Series IV:
Personal Documents

Sub-series IV/A:
Financial records - Bills and receipts. — 1902-1932

Note: some travel expenses also in Series IX Travel

Folder 77/1Clothing, visiting cards, London and Paris. — 1902-1928
Folder 77/2Trip to Far East, Baltimore to San Francisco. — 1915
Folder 77/3Hotels, travel, China and Japan. — 1915
Folder 77/4Hotels, merchandise, Japan. — 1915
Folder 77/5Clothing, China and Japan. — 1915
Folder 77/6Hotel, Atlantic City. — 1919
Folder 77/7Hotel, Providence RI. — 1920
Folder 77/8Clothing, London, 1905, Brown's Hotel, London. — 1916
Folder 77/9Tailors in London. — 1909
Folder 77/10Hotel, Geneva Switzerland. — 1923
Folder 77/11Misc., taxis, furniture, photographs. — 1906-1929
Folder 77/12Misc., card cataloguing JHH autopsy files, cigars. — 1903-1924
Folder 77/13Misc., cigars, flowers. — 1923-1931
Folder 77/14Misc., rental hood and gown, Cambridge England 1928, hotel, Atlantic City. — 1929
Folder 77/15Misc., travel, hotels, Pasadena and San Francisco, 1930, statement from Page Nelson of Johns Hopkins re bills paid in Welch's absence. — 1930-1931
Folder 77/16Memo re travel expenses, Baltimore to Hartford CT. — 1932
Folder 77/17Contributions to Foundations, memorials. — 1919-1924
Folder 77/18Insurance policy, fire, on contents 807 St Paul St.. — 1929
Folder 77/19Letters re payment to Brooks School for nephew William Kellogg. — 1932

Sub-series IV/B:
Diaries. — 1915-1931
Folder 78/1Diary #1, China and the Orient. — Jun-Sep 1915
Folder 78/2Diary #2, China and the Orient. — Sep-Nov 1915
Folder 78/3Diary #3, China and the Orient. — Nov 1915
Folder 78/4Diary #4, China and the Orient. — Nov 1915
Folder 78/5Diary #5, references and commentary on Japanese and Chinese medical history. — 1915
Folder 78/6Diary #6, China and the Orient: account, address books. — 1915
Folder 78/7Diary #7, England and France (xerox only). — Aug-Sep 1916
Folder 78/8Diary #8, list candidates for chair physiology School of Medicine. — 1916
Folder 78/9-12Diary notes and expense accounts, China and the Orient. — 1915
Folder 78/13Diary notes and expense accounts, England and France. — 1916
Folder 79/1Diary #9, military camp inspection trips. — Jul-Aug 1917
Folder 79/2Diary #10, military camp inspection trips. — Dec 1917-Jan 1918
Folder 79/3Diary #11, military camp inspection trips. — Jan-Jun 1918
Folder 79/4Diary #12, military camp inspection trip. — Sep 1918
Folder 79/5Diary #13, Red Cross Conference, Cannes, France. — May 1919
Folder 79/6Diary #14, France and England. — 1919
Folder 79/7Diary #15, China and the Orient. — 1921 Aug-Oct (missing)
Folder 79/8Diary #16, China and the Orient. — 1921 Oct-Nov
Folder 79/9Diary notes, Red Cross Conference, France. — 1919
Folder 79/10-11Committee reports, Red Cross Conference, France. — 1919
Folder 79/12Diary notes, expense accounts, China and the Orient. — 1921
Folder 80/1Diary #17, Europe trip. — May-Jun 1923
Folder 80/2Diary #18, Europe trip. — Jun-Aug 1923
Folder 80/3Diary #19, Europe. — Aug-Sep 1923
Folder 80/4Diary #20, Europe. — Apr-Aug 1924
Folder 80/5Diary #21, Europe. — Aug-Oct 1924
Folder 80/6Diary #22, Europe, notebook of expenses. — 1924
Folder 80/7Diary #23, Europe, notebook of people met. — 1924
Folder 80/8Diary notes, accounts, notes re passport. — Europe 1923
Folder 80/9Diary notes, expenses, visiting cards received. — Europe 1924
Folder 81/1Diary #24, Europe. — May-Jul 1927
Folder 81/2Diary #25, Europe. — Jul-Sep 1927
Folder 81/3Diary #26, Europe. — Sep-Dec 1927
Folder 81/4Diary #27, Europe. — Dec 1927-Apr 1928 (missing)
Folder 81/5Diary #28, Europe. — Apr-Jul 1928
Folder 81/6Diary #29, Europe. — Jul-Sep 1928
Folder 81/7Diary #30, Europe, address book. — 1927-1928
Folder 81/8Diary notes and expenses, Europe. — 1927-1928
Folder 81/9Supplementary material and notebooks, Europe. — 1927-1928
Folder 82/1Diary #31, California. — May-Jul 1930
Folder 82/2Diary #32, California. — Jul-Sep 1930
Folder 82/3Diary #33, California. — Sep-Oct 1930
Folder 82/4Diary #34, California, alphabetical notes on authors. — 1930
Folder 82/5Diary #35, California, annotated address book. — 1930
Folder 82/6Diary #36, California, notebook on Huntington Library. — 1930
Folder 82/7-8Diary notes California. — 1930
Folder 82/9Notes at Huntington Library CA. — 1930
Folder 82/10Notes and list book purchases in Los Angeles CA. — 1930
Folder 82/11Notes and list of books for Welch Library. — 1930
Folder 82/12Notes at Huntington Library, list of photostats. — 1930
Folder 82/13Notes and notepaper from Huntington Library. — 1930
Folder 83/1Diary #37, diary and accounts Europe. — May-Jun 1931
Folder 83/2Diary #38, Europe. — Jun-Jul 1931
Folder 83/3Diary #39, diary and accounts Europe. — Jun-Oct 1931
Folder 83/4Diary #40, notepad listing expenditures Europe. — 1931
Folder 83/5Diary #41, address book Europe. — 1931
Folder 83/6-7Diary notes Europe. — 1931

Sub-series IV/C:
Desk Calendars. — 1906-1933
Folder 84/1Desk Calendar. — 1906-1909
Folder 84/2Desk Calendar. — 1910-1915
Folder 84/3Desk Calendar. — 1916-1919
Folder 85/1Desk Calendar. — 1920-1923
Folder 85/2Desk Calendar. — 1924-1929
Folder 85/3Desk Calendar. — 1930-1933

Sub-series IV/D:
Memorabilia: mailing lists, memos, address book, visiting cards, other
Folder 86/1Mailing lists for reprints. — n.d.
