Sub-series VIII/F:
Scientific Papers by W. Horsley Gantt et al. — 1922-1978
    In his long scientific career, Gantt published nearly 200 scientific papers. The collection contains manuscripts of 107 of these, together with manuscripts of c.145 apparently unpublished experiments. Two of the papers date from the early 1920s, and these concern surgical technique. The remaining manuscripts date from the early 1930s to 1978.
Folder 197/1Gantt, A combined method of testing the stomach, pancreas, liver and gall bladder, with report of cases, unpublished. — 1922
Folder 197/2Gantt, A modified form of duodenal tube, unpublished. — 1923
Folder 197/3Gantt and Muncie, Analysis of the mental defect in chronic Korsakov's psychosis by means of the CR method, Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. LXXX (Jun 1942), pp. 467-487. — 1929-1936
Folder 197/4Gantt, CR as a method of investigation of the sensorium of the cataleptic patient, unpublished. — 1931 (?)
Folder 197/5Gantt, Experimental neuroses in dogs, unpublished, read before the American College of Physicians. — 1931
Folder 197/6Gantt, The relationship between the process of excitation and inhibition according to the CR method of Pavlov, unpublished. — 1932
Folder 197/7Gantt, Adrenalin, unpublished. — 1934
Folder 197/8Gantt, Effect of alcohol on cortical and subcortical activity, Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 56 (Feb 1935), pp. 61-83. — 1934
Folder 197/9Gantt and Loucks, R. B., Humoral conditioning in mammals, Journal of Psychology, V. 4 (1937), pp. 295-307. — 1935
Folder 197/10Gantt, Loucks, R. B., and Katzenelbogen, S., Conditioned responses to repeated adrenalin injections, (Humoral Conditioning, Folder 2). — 1935
Folder 197/11Gantt, Effects of alcohol on cortical and subcortical activity, (see above, Folder 8). — 1935
Folder 197/12Gantt, Presentation before 2nd International Neurology Congress, unpublished. — 1935
Folder 197/13Gantt, CR method as an approach to the study of brain function, unpublished. — 1935
Folder 197/14-15Gantt, An experimental approach to psychiatry, unpublished. — 1935
Folder 197/16Gantt and Light, J. S., Essential part of the reflex arc for the establishment of CR: Formation of CR after exclusion of motor peripheral end, Journal of Comparative Psychology, V. 21 (Feb 1936), pp. 19-36. — 1935
Folder 197/17Gantt, Adaptation to a CR pattern, Journal of Physiology of the USSR, XXIV of 1-2 (1938), pp. 423-438. — 1936
Folder 197/18Gantt, Adaptation to a CR pattern, rough draft (see above). — 1936
Folder 197/19Gantt, The nervous secretion of saliva: Quantitative studies in the natural unconditioned reflex of parotoid saliva, American Journal of Physiology, V. 119 (Jul 1937), pp. 493-507. — 1936
Folder 198/1Gantt, Experimental neuroses, unpublished. — 1937
Folder 198/2Gantt, A combined method of testing for cortical function and quantitative skin sensitivity, unpublished. — 1937
Folder 198/3Gantt, Contributions to the physiology of the conditioned reflex, Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, V. 37 (Apr 1937), pp. 848-858. — 1937
Folder 198/4Gantt, paper presented for the Southern Medical Association, unpublished. — 1937
Folder 198/5Gantt with Lowenbach, Conditioned vestibular reactions, Journal of Neurophysiology, V. 3 (Jan 1940), pp. 43-48. — 1937
Folder 198/6Gantt, Impairment of the function of adaptability as measured by a simple conditioned reflex test in certain psychogenic contrasted with organic diseases", Southern Medical Journal, V. 31 (Dec 1938), pp. 1219-1225. — 1938
Folder 198/7Gantt, The relation of UR and CR: Effect of prolongation of the work period from the usual one hour to a period of ten to twenty hours, Journal of General Psychology, V. 23 (1940), pp. 377-385. — 1938
Folder 198/8Gantt and Loucks, R. B., The conditioning of striped muscle responses based upon Faradic stimulation of dorsal roots and dorsal columns of the spinal cord, Journal of Comparative Psychology, V. 25 (Apr 1938), pp. 415-426. — 1938
Folder 198/9Gantt, The role of isolated conditioned stimulus in the integrated response pattern and the relation of pattern changes to psychopathology, Journal of General Psychology, V. 23 (1940), pp. 337-385. — 1938
Folder 198/10Gantt, "A case of experimentally produced impotentia sexualis, unpublished. — 1938
Folder 198/11Gantt, Korsakov's psychosis, (see Box 197 Folder 3 above). — 1938-1941
Folder 198/12Gantt, Experimental neuroses, read at the Johns Hopkins Medical Society, unpublished. — 1939
Folder 198/13Gantt, Loucks and Katzenelbogen, An attempt to condition gastric secretion to histamine, American Journal of Physiology, V. 128 (Dec 1939), pp. 10-12. — 1939
Folder 198/14-15Gantt and Hoffmann, The meaning of sensory stimuli for their effect on heart rate and respiratory rate, unpublished. — 1940
Folder 198/16Gantt, The effect of rotation on vestibular functions in normal and schizophrenic subjects and Postural reactions to vestibular stimulation in schizophrenic and normal patients, unpublished. — 1941
Folder 198/17Gantt and Brogdon, Conditioning of responses elicited by Faradic stimulation of the cerebellum in dogs, unpublished. — 1941 (?)
