — 1921

Unit III/173:
Baltimore: Board of Police Commissioners
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Judge Morris A. Soper, President, and others. — 1913

Unit III/174:
Baltimore: Board of State Aid and Charities
Folder 1Correspondence with William H. Davenport, Secretary, Charles B. Thompson, Executive Secretary, The Mental Hygiene Society of Maryland, and related correspondence. — 1913-1918

Unit III/175:
Baltimore: Department of Education
Folder 1Correspondence with Charles J. Koch, Edwin Hebden, Director, David E. Weglein, Superintendent of Physical Education and Hygiene, and related correspondence. — 1911-1928

Unit III/176:
Baltimore: Health Department
Folder 1Correspondence with C. Hampson Jones, Commissioner and Registrar, C. Leroy Ewing, Director, Bureau of Bacteriology, and Huntington Williams, Commissioner of Health. — 1924-1937

Unit III/177:
Baltimore: Juvenile Court
Folder 1Correspondence with Judge T.J.C. Williams and Judge Thomas J.S. Waxter. — 1911-1931

Unit III/178:
Baltimore: Office of the Mayor
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Howard W. Jackson, Mayor. — 1935-1936

Unit III/179:
Baltimore: Supervisors of City Charities
Folder 1Correspondence with Nathaniel G. Grasty, Secretary. — 1913-1930

Unit III/180:
Baltimore: Supreme Bench
Folder 1Correspondence with Judge James P. Gorter, and Judge Joseph N. Ulman. — 1918-1934

Unit III/181:
Chicago: Board of Commissioners and Department of Health
Folder 1Letters to Adolf Meyer from O.D. Allan and Adolph Gehmann. — 1894-1895

Unit III/182:
Chicago Municipal Court
Folder 1Letter from Harry Olson. — 1921

Unit III/183:
Los Angeles County: Civil Service Commission
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Secretary and Chief Examiner . — 1914

Unit III/184:
New York: Department of Education
Folder 1Correspondence with Luther H. Gulick, Director of Physical Training and William H. Maxwell, City Superintendent. — 1906
Folder 2Talk by Adolf Meyer, "The Problem of Nervous Trouble in School Children" . — 1906?
Folder 3Talk by Adolf Meyer, "Co-operation of Psychopatological Dispensary with the School Physician" . — 1906?
Folder 4-6Correspondence with Elizabeth E. Farrell, Inspector of Ungraded Classes, and related correspondence and material. — 1907-1917

Unit III/185:
New York: Municipal Civil Service Commission
Folder 1Slight correspondence with William H. Allen and M.B. Upshaw, Director of Examinations. — 1935

Sub-series 7:
Medical and Scientific Journals

Unit III/186:
The Alienist and Neurologist
Folder 1Correspondence with C.H. Hughes, Editor and Publisher, and Marc Ray Hughes, Editor. — 1893-1917

Unit III/187:
The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
Folder 1Correspondence with Lawson G. Lowrey, Editor, and related material. — 1932-1946

Unit III/188:
American Journal of Physiology
Folder 1Correspondence with Donald R. Hooker, Editor. — 1927-1929

Unit III/189:
The American Journal of Psychiatry, (formerly, American Journal of Insanity)
Folder 1Correspondence with G. Alder Blumer, Editor, Richard Dewey, Managing Editor, Henry M. Hurd, Editor, and Edward N. Brush, Editor and related correspondence. — 1893-1899
Folder 2Correspondence with Drs. Henry M. Hurd, G. Alder Blumer, and Edward N. Brush. — 1900-1917
Folder 3Correspondence with Dr. Edward N. Brush and related material. — 1922-1927
Folder 4-6Correspondence with Earl D. Bond, Secretary-Treasurer, A.P.A., Dr. Edward N. Brush, Harry Stack Sullivan, Acting Editor, and related material. — 1928
Folder 7Correspondence with Dr. Edward N. Brush. — 1929-1931
Folder 8Correspondence with Clarence B. Farrar, Editor, and Dr. Edward N. Brush. — 1931-1933
Folder 9-16Correspondence with Dr. Clarence B. Farrar and related correspondence and material. — 1934-1958