Folder 86/2-5Memos handwritten by Welch on envelopes. — 1930-1933 and n.d.
Folder 86/6Poems and notes on literature, 1919. — n.d.
Folder 86/7Visiting cards - 807 St Paul St. in blue cardboard box and in small leather wallet. — n.d.
Folder 86/8Address book. — n.d.
Folder 86/9Anagrams from correspondence with Dr. Reid Hunt. — 1912
Folder 86/10List of words containing letters O and D. — n.d.
Folder 86/11Opera libretti. — 1918-1931
Folder 86/12Puzzle of missing words. — ?1871
Folder 86/13Puzzles. — n.d.
Folder 86/14Anagrams from Vanity Fair. — 1930
Folder 86/15Mixed memorabilia - leather pocket case "Mardi Gras Havana cigars"; inscribed unused pocket diary, 1920; cigarette lighter, "Thorens, Swiss made". — n.d.

Sub-series IV/E:
File 87/1-460th birthday. — April 1910
Folder 87/1Memorabilia - dinner honoring Welch's birthday and election as President of AMA, held at Belvedere Hotel Baltimore MD. — April 2 1910
Folder 87/2Dinner proceedings - In Honor of William H. Welch, clothbound publication by Lord Baltimore Press. — 1910
Folder 87/3Dinner proceedings - hardback copies; accompanying 1914 letter from Thayer; Sun press clipping. — Apr 1910
Folder 87/4Dinner program and copy Max Brodel print "Some Welch rabbits". — Apr 1910
File 87/569th Birthday. — April 1919
Folder 87/5Perry, John H., greeting card. — April 8 1919
File 87/6-1670th Birthday, Greetings. — April 1920
Folder 87/6Abel, John J.
Folder 87/6Baetjer, E.G.
Folder 87/6Bannard, Otto T.
Folder 87/6Barber, W. L.
Folder 87/6Barker, Mrs. Lewellys F.
Folder 87/7Bauer, Louis A.
Folder 87/7Brown, Arthur J.
Folder 87/7Carey, Mrs. F. K.
Folder 87/7Carr, Walter L.
Folder 87/8Coley, William B.
Folder 87/8Dakin, Henry and Susan
Folder 87/8Finney, J. M. T.
Folder 87/8Flexner, Simon, William, and James
Folder 87/8Ford, William W.
Folder 87/8Forest, Robert W. de
Folder 87/9Garbat, A. L.
Folder 87/9Garrett, M. M. (?)
Folder 87/9Gaylord, H. P.
Folder 87/9Goodnow, Frank J.
Folder 87/9Hammill, S. N.
Folder 87/9Hamilton, H. F.
Folder 87/9Hamman, Louis
Folder 87/10Haupt, Paul
Folder 87/10Hess, Alfred F.
Folder 87/10Hibben, John G.
Folder 87/10Hills, John M.
Folder 87/10Hoffman, George W.
Folder 87/10Hood, Florence E.
Folder 87/10Howard, W. T.
Folder 87/11Jacobs, Henry Barton
Folder 87/11Kendall, Mrs J. C.
Folder 87/11Knopf, S. A.
Folder 87/11Lock, Jacques
Folder 87/11Mackenzie, John
Folder 87/11McLaughlin, Jeanne and Katharine
Folder 87/11Mandelbaum, F. J. and Libman E.
Folder 87/12Moffatt family
Folder 87/12Newsholme, Arthur
Folder 87/12Paton, David
Folder 87/12Porges, G.
Folder 87/12Remsen, Ira
Folder 87/12Rockefeller Institute
Folder 87/13Root, Elihu
Folder 87/13Snow, William F.
Folder 87/13Soper, George A.
Folder 87/13Stewart, George D.
Folder 87/13Streeter, Edward C.
Folder 87/14Thayer, William S.
Folder 87/14Thomas, H.
Folder 87/14Turnbull, Edwin L.
Folder 87/14Turnbull, Mrs. L.
Folder 87/14Vaughan, Victor C.
Folder 87/14Vincent, George E.
Folder 87/14Whipple, George
Folder 87/15Whyte, William P.
Folder 87/15Williams, H.
Folder 87/15Winternitz, M. C.
Folder 87/15Woodward, Robert S.