Folder 198/18Gantt, The origin and development of chronic nervous disturbances experimentally produced, American Journal of Psychiatry, V. 98 (Jan 1942), pp. 475-481. — 1941
Folder 198/19Gantt, The origin and development of chronic nervous disturbances experimentally produced (revision)
Folder 198/20Gantt and Muncie, Korsakov's psychosis, (see Box 197 Folder 3, above). — Dec 1941
Folder 198/21Gantt, Alpern and Finkelstein, Measures of susceptibility to nervous breakdown, unpublished. — 1942
Folder 198/22Gantt, Alpern and Finkelstein, "A demonstration of the effects of alcohol on man by means of the CR test, unpublished. — 1942
Folder 198/23Gantt, Thorne and Dorrance, The effect of anoxia on mental performance as measured by the CR, unpublished. — 1942
Folder 198/24Gantt, Hoffmann and Dworkin, The cardiac conditioned reflex, 17th International Physiological Congress, Oxford (Jul 1947). Abstract of "The cardiac conditioned reflex", presented at the Washington-Baltimore Branch of the APA. — December 10, 1942
Folder 199/1-12Gantt, manuscript and notes for Experimental Basis of Neurotic Behavior. — 1943
Folder 200/1Gantt, Finkelstein and Alpern, The effect of amphetamine (benzedrine sulfate) upon higher nervous activity compared with alcohol: I. Animal experiments, Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 73 (Oct 1943), pp. 287-299. — 1944
Folder 200/2Gantt, Finkelstein and Alpern, The effect of amphetamine (benzedrine sulfate) upon higher nervous activity compared with alcohol: II. Human experiments, Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 77 (Feb 1945), pp. 61-74. — 1944
Folder 200/3-4Gantt and Marshall, E. J., The effect of sulfanilamide on higher nervous activity, Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 77 (Aug 1945), pp. 104-115. — 1945
Folder 200/5Gantt, A physiological basis of conflict leading to neurosis, read at The Psychosomatic Society. — 1945
Folder 200/6-7Gantt, Recent work in objective psychobiology and psychopathology using the CR method, (Chesney Paper). — 1945-1947
Folder 200/8-9Gantt, Hoffmann and Dworkin, The cardiac conditional reflex, abstract published in program, 17th International Physiological Congress (Jul 1947), p. 15. — 1945-1947
Folder 200/10Gantt, Cardiac CR as a measure of adaptation, read at The Psychosomatic Medicine Conference (1947). — 1945-1947
Folder 201/1-2Gantt, Fleischmann, Walter, The effect of thyroid therapy on the CR function in hypothyroidism, American Journal of Psychiatry, V. 104 (May 1948), pp. 673-681. — 1946-1947
Folder 201/3Gantt and Robinson, Objective tests of nervous susceptibility in dogs. — 1947
Folder 201/4Gantt and Robinson, The orienting reflex (questioning reaction): Cardiac, respiratory, salivary, and motor components, Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 80 (May 1947), pp. 231-253. — 1947
Folder 201/5Gantt, The CR in neurological and psychiatric examination: Description of a standardized test. — 1947
Folder 201/6Gantt and Fleischmann, The effect of thyroid on the CR function in hypothyroidism (see Box 201, Folder 1-2). — 1948
Folder 201/7Gantt and Woolsey, Cardiac reactions in partially decorticated dogs, abstract published in Transactions of the American Neurological Association (Jun 1948), pp. 131-133. — 1948
Folder 201/8Gantt, Psychosexuality in neurotic animals, talk at The American Psychopathology Society, published as Psychosexuality in animals, in Psychosexual Developments In Health and Disease, (New York: Grune and Stratton, 1949) pp. 35-51. — 1948
Folder 201/9Gantt, The role of acetycholine and related drugs in cardiac CRS. — 1948
Folder 201/10Gantt and Teitelbaum, A method of intravenous injection of drugs from a distance in CR studies, Science, V. 113 (May 25 1951), pp. 603-605. — 1949