Unit III/190:
American Journal of Psychology
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Karl M. Dallenbach, Editor. — 1926-1927

Unit III/191:
The American Journal of Sociology
Folder 1-3Correspondence with Ernest W. Burgess, Editor, and others. — 1936-1940

Unit III/192:
The American Journal of Syphilis
Folder 1Correspondence with William H. Deaderick, Associate Editor and Loyd Thompson, Managing Editor. — 1917-1926

Unit III/193:
Archives de Psychologie
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Edouard Claparede. — 1927

Unit III/194:
Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry
Folder 1Correspondence with Hugh T. Patrick, Editorial Board, and T.H. Weisenburg, Editor-in-Chief. — 1918-1919
Folder 2Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, William L. Russell, George H. Kirby and MS of Dr. Russell re death of August Hoch. — 1919
Folder 3Drafts of Adolf Meyer's article, "August Hoch" . — 1919
Folder 4Correspondence with George H. Simmons, Managing Editor, and Dr. Hugh T. Patrick. — 1920-1921
Folder 5Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg and related material. — 1921
Folder 6-10Correspondence with Dr. Hugh T. Patrick, George H. Simmons, Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, and related material. — 1922-1923
Folder 11Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, and related material. — 1923
Folder 12Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, Dr. Hugh T. Patrick, and H. Douglas Singer, Editorial Board. — 1924
Folder 13-24Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg and related correspondence. — 1926-1930
Folder 25-28Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, Gregory Zilboorg, and related material. — 1930
Folder 29-42Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg and related material. — 1930-1931
Folder 43Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, William H. Howell, Chairman, Division of Medical Sciences, NRC, and I. Madison Bentley. — 1932
Folder 44-45Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, and related material. — 1932
Folder 46-47Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, Morris Fishbein, and related material. — 1932
Folder 48-50Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, and related material. — 1932
Folder 51Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg and Dr. I. Madison Bentley. — 1932
Folder 52-58Correspondence with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg and others. — 1932-1933
Folder 59-78Correspondence mostly with Dr. T.H. Weisenburg, and drafts towards, "Preparation for Psychiatry", pub. 1933. — 1933-1934
Folder 79-129Correspondence mostly with Dr. H. Douglas Singer, and related material. — 1934-1940
Folder 130-135Correspondence mostly with Dr. Tracy J. Putnam. — 1940-1947

Unit III/195:
Archives of Pathology
Folder 1Correspondence with Ludvig Hektoen, Chief Editor, re Peter Bassoe. — 1945

Unit III/196:
Biological Abstracts
Folder 1Correspondence with Frederick V. Rand and typed manuscript, "The Forebrain" (pub. 1927). — 1927-1929

Unit III/197:
The Birth Control Herald
Folder 1Correspondence with Lydia Allen DeVilbiss. — 1923
Folder 2-3Copies of the Herald . — 1924-1925

Unit III/198:
The Birth Control Review, (of the American Birth Control League)
Folder 1Correspondence with Margaret Sanger, Editor, and others. — 1922-1923
Folder 2-3Correspondence with the Managing Editor and drafts of articles . — 1923
Folder 4Correspondence with Margaret Sanger. — 1924
Folder 5Correspondence with the Managing Editor . — 1925-1928
Folder 6Correspondence with Stella Hanan, Editor. — 1930-1931
Folder 7Correspondence with Stella Hanan and fragments of Henry Fairfield Osborn's address at the Third International Congress of Eugenics. — 1932

Unit III/199:
The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal
Folder 1Correspondence with E.W. Taylor, Assistant Editor. — 1902-1903

Unit III/200:
Character and Personality
Folder 1Correspondence with Karl Zener, Associate Editor, re psychobiology. — 1935

Unit III/201:
Child Study
Folder 1-2Correspondence mostly with Zilpha Carruthers Franklin, Managing Editor. — 1929-1930
Folder 3-5Correspondence mostly with Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg, Director, Child Study Association of America. — 1932-1939

