Sub-series VIII/C:
Articles and Reviews by Other Authors
    Manuscripts by others about medical science in the Soviet Union include articles by Lewellys F. Barker (1932), A. I. Geimanovitch (n.d.), Adolf Meyer (1932), Harry Timbres (1936), and one unknown author. John N. Hazard, an American law student at Moscow Law Institute, sent sixty mimeographed letters to Walter S. Rogers of the Institute of Current World Affairs, New York City. Hazard writes in detail about the Soviet Union from 1934-1939. Rogers also received (and forwarded to Gantt) a 7-page letter from London, May 1, 1939, and a 27-page report about Russia from Samuel N. Harper. Maurice Hindus, a Russian-born American journalist, is represented by typed extracts of an address which he delivered to the Baltimore Jewish Women Club, November 4, 1958.
    Printed copies of speeches by Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (5 speeches, 1939-1940), Joseph V. Stalin (1 speech, March 10, 1939), and Klimenti Yefremovich Voroshilov (1 speech, March 14, 1939) are also included.
Folder 195/1Andersson, Bengt, excerpts from novel "Kremls Klockor" by Arvo Tuominen, translated from the Finnish by Andersson (?); excerpts concern Stalin support of Pavlov. — 1958
Folder 195/2Babkin, B. P., typescript - I. P. Pavlov, biographical sketch, 10 pp.. — n.d.
Folder 195/3Barker, Lewellys F., typescript of address to Johns Hopkins Medical Historical Club, Baltimore, Medicine in Soviet Russia, 27 pp.. — 1932
Folder 195/4Barker, Lewellys F., offprint from The Scientific Monthly, Medical and other conditions in Soviet Russia, 33 pp.. — Jul 1932
Folder 195/5Brozek, Josef, Recent Russian books in psychology. — Jul 7 1964
Folder 195/6Frolov, Uri P., typescript (from the American-Soviet Medical Society), Scientific inheritance of Pavlov during World War 2, 19 pp., in Russian. — n.d.
Folder 195/7Giemanovitch, A. I., manuscript, 10 Years of Soviet neuropsychiatry, 11 pp.. — n.d.
Folder 195/8Harper, Samuel N., mimeograph letter to Walter S. Rogers, Institute of Current World Affairs, New York City, from London, 7 pp., discusses Churchill, Chamberlain and relations with Russia. — May 1 1939
Folder 195/9Harper, Samuel N., mimeographed report to Walter S. Rogers, A sixth visit to the Soviet Union, 27 pp.. — Jul 26 1939
Folder 195/10-15Hazard, John N., mimeographed letters to Walter S. Rogers. — 1934-1939
    Letters to Walter S. Rogers, including 51 from Moscow, 1 from Leningrad, 1 from Lwow, Poland, 6 from Chicago, and 1 aboard ship; in addition there is 1 letter to Hazard's family (a typed original), Nov 16 1934. Enclosed with the letters are mimeographed reports, Correcting misinterpretations of Soviet law, 8 pp., and A new voting procedure for the Soviet Union, 17 pp. 1937. The letters were written while Hazard was a law student at the Moscow Law Institute.
Folder 195/16Hazard, John N., eight offprints of articles written by Hazard about law and the Soviet Union. — 1936-1939
Folder 195/17Hindus, Maurice, typed extracts, address to Baltimore Jewish Women Club; extracts appear to be Gantt's. — Nov 4 1958
Folder 195/18Lebensohn, Zigmond M (?), diary (copy), Berlin, Russia, pp. 1-46. — 1957 (?)
Folder 195/19Lebensohn, Zigmond M (?), diary, pp. 47-95. — 1957 (?)
Folder 195/20Lebensohn, Zigmond M (?), diary, pp. 96-136. — 1957 (?)
Folder 195/21MacMillan, Malcolm, xerox of paper, Pavlov's typology, 25 pp.. — n.d.
Folder 195/22Markarob, Peter O., outline of speech, The life and work of Pavlov, 3 pp.. — Mar 12 1966
Folder 195/23Meyer, Adolf (?), notes and typescript, Meyer's impression of Russia, 5 pp.. — 1932 (?)