Folder 201/11Gantt and Peters, The effect of graded degrees of muscular tension in cardiac CRS, abstract published as Conditioning of human heart rate to graded degrees of muscular tension, Federation Proceedings of the American Psychological Society, V. 10 (Mar 1951), pp. 47-48. — 1949-1950
Folder 201/12Gantt, Disturbances in sexual functions during periods of stress, read at The Academy of Medicine, New York, and published, The Proceedings of the Association of Neurology and Mental Disturbance, V. 29 (1949), pp. 1030-1050. — 1949-1950
Folder 201/13Gantt and Olga Owens, Does the presence of a person act on the cardiac rate of a dog as an unconditional stimulus, American Journal of Physiology, V. 163 (Dec 1950), p. 740. — 1950
Folder 202/1Gantt, Reese and Strahan, Technique for the study of autonomic (cardiac, respiratory, PGR) and motor adaptive responses (CRS) in the human, American Journal of Physiology, V. 163 (Dec 1950), p. 774. — Sep 1950
Folder 202/2-3Gantt, A physiological basis for nervous dysfunction, abstract published in Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 82 (Mar 1948), p. 416. — May 1950
Folder 202/4-5Gantt and Freile-Fleetwood, M., The effect of cholinorgenic and andrenergic substances on cardiac, motor, and salivary CRS. — 1950-1951
Folder 202/6-7Gantt, The effect of alcohol on sexual reflexes in male dogs, Psychosomatic Medicine, V. 14 (May-Jun 1952). — 1950-1951
Folder 202/8Gantt, Discussion of experimental neurosis, read at the Milbank Memorial Fund Symposium (1951). — 1950-1951
Folder 202/9-13Gantt, Retention, CR. — 1951
Folder 203/1Gantt, CR function, clinical. — 1951
Folder 203/2Gantt and Lindener, Knowledge of results as a factor in normal adults and in schizophrenics. — 1951
Folder 203/3Gantt and Fleck, Conditional responses in patients receiving electric shock treatment, American Journal of Psychiatry, V. 108 (Oct 1951), pp. 280-288. — 1951
Folder 203/4Gantt, Discussion of clinical use of CR test. — 1951
Folder 203/5Gantt, Cardiac conditioned reflex. — 1951
Folder 203/6-7Gantt and Mawardi, Automatic recording of sexual reflexes. — 1951-1953
Folder 203/8-10Gantt and Reese and Dose, Autonomic responses in the differential diagnosis of organic and psychogenic psychoses, A. M. A. Archives in Neurology and Psychiatry, V. 20 (Dec 1953), pp. 778-793. — 1951-1953
Folder 203/11Gantt and Teitelbaum, Acetycholine on HR in unanesthetized compared with anesthetized dogs, Federation Proceedings (Mar 1952), p. 160. — 1952
Folder 203/12Gantt, Physiology of the adaptive, individually acquired cardiac responses. — 1952
Folder 203/13Gantt, Principles of nervous breakdown in schizokinesis and autokinesis. — 1952
Folder 203/14Gantt and McKenzie, Atropine cardiac conditioning. — 1952-1953
Folder 204/1Gantt, Brown and Lowenbach, Acquired vestibular balancing responses. — 1953
Folder 204/2Gantt and Dykman, Blood pressure conditioned to pain, Federation Proceedings, V. 13 (Mar 1954), p. 39. — 1954
Folder 204/3-4Gantt and Teitelbaum, The effect of nembutal anesthesia on the cardiac response to acetycholine, Journal of Anesthesiology, V. 16 (Mar 1955), pp. 261-269. — 1954
Folder 204/5-6Gantt and Bridger, The effect of mescaline in differential CRS, abstract published in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutic, V. 113 (Jan 1955). — 1954
Folder 204/7-9Gantt and Stephens, Effect of morphine on acquired behavior. — 1954
Folder 204/10-12Gantt and Dykman, A comparative study of the cardiac and motor CRS to 3 intensities of electric shock. — 1954-1955
Folder 205/1-2Gantt, Dykman and Whitehorn, A study of the motor CR and its associated pattern of cardiac excitation. — 1955
Folder 205/3Gantt, Dykman and Whitehorn, Cardiovascular conditioning in dogs and humans. — 1955
Folder 205/4Gantt and Dykman, experimental psychogenic tachycardia. — 1955
Folder 205/5-8Gantt, Teitelbaum and Stone, Cardiac CRS can be formed to pain but not to acetycholine, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disturbance, V. 123 (May 1956), pp. 484-490. — 1955