Folder 87/15Young, Louis
Folder 87/16Reprint - A unique birthday testimonial to Dr. William H. Welch, with copy tribute in cuneiform script by Paul Haupt, JAMA 74:1394. — 1920
Folder 87/16Press clipping - The Troy Times. — Apr 19 1920
File 88/1-1575th Birthday. — April 8 1925; Correspondence re portrait (Folder 1); Greetings (Folders 2-12); Printed tributes (Folders 13 - 15).
Folder 88/1Correspondence re portrait
Folder 88/2Ayling, W. E.
Folder 88/2Bowden, D. T.
Folder 88/2Bowie, Clarence K.
Folder 88/2Bristol, Leverett D.
Folder 88/2Brown, Arthur J.
Folder 88/2Burdick, Charles
Folder 88/2Bushwell, Henry C.
Folder 88/3Chamberlain, W. P.
Folder 88/3Chesley, J.
Folder 88/3Chicago Pneumonia Commission
Folder 88/3Cobbe, Edmund
Folder 88/3Cogswell, W. F.
Folder 88/3Dalton, Charles F.
Folder 88/4Dowling, Oscar
Folder 88/4Dublin, Louis I.
Folder 88/4Elwood, Everett S.
Folder 88/4Emerson, Charles P.
Folder 88/4Farmer, Thomas P.
Folder 88/4Ferrell, John A.
Folder 88/4Fiske, Haley
Folder 88/5Fowler, W. C.
Folder 88/5Fox, Elizabeth G.
Folder 88/5Frost, Susan
Folder 88/5Garrison, C. W.
Folder 88/5Geddes, Alexander
Folder 88/6Goodrich, Annie W.
Folder 88/6Grauer, Frank
Folder 88/6Greene, Roger S.
Folder 88/6Gruenberg, Benjamin C.
Folder 88/7Haviland, C. Floyd
Folder 88/7Heiser, Victor G.
Folder 88/7Hoffmann, Joseph K.
Folder 88/7Hopkins, Harry L.
Folder 88/7Jacobs, Henry Barton
Folder 88/7Kahn, Hortense
Folder 88/7Keyes, Edward L.
Folder 88/7Kien, Raymond F.
Folder 88/7King, William F.
Folder 88/8Koplik, Henry
Folder 88/8Lawrence, Joseph S.
Folder 88/8Lida
Folder 88/8Luckett, G. S.
Folder 88/8Lyon, E. P.
Folder 88/8MacMurchy, Helen
Folder 88/8McCullough, John W. S.
Folder 88/8Mack, Julian W.
Folder 88/9Miller, James A.
Folder 88/9Monaghan, Frank J.
Folder 88/9Monger, John E.
Folder 88/9National Tuberculosis Association
Folder 88/9Olin, R. M.
Folder 88/9Osborn, S. H.
Folder 88/9Puckett, Carl
Folder 88/9Sappington, H. O.
Folder 88/9Sears, Frederick W.
Folder 88/9Seymour, M. M.
Folder 88/9Shoemaker, Edward T.
Folder 88/10Shriver, J. Alexis
Folder 88/10Smith, G. A.
Folder 88/10Snow, William F.
Folder 88/10Souza-Araya, H. de
Folder 88/11Steiner, Walter
Folder 88/11Stella, Antonia
Folder 88/11Trotter, F. E.
Folder 88/11Trudeau Foundation
Folder 88/11Turner, C. E.
Folder 88/11Underwood, F. J.
Folder 88/12Vaughan, Henry F.
Folder 88/12Wald, Lillian
Folder 88/12Welch, S. W.
Folder 88/12Wilcox, W. A.
Folder 88/12Williams, Ennion G.
Folder 88/12Williams, Frankwood E.
Folder 88/12Williams, Herbert U.
Folder 88/12Williams, Linsly R.
Folder 88/12Winne, Charles K.
Folder 88/12Yout, Mrs. Frances E.
Folder 88/13Editorial - Dr. Welch, at 75, is Nation's Medical Leader, The Johns Hopkins Half-Century News. — Jun 1925
Folder 88/14Press clippings - Welch at 75. — 1925
Folder 88/15Editorial - Dr. Wm. H. Welch reaches 75th Milestone in notable career of health Leadership, SCAA News 13:5. — 1925
File 88/16-1679th Birthday, Greetings. — April 8 1929
Folder 88/16Eliasberg, Mrs. Hortense
Folder 88/16University Club
File 89/1-880th Birthday. — April 8 1930
Folder 89/1Correspondence - Kingsbury, John A., Freeburg Victor O., re planned celebration. — Nov 1929 - Mar 1930
Folder 89/2-5Correspondence - Committee on the Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Dr. William Henry Welch. — Apr-Nov 1930
Folder 89/6-8Correspondence, memorabilia - celebrations in Washington DC and elsewhere. — 1930
File 89/9-1380th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Greetings from Institutions and Societies (transcripts of some letters in 80th birthday scrapbook in Box #259.8).
Folder 89/9Academy of Medicine, Cincinnati - Canadian Medical Association Journal
Folder 89/10Civitan Club of Baltimore - Koch Institute
Folder 89/11Memphis and Shelby Medical Society - Peiping Union Medical College
Folder 89/12Portland OR Medical Society - University of Chicago medical faculty
Folder 89/13University of Minnesota - Yale University
File 89/14-2680th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Greetings from individuals (some transcripts, most are envelopes annotated by Welch: original letters in scrapbook in Box #259.8).
Folder 89/14Bacon, Jay H.- Brookings, Robert S.
