Series VII:
Scientific notes and records: student years

Unit VII/1:
Student Notebooks
Folder 1Geometry. — 1883
Folder 2Physics (Professor Weilenmann) and Analytical Geometry. — 1883
Folder 3History (Professor Grob). — 1883
Folder 4German. — 1883-84
Folder 5History (Professor Grob). — 1884-85
Folder 6Botany and Anthropology (Professor Shoch). — n.d.
Folder 7History. — n.d.
Folder 8Greek Syntax. — n.d.
Folder 9Cryptogam. — n.d.
Folder 10Zoology. — n.d.
Folder 11Homer's Odyssey. — n.d.
Folder 12Vocabulary of Homer's Odyssey. — n.d.
Folder 13Latin and Greek Vocabulary. — n.d.
Folder 14Greek. — n.d.
Folder 15History and Literature. — n.d.
Folder 16Inorganic Chemistry (Professor Merz). — 1885
Folder 17Breitinger's French Classics. — 1885-86
Folder 18Organic Chemistry (Professor Merz). — 1886
Folder 19Anatomy. — 1886-87
Folder 20Physiology of Alimentation and Procreation. — 1886-87
Folder 21English Translation (Professor Schmidt). — 1887
Folder 22Illness of the Nervous System (Professor H. Eichorst). — 1887-88
Folder 23Surgery Clinic. — 1887-89
Folder 24Special Pathology and Therapy I (Professor H. Eichorst). — 1887-88
Folder 25Special Pathology and Therapy II (Professor H. Eichhorst). — 1887-88
Folder 26Abdominal Hernia. — 1887-88
Folder 27Hygiene (Professor Wyss). — 1888
Folder 28Surgery (Professor Kronlein). — 1888
Folder 29Clinical Notes. — 1888-89
Folder 30Pathological Anatomy I and General Pathology (Professor Klebs). — 1889
Folder 31Pathological Anatomy II and General Pathology (Professor Klebs). — 1889
Folder 32Obstetrics. — 1889
Folder 33Clinical Notes. — 1889-90
Folder 34Circulatory System. — n.d.
Folder 35Illness of the Digestive Apparatus. — n.d.
Folder 36Anatomy. — n.d.
Folder 37Zoology (Professor Asper). — n.d.
Folder 38Botany. — n.d.
Folder 39Inorganic Chemistry. — n.d.
Folder 40Mechanical Physics. — n.d.
Folder 41Physiological Chemistry (Professor Gaule). — n.d.
Folder 42General Surgery. — n.d.
Folder 43Neurology (Professor von Monakow). — n.d.
Folder 44Gynecology (Professor C. Schroeder). — n.d.
Folder 45Obstetrics. — n.d.
Folder 46Sketchbook for Ophthalmological Observations (by Dr. O. Haab). — n.d.
Folder 47Zoological Pocketbook. — n.d.
Folder 48Pharmacology. — n.d.
Folder 49Obstetrics. — n.d.
Folder 50Medical Clinic (Professor H. Eichhorst; possibly not in AM's hand). — n.d.
Folder 51General & Specialized Psychiatry (possibly not in AM's hand). — n.d.

Unit VII/2:
Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 1Scientific Notes. — 1886-87
Folder 2The Spinal Cord. — 1889
Folder 3Various notes, including "Forensic Medicine", "Examination of the Cadaver", and other notes. — 1889
Folder 4Scientific notes "On the Localization of an Extravasation of Blood into the Skull Cavity". — 1889-90
Folder 5Various manuscripts, including "Spiral and Idioplatic Muscular Atrophies", "Paris as a Place for Graduates", (n.d.) and other materials. — c1890
Folder 6Various notes and drawings. — c1890
Folder 7Notes re paper of Hughlins-Jackson. — 1891
Folder 8Various notes and drawings. — c1891
Folder 9Notes re Charcot. — 1892
Folder 10Scientific notes: numerical tables/weights. — n.d.
Folder 11Scientific notes: autopsies and neuroanatomical methods. — n.d.
Folder 12Notes "Krankengeschichten", course work - probably medical school. — n.d.
Folder 13Notes re nerves. — n.d.
Folder 14Clinic notes. — n.d.
Folder 15Notes re evacuants. — n.d.
Folder 16Various notes, including "The Electrical Phenomenon in Muscles", "Specific Differentiations in various nervous disorders", and "Magnetism". — n.d.
Folder 17Various notes and sketches, including notes re dermatology. — n.d.
Folder 18Various notes and sketches, including lab and clinic notes. — n.d.
Folder 19Miscellaneous scientific notes. — n.d.
Folder 20Miscellaneous notes in shorthand. — n.d.

