Series V:
Johns Hopkins Institutional Records

Sub-series V/A:
Johns Hopkins University. — 1886-1937
Folder 97/1Johns Hopkins Circulars, including address by Welch, Some of the humane aspects of medical science, Jun. — Jul 1886
Folder 97/2Photostat pages from Circulars, including list medical faculty and outline Welch's lectures pathology, 1885. — 1886
Folder 97/3Photostat press clipping re 10th anniversary and TMs excerpt from report Welch address, Baltimore Sun. — Apr 1886
Folder 97/4TMs excerpt of address at 13th Commemoration Day. — Feb 1889
Folder 97/5-6Printed booklets of University Financial Statements, 1913. — 1919
Folder 97/7Journal issue Circular, The University in its New Home, Dec 1916: Architectural plans for campus sent to Welch by Dr. Goodnow. — ? 1916
Folder 97/8Form letter from Committee on Securing Funds for the University. — 1914
Folder 97/9Tudor and Stuart Club, TMs Osler deed gift 1918; invitation to Club meeting. — 1930
Folder 97/10Sigma Xi society, organization Johns Hopkins chapter, 1922; Bulletin special gift workers, Half-century Fund. — 1925
Folder 97/11Program 50th anniversary celebration, including exercises commemorating opening of School of Hygiene. — Oct 1926
Folder 97/12TMs reports of Board of Trustees, Academic Council on Organization, 1912, 1927; press clipping NY Times; Johns Hopkins puts limits on students, n.d.. — ? 1933
Folder 97/13-14Institute of Law booklets: Confidential report on Institute 1929; Study of Civil Justice in New York. — 1931
Folder 97/15Letter of appreciation from Board Trustees to Welch. — 1931
Folder 97/16Friends of the Library, booklet and letter, 1931. — 1932
Folder 97/17Reprint, French, John C., Johns Hopkins, Founder, JH Alumni Mag 25: 227-234. — 1937

Sub-series V/B:
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. — 1878-1939
Folder 97/18TMs copy - Gilman, D. C., A Report to the Trustees of Johns Hopkins University, re School of Medicine. — 1878
Folder 97/19TMs excerpts - Gilman's reports re faculty and needs of School of Medicine, 1884, 1888. — 1889
Folder 97/20TMs excerpt - re $100,000 gift of Women's Medical School Fund, JHH Bull 1:103. — 1890
Folder 97/21TMs report to Womens Committee - Welch, Regarding medical instruction in the Johns Hopkins University. — 1891
Folder 97/22Journal issue - containing letter from Garrett, M. E. (Mary Elizabeth), Medical School of the Johns Hopkins University, to President and Board of Trustees JHH Bull 3:139-140, Dec 1892 (issue also contains index to vol 3 and WHW paper The micrococcus lanceolatus...and lobar pneumonia") ibid pp. 125-139. — 1892
Folder 97/23Documents - Garrett, M. E., Report of the Womens Fund for the Medical School of the Johns Hopkins University, May 1891; Catalogue pages The Medical School, distribution of studies throughout the year 1892-1893: Letter to Board of Trustees re entrance requirements 1893; Directory page faculty 1894-95
Folder 97/24Photostats press clippings - Miss Garrett's gift, Baltimore Sun, other. — 1892-1893
Folder 97/25TMs - copy Gilman D. C. address, Opening of Johns Hopkins Medical School, Commemoration Day Feb 22 1893, from Johns Hopkins Circular 12:55-60. — 1893
Folder 97/26TMs - Memorandum of Executive Committee to Board of Trustees re organisation of School of Medicine. — Apr 1893
Folder 97/27TMs - List members of class of 1897 (prepared by Dr W. G. MacCallum in 1936). — 1897
Folder 97/28Photocopy AMs - Welch memo to John D. Rockefeller, The Johns Hopkins Hospital with special reference to its relations to medical education and the promotion of medical knowledge. — 1904
Folder 97/29TMs excerpt - Pathology programme for 1886-87, from JHU Circ 5:123. Ams report to Board of Trustees - by Welch re Pathological Institute 1886-1887, May 14 1887. — 1885
Folder 97/30TMs excerpts - pathology and bacteriology courses, from JHU Circ 9:99, 1890, 10:144. — 1891
Folder 97/31TMs - ? by MacCallum re Welch, Newell Martin, Sternberg, early studies bacteriology. — 1878-1900
Folder 97/32AMs, TMs - Welch, questions set in pathology examinations. — 1895-1906
Folder 97/33AMs, TMs - questions for special examinations in pathology. — 1899-1906