Folder 195/24Meyer, Adolf, typescript discussing Pavlov's conditioning and Meyer's concept of ergasia, 2 pp.. — 1940
Folder 195/25Molotov, V. M., Stenographed speeches
Stenographed speech (2 copies), Moscow, reporting to the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the Third Five Year Plan, 26 pp.. — Mar 15 1939
Stenographed speech, Moscow, at session of Supreme Soviet, concerning the ratification of the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, 12 pp. Molotov is speaking as Commissar of Foreign Affairs. — Aug 31 1939
Stenographed official note, typed, handed to the Polish Ambassador in Moscow, announcing the impending occupation of Poland, 1 p.. — Sep 17 1939
Stenographed speech for radio broadcast, Moscow, to the citizens of Russia concerning the occupation of Poland, 3 pp.. — Sep 17 1939
Stenographed speech, Moscow at Sixth Session of Supreme Soviet, 19 pp.. — Mar 29 1939
Folder 195/26Popowsky, Alexander, typescript, Pawlow, in German, 85 pp.. — n.d.
Folder 195/27Reese, William, Dykman, Roscoe, Peters, John, xerox of paper, Pavlovian conditioning and American psychiatry, 14 pp.. — Jul 14 1964
Folder 195/28Smith, William B., typescript, Pavlov: Conditioned reflexes, 54 pp., and a letter from Smith to Gantt, Columbia, MO. — n.d.-Oct 3 1931
Folder 195/29Stalin, Joseph V., stenograph of speech addressing the Eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party, 27 pp.. — Mar 10 1939
Folder 195/30Timbres, Harry, carbon copy of letter, Moscow, to Clarence E. Pickett, 5 pp. . — Aug 9 1936
    Timbres is working for the Health Department in Lopatino, Russia. He writes of conditions in Russia, the Physical Culture Parade on July 6, the death of Gorky, death of Karpinsky, proposed law abolishing abortions and quotes extensively from the New Constitution.
Folder 195/31Voroshilov, K. E., stenograph of speech, Moscow, at the Eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party, 16 pp.. — Mar 14 1939
    Voroshilov was People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR.
Folder 195/32Wells, H. G., quote from Experiment in autobiography, p. 698, concerns Well's meeting with Pavlov. — 1934
Folder 195/33Wood, W. Preston II (?), typescript of article for We the People(?), 4 pp., concerns the alleged application of Pavlov's methods to the creation of Super athletes and super soldiers and super workers. — 1951
Folder 195/34Unknown, typescript, B. M. J. Article entitled Public health in Soviet Russia, 8 pp.. — n.d.
Folder 195/35Unknown, MS notes, Thoughts on the bank of the river, 3 pp.. — Mar 1966

Sub-series VIII/D:
Reviews and Forewords by W. Horsley Gantt
Folder 196/1Review - Sigerist, Henry, Socialized Medicine in the Soviet Union. — 1937
Folder 196/2Review - Rhine, J. B., New Frontiers of the Mind. — Nov 3 1937
Folder 196/3Review - Jayson, L. M., Mania. — 1937
Folder 196/4Review - Folov, Y. P., Pavlov and His School. — 1937
Folder 196/5Review - Peterson, Houston, The Lonely Debate. — 1938
Folder 196/6Review - Johnson, Hewlett, Soviet Power. — 1941
Folder 196/7Review - Maier, Norman, Studies of Abnormal Behavior in the Rat. — 1939
Folder 196/8Review - Muncie, Wendell, Psychobiology and Psychiatry: A Textbook of Normal and Abnormal Human Behavior. — 1939
Folder 196/9Review - Bykov, K. M., Cerebral Cortex and the Internal Organs, and Beritov, J. S., Ed., Transactions of the Beritashvili Physiological Institute. — 1944
Folder 196/10Review - Halstead, Ward C., Brain and Intelligence. — 1948
Folder 196/11Review - Konorski, Jerzy, Conditional Reflexes and Neuron Organization. — 1949
Folder 196/12Review - Babkin, Pavlov: A Biography. — 1949
Folder 196/13Review - Babkin, B. P., Pavlov: A Biography. — 1951
Folder 196/14Review - Notter, Schoenfeld, Bersh, Conditioned Heart Rate Response in Humans during Experimental Anxiety. — 1951
Folder 196/15Review - book by Smith, K. V.. — 1951
Folder 196/16Review - Salter, Andrew, Conditioned Reflex Therapy. — Jan 10 1951
Folder 196/17Review - Ischlondsky, N., Brain and Behavior. — Jan 15 1951
Folder 196/18Review - Wortis, Joseph, Soviet Psychiatry. — Dec 15 1951
Folder 196/19Review - Ischlondsky, Brain and Behavior. — 1953