Unit VII/3:
Thesis: Notes, Drafts and Translations
Folder 1Notes on Forel's Untersuchung über die Hauber Region
Folder 2Notes on works by Bumm, Ganser, Burckhardt, Honegger, Giacomini, Bruce
Folder 3Notes on Mayser's Fischhirn
Folder 4Notes on Blumenan's "Brain of the Mouse"
Folder 5Copy of article by Anhang, "Technische Methoden zur Untersuchung des Centralnervensystems"
Folder 6List of pertinent references
Folder 7Notes and sketches
Folder 8Miscellaneous notes
Folder 9-10Sketches
Folder 11Miscellaneous bills re
Folder 12Draft of thesis
Folder 13Copy of thesis, "über das Vorderhirn Einiger Reptilien", including illustrations
Folder 14Copy of thesis
Folder 15-17Translation of thesis
Folder 18Statements by Adolf Meyer re
Folder 19-22Miscellaneous correspondence re thesis (transcripts and translations of correspondence found in individual correspondence and Copy-Books, collected together by Eunice Winters)

Series VIII:
Scientific notes and records: Chicago. — 1892-1893

Unit VIII/1:
Working Notes
Folder 1"On the Corpus Callosum"
Folder 2Osborne, Henry, "Origin of the Corpus Callosum"
Folder 3Miscellaneous

Series IX:
Scientific notes and records: Kankakee. — 1893-1895

Unit IX/1:
Working Notes
Folder 1Autopsy Notes - Case History Taking
Folder 2Buffalo Hospital Facilities
Folder 3Case-History Taking
Folder 4Classification of Dr. Clevenger under Krafft-Ebing's Headings
Folder 5Female Nervous Prostration
Folder 6Hauptman, Charles, "Metaphysics"
Folder 7Hypnotism
Folder 8List of Cases in Osler's Clinic, 1895?
Folder 9Neurological Drawings
Folder 10On the Deseases of Women as a Cause of Insanity
Folder 11Partial Description of Illinois System
Folder 12Peyer, Alex., various publications
Folder 13Symptoms of General Paralysis
Folder 14-15Ziehen
Folder 16Miscellaneous

Unit IX/2:
Teaching Materials
Folder 1Architecture of the Nervous System. — 24 Sep 1894
Folder 2Lectures on the Nervous System
Folder 3On the Study of Mental Diseases
Folder 4Miscellaneous

Unit IX/3:
Institutional Records
Folder 1Adolf Meyer's petition for salary increase. — 8 Nov 1893
Folder 2Anthropometric Measurement Blanks
Folder 3By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Illinois Eastern Hospital for the Insane, Chicago. — 1889
Folder 4-5Case-History Blanks
Folder 6Examination for Superintendent. — 15 Mar 1894
Folder 7First Interne Exams
Folder 8Prospectus of the Summer School. — 1894
Folder 9Rules for Visitors. — 1894
Folder 10A Visit to the Eastern Hospital