Unit III/202:
The Child-Study Monthly
Folder 1Correspondence with William O. Krohn, Editor, and draft toward "On the Observation of Abnormalities of Children", by Adolf Meyer. — 1895-1896

Unit III/203:
Diseases of the Nervous System
Folder 1Correspondence with the Managing Editor and others . — 1938-1940

Unit III/204:
Excerpta Medica
Folder 1Correspondence with A.P.H.A de Kleyn, M.W. Woerdeman, and W.P.C. Zeeman, Chief Editors. — 1946

Unit III/205:
Human Biology
Folder 1Correspondence with Raymond Pearl, Editor, and related material. — 1930-1937

Unit III/206:
Human Fertility
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Abraham Stone, Editor, and related material. — 1942

Unit III/207:
International Journal of Surgery
Folder 1Correspondence with Frank C. Lewis, Managing Editor, and related correspondence. — 1896-1922

Unit III/208:
The Interne
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Louise S. Childs, S.R. Berenberg, Editor-in-Chief, and others. — 1938

Unit III/209:
The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin
Folder 1Correspondence with Wilburt C. Davison, Editor, Rupert Norton, Assistant Superintendent, JHH, and related correspondence. — 1912-1936

Unit III/210:
The Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Folder 1Correspondence with Morton Prince, Editor, and related material. — 1905-1921

Unit III/211:
The Journal of Animal Behavior
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Robert M. Yerkes. — 1911

Unit III/212:
Journal of Comparative Neurology
Folder 1Correspondence with C.L. Herrick, Editor, William O. Krohn, and C.G. Comegys. — 1893
Folder 2Correspondence with C.L. Herrick. — 1893
Folder 3-4Correspondence with C. Judson Herrick, Manager, and C.L. Herrick. — 1898
Folder 5-6Drawings and photographs found with above correspondence . — 1898
Folder 7Correspondence with C. Judson Herrick. — 1899-1904
Folder 8-9Draft of Adolf Meyer's paper for Columbia University Biological Seminar, "The Possible Role of Psychic Functions in Human Regulations" . — 1904
Folder 10-19Correspondence mostly with C. Judson Herrick, and related material. — 1905-1932
Folder 20-37Correspondence mostly with Davenport Hooker and C. Judson Herrick ; includes draft of "The Contemporary Setting of the Pioneer" (pub. 1941). — 1905-1932

Unit III/213:
The Journal of Contraception
Folder 1Correspondence with Abraham Stone, Editor, re tribute to Havelock Ellis on his 80th birthday. — 1939

Unit III/214:
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
Folder 1-4Correspondence mostly with John H. Wigmore and Edwin R. Keedy. — 1909
Folder 5-9Correspondence mostly with Prof. John H. Wigmore and J.W. Garner, Editor-in-Chief. — 1910-1911
Folder 10-20Correspondence mostly with Robert H. Gault, Managing Editor, and Thorsten Sellin, Associate Editor. — 1911-1932

Unit III/215:
Journal of Educational Psychology
Folder 1Correspondence with J. Carleton Bell, Brooklyn Training School for Teachers, and others. — 1909-1923

Unit III/216:
The Journal of Experimental Medicine
Folder 1Correspondence with William H. Welch, Editor. — 1897-1901

Unit III/217:
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Folder 1Correspondence with Charles Henry Brown, Editor, and R.M. Phelps. — 1893-1895
Folder 2-3Correspondence with William G. Spiller, Associate Editor, and Bernard Sachs, Editor. — 1896-1897
Folder 4Correspondence with Dr. William G. Spiller. — 1897-1900
Folder 5Correspondence with Dr. William G. Spiller and Smith Ely Jelliffe, Managing Editor. — 1900-1911
Folder 6-27Correspondence mostly with Smith Ely Jelliffe. — 1912-1942
Folder 28-36"Stewart Paton, M.D.", draft and typed manuscript of obituary by Adolf Meyer . — 1942
Folder 37Correspondence with Dr. Smith Ely Jelliffe. — 1943-1944

Unit III/218:
Journal of Parapsychology
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Gardner Murphy and Bernard F. Riess. — 1939

