Sub-series VIII/G:
Scientific Papers Translated, Edited, Reviewed by W. Horsely Gantt
    Because of his interest in Soviet science and his facility with the Russian language, Gantt was quite active translating scientific papers from Russian into English. Box 212 contains drafts of Gantt's translation of Bykov's Cerebral Cortex and the Internal Organ. Boxes 213 and 214 contain Gantt's translations, published between 1969 and 1974, for the journal Soviet Neurology and Psychiatry. In a notebook Gantt has listed all the articles which he contributed to the journal. A volume entitled "Selected Articles on the Central Nervous System and Behavior," contains 50 articles by Russian scientists which Gantt translated. (The volume is numbered the second of a two-volume set.)
Folder 212/1Translation - Aadzhanyan, N. A., Voronin, L. G., and Goroyan, G. P., The effect of high degrees of oxygen starvation on the rate of restoration of conditioned chain motor reflexes. — 1969
Folder 212/2Translation - Alperin, S., Conditioned reflexes and the internal organs. — 1940
Folder 212/3Reviewed by Gantt - Ambosino and Peck, Conditioning of blood pressure. — n.d.
Folder 212/4Edited by Gantt - Astrup, C., Studies of the higher nervous activity in mental disorders with special regard to the group of schizophrenia. — 1963
Folder 212/5Edited by Gantt - Unidentified MSS by Astrup. — 1963
Folder 212/6Edited by Gantt - Block, James, Degree of "Activation" as a major determinant of the activity of organs by the autonomic nervous system, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/7Edited by Gantt - Boguslavsky, George, The effect of vigilance on the rate of conditioning, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/8Edited by Gantt - Bridger, Wagner, Pavlovian concepts and human behavior, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/9Translation - Burakova, N. S., Characteristics of conditioning of dogs raised in intraspecies isolation. — n. d.
Folder 212/10Manuscript by Bykov, for translation by Gantt. — 1958
Folder 212/11Edited by Gantt - Cybernetics in a socialist society (author unidentified), filed in oversize. — n.d.
Folder 212/12Edited by Gantt - Davidovsky, I. V., Questions of organization and planning of medical science: A plan--1959-1965. — Jan 22 1957
Folder 212/13Translation - MSS by Dmitrieva, A. F.. — n.d.
Folder 212/14Translation - Fenyes, Istvan, The induction of decortication phenomena in the dog by protein solutions. — 1953
Folder 212/15Translation - Gagoshidze, Gugushvili, Zhgenti, Knomasuridze, and Tsagareli, The effect of a low-frequency alternating magnetic field on the development of conditioned electro-defensive reflexes in white rats. — 1969
Folder 212/16Notebook listing articles translated and edited by Gantt for Soviet Psychiatry and Neurology. — 1969-1974
Folder 212/17Edited by Gantt - Gellhorn, Ernst, Procedures to test hypothalamic excitability in man and their clinical significance, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/18Edited by Gantt - Gordon, W. W., Towards new concepts of a reflex. — n.d.
Folder 212/19Translation - Grashchenkov, N. I., Problems of clinical neurology in the sixth five-year plan. — Feb 5 1956
Folder 212/20Edited by Gantt - Hasratian, Esras, On the influence of unconditioned reflex on conditioned reflexes. — n.d.
Folder 212/21Edited by Gantt - Horackova and Frankova, Contribution to the reactometric measurement of the functional state of higher nervous activity in human subjects. — n.d.
Folder 212/22Translation - Hrubes, Valdimir, Determining higher nervous activity in people working in noisy environment. — n.d.
Folder 212/23Translation - Experiments of Ivanov, filed in oversize. — n.d.
Folder 212/24Translation - Ivonin, A. A., Effect of defense conditioning with pain on the level of cerebral cholinesterase activity and brain weight in rats. — 1974
Folder 212/25Translation - Karandeyeva, O. G., Special features of dolphins behavior in captivity and of their training. — 1969
Folder 212/26Translation - Karpov, Cortical influence on immunity. — Jan 1957
Folder 212/27Edited by Gantt - Kempf, Edward J., The conditioned, self-determining attitude--Basic mechanism of neuroses, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/28Edited by Gantt - Kohout, J., and Korbova, L., The functional disturbances of central nervous system and inactivation of pepsin. — n.d.