Folder 205/9Gantt, Brown and Rudo, Autonomic responses to mechoyly and epinerine in schizophrenic patients, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapy, V. 113 (Jan 1955). — 1955
Folder 205/10Gantt and Gliedman, The effect of reserpine, chlorpronazine and morphine on the orienting response, Southern Medical Journal, V. 49 (Aug 1956), pp. 880-889. — 1955
Folder 205/11Gantt, The differential effect of morphine on cardiac and motor conditional reflexes: schizokinesis, Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 98 (Apr 1956), pp. 245-254. — 1955
Folder 205/12Gantt, What the laboratory can teach us about nervous breakdown, read at the N. Y. Academy of Sciences, 1953 (revised version). — 1955
Folder 206/1-3Gantt and Teitelbaum, The effect of starvation on sperm count and sexual reflexes, Science, V. 124 (Aug 24 1956), pp. 363-364. — 1955-1956
Folder 206/4Gantt, Physiological basis of psychiatry, (Springfield, Charles C. Thomas, 1958). — 1955-1957
Folder 206/5Gantt, Impact of diet on behavior. — 1956
Folder 206/6Gantt, Pharmacological agents in the study of higher nervous activity, for Bykov Jubilee, Abstracts of Communications, 20th International Physiological Congress (Brussels 1956), p. 893. — 1956
Folder 206/7Gantt, Andy and Gliedman, The effect of subcortically induced generalized convulsions on conditional motor and cardiac responses in the dog: An example of schizokinesis. — 1956
Folder 206/8Gantt, Normal and abnormal adaptations: Homeostasis, schizokinesis, and autokinesis, Diseases of the Nervous System (monograph sup.) V. 18 (Jul 1957). — 1956
Folder 206/9-11Gantt and Dykman, Experimental psychogenic hypertension: Blood pressure changes conditioned to painful stimuli, Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 107 (Aug 1960). — 1956-1960
Folder 207/1Gantt, Gliedman and Teitelbaum, Some implications of CR studies for placebo research, read at the APA and published, American Journal of Psychiatry, V. 113 (Jun 1957), pp. 1103-07. — 1957
Folder 207/2Gantt and Teitelbaum, The effect of alcohol on sexual reflexes and sperm count, Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, V. 19 (Sep 1958). — 1957
Folder 207/3Gantt, Allergy and the psyche, address at the Panel Discussion on Allergy, published in New York State Journal of Medicine, V. 58 (Feb 1958), pp. 534-547. — 1957
Folder 207/4Gantt, Anatomical control of the cardiac CR: Role of the vagus in control of acquired cardiac disorders. — 1957
Folder 207/5Gantt, The psycho-physiology of adaptation and mal-adaptation: Homeostasis, schizokinesis, and autokinesis. — 1957
Folder 207/6Gantt and Gliedman, Psychopharmacology. — 1957
Folder 207/7Gantt and Reese, Neurological and psychological factors in adaptive behavior, for International Neurological Congress, published in Excerpta Medica (Amsterdam, 1957). — 1957
Folder 207/8Gantt and Perez-Cruet, The effect of meprobomate on the cardiac, respiratory and motor components of the orienting reflex. — 1958
Folder 207/9Gantt, Effect of meprobamate on a catatonic dog, for Anokhin's Jubilee. — 1958
Folder 207/10Gantt, Chow and Simonson, Effect of vitamin deficiency on behavior in rats, Abstract in Federation Proceedings, V. 17 (Mar 1958). — 1958
Folder 207/11Gantt and Gliedman, The reaction between orienting and the establishment of CRS in dogs, Science (1958)?. — 1958
Folder 207/12Gantt, Outline for physiological reviews. — 1958
Folder 207/13-14Gantt, Recent contributions to objective psychiatry, read at the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, published in Proceedings of the 6th Annual Psychiatric Institute (Sep 1958), pp. 72-73. — 1958
Folder 207/15Gantt and Newton, Cardiac CRS in the opossum, The Physiologist, V. 1 (1958). — 1958
Folder 207/16Gantt, paper read at The National Academy of Sciences. — 1959