Folder 97/34Printed page - Councilman's pathology exam questions at Harvard University. — 1895
Folder 97/35AMs, TMs - Whipple G. H., MacCallum W. G., pathology exam questions Johns Hopkins. — 1903-1910
Folder 97/36TMs list - Fellows in pathology (sent in 1938 by A. Chesney to S. Flexner). — 1886-1916
Folder 97/37TMs - Letters from Winford Smith to Lewis Weed re expenses pathology building. — Jun 1924
Folder 98/1TMs - Committee report on needs of clinical departments. — ?1911
Folder 98/2TMs, printed copy - Flexner, A., report on Medical School, first draft and printed copy. — n.d. ?1911
Folder 98/3TMs - Hurd, H., Views on ...carrying out of suggestions by A. Flexner. — ?1911
Folder 98/4TMs, AMs notes - Welch, Report on the endowment of university medical education. — 1911
Folder 98/5TMs annotated - Proposed budget. — 1910-1911
Folder 98/6AMs, TMs - Memoranda re grant proposal to General Education Board, Rockefeller Institute. — 1913
Folder 98/7TMs - Press release re Rockefeller grant. — Oct 1913
Folder 98/8TMs - Excerpts and comments re press reports on grant. — 1913
Folder 98/9Press clipping - Gift to Hopkins..., Baltimore News. — Oct 1913
Folder 98/10TMs - Comments on grant; press including NY Times, other; editorials JAMA, BMJ, letter from Osler to BMJ. — 1913-1914
Folder 98/11Photostats press clippings - re appointment T. C. Janeway as Professor of Medicine. — 1914
Folder 98/12TMs - Comments on full-time faculty experiment. — 1914-1915
Folder 98/13TMs - Resolution on needs and funding of School of Medicine. — 1921
Folder 98/14-15AMs, TMs - Resolution re part-time faculty. — Jun 1922
Folder 98/16TMs - Report of special committee of Advisory Board, chair Welch, on resolution re part-time faculty. — Dec 1922
Folder 98/17TMs - Letter from Dean W. Williams to Welch re early history relationship Professors and Advisory Board. — Nov 1922
Folder 98/18TMs - bequest establishing DeLaMar Fund. — Mar 1923
Folder 98/19Reprint - The Medical School, JH Alumni Mag 14:151-169. — 1925
Folder 98/20TMs - MacCallum, W. G., Committee report on curriculum. — ?1925
Folder 98/21TMs excerpts, booklet - from Benoit, E. Medical instruction at Johns Hopkins, Presse med 2:1077, 1921: Duesberg, J., On the organization of medical instruction in the United States, Arch med Belg 75:1. — 1922
Folder 98/22Booklet - The spirit of inquiry in medical education. Baltimore, JHU Press. — 1925
Folder 98/23TMs - List resident house officers from Sep 1 1926
Folder 98/24TMs list - Department heads School of Medicine and School of Hygiene. — n.d. ?1930
Folder 98/25Booklet - Report of Survey Committee, chair L. H. Weed, re status Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine. — 1930-1931
Folder 98/26Lecture notices. — 1906-1924
Folder 98/27Reports, memos - Hunterian Laboratory. — 1916-1924
Folder 98/28AMs - Howell, W. H., Guidelines on use anesthesia experimental animals. — n.d.
Folder 99/1-7Memos of Dean J. Whitridge Williams - Form letters re organic chemistry, admissions, exams, other; also to faculty re publications; catalogues medical schools. — 1913-1918
Folder 99/8Dean's office memos - Class standings Year IV, 1915; faculty members. — n.d. ?1918
Folder 99/9Memos - U.S. Army and Navy service requirements. — 1917-1918
Folder 99/10-11Memos - Medical students and curriculum, 1915-n.d.: student assignments and curriculum. — 1924-1926
Folder 99/12TMs memorandum - for President Ames re work of Bard, others, for Trustees meeting. — Feb 1934
File 99/13-16Publications re School of Medicine after death of Welch
Folder 99/13TMs memorandum - Brief description School of Medicine, its history and relations with hospital, ? author. — 1935
Folder 99/14Reprints - Christian H. A., The Johns Hopkins Medical School, JH Alumni Mag 25:203-207, 1937; Fosdick, R. B. The medical sciences in The Rockefeller Foundation - a review for 1939 pp. 34-35. — 1940
Folder 99/15TMs - Job descriptions of surgical staff. — ?1939
Folder 99/16Press clipping - re Rockefeller grant NY Times. — 1939

Sub-series V/C:
Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. — 1914-1926
File 99/17-27School of Hygiene - Founding Documents
Folder 99/17TMs - Flexner, A., Correspondence re organization of programs. — 1914