Folder 89/15Castellani, Aldo - Fischel,
Folder 89/16Fisher, Irving - Hicks, Rev. Lewis W.
Folder 89/17Hills, J. M. - Kofoid, Charles A.
Folder 89/18Learned, Dwight W. - Michelson, Albert A.
Folder 89/19Miller, Dayton C. - Pettibone, Miss Margaret H.
Folder 89/20Pierson, Frederick T. - Schafer, E. A. Sharpey
Folder 89/21Schmidt, Louis B. - Venable, Miss Susie
Folder 89/22Walter, William I. - Yerkes, Robert M.
Folder 89/23-25Lists and memos re greetings and gifts
Folder 89/26Card file re 80th birthday
File 90/1-980th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Programs and printed material.
Folder 90/1-2Program - The 80th birthday of William Henry Welch. The addresses delivered at the ceremonies in Memorial Continental Hall Washington D.C. April 8 1930 and an account of the celebrations held in many parts of the world. With 2 illustrations.
Folder 90/3Report - Celebration in honor of Dr. Welch, brief account of ceremony and copy President Hoover's address: Science 71:411. — 1930
Folder 90/4Journal issue and reprints - Transcript of President Herbert Hoover's speech Apr 8 1930, The progress of science: in honor of Dr. Welch, Scient Monthly 472-3. — May 1930
Folder 90/5TMs and form letter - reply to congratulations on 80th birthday. — Apr 1930
Folder 90/6Reprint - In honor of Dr. Welch, Dr. Welch's response speech, Science 71: 654-656. — 1930
Folder 90/7Invitation - reception University Club Baltimore. — Apr 9 1930
Folder 90/8TMs - address by Prof. T. Kitishama, Kitasato Institute Tokyo Japan. — Apr 1930
Folder 90/9Copy inscription - on plaque honoring Welch at his home in Norfolk CT. — Apr 8 1930
File 90/10-1480th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Reprints of tributes in journals, named authors.
Folder 90/10Balfour, Sir Andrew. William Henry Welch: an appreciation. The Medical Officer 26:1-4. — 1930
Folder 90/11Brush, E.N. Notes and Comment: Dr. William H. Welch, Am J Psych. 9:1028-1035. — 1930
Folder 90/12Fischer, Martin H. William Henry Welch. J Med. Cincinnati 11:142-146, 1930; 2 reprints + editorial, The meeting and celebration of the 80th birthday of Welch, ibid p.142. — 1930
Folder 90/13Linthicum, Hon. J. Charles, of MD, Proposal to have Drs. Welch and Thayer accept awards French Legion of Honor, Congressional Record 72:6282, 1930; Speech to U.S. Senate, Welch, ibid 72:7491-2. — Apr 16 1930
Folder 90/14Meyer, A. W. William Henry Welch: a brief tribute on his 80th birthday, JH Alumni Mag 18:304-8. — Jun 1930
File 90/15-2380th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Editorials and journal issues.
Folder 90/15The greatest statesman of public health. Red Cross Courier 9:9-10. — 1930
Folder 90/16Dedicated to William H. Welch on his 80th birthday. J Hygiene special issue vol 30 #3. — Aug 1930
Folder 90/17Medical world honors Dr. Welch. Science News-Letter 17: 235-236. — Apr 12 1930
Folder 90/18Dr. Welch. Mental Hygiene Bull. 4:4, 1930: Dr William Henry Welch, Am J Nursing 30:607. — 1930
Folder 90/19Dr. William. H. Welch - eightieth birthday celebration in Peiping. Nat Med J China 16:304. — 1930
Folder 90/20Report of dinner given in honor of Dr. William H. Welch at NY Acad. Med. Apr 4 1930. Bull NY Acad Med 6:473-504. — 1930
Folder 90/21Dr. William H. Welch. The Double Barred Cross (Maryland Tuberculosis Assoc). 3-11. — Apr 1930
Folder 90/22The Eightieth birthday of Dr. William H. Welch. Yale Alum Wkly 39:867-868. — 1930
Folder 90/23William Henry Welch. J Iowa State Med Soc 20:178-9, 1930: Eightieth birthday of Dr. William Henry Welch, (? by Dr. Bolduan), City NY Dept Health Wkly Bull 19:96-99. — 1930
File 90/24-2780th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Newspaper articles and editorials.
Folder 90/24Flexner, James T, Dean of American Medicine, with drawing of Welch by Eric Pape and photo Sargent's Four Doctors, NY Herald Tribune Magazine. — March 30 1930
Folder 90/25Woolf, S.J., America honors its Dean of Medicine, NY Times Magazine. — April 6 1930.
Folder 90/26Time cover and editorial - William Henry Welch, M.D., LL.D., Sc.D. at "St. Johns" they call him "Popsy", showing Hutty sketch; Editorial, Patriarch's party, Time 15: #15, cover and p. 30-34. — Apr 14 1930
Folder 90/27Miscellaneous printed tributes - NY State Dept. Health, Science News letter, other. — 1930-1931
File 91/1-1180th Birthday. — April 8 1930; Press clippings and memorabilia.
Folder 91/1-7Booklet and press clippings - Freeburg Victor O. Survey of greetings and tributes by letter and telegram; press clippings. — 1930-1931 and n.d.