Series X:
Scientific notes and records: Worcester. — 1895-1902

Unit X/1:
Working Notes
Folder 1Anthropometric Table
Folder 2Attempt at Classifying Clinical Phenomena of Neurology
Folder 3Attempt of a Consideration of Psychological Problems on Ground of Natural Science
Folder 4Attempts along the line of Generalities of Psychology. — 18 Aug 1897
Folder 5-6Autopsy Notes
Folder 7Bibliography. — 1896?
Folder 8Case-History Taking
Folder 9Chronic Intoxication
Folder 10Classification of Mental Diseases
Folder 11-12Consciousness
Folder 13Diagnosis of Nervous Diseases
Folder 14Epistemology. — 23 May 1898
Folder 15General Management of the Work
Folder 16General Purpose of Philosophizing. — 8 Oct 1899
Folder 17Golgi, Nissl and others
Folder 18-19Hecker, Ewald
Folder 20Illusions of Memory
Folder 21Illustrations from the Field of Psycho-Physical Parallelism. — 1899?
Folder 22Justification of Biological Principles in the Study of Man
Folder 23-24Laboratory Arrangements
Folder 25Leitungsbahnen
Folder 26List of Addresses
Folder 27My Experience with American Psychiatry
Folder 28-58Neurology
Folder 59Neurophysiology
Folder 60-61Plans for the Organization of Work at the Worcester Lunatic Hospital
Folder 62Plans for Work During a Leave of Absence
Folder 63Program of School Work
Folder 64-66Psychiatry
Folder 67Relations between Psychology and Psychiatry
Folder 68Religion
Folder 69Remarks on Nomenclature
Folder 70Report of the Medical Service, 1898/99
Folder 71Report of the Medical Work, 15 Oct 1896-31 Dec 1896
Folder 72Requirements for the Establishment of Scientific Work (given to Dr. Quinby, Dec 1895)
Folder 73Review of the Medical Work and the Immediate Needs of the Medical Department
Folder 74Riehl
Folder 75Scrapbook for Terms
Folder 76Senile Psychoses
Folder 77Staff Meeting, Experiments on Cerebellar Rats. — 1897
Folder 78Starting Points of General Philosophy, 28 Apr 1897
Folder 79Thomas, Andre
Folder 80Virchow
Folder 81Weltanschaung
Folder 82-83Wernicke
Folder 84Which are the Practical Problems of Psychiatry?
Folder 85Miscellaneous

Unit X/2:
Teaching Materials, dated
Folder 1Neurology Lectures Notes. — 1895
Folder 2-3Clark University Lectures and Clinics. — 1896
Folder 4Intro. Lectures. — 1896-1897
Folder 5-8Clark University, Course in the Pathology of Nervous and Mental Phenomena. — 1897
Folder 9Attendance Sheets. — 1897
Folder 10-11Clark University Summer School, Lectures. — 1897?
Folder 12Lectures Notes. — 1897
Folder 13Neurology Lectures Notes. — 1897
Folder 14-22Neurology Lectures. — 1897-1898
Folder 23Clark University Clinic. — 1898
Folder 24Course of Neurology. — 1898-1899
Folder 25Neurology Lecture Notes. — 1898-1899
Folder 26Clark University Summer School, Lectures. — 1899
Folder 27-28Clark University Summer School, Notes. — 1899
Folder 29Catalog and Notes. — 1899
Folder 30-31Clark University Course in Psychiatry. — 1900
Folder 32-33Clark University, Lecture Notes. — 1901
Folder 34-36Clark University Summer School, Lecture Notes. — 1901-1902?

Unit X/3:
Teaching Materials, undated
Folder 1Central Neuritis and General Paralysis
Folder 2Clark University, Neurology Lecture Notes
Folder 3Clark University Summer School, Lecture Notes
Folder 4Clark University Summer School, The Position of Neurology in Biology
Folder 5Examination on Aphasia
Folder 6Extra or Intra Medullary Origin of Coma Chart
Folder 7-11Neurology Lecture Notes
Folder 12Plan of Lectures on Neurology
Folder 13-17Miscellaneous

Unit X/4:
Institutional Records
Folder 1Advertisements for Assistant Physicians and First Interne Examination
Folder 2-3Expenses of Laboratory, etc.
Folder 4Method of Case-Taking
Folder 5Syllabi, Child Study

Series XI:
Scientific notes and records: New York. — 1902-1909

Unit XI/1:
Working Notes
Folder 1Abstract of Embryology
Folder 2Aim of the Institute. Report of 30 Sep 1903, and related notes
Folder 3-6Aphasia
Folder 7-8Attention, 1909
Folder 9Bibliographic References
Folder 10Buffalo Meeting
Folder 11The Chief Data for a Theory of the Role of Consciousness in Biology and Man
Folder 12The Connections of the Occipital Lobes and the Present Status of the Cerebral Visual Functions
Folder 13Correlation Data including Kraepelin
Folder 14-15Dementia Praecox
Folder 16Experiences with Neurologists
Folder 17Formation of Neural Tube and Neural Crests
Folder 18Hysteria and Neurasthenia and Epilepsy
Folder 19James, William, notes taken at the Glenmore Summer School of the Cultural Sciences, Adirondacks, 1903
Folder 20Kahlbaum, Knapp, notes
Folder 21Kraepelin
Folder 22The Mechanistic Conception of the World
Folder 23Mentation
Folder 24Mills and Spencer, The Symptomatology of Lesions
Folder 25Neumann, Heinrich, Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie
Folder 26Neurology, notes
Folder 27Neurology drawings
Folder 28-29Notes on Nosology
Folder 30-31Pathological Institute, organization of work
Folder 32Plan of Book, and other notes
Folder 33Pluralistic Actualism
Folder 34The Principles Underlying the Methods of Study of the Neural Tubes
Folder 35Program of Institutions and of Others
Folder 36Prolegomena to a Practical Psychiatry and other notes
Folder 37Psychogenic Factors
Folder 38The Recovery Rate of Insanity
Folder 39Report of the Pathological Institute for the Year ending 30 Sep 1904
Folder 40Report of the Pathological Institute to the State Commission on Lunacy, 1904-1905, printed with annotations
Folder 41Reports of the New York State Hospitals
Folder 42Staff Meetings
Folder 43State Hospital System, organization of work
Folder 44Symptomatology
Folder 45Titchener
Folder 46Vivisection and Smallpox
Folder 47Miscellaneous