Folder 99/18TMs report - Institute of Hygiene, Welch and Rose, following meeting Rockefeller General Education Board. — 1914
Folder 99/19TMs - Welch, W. H., Rose, W., Memorandum outlining need for an Institute of Hygiene, ?1915; Public health and hygiene in England and Germany. — 1915
Folder 99/20TMs - Welch, W. H., School of Public Health. — n.d. ?1915
Folder 99/21AMs - Suggestions regarding organization of an Institute or School of Hygiene, Welch W. H., Howell, W. H.. — May 1916
Folder 99/22TMs (partial) - ibid. — May 1916
Folder 99/23TMs - Institute of Public Health, final report General Education Board Rockefeller Foundation. — Jan 1916
Folder 99/24TMs - Rockefeller Foundation subcommittee report. — May 1916
Folder 99/25TMs - Preliminary announcement of the School of Hygiene and appointment of Welch as Director. — Jun 1916
Folder 99/26AMs - Establishment of a School of Hygiene and Public Health by the Rockefeller Foundation, press release by Welch sent to Jerome D. Greene. — Jun 1916
Folder 99/27AMs - The School of Hygiene and Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University, address by Welch at Commencement June 13 1916: bibliog #388, published Science 44:302, JHU Circ 35:9-13. — 1916
File 99/28-35School of Hygiene - Other documents re early years
Folder 99/28-29TMs - Ford, W. W., Plan of organization of a School of Hygiene, n.d.: The present status and the future of hygiene or public health in America. — n.d.
Folder 99/30TMs, annotated by Welch - Mission statement. — n.d.
Folder 99/31TMs - Report on cooperation State Department Health MD. — n.d.
Folder 99/32AMs, TMs - Additions to chart of organization. — n.d.
Folder 99/33Invitation card - to reception new students. — Sep 1921
Folder 99/33Press clipping - Grand Rapids MI News. — Mar 1922
Folder 99/34TMs - Statement by Welch, The endowment of the School of Hygiene and Public Health by the Rockefeller Foundation. — Mar 1922
Folder 99/35Program, correspondence - formal opening. — Oct 22 1926
File 100/1-7School of Hygiene - Construction
Folder 100/1Photostat AMs - Welch letter to Blanchard Randall re location. — Feb 1916
Folder 100/2Booklet - plans and facilities. — Jan 1922
Folder 100/3Blueprints - of building. — n.d.
Folder 100/4Memo - re budget from W.G. Boyce to W. H. Howell. — Feb 1920
Folder 100/5AMs, TMs - Notes re budget. — 1920-1921
Folder 100/6TMs - Budget requests State Dept. Health MD. — 1921-1922
Folder 100/7TMs - Estimates of personnel and expenses, Baltimore City health clinics. — n.d.
File 100/8-26School of Hygiene - Courses and schedules
Folder 100/8TMs - Schedules proposed courses. — n.d.
Folder 100/9Memos - Bull, C. G., re courses department of immunology. — 1919
Folder 100/10TMs - Public Health Administration courses. — 1919
Folder 100/11Draft memo - Newsholme and Frost, Public Health Nursing. — 1920
Folder 100/12TMs - Intensive course for health officers. — 1920
Folder 100/13AMs, TMs - Rich, A., Pathology course outline. — 1920
Folder 100/14-15TMs - Pearl R., Dept. Biometry Vital Statistics laboratory outlines, and plan for development. — 1920 and n.d.
Folder 100/16-19TMs - Department of medical zoology, special courses for health officers 1920; letter from R. W. Hegner re special course and nomenclature malarial parasite 1920; departmental activities 1921; paper ? by Hegner, Relation of medical zoology to public health problems, including history of department, plans for expansion department protozoology and medical zoology. — n.d.
Folder 100/20-21TMs, booklet - Frost, proposed training area in Public Health, Baltimore City, n.d. — ?1923
Folder 100/22TMs - Committee report on increasing supply health officers. — n.d.
Folder 100/23TMs - Bailey, G. H., Ellicott V. L., Outline of information to be given by health officers in an annual report. — n.d.
Folder 100/24TMs - health officers: exam questions, outline course vital statistics, memo re sanitary engineering. — n.d.
Folder 100/25TMs - D.Sc. degree Hygiene: oral exams and committees. — 1924
Folder 100/26AMs - D.P.H. degree requirements, ? by Howell. — n.d.
Folder 100/26TMs, autographed - An Appreciation to CE Simon and Welch from members of "1st class of filterable viruses" (former students). — n.d.