Unit III/219:
Journal of Philosophy, (previously, Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods)
Folder 1-2Correspondence with F.J.E. Woodbridge, and related correspondence and material. — 1904-1927

Unit III/220:
Journal of Psychological Abstracts
Folder 1Slight correspondence with W.V. Bingham re proposed journal. — 1920

Unit III/221:
Journal of Social Hygiene
Folder 1Correspondence with the Managing Editor and notes re book of Forel . — 1929
Folder 2Correspondence with the Managing Editor and related material . — 1932-1938

Unit III/222:
Journal of the American Medical Association
Folder 1-2Correspondence mostly with George H. Simmons, Editor and General Manager. — 1894-1920
Folder 3Correspondence with Morris Fishbein, Editor, and discussion of paper, "A Medical Analysis of One Thousand Marriages", by Robert L. Dickinson. — 1922-1932
Folder 4Correspondence with Dr. Morris Fishbein, and draft of paper by Thomas A.C. Rennie. — 1936
Folder 5Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of Psychiatric Education, and correspondence with Dr. Morris Fishbein. — 1939-1943

Unit III/223:
Journal of the Association of Medical Students
Folder 1Correspondence with various officers . — 1937-1938

Unit III/224:
Journal of the Mount Sinai Hospital
Folder 1Correspondence with Joseph H. Globus, Editor-in-Chief, re Memorial volume in honor of Bernard Sachs. — 1940-1942

Unit III/225:
Journal of the Neurological Sciences
Folder 1Correspondence with Lewis J. Pollock, Editor. — 1941
Folder 2-3Notes re article on history of psychiatry by Adolf Meyer . — 1941-1943
Folder 4-6Correspondence with Lewis J. Pollock, Editor, and related correspondence. — 1942-1947

Unit III/226:
Maryland Medical Journal
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Nathan Winslow, Editor. — 1913-1916

Unit III/227:
Medical Digest
Folder 1Slight correspondence with the Editor re contraception number . — 1939

Unit III/228:
Medical Journal and Record
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Gregory Stragnell, Editor, re publication of Salmon Lectures. — 1932

Unit III/229:
Medical Review
Folder 1Correspondence with the Secretary re Adolf Meyer's paper to the Tri-State Medical Society . — 1895

Unit III/230:
Medical Review of Reviews
Folder 1Correspondence with Dorian Feigenbaum, Editor, Psychopathology Number. — 1929

Unit III/231:
Medico-Legal Journal
Folder 1Correspondence with Clark Bell. — 1903

Unit III/232:
The Modern Hospital
Folder 1-2Correspondence with Johns A. Hornsby and O.F. Ball, President. — 1913-1938
Folder 3-8Material re "The Modern Hospital" . — n.d.

Unit III/233:
The Monist
Folder 1-2Letters from Paul Carus, Editor. — 1894-1895
Folder 3-5Correspondence with Paul Carus. — 1896-1925

Unit III/234:
The Nation's Health
Folder 1Slight correspondence with S.P. Moore, Associate Managing Editor and others, in part re Korzybski. — 1921-1922

Unit III/235:
Der Nervenarzt
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Erwin W. Straus, and related material. — 1927

Unit III/236:
The New England Journal of Medicine
Folder 1Correspondence with Winfred Overholser, Secretary, Massachusetts Psychiatric Society, and related correspondence. — 1928-1929

Unit III/237:
The Physical Review
Folder 1Correspondence with J. McKeen Cattell, Editor. — 1896

Unit III/238:
The Popular Science Monthly
Folder 1Correspondence with J. McKeen Cattell, Editorial Department, and related correspondence. — 1904-1923

Unit III/239:
Practical Medicine (Delhi, India)
Folder 1Correspondence with the Editor re dreaming . — 1920

Unit III/240:
The Psychoanalytic Quarterly
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Dorian Feigenbaum, Managing Editor, and Gregory Zilboorg, Editor. — 1932-1938

Unit III/241:
The Psychoanalytic Review
Folder 1Correspondence with William Alanson White, Editor. — 1919-1920

Unit III/242:
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Knight Dunlap, Editor, and related correspondence. — 1917