Folder 91/8List (TMs) - attendees at Maryland Club dinner, occasion presentation of 1st copy of William Henry Welch at 80. — Jan 21 1931
Folder 91/9Seating chart, ? of dinner. — Jan 1931
Folder 91/10Presentation list (TMs) - for limited edition William Henry Welch at 80, compiled by Victor O. Freeburg. — Feb 1931
Folder 91/11Journal issue - including letter from Welch to E. N. Brush, acknowledging Brush's tribute of April 1930, and welcoming ENB as octogenarian. Am J Psych 11:1196. — 1932
File 91/12-1281th Birthday greetings. — April 1931
Folder 91/12Cattenac, Maud (Mrs. James)
Folder 91/12Welch Library staff
File 91/13-1382nd Birthday greetings. — April 1932
Folder 91/13Eliasberg, Louis
Folder 91/13Hoffmann, Joseph K.
File 91/14-1683rd birthday greetings. — April 1933
Folder 91/14Beers, Clifford W.
Folder 91/14Brödel, Max
Folder 91/14Buckler, Thomas
Folder 91/14Clark, Janet H.
Folder 91/14Cotten, Bruce
Folder 91/15Doull, J. A.
Folder 91/15Dunton, William R.
Folder 91/15Eliasberg, Hortense
Folder 91/15Friedenwald, Julius
Folder 91/15Geiling, E. M. K.
Folder 91/15Goodwillie, Mary
Folder 91/15Hamburger, Louis P.
Folder 91/15Jackson, Mayor
Folder 91/16Linthicum, Mrs. Charles
Folder 91/16Mather, Rufus E.
Folder 91/16Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland (Med-Chi)
Folder 91/16Meyer, Adolf
Folder 91/16Milbank Memorial Fund
Folder 91/16Parsons, Marion B.
Folder 91/16Paton family
Folder 91/16Ruhruh
Folder 91/16Welch library staff
Folder 91/16Williams, Robert
Folder 91/16Wilmer, Mrs. William H.
Folder 91/16Yerkes, Robert M.
File 91/17-1984th Birthday greetings. — April 1934
Folder 91/17Advisory Board, Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene
Folder 91/17Aldrich, Richard
Folder 91/17Bolduan
Folder 91/17Bowers, Charles A.
Folder 91/17Brown, Lawrason
Folder 91/17Bunting, Charles H.
Folder 91/17Chesney, Alan M. encl: minutes of tribute from Advisory Board of Johns Hopkins medical faculty
Folder 91/17Clark, W. Mansfield
Folder 91/17Cushing, Mrs. E. F.
Folder 91/17Emerson, Kendall
Folder 91/17Epstein, Albert A.
Folder 91/17Fulton, Frank T.
Folder 91/17Fulton, John
Folder 91/18Graves, William W.
Folder 91/18Hartigan, James W.
Folder 91/18Hincks, Clarence M.
Folder 91/18Levy, Robert L.
Folder 91/18Lewin, A.L.
Folder 91/18Miller, William S.
Folder 91/18Paton, Stewart
Folder 91/18Pels, Isaac R.
Folder 91/19Ritchie, Albert C.
Folder 91/19Robinson, Canby
Folder 91/19Rous, Peyton
Folder 91/19Sachs, Bernard
Folder 91/19Snow, William F.
Folder 91/19Sydenstricker, Edgar
Folder 91/19Walter, Josephine
Folder 91/19Welch Library staff
Folder 91/19Whipple, Mrs. George H.
Folder 91/19White, Bertha J.
Folder 91/19Williams, Frankwood E.

Sub-series IV/F:
Formal invitations, programs
File 92/1-16Programs of meetings. All-America Conference - Washington University
Folder 92/1All-America Conference on Venereal Diseases, Washington D.C.. — Dec 1920
Folder 92/1American Association for the Advancement Science (AAAS): dinner honoring Welch as President, University Club, New York NY. — Dec 1906 (encl. verses re Welch dated Apr 2 1910)
Folder 92/1AAAS History Science section, Cleveland OH. — Dec 1930
Folder 92/2American Association History Medicine, Atlantic City. — May 1932
Folder 92/2American Therapeutic Society, 33rd annual meeting. — May 1932
Folder 92/3Duke University dedication School of Medicine and Hospital, Durham, NC. — April 1931
Folder 92/3Eastern Shore Society Baltimore dinner. — Jan 1932
Folder 92/3Happy Hills Convalescent Home for Children - dedication Baltimore. — Oct 1930
Folder 92/4Harvey Society - menu of supper in honor of Welch at Sherry's restaurant, London. — Apr 1916
Folder 92/4Harveian Society anniversary celebration - dinner in Grocers Hall London June 12, and pilgrimage to Harvey's tomb Hempstead Essex. — June 13 1931
Folder 92/5Harvey tercentenary - program Royal College Physicians London May 14-18 1928: includes banquet at Guildhall London, programs Royal Society, Merton College Oxford, and Caius College Cambridge. — May 1928
Folder 92/5Harvey tercentenary - dinner at NY Acad. Med. May 11 1928
Folder 92/6History of Science Society meeting NY Acad. Med. Dec 1928
Folder 92/6History of Science Society and American Historical Assoc. joint meeting, Minneapolis MN. — Dec 1931
Folder 92/6Jacobi, Abraham - dinner honoring 100th anniversary birth, NY Acad. Medicine. — May 1930
Folder 92/6Jacobs, Henry Barton - presentation book collection to Johns Hopkins Institute History Medicine, Baltimore MD. — Jan 1932
Folder 92/7Keen, William W. - 84th birthday celebration, Philadelphia PA. — Jan 1921