Folder 208/1Gantt and Perez-Cruet, Relation between heart rate and spontaneous movements, Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital, V. 106 (Dec 1959), pp. 315-321. — 1959
Folder 208/2Gantt and Newton, Independence of cardiac and motor orienting reflexes: Schizokinesis, Pharmacologist, V. 1 (Fall 1959), p. 57. — 1959
Folder 208/3Gantt, Chow and Simonson, Vitamin B deficiency on higher nervous activity. — 1959
Folder 208/4Gantt and Newton, Orienting. — 1959
Folder 208/5Gantt and Newton, Curare reveals central rather than peripheral factor determining cardiac orienting reflex, American Journal of Physiology, V. 199 (Dec 1960). — 1959-1960
Folder 208/6-7Gantt, Cardiovascular component of the CR to pain, food, and other stimuli, Physiological Review Supplement, V. 40 (Apr 1960), pp. 266-291. — 1960
Folder 208/8Gantt, Relation of CRS to anatomical structure, based on lecture. — July 7, 1960
Folder 208/9Gantt and Perez-Cruet, The effect of bulbocapnine on orienting reflexes and retention of CRS. — 1960
Folder 208/10Gantt and Perez-Cruet, CR electrocardiogram to bulbocapnine--conditioning of the T-waves. — 1960
Folder 208/11Gantt, Discussion of drug effect on behavior at the Basel meeting of the CINP. — 1960
Folder 208/12Gantt, Discussion of Professor Gutmann's article--Effect of adrenalin on CRS, Czech Symposium (Oct 1960). — 1960
Folder 208/13Gantt, Cardiac conditioning, Transactions of the 4th VA Residence Conference on Chemotherapy in Psychiatry, V. 4 (Mar 1960), pp. 57-73. — 1960
Folder 208/14Gantt, Birk, Newton, Conte, and Royer, The effect of 5 HTP and serotonin on retention of cardiac and motor, food, and pain CRS, Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry (New York, Greene and Stratton, 1961), pp. 140-150. — 1960
Folder 208/15Gantt, notes on autokinesis. — 1960
Folder 208/16Gantt and Gliedman, The orienting response and learning. — 1960
Folder 208/17Gantt, Conditional reflex in humans. — 1960
Folder 208/18Gantt, Effect of serotonin, presented to the Meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, published as The Effect of 5 HTP and Serotonin on Retention of Cardiac and Motor, Food, and Pain CRS. — 1960
Folder 208/19Gantt, Brown and Whitman, Measures of adaptability in senility, in Psychopathology of Aging, (New York, Grune and Stratton, 1961), pp. 114-121. — 1960
Folder 208/20Gantt and Brown, The CR method in the diagnosis of borderline cortical pathology. — 1960
Folder 209/1Gantt, Teitelbaum, Newton, and Gliedman, CR formation under pentobarbital, Psychosomatic Medicine, V. 23 (Sep-Oct 1961), p. 446. — 1961
Folder 209/2Gantt, Newton, Royer, and Whitman, One trial cardiac conditioning in dogs, The Physiologist, V. 4 (Aug 1962). — 1961
Folder 209/3Gantt and Astrup, Effects of muscular exertion and verbal psychic stimuli on heart rate and blood pressure in the human, in Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry (New York, Plenum Press, 1962), pp. 39-42. — 1961
Folder 209/4Gantt, Newton, Royer, Development of the experimental neurosis: Mechanism and factor, Proceedings of the Third World Congress of Psychiatry, V. 2 (1961). — 1961
Folder 209/5Gantt, Factors involved in the development of pathological behavior: Schizokinesis and autokinesis, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, V. 5 (1962), pp. 473-482. — 1961
Folder 209/6Gantt, Psychogenic factors in asthma, paper presented to Aspen Conference (1961). — 1961
Folder 209/7Gantt, Newton and Stephens, Effect of person on CRS. — 1961
Folder 209/8Gantt and Brown, outline of The CR technique: Methods and procedures. — 1961
Folder 209/9Gantt and Wise, Effect of person on heart rate and blood pressure in dogs, Federation Proceedings of the American Physiological Society (Apr 1962). — 1962
Folder 209/10Gantt, Autonomic conditioning, Annuls of the New York Academy of Science (1964), pp. 117, 132-141. — 1962