Folder 212/29Translation - Korotkin, I. I., and Suslova, M. M., Physiological study of unconscious (unrealized) manifestations of the higher nervous activity in man. — n.d.
Folder 212/30Translation - Krihora, N. A., and Krajevsky, J. N., Clinico-experimental data of the study of neuroses and neurosis resembling states. — n.d.
Folder 212/31Translation - Kumpel, Q., Analysis of neuroticism in the heavy industry. — n.d.
Folder 212/32Translation - Kurtzin, T. I., Sound as the cause of neurosis and cortic visceral disease. — n.d.
Folder 212/33Edited by Gantt - Liddell, Howard, History and prospects of a behavior farm laboratory at Cornell University, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/34Edited by Gantt - MacCulloch, M. J., and Feldman, M. P., Personality structure and its relation to success in the treatment of homosexuals by anticipatory avoidance conditioning. — 1965
Folder 212/35Translation - Michalova, C., and Ruttkay-Nedecky, I., The present situation and outlook for corticovisceral research in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. — n.d.
Folder 212/36Reviewed by Gantt - Monroe, Russell, Grant proposal: Genetic variance in atypical psychosis. — n.d.
Folder 212/37Edited by Gantt - Moore, A. Ulric, Conditioning and stress in the newborn lamb and kid, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 212/38Reviewed by Gantt - Mostardi, Gandee, Norris, Dalheim, Combined arm and leg conditioning and improvement in aerobic power. — 1975
Folder 212/39Translation - Orbeli, L. A., Pavlov, member of the academy and the Russian School of Physiology. — 1945
Folder 212/40Edited by Gantt - Owens, Hamilton, Comments from an editor for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 213/1Edited by Gantt - Peters, John E., A comparison of the effect of 2 different types of electro-convulsive treatment on conditional reflexes in dogs, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 213/2Translation - Physiology and pathology of digestion, author unknown. — n.d
Folder 213/3Translation - Podkopayev, N. A., Further contributions on the reciprocal relation between the sizes of condition and unconditioned food reflexes. — 1930
Folder 213/4Translation - Povorinski, Minker-Bogdanova, and Dolin, A study of the regulatory influence of the cerebral cortex on metabolism based on the method of experimental hypnosis. — 1933
Folder 213/5Edited by Gantt - Radovsich, M. I., On the history of Russo-American scientific relations. — n.d.
Folder 213/6Edited by Gantt - Richter, The phenomenon of unexplained sudden death in animals and man, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 213/7Edited by Gantt - Rosenthal, J. S., Education and the nervous type. — n.d.
Folder 213/8Edited by Gantt - Sovich, V. V., Hamlet as a physiological type. — n.d.
Folder 213/9Translation - Sellheim and Dolin, Comparative neurology of apes and monkeys. — 1936
Folder 213/10Edited by Gantt - Sedlak, J., Stress factors and defects of the higher nervous functions in women telephone operators. — n.d.
Folder 213/11Edited by Gantt - Shitov and Jakovleva, Similar formation of different CRS in response to same stimuli. — 1937
Folder 213/12Translation - Siriatsky, V. V., Induction in the cortex. — n.d.
Folder 213/13Translation - Siriatsky, V. V., Data with regard to sleep. — n.d.
Folder 213/14Translation - Siriatsky, V. V., The regulatory effect of bromides on the central nervous system. — n.d.
Folder 213/15Translation - Smahel, O., The influence of certain substances on monoamine oxidase. — n.d.
Folder 213/16Translation - Smirnov, L. I., On the question of morphological investigation of the functional states of the nervous system. — 1956
Folder 213/17Edited by Gantt: Soviet scientific news reports from Soviet Scientists Anti-Fascist Committee. — 1942
Folder 213/18Translation - Speransky (?) MSS. — 1929
Folder 213/19Translation - Struchkov, M. N., Direct connections and feedback in conditioned food reflexes. — 1969
Folder 213/20Translation - Supin, A. Ya, Possible neurophysical mechanisms of internal inhibition. — 1969
Folder 213/21Edited by Gantt - Traugott, N. N. The mechanisms of affective reactions. — n.d.