File 100/27-28Public health programs at other institutions
Folder 100/27Booklets, TMs - Program outlines from Case Western, Columbia, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Yale. — 1909-1928
Folder 100/28Booklet - Seamen's Hospital Society, London School Tropical Medicine. — n.d. ?1910
File 101/1-7School of Hygiene - reprints, other publications. — 1910 - n.d
Folder 101/1Brumpt, E., Differentiation of the intestinal amoebae of man: galley proof, source unknown. — n.d.
Folder 101/2Cord, L. E. et al., Milk feeding and its influence on growth and mortality, reprint Bull Storr Agricult Exp Station 80:1-28. — Apr 1915
Folder 101/3Fulton, J. S., The medical statistics of sex hygiene: such as they are, Am J Pub Hlth 3:661-676, 793-794. — Jun 1913
Folder 101/4Fulton, J. S., The necessity for minute study of the age- incidence causes of infant mortality, Trans. 1st ann. meeting Am. Soc. Study Prevention Infant Mortality. — Nov 1910
Folder 101/5Hiscock, I. V., Clinical case teaching public health, JAMA 96:970-972, Mar 1931; Clinical-public health case conferences, Yale J Biol Med 7:459-464, May 1935:; Clinical-public health case studies by medical students...J Assoc Am Med Coll. — Mar 1939
Folder 101/6Rosenau, M. J., Courses and degrees in public health work, JAMA 64:194-196. — Mar 1915
Folder 101/7Winslow, C. E., The place of public health in a university, Science 62:335-338. — Oct 1925
File 101/8-17School of Hygiene - Public health, other and miscellaneous

Note: some memos and correspondence re books for School of Hygiene library, 1916-1928 are in biography file Box #183

Folder 101/8Booklet - Standard statistics of prostitution, gonorrhea, syphilis, Am Social Hygiene Assoc NY. — 1919
Folder 101/9TMs - Topics suggested for conference on industrial hygiene, Yale Club. — 1919
Folder 101/10Booklet - Transactions Conference of Health Officers... regarding county health (Welch participant), held at School of Hygiene. — Dec 15-16 1920
Folder 101/11TMs - Tuberculosis and pneumonia statistics, Baltimore. — 1909- 1918
Folder 101/12Report - Baltimore County Public Health Association. — 1922
Folder 101/13Booklet - Food Research Institute, Stanford University. — 1923
Folder 101/14AMs list - books given by Welch to School of Hygiene. — 1919
Folder 101/15Bookplates - School of Hygiene, other Johns Hopkins libraries. — n.d.
Folder 101/16TMs - Programs for Japanese visitors, Mar 30-Apr 5 1923; Latin-American health officers. — Apr 13-16 1925
Folder 101/17TMs - Newsholme, A., Classification infectious diseases. — n.d.

Sub-series V/D:
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Wilmer Institute, and School of Nursing
File 101/18-22Johns Hopkins Hospital - TMs copies of documents from Hospital construction and organization, other founding documents
Folder 101/18Letter from Johns Hopkins to the Trustees. — Mar 1873
Folder 101/19Letter from Francis T. King to the "Authors of the essays". — Mar 1875
Folder 101/20Extract from Johns Hopkins will and codicils. — 1875
Folder 101/21Billings, J. S., Hospital construction and organization. — 1875
Folder 101/22Essays on construction and plans. — 1876-1884
File 101/23-34Johns Hopkins Hospital - Other documents on early years
Folder 101/23Photostat press clipping - Hopkins Hospital Staff, American. — May 23 1889
Folder 101/24First issue JHH Bulletin 1:1-16. — Dec 1889
Folder 101/25List of trustees and officers Johns Hopkins Hospital 1867- 1905; photostat from 17th report of Superintendent, 1-48. — 1906
Folder 101/26TMs - Hurd, H., 25th anniversary of the Hospital 1889-1914, address published Bull JHH 25:355-359. — 1914
Folder 101/27Department of pathology: bound volume Index of autopsies ?1875-1914, with critical foreword ? by A. Rich. — n.d.