Folder 209/11Gantt and Royer, Central versus peripheral factors in cardiac CRS, 22nd International Congress of Physiological Sciences (1962). — 1962
Folder 209/12Gantt, Psychiatric diagnosis based upon genetic, autonomic, drug response and other physiologic factors. — 1962
Folder 209/13Gantt and Whitman, Review of recent studies relating to the placebo effect, Transactions of the 7th VA Conference on Chemotherapy Studies in Psychiatry (Mar 1962). — 1962
Folder 209/14Gantt, Physiological factors underlying biological treatment of mental illness, in Biological Treatment of Mental Illness (New York, L. C. Page and Co., 1966), pp. 194-202. — 1963
Folder 209/15Gantt, Principles of autonomic conditioning. — 1963
Folder 209/16Gantt and Perez-Cruet, EKG conditioning to bulbocapnine, Federation Proceedings, V. 22 (1963), p. 400. — 1963
Folder 209/17Gantt and Perez-Cruet, Differential effects of hypothalamic and septal self-stimulation on HR. — 1963
Folder 209/18Gantt, The conditional reflex, 1900-1963, lecture at Phipps (?). — 1963
Folder 209/19Gantt and Newton, Cardiovascular and motor CRS in partially and totally denocorticate dogs. — 1963-1964
Folder 209/20Gantt, Brown, Fischer, and Hardin, The effects of pyridoxine deficiency in rats on self-selection of adequate and inadequate diets. — 1963
Folder 209/21Gantt, The role of the heart in psychosomatic medicine, editorial for The Medical Tribune (Aug 6 1963). — 1963
Folder 209/22Gantt and Watt, Linn, The hormonal control of urine secretion in the transplanted kidney. — 1963
Folder 209/23Gantt, The significance of the cardiac CR, Burch article. — 1963-1966
Folder 209/24Gantt, Perez-Cruet and Jude, Peripheral vs. central mechanism in the conditioning of ectopic arrhythmias, Clinical Research (1964), p. 191. — 1964
Folder 209/25Gantt, Royer and Reus, Cerebral ischemia on motor and cardiac CRS, The Physiologist, V. 7 (1964), p. 240. — 1964
Folder 209/26Gantt, Baker, Linn, and Brown, CR diuresis in renal autograft, Federation Proceedings, V. 23 (1964), p. 361, Abstract #1554. — 1964
Folder 209/27Gantt, Experimental studies in animals of the effects of drugs on cardiac stress symptoms, Journal of Neuropsychiatry, V. 5 (1964), pp. 472-474. — 1964
Folder 210/1Gantt and Newton, One trial cardiac conditioning in dogs (revised). — 1965
Folder 210/2Gantt, Reus and Lynch, Motor response device, Conditional Reflex, V. 11 (1966), pp. 69-74. — 1965
Folder 210/3Gantt and Reus, Timed pulse counter. — 1965
Folder 210/4Gantt and Teitelbaum, Emotional motivation in CRS and homeostasis and its significance in learning theory and in psychopathology, Psychopathology of Mental Development, ed. by J. Zubin (New York, Grune and Stratton, 1967), pp. 321-324. — 1965
Folder 210/5Gantt, "Demonstration of Vagal Stimulation". — 1965
Folder 210/6Gantt, Recent developments in objective psychiatry. — 1965
Folder 210/7Gantt, Baker and Livingston, Hormonal factors in CR diuresis, abstract published in Proceedings, International Physiological Congress (1965). — 1965
Folder 210/8Gantt and Perez-Cruet, Chronic painless recording of intra-arterial blood pressure in unanesthetized dogs. — 1965
Folder 210/9Gantt, James Reus, and Royer, Instrument for relative blood pressure. — 1965
Folder 210/10Gantt and Livingston, Determination of histidase activity of mammalian liver and skin. — 1965
Folder 210/11Gantt, Perez-Cruet and Newton, Studies on sinus arrhythmia. — 1965
Folder 210/12Gantt and Perez-Cruet, The effect of novel stimuli on renal secretion collected by the urethral-shunt method. — 1966
Folder 210/13Gantt, Role of drugs in conditioning, read at The 5th International Congress, CINP, published in Excerpta Medica (1966), pp. 811-813. — 1966
Folder 210/14Gantt, Renal conditioning. — 1966