Unit XI/2:
Teaching Materials, dated
Folder 1Diagnosis. — 1902
Folder 2Lectures. — 1902
Folder 3Meeting with Superintendents. — 1902
Folder 4Neuron Theory. — 1902
Folder 5Plan of the Cord Talk. — 1902
Folder 6Courses to State Physicians. — 1903
Folder 7Pathological Institute, Lectures. — 1903
Folder 8-10Discussion of Cooperation between the State Hospitals and the Institute. — 1903
Folder 11Examination for Aphasic Patients. — 1903
Folder 12-13Examination of Cases. — 1903
Folder 14-17Traumatic Psychoses. — 1903
Folder 18Neurology. — 1903
Folder 19Notes. — 1903
Folder 20Willard State Hospital, notes for talk. — 1903
Folder 21Case-Taking in Mental Disease. — 1904
Folder 22Family History, Physical Examination, Mental States. — 1904
Folder 23Neurology Course. — 1904
Folder 24Talk to Hospital Physicians. — 1904
Folder 25Hysteria. — 1905
Folder 26Senile Dementia. — 1905
Folder 27Lecture Notes. — 1905
Folder 28-32General Paralysis. — 1905
Folder 33-38Paranoic States. — 1905
Folder 39-40Neurology Course. — 1905
Folder 41-42Miscellaneous Notes. — 1905
Folder 43-51Cornell, Lectures. — 1905
Folder 52Cornell, The Relation of Mind and Body as Shown by Pathology. — 1905
Folder 53-54Clinic. — 1906
Folder 55-59Lectures to Staff. — 1906
Folder 60Meeting of Down-State Physicians. — 1906
Folder 61-72Cornell, Lectures. — 1906
Folder 73-75Clinic. — 1907
Folder 76-82Lectures. — 1907
Folder 83-87Cornell, Lectures. — 1907
Folder 88Clinic. — 1908
Folder 89-90Examination for Aphasic Patients. — 1908
Folder 91Lecture, draft. — 1908
Folder 92-95Cornell, Clinic. — 1908
Folder 96Cornell, "The Solidarity of Mental Hygiene & Ethical Conceptions", Feb 1908. — 1908
Folder 97-100Cornell, Lectures. — 1908
Folder 101-103Outlines for an Anatomo-Clinical Neurology. — 1909
Folder 104Psychogenic Disorders. — 1909
Folder 105Cornell, Lectures, Notes. — 1909
Folder 106Cornell, Lectures for Jastrow's Class. — 1909
Folder 107-111Lectures on Psychogenesis, Titchener, etc.. — 1909
Folder 112-113Lectures on Medico-Legal Issues. — 1909-1910
Folder 114Diagnosis. — 1909-1910

