Series VII:
Notes - Scientific and Personal
    Notes, which Gantt typically wrote on scraps of paper and in program margins, cover the entire range of his activities, though the majority are concerned with his scientific research. Many are written in Gantt's modified shorthand. Since he dated most of these, they have been filed chronologically. Typical notes concern possible research topics, notes of lectures and meetings, observations on research, and thoughts on various topics, such as a comparison of Freud and Pavlov. Scientific topics are interspersed with notes on personal and political matters, such as "Very important notes from E. Berlin, Aug. 1957." Of special interest is a group of 1957 notes written in Russian for a series of lectures he gave in the Soviet Union that year. Other notes that make extensive references to Pavlov and to Gantt's years in Russia appear in 1952, 1953, 1955, and 1957.
    The same range of topics is covered in a series of 22 notebooks (1934-1978).
Box 169-172General Notes. — 1932-1979
Box 173-174Notebooks. — 1934-1978