Folder 213/22Edited by Gantt - Valenstein, Elliot S., Current Soviet research on Pavlovian typology. — n.d.
Folder 213/23Edited by Gantt - Vinogradov, N. V., On Pavlovian protective inhibition and stagnant inhibition in schizophrenic patients. — n.d.
Folder 213/24Translation - Russian MSS. — n.d.
Folder 213/25Edited by Gantt - Wilhelmj, C. M., A study of the effects of psychomotor stress on blood pressure and on the pituitary-adrenal cortical system, for Physiological Bases of Psychiatry. — 1958
Folder 213/26Edited by Gantt - MSS, Electroencephalography. — n.d.
Folder 213/27Translation - Abstracts for Biological Abstracts. — 1963
Box 214Translation - Bykov's book. — n.d.

Sub-series VIII/H:
Scientific Papers by Collaborators. — 1952-1974
    Two boxes of scientific papers are for experiments done by others at the Pavlovian Laboratories, for which Gantt has not listed himself as collaborator or principal investigator.
Folder 215/1Andrus, Cowles, Conditional cardiac reflexes. — 1965
Folder 215/2Brown, C. C., Techniques of plethysmography. — 1964
Folder 215/3Brown, C. C. and Reus, J. F., The astable multivibrator as a means for digitalizing physiologic data. — n.d.
Folder 215/4Brown, C. C. and Thorne P., An instrument for signaling heart rate to unrestricted human subjects. — n.d.
Folder 215/5Brown, C. C., Prediction of post-operative behavioral reactions by conditional reflex tests. — 1964
Folder 215/6Brown, C. C. and Thorne, P. R., A generator of very low frequency pulses for long time durations. — n.d.
Folder 215/7Brown, Weisberg, Neidermeyer, and Strohminger, Psychophysiologic correlates of drug-induced sleep. — 1967
Folder 215/8Brown, C. C., miscellaneous MSS. — 1962-1963
Folder 215/9Brown, C. C. and Saucer, R. T., Electronic instrumentation for the behavioral sciences. — 1957
Folder 215/10Brown, C. C., Changes in avoidance conditioning following psychotherapeutic treatment. — 1957
Folder 215/11Brown, C. C. and Krausman, D., Programming complex psychophysiologic experiments with punched paper tape. — 1966
Folder 215/12Day, Merle, An eye movement phenomenon relating to attention, thought and anxiety. — 1964
Folder 215/13Doss, Conditioning in patients with diffuse cortical impairment. — May 1951
Folder 215/14Dykman, R. A., Outline of the anatomy of the CR. — n.d.
Folder 215/15Dykman, The role of UR centers and afferent structures in conditioning. — 1952
Folder 215/16Dykman, Somatic basis of human behavior. — n.d.
Folder 215/17Finch, Glen, "Philocarpine conditioning", and "Salivary conditioning in atropinized dogs". — n.d.
Folder 215/18Fleck, Stephen, Vigilance, CR, and adjustment patterns in schizophrenic and obsessive-compulsive patients. — n.d.
Folder 215/19Freedman, S. and Weinstein, S., The effects of external elastic and threshold loading on breathing in man. — n.d.
Folder 215/20Lindner, Harold, A comparison of knowledge of results as against no knowledge of results in a group of average adults and a group of schizo-psychotics. — 1948
Folder 215/21Livingston, Andrew, Inability to condition a peripheral activating drug. — May 22 1970
Folder 215/22Lynch, J., MSS. — n.d.
Folder 215/23Murray, A. Keith, The effect of food deprivation on heart rate and the orienting response. — n.d.
Folder 215/24Murray, A. Keith and Reus, J., An on-line procedure for heart rate countering. — n.d
Folder 215/25Pare, William P., The activity stress ulcer in the rat: Frequency and chronicity. — 1974
Folder 215/26Pare, William P., Conditional modifications of the basic electrical rhythm and the secretion of the canine stomach. — n.d.