Unit XI/3:
Teaching Materials, undated
Folder 1Anatomy Course
Folder 2Cerebral Circulation
Folder 3Clinic, Ward's Island
Folder 4-9Clinics
Folder 10The Concept of Substitutive Activity and the Relation of Mental Reaction Types to Psychiatric Nosology
Folder 11The Cortex of the Fissura Calcarina
Folder 12Course of Assistant Physicians
Folder 13-14Definition of Psychiatry
Folder 15Definitions for Baldwin's Dictionary
Folder 16Delirious States
Folder 17-19Dementia Praecox
Folder 20-23Depression
Folder 24Etiology of Insanity
Folder 25Examination for Aphasia
Folder 26Heredity
Folder 27Hysteria
Folder 28Lectures to Staff
Folder 29-35Lectures to Staff?
Folder 36Manic Depression
Folder 37Medical Psychology
Folder 38Mental Diseases and their Bodily Conditions
Folder 39-40Neurology
Folder 41-46Notes on Clinics in Psychopathology
Folder 47The Observation of the Apoplectic Attack
Folder 48Organic Cases
Folder 49-50Outlines for Clinical Work
Folder 51-53Outlines of Case-Taking
Folder 54-55Outlines of Examinations
Folder 56-57Outlines of Mental States
Folder 58Patient's Standpoint, Conditions of Admission
Folder 59Physical Examination
Folder 60Plan of a Course for Superintendents
Folder 61Plan of Work
Folder 62Pluralism
Folder 63Poughkeepsie Scheme
Folder 64Preliminary Observations
Folder 65Psychic Causation
Folder 66Psychology of the Average
Folder 67Psychopathology
Folder 68-70Recurrent Psychoses
Folder 71The Role of Mental Reactions in Our Life and the Inferences on Psychophysical Problem
Folder 72The Use of Symptom-Complexes
Folder 73Miscellaneous

Unit XI/4:
Institutional Records
Folder 1Advisory Board of the NY Institute - Minutes of Meeting
Folder 2-4Case-History Blanks
Folder 5Examination of the Position of Director of the Pathological Institute. — 19 Jan 1909
Folder 6Examination of Physicians
Folder 7Examination material
Folder 8Examination of Brains
Folder 9Expenses
Folder 10Hydrotherapy
Folder 11Instructions to Nurses
Folder 12-14Mental Defectives
Folder 15Notes re staff
Folder 16Plates and Photos
Folder 17Reports, Histological Lab. — 1904-1908
Folder 18Statistical Records
Folder 19Willard State Hospital
Folder 20Miscellaneous

