Series V:
Records of the Pavlovian Society
    Brief History of the Society
    The Pavlovian Society was founded in 1955, at a celebration of the Johns Hopkins Pavlovian Laboratory's 25th Anniversary. Gantt wished not only to provide a forum for Pavlovian psychiatry, but also to create an interdisciplinary society, where physiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists could meet on equal terms, a society not "dominated by authoritarian psychoanalysts." (Gantt to Reese, May 10, 1955. Box 97/2). As he wrote in the preamble to the Society's constitution, Gantt hoped that "productivity and originality," rather than formal regulations, would characterize society proceedings. (Preamble, Constitution Pavlovian Society. Box 97/4). This hope translated into a loosely organized governing structure, dominated by Gantt himself. He selected new members, hand picked officers, and even furnished the money for awards and secretarial help. Eventually several of the members began to chafe at Gantt's control, and an "Ad Hoc Committee on Future Directions" was formed in 1974. Although the direction of the Society eventually passed into other hands, it retained its focus on conditioning and associative processes, reflecting Gantt's continued influence, and by its very existence gave testimony to Gantt's unremitting devotion to Pavlovian principles. In 1985, the first of the Gantt Memorial Lectures was given at the annual meeting of the Society.

Sub-series V/A:
Records of the Pavlovian Society
    These records include founding documents, minutes of executive committees, membership records, records of the secretary/treasurer, publicity, and correspondence. Information regarding the Society's policies and activities is found in Gantt's voluminous correspondence with officers, prospective members, and other scientists. In addition, Gantt issued hundreds of invitations to join the society or to attend meetings, but this correspondence is mostly pro forma. The minutes of committee meetings are sketchy, but the collection does include a complete run of Society programs up to 1980, many annotated by Gantt. The records of the Secretary/treasurer, an office held by Harry A. Teitelbaum for most of Gantt's lifetime, reveal the Society's financial straits and Gantt's personal sacrifices to keep it alive.
Folder 97/1Gantt's founding proposal. — 1955
Folder 97/2Suggestions for newsletter. — 1956
Folder 97/3"Retrospect and Prospect". — 1956
Folder 97/4Pavlovian Society Constitution. — 1964
Folder 97/5Pavlovian Society Constitution, revised versions. — 1975-1978
Folder 97/6-23General correspondence, to and from Gantt. — Jul 7 1943-Dec 29 1975
Folder 98/1-6General correspondence, to and from Gantt. — Jan 6 1976-Mar 11 1980
Folder 98/7Minutes of business and executive committee meetings. — 1955, 1956, 1974-1976
Folder 98/8-9Secretary-treasurer, general correspondence, Teitelbaum. — Aug 22 1968-Feb 13 1980
Folder 98/10Secretary-treasurer, financial reports. — 1961-1977
Folder 98/11-13Secretary-treasurer, correspondence concerning dues and membership fees. — 1955-1980
Folder 98/14Secretary-treasurer, requests for corporate funding. — Feb 8 1968-Dec 16 1975
Folder 98/15Secretary-treasurer, correspondence concerning reimbursement of speakers' expenses. — Dec 15 1975-Dec 29 1975
Folder 98/16-17Secretary-treasurer, correspondence relating to travel and accommodations. — Feb 4 1966-1978
Folder 98/18-19Secretary-treasurer, correspondence concerning annual banquet. — Oct 24 1966-Jan 4 1974
Folder 99/1-2Secretary-treasurer, memos--unorganized. — 1957-1979
Folder 99/3-5Miscellaneous business correspondence. — 1958-1978
Folder 99/6-7Secretary-treasurer, bank statements. — 1967-1977
Folder 99/8-12Secretary-treasurer, receipts and purchase orders (unorganized)
Folder 99/13Pavlovian Society medallion--facsimile drawing
Folder 100/1-14Pavlovian Society membership lists. — 1961-1979
Folder 100/15-17Membership applications, A-D
Folder 101/1-11Membership applications, E-Z
Folder 102/1-4General announcements to members. — 1960-1980
Folder 102/5-28Membership invitations and responses. — 1955-1969
Folder 103/1-27Membership invitations and responses. — 1970-1980
Folder 104/1Ballots voting for meeting-place-time-symposia topics. — 1969
Folder 104/2Ballots voting for meeting-place-time-symposia topics. — 1972
Folder 104/3Registration lists, annual meetings. — 1971-1975
Folder 104/4P. — Plans for 1956 meeting
Folder 104/5Programs of meetings. — 1955, 1956, 1961, 1962, 1967
Folder 104/6-7Programs of meetings. — 1968-1980
Folder 104/8Dinner address, B. F. Skinner--"Some Responses to the Stimulus 'Pavlov'". — 1966
Folder 104/9Abstracts of papers presented. — 1962
Folder 104/10Abstracts of papers presented. — 1966-1967
Folder 104/11G. — Gantt notes on symposium 1969 meeting
Folder 104/12-13Abstracts of papers presented. — 1969-1970
Folder 104/14-16Abstracts of papers presented. — 1972-1979
Folder 104/17Awards. — 1966-1978
Folder 104/18Concerning presentation of Gantt's bust. — 1974
Folder 104/19Publicity. — 1955-1968
Folder 104/20Early history of the Pavlovian Society--by William G. Reese. — 1982

Sub-series V/B:
Records of the Pavlovian Society's journal
    The Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science was first published in 1966, under the title Conditional Reflex. Gantt was senior editor from its founding until his death in 1980. During his fourteen-year tenure, Gantt was also a chief contributor to the Journal. His editorials, articles, and reviews provide an excellent overview of his work and philosophy. Gantt was also responsible for the administration of the Journal's production and business affairs. Though J. B. Lippincott underwrote and published the Journal, Gantt was responsible for ensuring subscriptions and arranging contributions of articles.