Folder 210/15Gantt, Perez-Cruet and Jude, An attempt to condition extrasystoles using direct myocardial electrical stimulation as an unconditional stimulus, Conditional Reflex, V. 1 (1966), pp. 104-116. — 1966
Folder 210/16Gantt and Perez-Cruet, Cardiovascular functions as an index of Pavlovian inhibition, Conditional Reflex, V. 1 (1966), p. 208. — 1966
Folder 210/17Gantt and Newton, The history of a catatonic dog, Conditional Reflex, V. 1 (1967), pp. 44-61. — 1966-1967
Folder 210/18Gantt, Perez-Cruet and Gaertner, Cardiac conditioning in dogs with chronic bilateral cervical vagotomies. — 1967
Folder 210/19Gantt, Reciprocal relations between autonomic and somatic learning: Visceral and motor conditioning, read at the Society of Biological Psychiatry, Detroit, 1967, published in Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry, V. 10 (New York, Grune and Stratton, 1968). — 1967
Folder 210/20Gantt, Schizokinesis of homeostasis: The individual between the external and internal environments, for the New York Academy of Sciences (1967). — 1967
Folder 210/21Gantt, Williams and Livingston, Comparison of conditional and unconditional reflex secretion of saliva in dogs. — 1967
Folder 210/22Gantt, Drug action and behavior. — 1968
Folder 210/23Gantt, Royer and Reus, Effect of occlusion of carotid arteries of dogs on cardiac and motor conditional reflexes. — 1968
Folder 210/24Gantt, Reflexology and its limits, Proceedings of the 1st International Meeting of the C. I. A. N. S. Excerpta Medica (1971). — 1968
Folder 210/25Gantt, Andrus, Plumlee and Gross, Failure to establish a conditional reflex by stimulation of the central stump of the severed vagus in the dog. — 1968
Folder 210/26Gantt, Visceral adaptations in behavior: The role of the kidney. — 1969
Folder 210/27Gantt, What determines which activities can become conditional reflex: Periphery and center. — 1969
Folder 210/28Gantt, Livingston and Brown, Renal and cardiac conditional reflex: Practical conditioning. — 1969
Folder 210/29-31Gantt, Experimental basis for neurotic behavior, Experimental Psychopathology: Recent Research and Theory (New York, Academic Press, 1971), pp. 33-48. — 1969
Folder 211/1Gantt, Organ responsibility, the negative experiment, and bandwagon research. — 1970
Folder 211/2Gantt and Livingston, Renal secretion to dopamine: Attempt to form a conditional reflex and the principle of organ-system responsibility, The Pharmacologist, V. 13 (Fall 1971). — 1971
Folder 211/3Gantt, Organ responsibility, homeostasis and pathology, published as Organ responsibility, homeostasis and the conditional reflex, Conditional Reflex, V. 5 (1970), pp. 171-179. — 1971
Folder 211/4Gantt, Drugs and conditioning. — 1972
Folder 211/5Gantt, Primer of conditioning in dogs. — 1972
Folder 211/6Gantt, Does teleology have a place in conditioning, Contemporary Issues in Conditioning and Learning, ed. F. J. McGuigan (Washington, V. H. Winston and Sons, 1973), pp. 111-126. — 1972-1973
Folder 211/7-8Gantt, The science of behavior and the internal universe, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (New York, International Cultural Foundation, 1974), pp. 499-516. — 1973
Folder 211/9Gantt, Effect of person on heart rate and respiration compared with drug action. — 1973
Folder 211/10-11Gantt, Experimental neuroses, in Psychiatric Foundations of Medicine (1976). — 1976
Folder 211/12Gantt and Hall, Ethyl alcohol effect on food conditional reflexes compared with its effect on the social reflex (person), 10th Congress of C. I. N. P. (1976). — 1976
Folder 211/13Gantt, The limitations of conditioning. — 1977
Folder 211/14Gantt and Drescher, Tactile stimulation of several body areas (effect of person). — 1978
Folder 211/15Gantt and Lamb, Radiation effect of growing tissue--Effect person. — 1978
Folder 211/16Gantt, General principles of adaptation. — n.d.
Folder 211/17Gantt, Animal neuroses. — n.d.
Folder 211/18-19Miscellaneous pages from various MSS. — n.d.