Series IX:
Professional Meetings and Travel
    Ten boxes (220-229) of programs of meetings in which Gantt was a participant include many annotated programs. They provide a running account of his lectures to colleagues and his participation on various committees.
Box 219Travel correspondence, memos and invoices. — 1932-1977
    As an active member of numerous American and international professional societies, Gantt traveled widely. A box of correspondence concerning travel arrangements reveals the extent of his travel, as well as his reluctance to travel by plane, and his belief that travel is a valuable educational experience - hence his frequent accompaniment by a child or grandchild.
Box 220Meeting programs. — 1921-1941
Box 221Meeting programs. — 1942-1948
Box 222Meeting programs. — 1950-1954
Box 223Meeting programs. — 1955-1956
Box 224Meeting programs. — 1957-1959
Box 225Meeting programs. — 1959-1960
Box 226Meeting programs. — 1961-1965
Box 227Meeting programs. — 1965-1968
Box 228Meeting programs. — 1969-1972
Folder 229/1-17Meeting programs. — 1973-1979
Folder 229/18-23Papers regarding Gantt's proposed prophylactic psychiatry society. — 1971-1979
    Towards the end of his life, Gantt's attempts to identify predictors of neurotic behavior spawned a concerted effort to organize a society for prophylactic psychiatry. As stated in a 1971 proposal which Gantt wrote, the purpose of this society would be "to detect proclivities and susceptibilities to psychotic development and to perfect means of treatment that would protect the individual against breakdown, i.e., to create a rational prophylactic psychiatry." (Draft of proposal, 12/6/71. Box 229). Gantt wrote in a letter to William Reese that he had been nursing the idea of the society "for two or three decades" (December 10, 1971). Papers relating to this effort (1971-1979) comprise six folders of notes, correspondence, proposals, notes and notices of meetings at which the proposal was considered, an account of a 1975 trip to Europe where Gantt attended three symposia on the subject, and a file of reprints relating to the topic. Gantt's plans, however, were never realized.