Folder 196/20Review - Bauer, The New Man in Soviet Psychology. — Mar 1953
Folder 196/21Review - Poffenberger, ed., Modern Learning Theory. — Nov 23 1954
Folder 196/22Review - Mayer, Charles, Man, Mind, or Matter. — Apr 9 1955
Folder 196/23Review - Schultz, J. N., Grundfragen der Neurosenlehre. — 1956
Folder 196/24Review - Van Pelt, S. J., Hypnotic Suggestion. — 1956
Folder 196/25Review - Koshtoyants, K. S., ed., Pavlov: Selected Works. — 1957
Folder 196/26Review - Sargent, Battle for the Mind. — Aug 4 1959
Folder 196/27Review - Cammer, Leonard, Conditioning and Psychiatric Theory. — Mar 18 1960
Folder 196/28Review - Malis, G. V., Etiology of Schizophrenia. — Jul 29 1960
Folder 196/29Review - Professor Gutmann's article. — Oct 21 1960
Folder 196/30Review - Sokolov, Perception and the Conditional Reflex. — 1964
Folder 196/31Review - Uznadze, The Psychology of Set. — Mar 1968
Folder 196/32Review - Russkikh and Banschkov, Pathological Anatomy and Pathogenesis of Psychiatric Diseases. — 1971
Folder 196/33Review - Anokhin, Petr, Pavlov. — Mar 17 1975
Folder 196/34Review - Cullen, Experimental Behavior: A Basis for the Study of Mental Disturbance. — Oct 15 1975
Folder 196/35Review - Anokhin, Petr, A Biology and Neurophysiology of the CR and its Role in Adaptive Behavior. — 1976
Folder 196/36Review - Forster, Reflex Epilepsy, Behavioral Therapy, and Conditional Reflexes. — May 1979
Folder 196/37Review - Speransky, A Basis for the Theory of Medicine. — n.d.
Folder 196/38Introduction - Bykov, K. M., Cortex and Internal Organs. — 1944
Folder 196/39Foreword - Wortis, Review of Soviet Psychiatry. — 1950
Folder 196/40Foreword - Brown, Clinton, Electronic Instrumentation for the Behavioral Sciences. — Jun 1957
Folder 196/41Foreword - book by Astrup. — 1961
Folder 196/42Foreword - Ban, Conditioning and Psychiatry. — 1964
Folder 196/43Foreword - Astrup, New Concepts in Pavlovian Psychiatry. — 1965
Folder 196/44Introduction - Rehabilitation of Psychiatric Patients. — 1972
Folder 196/45Foreword - book by Reese. — n.d.
Folder 196/46Preface - Anrep, trans., book by Pavlov. — n.d.

Sub-series VIII/E:
Reviews of Gantt's work
Folder 196/47Collected reviews of Russian Medicine. — 1937-1945
Folder 196/48Discussions of papers presented by Gantt. — 1938-1944
Folder 196/49Reviews of Gantt's translations of Pavlov. — 1941-1942
Folder 196/50Collected reviews of Experimental Basis for Neurotic Behavior. — 1944-1947
Folder 196/51Discussion of Gantt's paper, A physiological basis for nervous dysfunction. — 1945
Folder 196/52Duflo's review of Experimental Basis of Neurotic Behavior. — 1946
Folder 196/53Young's review of Fridland, The Achievement of Soviet Medicine, edited by Gantt. — 1961
Folder 196/54Collected reviews of The Physiological Basis of Psychiatry. — 1962
Folder 196/55Reviews of Astrup's book, Schizophrenia: Conditional Reflex Studies, written for Lectures in Objective Psychiatry, edited by Gantt. — 1962-1968
Folder 196/56Review of Pavlovian Psychiatry in America: Razran, Gregory, Russian Physiologists' Psychology and American Experimental Psychology. — 1963
Folder 196/57Review of Gantt's place in American Pavlovian Psychiatry: Razran, Gregory, The Place of the Conditioned Reflex in Psychology and Psychiatry: Reply to Reese, Dykman, and Peters. — 1964
Folder 196/58Gantt's Reply to Razran. — Mar 1965
Folder 196/59Reviews of Sem-Jacobsen, C. W., Depth-Electographic Stimulation of the Human Brain and Behavior, written for Lectures in Objective Psychiatry, ed. by Gantt. — 1969-1970
Folder 196/60Reviews of Lehmann, Heinz E., and Ban, Thomas A., Pharmacotherapy of Tension and Anxiety, written for Lectures in Objective Psychiatry, ed. by Gantt. — 1970-1973
Folder 196/61Reviews of Caldwell, A. E., Origins of Psychopharmacology from CPZ to LSD, written for Lectures in Objective Psychiatry, ed. by Gantt,. — 1973
Folder 196/62Review of Cullen, J. W., Legacies in the Study of Behavior, written for Lectures in Objective Psychiatry, ed. by Gantt. — 1976
Folder 196/63Review of report by Gantt, in Russian. — n.d.
Folder 196/64Review by Lieberman of Gantt's contribution to The Central Nervous System and Behavior. — n.d.