Folder 92/7Koch, Robert - dinner honoring, New York NY. — Apr 11 1908
Folder 92/7Koch, Robert - meeting celebrating 50th anniversary discovery of tubercle bacillus, Baltimore MD. — Apr 11 1932
Folder 92/8League of Women Voters, Baltimore - a Social Hygiene Program. — Oct 1932
Folder 92/8Leeuwenhoek - program celebrating 300th anniversary of his birth, Baltimore MD. — Dec 1932
Folder 92/8Libman, Emanuel - testimonial dinner, New York NY. — Oct 1932
Folder 92/9Loan exhibition early scientific instruments, Oxford England. — May 1919
Folder 92/10Maryland State Assoc. Graduate Nurses - Florence Nightingale centennial, Baltimore MD. — May 1920
Folder 92/10Maryland Tuberculosis Assoc. Conference for better health, Baltimore MD. — Sep 1919
Folder 92/10Medical Chirurgical Faculty (Med-Chi) State MD - celebration centennial of library, Baltimore. — Apr 1930
Folder 92/10Med-Chi MD - meeting West Nottingham Academy, Cecil Co. MD. — Oct 1931
Folder 92/11Medical Education annual Congress, Chicago IL. — Mar 1923
Folder 92/11Medical History Seminar honoring Welch, San Francisco CA. — Sep 1930
Folder 92/11Mental Hygiene Movement 20th anniversary dinner, New York NY. — Nov 1929
Folder 92/12Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. lunch, Baltimore MD. — Feb 1923
Folder 92/12Milbank Memorial Fund Advisory Council meeting, New York NY. — Nov 1923
Folder 92/12New York University Council centennial dinner, New York NY. — Jun 1932
Folder 92/12Osler, Sir William - memorial meeting NY Acad Med., New York NY. — Feb 1920
Folder 92/12Peter Brent Brigham Hospital Founders Day celebration, Boston MA. — Nov 1914
Folder 92/13Royal Institute Public Health Congress, Frankfurt-am-Main Germany. — May 1923
Folder 92/14Schwab, Charles M. - dinner of welcome, Baltimore MD. — Nov 1916
Folder 92/14Stokes, William R. - unveiling memorial tablet, Baltimore MD. — Nov 1930
Folder 92/15United States Marine Hospital - TMs of history with note Welch laid cornerstone at dedication, Baltimore MD. — Jan 1933
Folder 92/15United States Public Health Service Conference on future of public health in USA, Washington DC. — Mar 1922
Folder 92/16Vanderbilt University semi-centennial exercises, Nashville TN. — Oct 1925
Folder 92/16Washington University dinner at dedication new medical school buildings, St. Louis MO. — Apr 1915
Folder 92/16Whittemore, Thomas - lecture on Relief work in Russia, Baltimore MD. — Feb 1920
File 93/1-94/4Formal invitations, programs
Folder 93/1Alderman, Edwin Anderson, memorial service U. VA. — Nov 1931
Folder 93/2Armourers, Worshipful Company of, dinner London. — Jun 1905
Folder 93/3Bryn Mawr School Commencement. — Jun 1919
Folder 93/4Carnegie Institute, celebration of Founders Day. — Apr 1922
Folder 93/5Carnegie, Andrew, memorial meeting New York NY. — Apr 1923
Folder 93/6China Medical Board dinner New York NY. — Feb 1920
Folder 93/7College of Physicians Philadelphia, 800th anniversary birth of Galen. — Oct 1930
Folder 93/8Columbia University Alumni Club MD, banquet Baltimore. — Nov 1929
Folder 93/9Congrès International de Protection de l'Enfance dinner Louveciennes France. — Jul 1928
Folder 93/10-12Curie, Mme. Marie, meeting in her honor of Am. Assoc. University Women, New York, May n.d. ?1921; presentation of one gram of radium, White House Washington DC, May 1921; dinner invitation from President and Mrs. Hoover to meet her. — Oct 1929
Folder 93/13Davison, Henry P., subscription dinner, New York. — Apr 1920
Folder 93/14English Speaking Union meeting Baltimore. — Feb 1926
Folder 93/15Fletcher, Sir Walter M., luncheon. — Oct 1930
Folder 93/16Flexner, Dr. and Mrs. Simon, meeting with Board Directors Rockefeller Institute Medical Research, New York. — Jan n.d.
Folder 93/17Finney, Dr. John M. T., testimonial dinner Baltimore. — Feb 1912
Folder 93/18German Medical Society New York, dinner New York. — Dec 1930
Folder 93/19Goodnow, Dr. and Mrs., lunch Gilman Hall Johns Hopkins. — Feb n.d.
Folder 93/20Halsted, William S., dinner his honor, Baltimore. — Apr 1922
Folder 93/21Harvey Society, New York, 25th anniversary meeting. — Apr 1930
Folder 93/22Hochswelgeboren, Frau, meeting Karlsbad. — Jul 1923
Folder 93/23Hoover, President and Mrs., dinner at White House. — Dec 1930
Folder 93/24Hurd Hall dedication, Baltimore. — Oct 1932
Folder 93/25-26International Physiological Congress (13th), opening and members receptions, Harvard University, Boston. — Aug 1930
Folder 93/27Kelly, Howard A., 75th birthday dinner Baltimore. — Feb 1933
Folder 93/28Laing, Dr. Gordon J., luncheon by Johns Hopkins President and Mrs. Ames at Gilman Hall. — Feb n.d.