    Along with issues of the Journal, the records include manuscripts of Gantt's editorials and reviews, as well as correspondence. The correspondence (approximately 3,400 letters) includes general correspondence, subscription correspondence, correspondence with Lippincott, and correspondence regarding papers to be submitted for publication. Most of the correspondence focuses not so much on content as on the difficulties of publishing: financial difficulties, complaints about papers never published, subscriptions not filled, inadequate advertising by Lippincott, late proofs, etc.
Folder 105/1"Purposes and Editorial Policy of Pavlovian Journal". — 1965
Folder 105/2Voting records for title. — 1965
Folder 105/3Lists of editorial board. — 1966-1974
Folder 105/4Secretarial guidelines and schedules
Folder 105/5Publicity. — 1965-1974
Folder 105/6Subscription list. — n.d.
Folder 105/7-21Correspondence, general. — May 20 1955-Feb 5 1980
Folder 105/22-34Correspondence, subscription. — Aug 19 1965-Feb 12 1980
Folder 106/1-12Correspondence with publisher, general. — Jun 6 1962-Oct 8 1979
Folder 106/13-23Correspondence with publisher concerning production. — Jan 14 1966-Apr 19 1979
Folder 107/1-26Correspondence concerning submissions. — Feb 27 1965-Apr 19 1979
Folder 108/1-23Correspondence concerning submissions. — Jan 5 1972-Dec 29 1971
Folder 109/1Correspondence, orders for Gantt's reprints. — n.d.
Folder 109/2Gantt editorial, The meaning of the cardiac condition reflex. — 1966
Folder 109/3Gantt editorials. — 1966
Folder 109/4Gantt editorial, Conditioned and conditional. — 1966
Folder 109/5Gantt editorial, Humility in science. — 1967
Folder 109/6Gantt editorial, Conditioned senility. — 1967
Folder 109/7Gantt editorial, Pavlov's higher nervous activity. — 1968
Folder 109/8Gantt editorial, Inhibition. — 1968
Folder 109/9Gantt editorial, Organ responsibility, negative exp, and bandwagon research. — 1970
Folder 109/10Gantt editorial, Organ system responsibility. — 1971
Folder 109/11Gantt editorial, A fragmentary critique of the conditional reflex concept and visceral conditioning after 72 years. — 1972
Folder 109/12Gantt editorial, Analysis of effect of person. — 1972
Folder 109/13Gantt editorial, Pattern of scientific research. — 1972
Folder 109/14Gantt editorial, Pain, conditioning and schizokinesis. — 1973
Folder 109/15Gantt editorial, Objective and subjective: pain. — 1973
Folder 109/16Gantt editorial, Autokinesis, schizokinesis, and organ system responsibility. — 1974
Folder 109/17Gantt editorial, Pollution in science. — 1975
Folder 109/18Gantt editorial, Conditioning and mental disorder. — 1976
Folder 109/19Gantt editorial, Patty Hearst, brainwashing, and Pavlov. — 1976
Folder 109/20Gantt editorial, Experimental preventive psychology. — 1976
Folder 109/21Gantt editorial, The objective and subjective. — 1976
Folder 109/22Gantt editorial, Bicentennial editorial. — 1976
Folder 109/23Gantt editorial, Autokinesis and proflex. — 1977
Folder 109/24Gantt editorial, E. Cowles Andrus (1896-1978) eighth President of the Pavlovian Society. — 1978
Folder 109/25Gantt editorial, Century's ebb. — 1978
Folder 109/26Gantt editorial, Do consciousness and free will require physical energy. — 1978
Folder 109/27Gantt editorial, B. F. Skinner shapes American behaviorism. — 1979
Folder 109/28Gantt editorial, Operant and classical. — 1979
Folder 109/29Gantt editorial, The role of teleology in higher nervous activity. — 1979
Folder 109/30Gantt editorial, Biofeedback and the changing vestments of science. — 1979
Folder 109/31Gantt editorial, Biocontact as an element in the effect of person. — 1979
Folder 109/32Gantt editorial, Is there a science of the internal universe?. — 1979
Folder 109/33Gantt editorial, Philosophy and higher nervous activity. — 1979
Folder 109/34Gantt review, Biofeedback and self-control. — 1971
Folder 109/35Gantt review, Book by Luria. — 1966
Folder 109/36Gantt review, A Biologist Remembers, by Karl Frisch. — 1969
Folder 109/37Gantt reviews. — 1968-1979, undated
Folder 109/38Gantt review, Conditional Reflexes and Neuron Organization, by Jerzy Konorski
Folder 109/39Gantt review, Biofeedback and the Internal Universe, by R. W. Sperry
Folder 109/40Gantt review, Biology and Neurophysiology of the Conditional Reflex and its Role in Adaptive Behavior, by Anokhin. — 1975
Folder 109/41Gantt review, Reflex Epilepsy, Behavioral Therapy, and Conditional Reflexes, by Francis Forster. — 1979
Folder 109/42Gantt review, Congruent Psychophysiological Principles of Covert Behavior, by F. J. McGuigan. — 1979
Folder 109/43Gantt review, Higher Cortical Functions of Man, by A. R. Luria. — 1979
Folder 109/44Gantt review, Kempf on Lincoln. — 1970
Folder 109/45Gantt review, Skinner autobiography. — 1979
Folder 109/46Gantt on symposium, "Mechanisms of behavior". — 1971
Box 110Pavlovian Journal: Issues of Conditional Reflex. — 1966-1972
    Missing v. 5 no.2, 4; v. 6; v. 7, no. 3
Box 111Issues of Conditional Reflex. — 1973
Box 111Issues of Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science. — 1974-79
    Missing v. 12, 1-3