Folder 101/28Letter re meeting on pathological, clinical records. — Jan 1920
Folder 101/29TMs - Womans Clinic, organization and development. — 1919- 1927
Folder 101/30TMs - copy minutes meeting re organization of junior clinical medical board. — Jan 1920
Folder 101/31Draft letter - to family of Henry Phipps re clinic. — ? 1922
Folder 101/32TMs - Barker L. F., The first quarter-century of JHH 1889-1914 by Henry M. Hurd - edited and extended. — n.d. ?1927
Folder 101/33Letter of tribute - from Office of the Director of Johns Hopkins Hospital to Welch on his 84th birthday and 50th anniversary appointment as Professor of Pathology. — Apr 1934
Folder 101/34Verses of quartet sung at banquet of 50th anniversary Johns Hopkins Hospital. — May 1939
File 102/1-8Johns Hopkins Hospital - Wilmer Institute
Folder 102/1Circular letters - from William H. Wilmer Foundation. — 1924
Folder 102/2TMs - letters of Welch re Wilmer Institute. — 1924
Folder 102/3TMs statement - Goodnow, F. J. re ophthalmology. — 1924
Folder 102/4TMs - memo re Wilmer Clinic. — Jan 1925
Folder 102/5TMs, annotated - list contributors Wilmer Foundation. — 1925
Folder 102/6AMs, TMs - Welch, W. H., Statement concerning Wilmer Clinic. — 1925
Folder 102/7AMs, TMs - Documents re Welch's fund raising for Wilmer Institute. — 1925-1932
Folder 102/8Invitation, printed booklet - Dedication of Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute. — Oct 15-16 1929
File 102/9-14Johns Hopkins Hospital - School of Nursing. — 1921-1929
Folder 102/9Circular letter re endowment, and letter of support from Welch to Mrs. Mary (Thomas) Cullen. — Apr 1921
Folder 102/10Booklet - Report committee Alumnae Assoc. School of Nursing to Board of Trustees. — Jan 27 1928
Folder 102/11TMs - Report committee Medical Board re School Nursing. — 1928
Folder 102/12TMs - Memo by Dr. Winford Smith on Alumnae report. — 1928
Folder 102/13TMs - Response to Alumnae report by E. M. Lawler, Superintendent of Nursing. — 1928
Folder 102/14TMs - Outline courses training school for nurses. — n.d.

Sub-series V/E:
Johns Hopkins Institute History of Medicine, Welch Library. — 1926-1930
File 102/15-25Johns Hopkins Institute History of Medicine
Folder 102/15Clippings - re endowment of Chair History of Medicine by Rockefeller General Education Board. — Feb 25 1926
Folder 102/16Letter photostat - F. H. Garrison to Sir Humphrey Rolleston re appointment Welch to chair history of medicine. — 1926
Folder 102/17TMs - Weed, L., Proposal for establishment of an Institute of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins. — Nov 1928
Folder 102/18TMs - Chesney, A. M., letters re budget for Institute. — 1929- 1930
Folder 102/19AMs, TMs - Garrison F. H., Brief for the foundation and financing of an Institute of medical history. — n.d. ?1929
Folder 102/20Letter photostat - from Welch to ? "Dear Slemons" re donation of autograph letter from Oliver Wendell Holmes. — 1930
Folder 102/21TMs - Nelson, S. Page, letters re donations, Welch memo. — 1930
Folder 102/22TMs autographed - Letter to Welch from Institute staff on 84th birthday. — 1934
Folder 102/23TMs - questions on history of medicine for final examination students Zoology 118. — 1932
Folder 102/24Program - Johns Hopkins Medical History Club 50th anniversary. — Nov 1940
Folder 102/25Booklet - Rockefeller Foundation report on Institute. — 1941
File 102/26-28Welch Library
Folder 102/26TMs - Weed, L., A plea for a central medical library, n.d. 27. TMs - ? Garrison, F. H., Functions of consultant librarian: book list. — n.d.
Folder 102/28Reprints - Report of Secretary of William H. Welch Library Committee 1930: Report of Librarian Welch Medical Library. — 1935
Folder 102/28Post cards - unsigned, for acknowledging gifts to Johns Hopkins Hospital (later Welch) Library. — 192?
File 103/1Welch Medical Library dedication and opening, Institute History of Medicine. — Oct 17-18 1929
Folder 103/1AMs - Welch handwritten list proposed invitations. — 1929
File 103/2-23Welch Medical Library - Letters of acceptance to dedication
Folder 103/2Abbott, A. C.
Folder 103/2Abbott, C. G.
Folder 103/2Abel
Folder 103/2Academy of Medicine, Ontario
Folder 103/2Adams, L. G.
Folder 103/2Adams, N. P.
Folder 103/2Ames, J. S.
Folder 103/2Ashburn, P. M.
Folder 103/2Athey
Folder 103/2Baer, W. S.
Folder 103/3Baetjer, C. H.
Folder 103/3Baetjer, E. G.
Folder 103/3Baetjer, F. H.
Folder 103/3Ballard, Janet
Folder 103/3Barker, L. F.
Folder 103/3Barnett
Folder 103/3Barton, C.
Folder 103/3Bayard, Miss ?
Folder 103/4Beardsley, E. J. G.
Folder 103/4Bennett, G. E.