Folder 93/29League of Nations MD, dinners Baltimore, Jan 1924. — 1929
Folder 93/30Libman, Dr. Emanuel, testimonial dinner New York. — Oct 1932
Folder 93/31Lincoln Memorial University dinner DC. — Feb n.d.
Folder 93/32Maryland Club dinner (multiple autographs). — Dec 1894
Folder 93/33Metropolitan Board Health, dinner celebrating semi-centenary New York City. — Mar 1916
Folder 93/34Ministry of Public Hygiene Czechoslovakia, dinner by Dr. Bedrich Stepanek, New York NY. — Jan ?1927
Folder 93/35Missouri Botanical Garden, celebration 300th anniversary use of cinchona, St. Louis MO. — Oct 1930
Folder 93/36Mitchell, S. Weir, meeting honoring 100th anniversary of his birth, Philadelphia PA. — Nov 1929
Folder 93/37Morgagni Festival, Forli Italy. — Apr 1931
Folder 93/38National Womens Country Club, dinner honoring Vice President and Mrs. Gann, Washington DC. — Jan n.d.
Folder 93/39New Haven Hospital dinner, Feb 1929; County Medical Assoc. 150th anniversary meeting, New Haven CT. — Jan 1934
Folder 93/40New York Academy Medicine, 83rd anniversary meeting. — Nov 1929
Folder 93/41New York University Conference: Obligation of Universities to the Social Order, New York NY. — Nov 1932
Folder 93/42Phipps, Henry, dinner his honor, Baltimore. — Mar 1913
Folder 93/43Pithotomy Club, Baltimore, Mar 1899. — May n.d.
Folder 93/44Ritchie, Gov.-Elect Albert C., dinner Baltimore. — Dec n.d.
Folder 93/45Rockefeller, Miss Abby, musicale. — Nov n.d.
Folder 93/46Shriver, Alfred J., dinner invitation Baltimore. — n.d.
Folder 93/47Smith, Dr. Theobald, dinner his honor Princeton NJ. — Nov 1931
Folder 93/48Taft, Secretary of War William H. and Osler, Dr. William: program dinner their honor by William A. Marburg, Maryland Club, Baltimore. — Mar 1905
Folder 93/49Taft, President William H., dinner his honor by Medical Club of Philadelphia PA. — May 1911
Folder 93/50Taft, Chief Justice William H., dinner for him by '91 Club Baltimore MD. — Feb 1923
Folder 94/1Tyson, James, retirement dinner Philadelphia PA. — May 1917
Folder 94/2Washington, George, laying of Memorial cornerstone, Washington DC. — Nov 1921
Folder 94/3Yale-in-China, celebration 25th anniversary New Haven CT. — Nov 1931
Folder 94/4Collection programs, dinner menus. — 1909-1916; Menu dinner for Dr. Henry M. Hurd, Jan 1909; place card dinner by Andrew Carnegie to meet resident Eliot of Harvard, New York Feb 6 1909; menu Merchant Marine dinner, Maryland Club Oct 1909; menu and guest list dinner for William T. Councilman, Baltimore, May 1915: Menu dinner Maryland Alumni Assoc at University of Virginia (Welch gave toast to "Our ster University"), Feb 1916; menu dinner Johns Hopkins Alumni New York and New Jersey, New York NY, (Welch a speaker), Feb 1916.
File 94/5-14Welch, William H., dinners and events in his honor
Folder 94/5-7Dinners - University Club Baltimore, Nov n.d.: by J.H. McFadden London, Sep 1913; School of Hygiene, Dec 1926; by ?Mrs. Holt Mather of Gibson Island MD, Nov 1930; at conference medical education and institution of Prof. C. R. Holmes as Dean University of Cincinnati. — Jan 1914
Folder 94/8Dinner - by William A. Marburg honoring the Hon. William H. Taft and Welch, Maryland Club Baltimore. — Feb 1914
Folder 94/9-10Dinners - Association Alumni College Physicians and Surgeons NY, Mar 1926; N.Y. Academy Medicine. — Apr 1930
Folder 94/11-12Invitations - Exhibition of Welch film of reminiscences, Baltimore MD, Oct 1932, Rockefeller Institute NY. — Jan 1933
Folder 94/13Invitation - to Welch from President USA to serve as delegate at White House Conference on Child Health and Protection. — Nov 1930
Folder 94/14Dinner - Womens Medical Society of MD. — Nov 1929
File 94/15-24Programs honorary degrees, other awards to Welch. — 1892-1932

Note: some awards, oversized documents, including German Order Royal Crown, Norwegian Order St Olav, and Commission in United States Army are in Box #259.2

Folder 94/15Associate Fellow, College Physicians Philadelphia. — 1892
Folder 94/16Memo - re book, (Festschrift) Contributions to the Science of Medicine, dedicated by his pupils to William Henry Welch on the 25th anniversary of his doctorate, Baltimore, JHU Press (book in Box #188, text of Welch acceptance speech in Burket 3:351-354, 1920). — 1900
Folder 94/16List - from Flexner biography of honorary degrees, other awards
Folder 94/17Honorary membership Royal Society Medicine London. — May 1905
Folder 94/18Honorary degree LL.D., Princeton University. — 1910
Folder 94/19Gold-headed cane award of American Association Pathology Bacteriology. — 1923
Folder 94/20Kober medal of American College of Physicians. — 1927
Folder 94/21Honorary degree, Litt.D., University of Pennsylvania. — 1930
Folder 94/22Honorary degree, LL.D., University Southern California. — 1930
Folder 94/23Honorary membership, American Therapeutic Society. — 1932
Folder 94/24Honorary degree, D.Sc., New York University. — 1932
File 94/25-35Wedding invitations
Folder 94/25Virginia Grigsby Chandler to Francis W. Peabody. — Dec 1919
Folder 94/26Kate Brown to Roger S. Greene. — May 1920
Folder 94/27Phoebe Mayo to Waltman Walters. — Feb 1921
Folder 94/28Mary M. Jordan to Henry J. Berkley. — Jun 1921
Folder 94/29Elizabeth Sears (?Seabury) to Henry A. Christian. — Jun 1921
Folder 94/30Catharine C. Fries to Bela Schick. — Dec 1923
Folder 94/31Mary T. Clark to Nelson A. Rockefeller. — Jun 1930
Folder 94/32Anne S. Kinsolving to John N. Brown. — Oct 1930
Folder 94/33Lucy G. Waldo to William O. Abbott. — Jun n.d.