Unit III/243:
The Psychological Clinic
Folder 1Letter from Lightner Witmer, Editor. — 1908

Unit III/244:
The Psychological Review
Folder 1Letters from J. Mark Baldwin, Editorial Department, J. McKeen Cattell, Editor, and Howard C. Warren, Associate Editor and Business Manager. — 1895-1904
Folder 2Correspondence with J. Mark Baldwin and Howard C. Warren. — 1905
Folder 3Correspondence with Howard C. Warren. — 1906-1907
Folder 4Miscellaneous material re Psychological Index . — 1907-1908
Folder 5-6Correspondence with Howard C. Warren. — 1908-1910
Folder 7Correspondence with Howard C. Warren and Pierce A.H.. — 1910-1911
Folder 8-9Correspondence with Howard C. Warren. — 1911
Folder 10Correspondence with Howard C. Warren and Pierce A.H.. — 1911-1912
Folder 11Correspondence with Howard C. Warren, John Broadus Watson, Bird T. Baldwin, and related material. — 1913-1914
Folder 12Correspondence with Bird T. Baldwin, Howard C. Warren, John Broadus Watson, John A. McGeoch, and John E. Anderson. — 1916-1942
Folder 13Miscellaneous material re Howard C. Warren and The Psychological Review & Psychological Bulletin. — n.d.

Unit III/245:
Psychosomatic Medicine
Folder 1Correspondence with Helen Flanders Dunbar, Managing Editor. — 1938
Folder 2Correspondence with Samuel Atkin, Helen Flanders Dunbar, and Carl Binger, Editor-in-Chief. — 1941-1947

Unit III/246:
The Quarterly Journal of Neurology
Folder 1Correspondence with Sidney I. Schwab, Editor. — 1917-1919

Unit III/247:
Folder 1-6Correspondence mostly with J. McKeen Cattell. — 1908-1945

Unit III/248:
The Scientific Monthly
Folder 1Letters from J. McKeen Cattell and related correspondence. — 1917-1940

Unit III/249:
Social Science Abstracts
Folder 1-2Correspondence with the Business Manager, and related material . — 1930-1933

Unit III/250:
Folder 1-3Correspondence with J.L. Moreno, Publisher, and related material. — 1937-1946

Unit III/251:
Sovietskaia Psychonevrologia
Folder 1Slight correspondence with M. Goldenberg, Editor, re "The Problem of Teaching Psychiatry on the Genetical-Dynamical Basis", by Adolf Meyer. — 1935

Unit III/252:
The Survey
Folder 1Correspondence with Jane Addams and others. — 1912-1915
Folder 2Correspondence with various individuals . — 1915
Folder 3-18Correspondence mostly with Paul V. Kellogg, Editor, and related correspondence and material. — 1915-1945

Unit III/253:
The Times and Register, A Weekly Journal of Medicine & Surgery
Folder 1Correspondence with S.V. Clevenger, William F. Waugh, Editor, and Frank S. Parsons. — 1893-1894

Unit III/254:
Transactions of the American Neurological Association
Folder 1-4Correspondence with T.H. Weisenburg, Editor, and related material. — 1925-1934
Folder 5-10Correspondence with Henry Alsop Riley, Editor, and related material. — 1935-1941?

Unit III/255:
The Urologic and Cutaneous Review
Folder 1Correspondence with Clarence Martin, Literary Editor, and Solomon C. Martin Jr., Managing Editor. — 1913-1940

Sub-series 8:
Other Journals

Unit III/256:
The American Political Science Review
Folder 1Correspondence with the Managing Editor, and review of William Healy's The Individual Delinquent (1915). — 1915

Unit III/257:
The Independent
Folder 1Letter from the Managing Editor, and typed manuscript of Adolf Meyer's views re crime and punishment . — 1924

Unit III/258:
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Folder 1Correspondence with Frank D. Watson, Thorsten Sellin, Editor, and related material. — 1917-1934

Unit III/259:
The New Republic
Folder 1Correspondence with Robert Littell, Editor. — 1920-1923