Folder 103/4Blackader, A. D.
Folder 103/4Bloodgood
Folder 103/4Boggs, T. R.
Folder 103/4Bordley, J.
Folder 103/4Bowdoin, W. G.
Folder 103/4Brasch, F. E.
Folder 103/4Briscoe, Ruth L.
Folder 103/4Brogden, Margaret S.
Folder 103/4Brooks, W. B.
Folder 103/5Brown, S. A.
Folder 103/5Brown, T. R.
Folder 103/5Brush, E. A.
Folder 103/5Bruce, W. C.
Folder 103/5Carrel, A.
Folder 103/5Carter, E. P.
Folder 103/5Chesney, A. M.
Folder 103/5Clark, G.L.
Folder 103/5Clark, M.
Folder 103/6Coale, W. E.
Folder 103/6Cohn, A. E.
Folder 103/6Cooper, J. C.
Folder 103/6Copeland, R. S.
Folder 103/6Cort, W. W.
Folder 103/6Cottman, T. E.
Folder 103/6Crawford, Miss
Folder 103/6Culbreth, D. M. R.
Folder 103/7Cullen, T. S.
Folder 103/7Cutler, E. C.
Folder 103/7Deford, R. B.
Folder 103/7Delano, F. A.
Folder 103/7Devine, E.T .
Folder 103/7Dohme, A. R. L.
Folder 103/7Dowell, Mrs. G. E.
Folder 103/7Drewry, W. F.
Folder 103/7Eberts
Folder 103/7Edmonds, R. H.
Folder 103/8Emerson, H.
Folder 103/8Evarts
Folder 103/8Finney
Folder 103/8Flexner, A.
Folder 103/8Flexner, S.
Folder 103/8Flexner, W. W.
Folder 103/8Folks, H.
Folder 103/8Francis, W. W.
Folder 103/8Friedenwald, H.
Folder 103/9Frankenberger, C.
Folder 103/9Frost, W. H.
Folder 103/9Futcher, T. B.
Folder 103/9Gibbs, Harriet
Folder 103/9Gibbs, J.
Folder 103/9Gibbs, R. M.
Folder 103/9Gilman, Miss E.
Folder 103/9Gittings, H. M.
Folder 103/9Glenn, J. Jr.
Folder 103/9Glenn, J. M.
Folder 103/9Goldsborough, P. L.
Folder 103/9Goodwillie, Mrs.
Folder 103/10Gordon, D. A.
Folder 103/10Griswold, B. H.
Folder 103/10Hamburger, L. P.
Folder 103/10Harlan, H. D.
Folder 103/10Hemmeter, J. C.
Folder 103/10Heimendahl, Mrs. W. E.
Folder 103/10Hickok, Rebecca
Folder 103/10Hollander ?
Folder 103/11Hopkins, Mrs. Marion
Folder 103/11Howell, W. H.
Folder 103/11Howland, Miss
Folder 103/11Howland, S.
Folder 103/11Hume, E. H.
Folder 103/11Humura, G.
Folder 103/11Hurd, Miss
Folder 103/12Jackson, G. S.
Folder 103/12Jacobs, H. B.
Folder 103/12Jarvis, W.
Folder 103/12Jencks, Mrs.
Folder 103/12Jenkins, M. E.
Folder 103/12Jennings, H. S.
Folder 103/12Jessup, P. C.
Folder 103/12Johnson, D. S.
Folder 103/12Johnson, R. W.
Folder 103/13Jones, H. P.
Folder 103/13Jones, W.
Folder 103/13Karsner, H. T.
Folder 103/13Kellogg, F. S.
Folder 103/13Kelly, H. A.
Folder 103/13Kent, F. R.
Folder 103/13Keogh, A.
Folder 103/13Kingsbury, J. A.
Folder 103/13Kinsolving, A. B.
Folder 103/13Kirkbride, Miss M.
Folder 103/13Klotz, O.
Folder 103/13Knox, J. W. M.
Folder 103/14Krumbhaar, E. B.
Folder 103/14Lanahan, A.
Folder 103/14Lawler, Miss E.
Folder 103/14Lee, J. L. G.
Folder 103/14Lewis, D.
Folder 103/14Lewis, W. H.
Folder 103/14Libman, E.
Folder 103/14Lomas, A. J.
Folder 103/14Longcope, W. T.
Folder 103/14McCollum, E. V.
Folder 103/14McCoy, G. W.
Folder 103/14McCrae, T.
Folder 103/14McLane, Mrs. C. E.
Folder 103/14Malloch, A.
Folder 103/14Manly, Miss
Folder 103/14Marburg, W. A.