Series XII:
Scientific notes and records: Baltimore. — 1909-1941

Unit XII/1:
Working Notes
Folder 1Action/Adaptation
Folder 2Alcoholism
Folder 3-14Alcoholism and Prohibition
Folder 15All-or-None Principle
Folder 16Allport, Flloyd A.
Folder 17Alzheimer
Folder 18American Attitudes
Folder 19-24Aphasia
Folder 25Aristotle
Folder 26As the Psychiatrist Sees It
Folder 27Aschaffenburg
Folder 28Atomism in Psychiatry
Folder 29Attempts to get near Hale and Morgan
Folder 30Attitude
Folder 31Autistic Trends/Automaton/Autopsy
Folder 32Baade
Folder 33Behaviorism
Folder 34Biography of the Individual
Folder 35The Biological Integrative Levels
Folder 36Bianco, Ignacio Matte
Folder 37Bleuler
Folder 38-39Book, draft. — 1916?
Folder 40Bumke
Folder 41-42Bychowski
Folder 43Catatonic/Cattell/Causation
Folder 44Cerebellum
Folder 45Cerebral Localization
Folder 46Commitment
Folder 47The Common Ground of Personality Function
Folder 48-49Common Sense
Folder 50Complex
Folder 51Conception of a Psychiatric Department
Folder 52Conditioned Reflex
Folder 53-57Consciousness
Folder 58Consensus
Folder 59Constitution/Constitutional Inferiority
Folder 60-67A Cooperative Study of Stupors
Folder 68Coué, Emile
Folder 69-82Crime
Folder 83-84Democracy
Folder 85Diagnosis and Nosology
Folder 86Dissociation/Dos Passos
Folder 87Drives/Drop
Folder 88Dualism
Folder 89Dupre
Folder 90-91Emotion
Folder 92-93Endocrinology
Folder 94-97Ergasia
Folder 98Etiology/Eugenics
Folder 99Experience/Expt. of Nature
Folder 100Explanation
Folder 101Fact
Folder 102Familiarization
Folder 103Fanaticism
Folder 104Fatigue
Folder 105Financial Outlook
Folder 106Foetus/Forebrain
Folder 107Forel
Folder 108Freedom and Solidarity
Folder 109Gaupp
Folder 110General Paresis
Folder 111Gerard/Germany
Folder 112-126Glossary, A-Z
Folder 127-136Glossary, notes
Folder 137Grammatik als Spiegel Weltanschaung
Folder 138Gregor
Folder 139Guirard, P.
Folder 140Hallucinations and Delusions
Folder 141-142Hamilton, G.V.
Folder 143Hartmann, Max
Folder 144Heart
Folder 145Heredity
Folder 146Hierarchies and General Principles
Folder 147The Historical Factor
Folder 148Historical Relations of Psychopathology and Psychiatry
Folder 149Hoffman, H.
Folder 150Hospitals
Folder 151Hypnosis and Suggestion
Folder 152-153Hysteria
Folder 154Immigration and Economy
Folder 155Important Changes During our Life-Time
Folder 156Impotence/Individualism/Initiative
Folder 157Insanity
Folder 158Instinct
Folder 159-162Integration
Folder 163Intelligence Tests
Folder 164Internal Medicine Share of Psychiatry
Folder 165-166Jackson, Hughlings
Folder 167Jaffe's Presentation
Folder 168James, William
Folder 169-171Jaspers, Karl
Folder 172Jealousy
Folder 173Jewitt, Mrs.
Folder 174Johns Hopkins University
Folder 175-177Kahlbaum
Folder 178Klages
Folder 179Kleist, Karl
Folder 180Koehler/Koffka
Folder 181Kolpin, O.
Folder 182-184Kraepelin
Folder 185Kronfeld
Folder 186Labor and New Deal
Folder 187-209Language
Folder 210The Life Stages
Folder 211Lippman, Walter ("Preface to Morals")
Folder 212-213Lovejoy
Folder 214Luerson
Folder 215McDougall, William
Folder 216-232Man
Folder 233Management of Patients
Folder 234Marriage
Folder 235Masturbation
Folder 236Materialism and Idealism
Folder 237Mathes, P.
Folder 238Meaning and Symbolization
Folder 239Mechanism and Vitalism
Folder 240The Medical Situation
Folder 241Medical Training (Adolf Meyer's)
Folder 242Medicine
Folder 243Medico-Legal and Social Issues
Folder 244-254Medium, Record of Interviews with Mrs. B. Massingbird-Rogers. — 1941
Folder 255Melancholia
Folder 256-260Memory
Folder 261Mental and Physical
Folder 262Mental Causation
Folder 263Mental Elements
Folder 264Mental Health Board
Folder 265-272Mental Hygiene
Folder 273Mentation
Folder 274-280Mind-Body Problem
Folder 281Mind-Reading
Folder 282Mobius, P.J.
Folder 283Modern Education
Folder 284-285Moore, Thomas V.
Folder 286Morphology and Function
Folder 287Mosher, J. Montgomery
Folder 288The Motives of Neuropsychiatric Interests
Folder 289The Nature and Responsibility of Philosophy
Folder 290-339Neurology
Folder 340New Psychology
Folder 341Nietzsche
Folder 342Nonconformity
Folder 343-345Nosology
Folder 346Organic Diseases
Folder 347-350Paranoia
Folder 351-352Pathology
Folder 353Patient
Folder 354Patterns
Folder 355-356Pavlov
Folder 357Periodicity
Folder 358Person
Folder 359Personal History and its Factors
Folder 360Personality
Folder 361Personality and Handwriting
Folder 362Personality Study
Folder 363-366Philosophy
Folder 367-380Phipps Clinic, Plans and Notes
Folder 381-395Phipps Clinic, "Full-Time Debate"
Folder 396Physician
Folder 397Physics
Folder 398Physiology/Psychology (notes found in Howell's Physiology, 3rd ed. 1910)
Folder 399-400Pluralism
Folder 401-402Politics
Folder 403The Press
Folder 404Protective Agreement for the Mentally Ill
Folder 405Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Pagan
Folder 406Psychiatric Education
Folder 407-417Psychiatry
Folder 418Psychiatry in Switzerland (1927)
Folder 419Psychic Research
Folder 420Psychophysical Parallelism
Folder 421-522Psychoanalysis
Folder 523-541Psychobiology
Folder 542Psychological Testing
Folder 543The Psychologist & the New Deal
Folder 544-564Psychology
Folder 565Psychology of the Family
Folder 566Psychoneuroses
Folder 567-576Psychopathology
Folder 577Race Question/Rapport
Folder 578Reaction & Responsiveness
Folder 579-606Religion
Folder 607Research in Psychiatry
Folder 608Responsibility
Folder 609Ribot
Folder 610Rural vs. City Conditions
Folder 611Russia
Folder 612-624Schizophrenia
Folder 625Schools as Grading Mechanisms
Folder 626-631Science
Folder 632Science & Common Sense
Folder 633Self
Folder 634Semantics & the Mind-Body Problem
Folder 635Senility
Folder 636Sensation
Folder 637Senses & Sense
Folder 638-739Sex
Folder 740-750Singer, Douglas
Folder 751-752Sleep
Folder 753Socialized Medicine
Folder 754Sociology
Folder 755Solidarity
Folder 756Soul/Spanish/Speech
Folder 757Spontaneity
Folder 758State Government
Folder 759Stekel, Wilhelm
Folder 760Stigma
Folder 761Strong, C.A.
Folder 762The Study of Human Behavior (1914)
Folder 763The Study of Sensibility
Folder 764Stupor
Folder 765Subconsciousness
Folder 766-768Subject-Organization
Folder 769Subject vs. Reflex
Folder 770Subjective Data
Folder 771Subjectivity & Objectivity
Folder 772Substitutions/ Suggestibility
Folder 773Suicide
Folder 774Symbolization
Folder 775Symptomatology
Folder 776Tansley
Folder 777Teaching
Folder 778-784Therapy
Folder 785Thomas, W.I.
Folder 786Thought Transference & Telepathy
Folder 787Time & Space
Folder 788-792Titchener
Folder 793Trade Unions/Trotter
Folder 794Type of Personality
Folder 795Unrest
Folder 796van Gieson, Ira
Folder 797Vygotski
Folder 798-801War
Folder 802-803Watson
Folder 804What is a Psychiatric Case?
Folder 805Whitehorn
Folder 806-807Wholes & Parts
Folder 808-843zMiscellaneous, dated
Folder 844-895Miscellaneous, undated