Folder 94/34Winifred Holt to Rufus G. Mather. — Nov n.d.
Folder 94/35Katharine Biggs to Roessle McKinney. — Dec n.d.

Sub-series IV/G:
Miscellaneous data kept by William Henry Welch
Folder 95/1-2Bryn Mawr - College calendar, May Day program, 1920. — 1922
Folder 95/3Cards - left by visitors to Welch in hospital. — 1933-1934
Folder 95/4Certificate - Pro Patria, American Red Cross to Col. William H. Welch, n.d.. — ?1920
Folder 95/5Certificate, correspondence - membership of Brigadier General William H. Welch in Medical Veterans World War. — 1919-1923
Folder 95/6-8Congress and Senate reports - Debate on USPHS tuberculosis hospital at Markleton PA, 1921; US Senate Bill for the promotion of health and welfare of infants and children (Children's Bureau), 1929; Debate on obscene literature, with annotation "see WHW to Linsly R. Williams". — 1930
Folder 95/9Cooper Medical College San Francisco - Annual Announcement Session of 1885: reprints Commencement addresses - Wythe J.H., Bartlett W.C., 1886; Gibbons H.. — 1892
Folder 95/10-14Dresden, Central Institution for Public Hygiene - plans for International Hygiene Exhibition Dresden. — 1927-1930
Folder 95/15-18Miscellany - Fredericksburg VA, Brochure re old slave quarters, now antique shop "The Quarters", sent by LKB, n.d.; genealogy Ephraim Howard, physician in MD 1775, sent by Penniman N. G., 1929; K. K. Gesellschaft der Ärzte annual report mentioning Welch as corresponding member, 1907; MacCallum W. G., Notice of speech on Welch at University Club Baltimore. — Jan 1928
Folder 95/19National Electric Light Association - TMs address by Owen Young. — n.d.
Folder 95/20Rotarian - journal issue. — May 1922

Sub-series IV/H:
Press clippings kept by William Henry Welch. — 1892-1934 and n.d.
Folder 96/1-2Mostly re Welch. — 1892-1896
Folder 96/3Sargent painting. — 1906
Folder 96/4Welch, including "Captains of science and industry at Hopkins" re Rockefeller grant for full-time faculty. — 1906-1914 and n.d.
Folder 96/5Trip to China and Japan. — 1915
Folder 96/6Welch and Johns Hopkins School Hygiene. — 1916
Folder 96/7Rockefeller donations to public health. — 1919-1920
Folder 96/8-10Welch, including award Cross of French Legion of Honor 1923, and Palmer F, Your neighbour's health is yours, mentioning "Papa Welch", Colliers p.9,29 Dec 9 1922. — 1920-1925
Folder 96/11Welch and chair History of Medicine. — 1926
Folder 96/12Trip to Europe. — 1927
Folder 96/13Laying cornerstone Welch Library, 1928: misc. clippings including Sherwood H. S., A First Citizen of the Scientific World, (dup)Scribner Dec 1927. — 1927-1928
Folder 96/14Misc. clippings, including cartoon by Kelley; Dedication Institute Pathology Western Reserve, note and photo by Norton re Welch being honored in bas-relief as one of 8 founders modern pathology, Bystander of Cleveland, Oct 1929. — 1929-1932
Folder 96/15-20Welch, dedication Wilmer Institute and Welch Library, other. — 1929-1930
Folder 96/21-24Welch 80th birthday, addresses by Welch, other including copy Baltimore Health News, Feb 1932 (dup). — 1930-1934
Folder 96/25Welch mentioned in California Life - Editorial mentioning address by Welch, June 1 1930; Journal issue, Noted medico entertained at Vista, includes photo Welch and Max Farrand. — Aug 15 1930
Folder 96/26Ashman LH, Our public affairs..., mention Welch, Jewish Times. — Sep 11 1931
Folder 96/27Editorial - Grandson of Yates County is honored, quotes NY Times editorial on Welch 82nd birthday, mentions Emeline (Collin) Welch, TMs excerpt Chronicle-Express Penn Yen NY. — Apr 28 1932
Folder 96/28Editorial - Advisory council Milbank Memorial Fund, mentions address by Welch, School and Society. — Mar 19 1932
Folder 96/29Greif AF, The Dean of Medicine at Eighty-four, Baltimore Sun magazine. — April 8 1934
Folder 96/30Miscellaneous clippings re Welch. — n.d.
Folder 96/31-34Miscellaneous clippings, general topics. — 1919-1934 and n.d.