Folder 216/1Perez-Cruet, Jorge, The effect of bulbocapnine on somatic and autonomic components of orienting and conditional reflexes. — 1964
Folder 216/2-3Perez-Cruet, Conditioning of cardiac arrythmias with hypothalmic stimulation as unconditional stimulus. — 1964
Folder 216/4Perez-Cruet, Black and Brady, Differential effects of hypothalmic and septal self-stimulation upon HR. — 1963
Folder 216/5Perez-Cruet, Blood pressure and heart rate changes in dogs during hypothalmic self-stimulation. — 1965
Folder 216/6Perez-Cruet, Plumlee and Newton, Chronic basal blood pressures in unanesthetized dogs using the ring catheter technique. — 1966
Folder 216/7Perez-Cruet, Interrelationships between autonomic and motor reactions during the development of conditional reflex catalepsy to bulbocapnine. — 1960
Folder 216/8Perez-Cruet, Preliminary studies on CR without the use of sound-proof camera. — 1956
Folder 216/9Perez-Cruet, Status report on Biological Experimentation in Space. — 1963-1964
Folder 216/10Perez-Cruet, Pavlovian conditioning and psychiatry. — 1965
Folder 216/11Perez-Cruet and Newton, J. E. O., Physiologic adaptations to diving and breath holding in man. — n.d.
Folder 216/12Pickenhain, L., The higher nervous activity in man. — n.d.
Folder 216/13Reese, William, Certain aspects of conditioning in the human. — n.d.
Folder 216/14Reese, Dykman, and Peters, A Gap in Gap symposium No. 9. — n.d.
Folder 216/15Royer, Fred, Cutaneous vasomotor components of the orienting reflex. — n.d.
Folder 216/16Royer, SK in paranoid patients. — 1963
Folder 216/17Saitow, Y, The use of classical conditioning procedures in the diagnosis of learning ability in mental retardates. — n.d.
Folder 216/18Saitow, Y, The plethysmographic measurement of vascular orienting reflex. — 1964
Folder 216/19Thorne, P. R., A simplified approach to peak sampling. — n.d.
Folder 216/20Stephens, Choi, and Peters, Inhibitory conditional responses in schizophrenic patients. — n.d.
Folder 216/21Vincent, George, The activity-stress ulcer in the rat, hamster, gerbil, and guinea pig. — 1976
Folder 216/22Warner, Francis, Pretectal cell masses in matrix. — 1955
Folder 216/23Weinstein, S. A., Effects of inter-trial interval and CO2 concentration on escape
Folder 216/23conditioning. — 1963
Folder 216/24Weinstein and Fowle, Respiratory CR formation with CO2 and electric shock as unconditional stimuli. — 1964
Folder 216/25Weinstein, Carbon dioxide as a reinforcer in escape conditioning. — 1963
Folder 216/26Whitman, J. R., Note on the measurement of body-sway as an expression of suggestibility. — 1962
Folder 216/27Whitman, J., Study of the responsiveness of chronic schizophrenics to social pressure. — 1958
Folder 216/28Whitman, J. and Garner, W. R., Free recall learning of visual figures as a function of form of internal structures. — n.d.
Folder 216/29Williams, Clara H., Miscellaneous MSS. — n.d.
Folder 216/30Wolff, Harold, The highest integrative functions. — n.d.
Folder 216/31Ziemnowicz, Stanislaw, Late results of distal heterotopic nerve transplantation. Lack of functional plasticity in the intact human brain. — n.d.
Folder 216/32-37Miscellaneous manuscripts from Pavlovian lab, author unknown.

Sub-series VIII/I:
    A file of abstracts of the scientific papers provides an overview of Gantt's research from 1936-1979.
Folder 217/1-21Abstracts of papers from Gantt's lab. — 1936-1979
Folder 217/22Abstracts gathered from other journals. — 1946-1947
Folder 217/23Abstracts of lectures. — n.d.
Folder 217/24Miscellaneous abstracts. — n.d.
Box 218Abstract and bibliographic card files. — n.d.