Unit III/260:
The Yale Review
Folder 1Correspondence with Wilbur Cross, Editor, re Adolf Meyer's review of Gregory Zilboorg's History of Medical Psychology. — 1931-1941

Unit III/261:
The Saturday Review of Literature
Folder 1Correspondence with Henry S. Canby, Editor, and typescript of review, "Pick Up the Pieces". — 1929
Folder 2Correspondence with various individuals, and typed manuscript towards review of Charles Macfie Campbell's "Destiny and Disease in Mental Disorders" (pub. 1936). — 1935-1939

Sub-series 9:
Foundations and Funds

Unit III/262:
The American Foundation
Folder 1-13Correspondence mostly with Esther Everett Lape, Member in Charge, and related material. — 1932-1939

Unit III/263:
Behavior Research Fund
Folder 1Correspondence with Herman M. Adler, Director, The Institute for Juvenile Research, and John C. Weigel, Secretary. — 1929-1931
Folder 2Correspondence with John C. Weigel, Secretary, and others. — 1932-1933

Unit III/264:
Brain Research Foundation
Folder 1Correspondence with various officers . — 1933-1936

Unit III/265:
The Commonwealth Fund
Folder 1Correspondence with Henry W. Thurston and Ethel S. Dummer re mental health of juveniles. — 1921
Folder 2-21Correspondence mostly with Barry C. Smith, Director, and related correspondence. — 1924-1941

Unit III/266:
Fiske Fund
Folder 1Correspondence with Louis N. Wilson of Clark University and others re Adolf Meyer's Fiske Fund Prize essay. — 1898

Unit III/267:
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Folder 1-6Correspondence with Henry Allen Moe, Secretary, re applications for fellowships, and related material. — 1925-1946

Unit III/268:
Judge Baker Foundation
Folder 1Correspondence with William Healy, Augusta F. Bronner, Directors, and others. — 1922-1931

Unit III/269:
The Lifwynn Foundation
Folder 1Correspondence between Mrs. Meyer and William Galt, Secretary, re gift of Trigant Burrow's letters to the Foundation. — 1955

Unit III/270:
The McGregor Fund of Detroit and the University of Michigan: Conference on Psychiatry
Folder 1-3Correspondence mostly with Frank J. Sladen, Physician-in-Chief, Henry Ford Hospital. — 1942-1947
Folder 4Programs of the 1942 Conference . — 1942
Folder 5-17Drafts of Adolf Meyer's talk and Conference proceedings . — 1942

Unit III/271:
Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation
Folder 1-11Correspondence mostly with Ludwig Kast, President. — 1930-1939

Unit III/272:
Markle Foundation (The John and Mary R.)
Folder 1Notes, typed manuscript of "Principles in Support of Psychiatric Work and Research", and "The Role of Foundations" . — 1936?
Folder 2Bills, receipts, re grants . — 1936-1940
Folder 3-18Correspondence mostly with Archie S. Woods, Vice-President. — 1935-1942

Unit III/273:
Milbank Memorial Fund
Folder 1Letter to John A. Kingsbury, Secretary, re the Consultation Clinic of the Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital. — 1932
Folder 2Notes, drafts re clinic . — 1932
Folder 3Correspondence with John A. Kingsbury. — 1932-1937

Unit III/274:
The National Mental Health Foundation
Folder 1-2Correspondence mostly with Harold Barton, Executive Secretary. — 1946-1948

Unit III/275:
Pestalozzi Foundation
Folder 1-3Correspondence with H.C. Honegger, President and Founder. — 1942-1948
Folder 4-5Miscellaneous material . — n.d.

Unit III/276:
Rockefeller Foundation
Folder 1Correspondence with Abraham Flexner, General Education Board, Jerome D. Greene, Secretary, and Alan G. Gregg, Associate Director, Division of Medical Education. — 1910-1922
Folder 2Correspondence with Alan G. Gregg, Abraham Flexner, and James H. Dillard. — 1923
Folder 3Correspondence with Alan G. Gregg, Richard M. Pearce, Abraham Flexner, and B. Brouwer. — 1923
Folder 4Correspondence with Abraham Flexner, William S. Carter, Richard M. Pearce, and related material. — 1924-1925
Folder 5Correspondence with Wickliffe Rose, President, General Education Board, and notes by Adolf Meyer. — 1926
Folder 6Correspondence with Richard M. Pearce, Clifford W. Wells, and George E. Vincent, President. — 1926-1927
Folder 7Correspondence with Richard M. Pearce and Abraham Flexner. — 1927
Folder 8Correspondence with George E. Vincent and Richard M. Pearce. — 1928
Folder 9Pamphlet of addresses delivered at a memorial meeting for Richard M. Pearce (1874-1930). — 1930
Folder 10Correspondence with William S. Carter, Alan G. Gregg, and Abraham Flexner. — 1930-1940
Folder 11Correspondence with Alan G. Gregg. — 1941-1944
Folder 12Correspondence with Raymond B. Fosdick, Alan G. Gregg, and related material. — 1945-1948

Unit III/277:
The Rockefeller Foundation: China Medical Board
Folder 1Correspondence with Wallace Buttrick, Director. — 1916-1918

Unit III/278:
Rockefeller Foundation: Norwich Conference
Folder 1-2Correspondence mostly with Max Mason, President. — 1931
Folder 3-6Notes and drafts by Adolf Meyer . — 1931
Folder 7Minutes of the Norwich Conference . — 1931

Unit III/279:
Julius Rosenwald Fund
Folder 1Correspondence with Raymond S. Rubinow, and others re a proposed marriage clinic. — 1929-1930

Unit III/280:
Russell Sage Foundation
Folder 1Correspondence with John M. Glenn, Secretary and Director, Luther H. Gulick, Francis H. McLean, Field Secretary, and related material. — 1908-1910
Folder 2Correspondence with Francis H. McLean, John M. Glenn, and Luther H. Gulick,. — 1910-1911
Folder 3Correspondence with Mary E. Richmond, Director, Charity Organization Department, and John M. Glenn. — 1911-1912
Folder 4Correspondence with Miss Mary E. Richmond, John M. Glenn, Arthur H. Ham, Director, and others. — 1914
Folder 5Correspondence with Miss Mary E. Richmond, Leonard P. Ayres, Director, and others. — 1916-1917
Folder 6Correspondence with Miss Mary E. Richmond. — 1921-1922
Folder 7Correspondence with Miss Mary E. Richmond, and others. — 1922-1923
Folder 8Correspondence with John M. Glenn, Shelby M. Harrison, General Director, and related correspondence and material. — 1929-1946

Unit III/281:
United Brewers Industrial Foundation
Folder 1Slight correspondence with Jacob Ruppert, Chairman, and others. — 1937

Sub-series 10:

Unit III/282:
Folder 1-4A - Banta Publishing Co.
Folder 5-9Biographical Encyclopedias
Folder 10-12Bi - Da
Folder 13-17Dictionary of American Biography
Folder 18-20Dodd, Mead & Co. - Encyclopedia
Folder 21-26The Encyclopedia Britannica
Folder 27-29Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences - Gr
Folder 30-33Harcourt, Brace & Co.
Folder 34Har
Folder 35-37Henry Holt & Co.
Folder 38-42He - K
Folder 43-57Lea & Febiger
Folder 58-60Lie - McG
Folder 61-67The MacMillan Co.
Folder 68-75Mar - New
Folder 76-79W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Folder 80-81O - Oub
Folder 82-84Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences
Folder 85-104Rem - Wi
Folder 105-115Williams & Wilkins Company
Folder 116Wo - Y

Unit III/283:
Folder 1-66A - Z

Unit III/284:
Scientific Suppliers
Folder 1-42A - Z

Unit III/285:
Miscellaneous Fragments
Folder 1Colleges and Universities
Folder 2-4Medical Academies, Boards, and Institutes
Folder 5Hospitals, Schools & Prisons
Folder 6-8Government - Federal, State, City
Folder 9-15Scientific Journals
Folder 16-28Other Journals
Folder 29-31Foundations & Funds
Folder 32-52Other