Folder 103/15Marshall, E. K.
Folder 103/15Merriam, J. C.
Folder 103/15Metcalf, M. M.
Folder 103/15Meyer, Adolf
Folder 103/15Miles, T. W.
Folder 103/15Miller, R. T.
Folder 103/15Miller, W. S.
Folder 103/15Morgan College
Folder 103/15Morgan, Miss R.
Folder 103/15Morris, Miss J.
Folder 103/15Mueler, L.
Folder 103/16Murphy, F. K.
Folder 103/16Murphy, Miss
Folder 103/16Nichols, A. G.
Folder 103/16Niles, E. H.
Folder 103/16O'Donovan, C.
Folder 103/16Oliver, J. R.
Folder 103/16Oliver, W. W.
Folder 103/16Opie
Folder 103/16Owens, H.
Folder 103/17Pancoast, Mrs. O.
Folder 103/17Parker, S. A.
Folder 103/17Parker, W. A.
Folder 103/17Paul, d'A.
Folder 103/17Pearl, R.
Folder 103/17Pearson, W. A.
Folder 103/17Pleadwell
Folder 103/17Pleasants, J. H.
Folder 103/17Randall, B.
Folder 103/17Randall, Miss E.
Folder 103/18Rawls, W. L.
Folder 103/18Reed, L. J.
Folder 103/18Reiman, C. E.
Folder 103/18Rienhoff, W. F.
Folder 103/18Riesman, D.
Folder 103/18Robert, A. L.
Folder 103/18Roberts, W. F.
Folder 103/18Rogers, Miss J.
Folder 103/18Rous, P.
Folder 103/18Rowland, Mrs. H.A.
Folder 103/18Rowland, J. M. H.
Folder 103/18Rubiak, J ?
Folder 103/18Russell, F. F.
Folder 103/19Rutledge, B. H.
Folder 103/19Sabin, Florence
Folder 103/19Shumaker, S. M.
Folder 103/19Shriver, A. J.
Folder 103/19Smith, W.
Folder 103/19Sperry, J. E.
Folder 103/19Steiner, W. R.
Folder 103/19Stewart, C. M.
Folder 103/20Streeter, E. C.
Folder 103/20Streeter, G. L.
Folder 103/20Swann, Miss P.
Folder 103/20Symington, D.
Folder 103/20Symington, J. F.
Folder 103/20Thayer, W. S.
Folder 103/20Tilton, E. L.
Folder 103/20Trask, Miss L. M. D.
Folder 103/20Turnbull, Miss
Folder 103/20Viets, H. R.
Folder 103/21Vinson, R. E.
Folder 103/21Wadsworth, A.
Folder 103/21Walcott, F. C.
Folder 103/21Walsh, J. J.
Folder 103/21Warburg, O.
Folder 103/21Webb, G. B.
Folder 103/21Weed, Mrs. C. H.
Folder 103/21Weed, L. H.
Folder 103/22Wheeler, J. L.
Folder 103/22White, M.
Folder 103/22White, R. J.
Folder 103/22Whitehead, J. B.
Folder 103/22Whitridge, H.
Folder 103/22Whitridge, M.
Folder 103/22Willard, D.
Folder 103/22Willard, D., Jr.
Folder 103/23Williams, Mrs. G. H.
Folder 103/23Williams, J. W.
Folder 103/23Williams, W ?
Folder 103/23Wilmer, W. H.
Folder 103/23Wilson, J. S.
Folder 103/23Wilson, L. B.
Folder 103/23Young, H. H.
File 103/24-37Welch Medical Library - Correspondence re Dedication
Folder 103/24Abderhalden, E.
Folder 103/24Arnett, T.
Folder 103/24Ashburn, P. M.
Folder 103/24Baker, J. H.
Folder 103/24Baker, L. H.
Folder 103/25Baldwin, J. M.
Folder 103/25Bay, J. C.
Folder 103/25Beers, C. W.
Folder 103/25Bloodgood, J. C.
Folder 103/25Boudreau, R.
Folder 103/25Brasch, F. E.
Folder 103/26Bronner, B. (? Brouwer)
Folder 103/26Buckler, Miss Marion
Folder 103/26Bunting, C. H.
Folder 103/26Carr, J. R.
Folder 103/26Castellani
Folder 103/27Castiglioni, A.
Folder 103/27Chapin, Susan
Folder 103/27Clemons, H.
Folder 103/27Crummer, L.
Folder 103/27Cutler, E.
Folder 103/28Dawkins, W. J.
Folder 103/28Diepgen, P.
Folder 103/28Dold, W. E.
Folder 103/28Ebstein, E.