Unit XII/2:
Teaching Materials (typed manuscripts): Early Lectures (1910-1919)
Folder 1-31910
Folder 4-151911
Folder 16-231912
Folder 24-521913
Folder 53-831914
Folder 84-1211915
Folder 122-1491916
Folder 150-2081917
Folder 209-2571918
Folder 258-2901919
Folder 291-307Miscellaneous. — 1919 and other dates

Unit XII/3:
Typed manuscripts: First-Year Course
Folder 1-21920
Folder 3-61922
Folder 7-131923
Folder 14-241924
Folder 25-321925
Folder 33-411926
Folder 42-591927
Folder 60-631928
Folder 64-701929
Folder 71-811930
Folder 82-961931
Folder 971932
Folder 98-1081933
Folder 109-1181934
Folder 119-1281935
Folder 129-1381936
Folder 139-1481937
Folder 149-1671938
Folder 168-1841939
Folder 185-2031940
Folder 204-2111941
Folder 212-256Miscellaneous

Unit XII/4:
Typed manuscripts: Second-Year Course
Folder 1-241920
Folder 25-341921
Folder 35-481922
Folder 49-511923
Folder 521924
Folder 531927
Folder 54-821928
Folder 83-1061929
Folder 107-1201930
Folder 121-1331931
Folder 134-1481932
Folder 149-1611933
Folder 162-1771934
Folder 178-1831935
Folder 184-1891936
Folder 190-1971937
Folder 198-2061938
Folder 207-2151939
Folder 216-2221940
Folder 223-2261941
Folder 227-249Miscellaneous

Unit XII/5:
Typed Manuscripts: Third-Year Course
Folder 1-111920
Folder 12-391921
Folder 40-471922
Folder 48-711923
Folder 72-981924
Folder 99-1021925
Folder 103-1101926
Folder 111-1251927
Folder 126-1521928
Folder 153-1661929
Folder 167-1771930
Folder 178-1871931
Folder 188-1951932
Folder 196-2061933
Folder 207-2171934
Folder 218-2291935
Folder 230-2451936
Folder 246-2651937
Folder 266-2721938
Folder 273-2871939
Folder 288-3051940
Folder 3061941
Folder 307-353Miscellaneous

Unit XII/6:
Typed Manuscripts: Fourth-Year Course
Folder 1-121920
Folder 13-231921
Folder 24-361923
Folder 37-591924
Folder 60-691925
Folder 70-801926
Folder 811927
Folder 82-951928
Folder 961930
Folder 971931
Folder 981932
Folder 99-1121937
Folder 113-1211938
Folder 122-1311939
Folder 132-1461940
Folder 147-1591941
Folder 160-180Miscellaneous