Folder 103/28Fletcher, W.
Folder 103/28Flexner, A.
Folder 103/29Folks, H.
Folder 103/29Ford, W. W.
Folder 103/29Francis, W. W.
Folder 103/29Fulton
Folder 103/29Garrison, F. H.
Folder 103/29Grauer, F.
Folder 103/29Greenlaw, E.
Folder 103/29Griffin, F. W.
Folder 103/29Griswold, B. H.
Folder 103/29Hale, G. E.
Folder 103/30Hemmeter, J. C.
Folder 103/30Hess, A. F.
Folder 103/30Hoeber, P. B.
Folder 103/30Hrdlicka, A.
Folder 103/30Hu, H.
Folder 103/31Huber, E.
Folder 103/31Keogh, A.
Folder 103/31Klebs, A.
Folder 103/31Kober, G.
Folder 103/31Kolle, W.
Folder 103/31Krumbhaar, E. B.
Folder 103/31Lancet
Folder 103/31Leake, C. D.
Folder 103/32Lorentz, A.
Folder 103/32Lyle, Annie G.
Folder 103/32Middleton, W. S.
Folder 103/33Mieli, A.
Folder 103/33Missiroli
Folder 103/33NY Academy Medicine
Folder 103/33Newsholme, A.
Folder 103/33Nutting, Miss Adelaide
Folder 103/34Pearce, Mrs R.
Folder 103/34Regaud, C. L.
Folder 103/34Ritchie, A. C.
Folder 103/34Rous, P.
Folder 103/35Rowland, Mrs Henrietta
Folder 103/35Ruhrah, J.
Folder 103/35Sawyer, H. T.
Folder 103/35Science Service
Folder 103/35Sigerist, Henry E.
Folder 103/35Singer, C.
Folder 103/35Streeter, E. C.
Folder 103/36Tricot-Royer
Folder 103/36Tropeninstitut Nocht
Folder 103/36Vaughan, T. W.
Folder 103/36Wadsworth, A.
Folder 103/36Waller, E.
Folder 103/36Warburg, A.
Folder 103/37Weinberger, B. W.
Folder 103/37West, A. F.
Folder 103/37Wilmer, W. H.
Folder 103/37Winslow, C. E. A.
Folder 103/37Winternitz, M.
Folder 103/37Wood, C. A.
Folder 103/37Zeuch, L. H.
File 104/1-18Welch Medical Library - Invitations declined
Folder 104/1-18Alberico, B. - Zinsser H.
File 104/19-32Welch Medical Library - Other documents re dedication

Note: scrapbook re 1929 dedication is in OVERSIZED section (OVS), Box #259.4

Folder 104/19List invited guests - for Board of Trustees. — Oct 1929
Folder 104/20Printed program - Oct 1929;
Folder 104/20Listing books (Incunabula) in Johns Hopkins University Library Homewood. — n.d.
Folder 104/21AMs - Memos of Welch re dedication. — n.d.
Folder 104/22Guest list, invitation, memos - re Welch-Bloodgood dinner honoring Sudhoff and Cushing. — Oct 18 1929
Folder 104/23Reprint and journal issue - address and photograph Sudhoff: special issue Janus of Leipzig, contains photo Sudhoff with Welch. — Sep 1929
Folder 104/24Press clippings - re dedication. — Oct 1929
Folder 104/25Journal issue - JH Alumni Magazine 18, no. 2. — Jan 1930
Folder 104/26Typed copy editorial - Inauguration of department of History of Medicine, opening of William H. Welch Medical Library, Ann Med Hist 2:122. — 1930
Folder 104/27-32Acknowledgments - receipt of volume The William H. Welch Medical Library of the Johns Hopkins University. An Account of its Origin and Development. Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins. — 1930
Folder 104/33Notes, other - on special issue Bulletin of Johns Hopkins Hospital re dedication, including Chesney's correspondence with authors H. Cushing, A. Flexner, Tilton (architect), others. Bull JHH 46: 1-152, — 1930
Folder 104/34Annotated ms. by Welch - sent to Chesney for inclusion in special Bulletin issue. — Dec 1929
File 105/1-15Welch Medical Library - Presentation of Barton Jacobs collection. — January 14 1932
Folder 105/1Correspondence - W. W. Ford and E. L. Tilton re planning space for Jacobs collection. — Jun 1929
Folder 105/2Caterer's order, menu, tally. — Jan 1932
Folder 105/3-8Letters accepting invitations to presentation, Ames, J. S. - Williams, Mrs. W.
Folder 105/9-15Letters declining invitations, Adler, Miss B.- Wilmer, W. H.