Unit XII/7:
Typed Manuscripts: Brain Reconstruction Course
Folder 1-21922
Folder 3-71923
Folder 8-191925
Folder 20-271926
Folder 281927
Folder 291928
Folder 30-311929
Folder 32-341930
Folder 35-421931
Folder 431933/1934
Folder 441935
Folder 45-461936
Folder 47-481937
Folder 491938
Folder 501939
Folder 51-531940
Folder 54-98Miscellaneous

Unit XII/8:
Typed Manuscripts: Psychobiology Elective
Folder 1-61920
Folder 7-131930
Folder 14-231931
Folder 24-301932
Folder 31-381933
Folder 39-401934
Folder 41-511935
Folder 52-691936
Folder 70-851937
Folder 86-991938
Folder 100-1131939
Folder 114-1271940

Unit XII/9:
Typed Manuscripts: Psychiatry Elective
Folder 1-4

Unit XII/10:
Typed Manuscripts: Monday Clinic
Folder 1-37

Unit XII/11:
Typed Manuscripts: Special Topics, Emotions
Folder 1-53

Unit XII/12:
Typed Manuscripts: Special Topics, Sex
Folder 1-32

Unit XII/13:
Typed Manuscripts: Special Topics, Reaction Types
Folder 1-63

Unit XII/14:
Typed Manuscripts: Questions and Answers, (by course)
Folder 1-130

Unit XII/15:
Typed Manuscripts: Mimeographed Material
Folder 1-83

Unit XII/16:
Typed Manuscripts: Examination Material
Folder 1-51

Unit XII/17:
Typed Manuscripts: Lectures to and by Staff
Folder 1Resume of Dr. Campbell's Three Lectures on Hysteria & the Psychoneuroses. — 1913
Folder 2Harrowes. — 1930
Folder 3-13Adolf Meyer's talks to Staff
Folder 14-19Lectures of Esther Richards

Unit XII/18:
Typed Manuscripts: Psychobiology Discussions with Staff
Folder 1-98

Unit XII/19:
Typed Manuscripts: Psychiatry Course for Nurses
Folder 1-7

Unit XII/20:
Typed Manuscripts: Library Materials
Folder 1-122

Unit XII/21:
Typed Manuscripts: Miscellaneous, dated
Folder 1-77

Unit XII/22:
Typed Manuscripts: Miscellaneous, undated
Folder 1-333

Unit XII/23:
Institutional Records: Staff Conferences
Folder 1-31929
Folder 4-261931
Folder 27-1071932
Folder 108-1811933
Folder 182-2501934
Folder 251-3331935
Folder 334-4291936
Folder 430-5161937
Folder 517-6131938
Folder 614-7041939
Folder 705-7901940
Folder 791-8351941

Unit XII/24:
Institutional Records: Other
Folder 1-35Miscellaneous charts, test material, examination blanks
Folder 36-51Notes & records re organization of department routine
Folder 52-107Notes, reports, etc. re staff activities, duties, and notes re curriculum
Folder 108-116Lectures by Paul Schilder. — 1929-1930
Folder 117-121Miscellaneous staff material

Series XIII:
Published and unpublished articles, talks and reviews

Unit XIII/1:
Salmon Lectures
Folder 1-12Lecture I, Introduction & Spirit of Presentation
Folder 13-22Lecture I, History
Folder 23-30Lecture I, Present Day Trends
Folder 31-35Lecture I, Integration
Folder 36-45Lecture I, Personality Study
Folder 46-47Lecture I, Science
Folder 48-54Lecture I, Language
Folder 55-59Lecture I, Conclusions & Miscellaneous
Folder 60-82Lecture I, Difficulties
Folder 83-117Lecture II
Folder 118-142Lecture III
Folder 143-156Miscellaneous
Folder 157-163Copies used toward published lectures
Folder 164-255Early drafts

Unit XIII/2:
Other Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Folder 1-148Drafts of dated talks, reviews, articles
Folder 149-219Drafts of undated talks, reviews, articles

Series XIV:
Photographs, diplomas, honorary degrees, licenses

Restrictions on access:
For access, apply to Archivist

Series XV:
Confidential correspondence and medical records

Restrictions on access: