Series VI:
Lectures and Lecture Notes. — 1881-1931

(AMs unless noted); Notes re lectures after Welch left School of Hygiene in 1927 (Folders 33-37)

Folder 106/1TMs - Notes made from lectures by Welch on pathology and histology at Bellevue Hospital Medical College. — 1881- 1882
Folder 106/2AMs - by Welch re Bellevue lectures. — 1881-1883
Folder 106/3Notes for lectures by Welch - on fever (weekly student lectures); lectures to physicians, nurses, on bacteriology, infection, immunity, tumors, delivered at Johns Hopkins. — 1895-1897
Folder 106/4Lecture notes - bacteriology. — 1896-1897
Folder 106/5Outline - lecture on tumors. — May 1897
Folder 106/6Notes - lecture to physicians on infection and immunity. — May 11 1897
Folder 106/7Outline - lecture to nurses on bacteria and infection. — May 18 1897
Folder 106/8Outline - courses and lecture notes for 2nd year medical students on pathology, bacteriology. — 1896-1898
Folder 106/9Outline, notes - student lecture on immunity. — Jan 1898
Folder 106/10Outline - lecture to physicians on bacteriology. — May 1898
Folder 106/11Notes - graduate lecture on etiology of cancer. — Jun 1901
Folder 106/12TMs - Report of Welch course on bacteriology, infection and immunity, (Oct-Dec 1907), presented by class. — Jan 1908
Folder 106/13Photostat - page reported Welch lecture re toxins and correspondence Archives Microbiology. — Nov 1909
Folder 106/14Outline - lectures at School of Hygiene. — Sep 1920-1921
Folder 106/15Observations - by WHW re lectures. — 1921-1922
Folder 106/16Notes - English vital statistics for lecture use. — 1924
Folder 106/17Notes - lecture on education in public health. — 1924
Folder 106/18Annotations -re School Hygiene lectures. — 1921-1927
Folder 106/19Outline - lecture on public health, "my last lecture", School of Hygiene. — Mar 9 1927
Folder 106/20Notes - public health, ventilation, misc.. — n.d.
Folder 106/21Outline - lecture on history of public health. — n.d.
Folder 106/22Notes - on public health, industrial revolution. — n.d.
Folder 106/23Notes - public health, English sanitary reform. — n.d.
Folder 106/24Notes - foundations of public health. — n.d.
Folder 106/25Diagrams - Public health pentagram, Pythagorean symbol of health. — n.d.
Folder 106/26Notes - Immunology, chemotherapy. — n.d.
Folder 106/27Notes - Hygiene, "Mon Oct 7" year n.d.
Folder 106/28Notes - Public health statistics. — n.d.
Folder 106/29Notes - Mortality tables England 17th century. — n.d.
Folder 106/30List - books for Library of Hygiene. — n.d.
Folder 106/31Annotations on printed book review - by LeRossignol J E of The success of Chartism, by West J.. — n.d.
Folder 106/32Notes - An institute of public health. — n.d.
Folder 106/33Memo - re lecture at University of Maryland on history of anesthesia. — May 1 1930
Folder 106/34Lecture notes - on history of medicine including "my 3rd lecture" on 18th century English surgery. — 1930-1931
Folder 106/35Notes - history of science anniversaries, centennials. — 1931
Folder 106/36Notes - lectures Institute History Medicine, including Renaudot, 16th to 18th cent. medical schools. — Jan-Mar 1931
Folder 106/37Notes - on history of medicine, "something more than a harmless diversion". — ? April 1931

Series VII:
Papers and Addresses

Sub-series VII/A:
Scientific Papers and Addresses. — 1879-1922

Note: reference is made in this section (and in XII reprints) to Burket W. C., Papers and Addresses by William Henry Welch, Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press (3 vols), 1920. A note "bibliog #" indicates # in bibliography 3:505-557 describing where articles were published, often in more than one journal; B* shows paper was republished in bibliography. (r) indicates reprint available in XII, Boxes #154-#157

Folder 107/1Flexner, S. Table of contents of folders 2-18, and note on Welch handwriting
Folder 107/2Discussion by Welch of lecture by J. C. Dalton on cerebral anatomy: published. — 1879
Folder 107/3Original drawings by F. P. Mall for paper by him and Welch on experimental study of hemorrhagic infarction of the small intestine in the dog: bibliog #17,411 B*, published, read at Assoc Am Physicians Army Med Museum. — Jun 2 1887
Folder 107/4Notes on vaccination: bibliog #26, abst. published, prob used for address Preventive inoculation against infectious diseases, read at Scientific Assoc JHU. — Dec 12 1888
Folder 107/5AMs and notes - Preliminary report of investigations concerning causation hog cholera: by Welch, Clement A. W., (?Russell F. P.), bibliog #34, published: republished in Burket B*. Later report at Address 1st International Veterinary Conference America, Chicago IL, Oct 20 1892; Original laboratory notes on hog cholera experiments in Boxes #129-#131
Folder 107/6Notes - Animal parasites: Exhibit at JHH Med Soc, bibliog #47. — Mar 17 1890
Folder 107/7AMs, notes, refs - Case acute diphtheria with peripancreatic fat necrosis: bibliog #44, AAP meeting, Washington DC. — May 13-15 1890, published
Folder 107/8Notes - Causation of diphtheria: bibliog #54, published (r), address Med Chi meeting Baltimore. — Apr 29 1891
Folder 107/9Notes - Aneurism (aneurysm) with demonstration of bacillus causing air in the tissues: bibliog #82, #92 B*, published, address JHH Med Soc, Nov 2 1891; Other notes on gas bacillus, B. welchii, Cl. welchii in VIII, Box #123
Folder 107/10AMs - The etiology of acute lobar pneumonia: bibliog #76, #77 published, B* address Med Chi Fac MD, Apr 26 1892; Other notes on pneumonia in VIII, Box #122
Folder 107/11Notes, refs - Asiatic cholera in its relations to sanitary reforms: bibliog #94, published (r). — 1893
Folder 107/12TMs partial, notes - The action of rattlesnake venom upon the bactericidal properties of the blood: bibliog #106 B* published, address Pan Am Med Congress, Section pathology, Washington DC. — Sep 6 1893
Folder 107/13TMs - The bacteriology and pathology of diphtheria: bibliog #112 B* published, ? given Jefferson Med. College, also in Budapest. — 1893-4
Folder 107/14Flexner, S., Table of contents # 20-23. — 1894-5
Folder 107/15Notes - Analysis of a bacteriological study of 500 autopsies at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Middleton Goldsmith lecture at NY Path Soc, bibliog #111, not published. — Apr 1894
Folder 107/16Notes for chapter - General bacteriology of surgical infections in System of Surgery Dennis F. C., Billings J. S. eds, Philadelphia, 1:249-334, bibliog #122 B*. — 1895
Folder 107/17Notes - Pseudo-tuberculosis in animals: bibliog #123, not published, Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Society. — Feb 4 1895
Folder 107/18Notes on immunity - diphtheria, anthrax etc. used address on treatment of diphtheria by antitoxin: bibliog #125 B*, Assoc Am Phys, Washington DC. — May 30 1895
Folder 108/1Flexner, S. Table of contents folders #2-13. — 1896-99
Folder 108/2Notes - Rabies: bibliog #157, published, discussion meeting Clin Soc MD and Med Chi MD. — 1897
Folder 108/3Outline, notes - Principles underlying serum diagnosis of typhoid fever: bibliog #150 B*, published, address AMA meeting, Philadelphia. — Jun 1-4 1897
Folder 108/4-5References, notes - Thrombosis and embolism, bibliog #181 B*, published chapter in: System of Medicine, Albutt ed.,London. — 1899
Folder 108/6Flexner, S., Table of contents #15-18. — 1900-1901
Folder 108/7Notes - Venous thrombosis in cardiac disease: bibliog #195 B*,(r) Address Assoc Am Phys, Washington DC. — May 3 1900
Folder 108/8AMs - Argument against the anti-vivisection (antivivisection) Bill: bibliog #197, B*, published(r), delivered in US Senate. — 1900
Folder 108/9Flexner, S. Table of contents. — 1902-1903
Folder 108/10Notes - Crusade of recent years against tuberculosis: bibliog #222, published, Address joint meeting MD Pub Hlth Assoc, Med Chi, and Laennec Soc. — Jan 27 1902
Folder 108/11-12Notes, AMs, outline - Huxley lecture On recent studies of immunity ...: bibliog #223 B*, published(r), Charing Cross Hosp Med School, London. — Oct 1 1902
Folder 108/13Notes - Pathological effects of alcohol: bibliog #228 B*, published (r) chapter in: Physiological aspects of the liquor problem. Boston, 2:349. — 1903
Folder 109/1Flexner S. Table of contents. — 1904-1905
Folder 109/2Notes of references - Gastric ulcer: remarks JHH Med Soc, Dec 5 1904: bibliog #241, published MD Med J 48:64-5. — 1904
Folder 109/3Notes - Theory of pulmonary oedema (edema): bibliog #242 B* published 1904
Folder 109/4Outline, notes - Pathology of arteriosclerosis, bibliog #252, not published, dated Jun 1904, ? used address JHH Med Soc. — Dec 18 1905
Folder 109/5Outline - Tuberculosis: bibliog #257, published, prob. address Nat Assoc Study Prev TB. — May 18-19 1905
Folder 109/6Stenograph report - Relations between cardiac and renal disease and arteriosclerosis: bibliog NA, ?not published, address Philadelphia County Med Soc. — Dec 1905
Folder 109/7Flexner S. Table of contents. — 1906-1907
Folder 109/8Notes, references - Tuberculosis: bibliog NA, prob. address State TB Assoc Annapolis MD. — Jan 23 1906
Folder 109/9TMs, AMs, notes - The relation of physics to medicine: bibliog NA, not published, address dedication Rockefeller Hall Physics Cornell University. — Jun 29 1906
Folder 109/10Notes, outline - Forms of arteriosclerosis: bibliog NA, address Brit Med Assoc, Toronto. — Aug 23 1906
Folder 109/11Stenograph report - The relation of physics to medicine: bibliog #270, not published, address JHH Med History Club. — April 8 and May 13 1907
Folder 109/12Flexner, S. Table of contents. — 1908-1909
Folder 109/13Notes, partial AMs - What may be expected from a more effective application of preventive measures against tuberculosis: bibliog #277 B*, published, address Albany NY. — Jan 27 1908
Folder 109/14AMs, TMs - Experimental medicine: bibliog NA, not published, address dedication Harvey Cushing lab experimental medicine, Western Reserve University Cleveland. — Nov 20 1908
Folder 109/15Notes - Prevention of tuberculosis: bibliog NA not published, address public meeting Trenton NJ. — Oct 21 1909
Folder 109/16Stenograph report - Immunity: bibliog NA not published, address Central NY Med Assoc, Syracuse. — Oct 20 1910
Folder 109/17Stenograph report - Influenza bacillus: bibliog NA, published, discussion JHH Med Soc. — Feb 2 1920
Folder 109/18Stenograph report ? TMs - Some general considerations bearing on cancer mortality: bibliog NA, prob. address Baltimore City Med Soc. — Nov 3 1922

Sub-series VII/B:
Historical and Philosophical Papers and Addresses. — 1869-1934

Note: Burket's bibliography ends 1920

Folder 110/1-2AMs, TMs - Essay, The Fall of the Roman Empire was a Blessing to the World: bibliog NA, not published. — 1869-1870
Folder 110/3Program - Yale College Junior Exhibition, noting Latin oration by Welch on De Romulo Augustulo. — Apr 7 1869
Folder 110/4TMs - The decay of faith: bibliog NA, not published. — 1870
Folder 110/5TMs - The Realm of Law: bibliog NA ?not published, Commencement address Yale. — Jul 21 1870
Folder 110/6Notes - Pre-Hippocratic Greek medicine: bibliog #59, not published, address JHH Hist Club Baltimore. — Nov 9 1891
Folder 110/7TMs - Review Osler's The Principles and Practice of Medicine: bibliog #85, published. — 1892
Folder 110/8Notes - The evolution of modern scientific laboratories: bibliog #128 B*, published(r), address opening William Pepper laboratory, Philadelphia. — Dec 4 1895
Folder 110/9Press clipping - The scientific bearings of Jenner's discovery: bibliog NA, address Med Soc County of Kings, May 14 1896: Brooklyn Daily Eagle. — May 15 1896
Folder 110/10Notes - Animal experimentation in the writings of Galen: bibliog #137 not published, address JHH Hist Club. — Dec 14 1896
Folder 110/11Notes - Epochs in the development of pathology: bibliog NA, ?not published, address JHH Hist Club. — May 10 1897
Folder 110/12AMs - Remarks at graduating exercises School of Medicine: (first class to graduate) bibliog NA,? not published. — Jun 15 1897
Folder 110/13Notes - Historical development of knowledge of meningococcus intracellularis: bibliog #174, published address JHH Med Soc. — Nov 15 1897
Folder 110/14AMs, TMs - Landmarks in the history of pathology: bibliog #167 published, address NY Acad Med. — Nov 17 1898
Folder 110/15Outline - Epochs in the History of Medicine: bibliog #185 B*,published, exhibit Med Chi Fac MD centennial. — Apr 26 1899
Folder 110/16TMs - Remarks at graduating exercises Johns Hopkins University: bibliog NA, ?not published. — Jun 13 1899
Folder 110/17Notes, outline - History of doctrines of fever: bibliog #184, not published, address JHH Hist Club, Apr 9 1899,(?? notes also used earlier Cartwright lectures On the general pathology of fever: bibliog #24 B*, published, addresses Assoc Alumni College Physicians and Surgeons New York NY Mar and Apr 1888)
Folder 110/18Notes, refs - The relation of Yale to Medicine: bibliog #207, published (r), address 200th anniversary founding Yale College. — Oct 21 1901
Folder 110/19AMs, notes - Oration on State Medicine: bibliog #229, abst. published, address AMA meeting, New Orleans. — May 7 1903
Folder 110/20AMs, TMs - Presentation of candidates for M.D. degree Johns Hopkins University: bibliog NA, ?not published. — Jun 9 1903
Folder 110/21AMs, TMs partial - The Johns Hopkins Hospital with special reference to its relation to medical education: bibliog NA, ?not published ?used later addresses medical education, address ? in New York NY. — Jan 1904
Folder 110/22AMs, partial - Address at celebration 50th anniversary founding NY Infirmary for Women and Children: bibliog NA, not published. — Jan 16 1904
Folder 110/22TMs - address by M. Carey Thomas, same meeting
Folder 110/23Notes, outline - Lane medical lectures, History of doctrines of infection, parasitic infections: bibliog NA, not published, Cooper Medical College, San Francisco. — Aug 15-19 1904
Folder 110/24Outline - Phases in medical history: bibliog NA, not published, address Los Angeles Co. Med Soc. — Sep 2 1904
Folder 111/1AMs - Presentation of William Osler for honorary degree LL.D. Johns Hopkins: bibliog #247, Feb 22 1905, (reported Sun newspaper Feb 23 1905)
Folder 111/2Notes - Preventive medicine in the 17th and 18th century: bibliog #249, abst. published, address Med Chi Fac MD. — Apr 26 1905
Folder 111/3Transcript notes NY Sun - remarks farewell dinner to Osler: bibliog NA, Waldorf Astoria, New York NY. — May 2 1905
Folder 111/4Notes, stenograph report - Recollections of Carl Weigert: bibliog #250, not published (comments ?by Cushing), address JHH Hist Club. — Dec 11 1905
Folder 111/5Stenograph report - History of Medicine: bibliog NA, not published, address Vesalius Society JHH. — Jan 6 1906
Folder 111/6AMs - Some of the conditions which have influenced the development of American medicine: bibliog #272 B*, published, address centennial NY State Med, Soc Albany NY, Jan 31 1906, later Columbia University. — 1907
Folder 111/7Outline - Medicine as a profession for women: bibliog NA, not published, address Bryn Mawr College. — Mar 9 1906
Folder 111/8Notes - The relation of the hospital to medical education and research: bibliog #271 B*, published, address opening new Jefferson Medical College Hospital, Philadelphia. — Jun 7 1907
Folder 111/9TMs - Medical education in England in the 18th and early 19th century: bibliog #276, not published, address JHH Hist Club. — Jan 13 and Feb 10 1908
Folder 111/10Outline - address at memorial meeting for President Gilman: bibliog NA, ?not published, Johns Hopkins. — Nov 8 1908
Folder 111/11Steno report - Albrecht von Haller, remarks at 200th anniversary his birth: bibliog NA, JHH Hist Soc. — Dec 1908
Folder 111/12Flexner, S. Table of contents. — 1910-1911
Folder 111/13Transcript - The medical curriculum: bibliog #310 B*, published, address Assoc Am Med , Baltimore. — Mar 21 1910
Folder 111/14Outline, drafts - Acceptance of Brenner medallion: bibliog #311 B* (r), remarks birthday dinner. — Apr 2 1910
Folder 111/15Outline - Isabel Hampton Robb: bibliog #313, published remarks at commemorative exercises. — May 8 1910
Folder 111/16Typed copy abst. - Organization in medicine: bibliog #315, abst. published, remarks Med Soc NJ, Atlantic City. — Jun 28 1910
Folder 111/17Notes, refs - Jenner and vaccination: bibliog NA, not published, lecture College Physicians, Philadelphia. — ?Dec 15 1910
Folder 111/18Outline - Dedication of extension Carnegie Lab NYU Med School: bibliog NA, not published. — Jan 10 1911
Folder 111/19Outline, notes, program - Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell: bibliog NA, published program booklet (r), address memorial meeting NY Acad Med. — Jan 25 1911
Folder 111/20Stenograph record - Public health: bibliog NA, ?published, address City-Wide Congress, Baltimore. — Mar 8 1911
Folder 111/21Stenograph record - The influence of Koch and his students: bibliog #324, not published, address Laennec Society, Baltimore. — Mar 27 1911
Folder 111/22TMs - Memorial Christian Archibald Herter: bibliog #325, published, minute adopted Rockefeller Inst meeting New York NY. — Apr 8 1911
Folder 111/23Notes, outline, stenograph report - Dr. Edward Gamaliel Janeway: bibliog NA, not published, address memorial meeting NY Acad Med. — Apr 11 1911
Folder 111/24Notes - Medicine at the time of Jenner: bibliog #326,not published, prob. address JHH Hist Club. — Apr 10 1911
Folder 111/25AMs - The American Medical Association: bibliog #329, published, remarks reception, Philadelphia Med Club in honor President William H. Taft. — May 4 1911
Folder 111/26AMs - Report on the endowment of University medical education: (analysis of Flexner report), bibliog NA, not published (earlier addresses on topic in 1894, 1899, see Burket 3:46-70). — May 1911
Folder 111/27Flexner, S. Table of contents. — 1912-1913
Folder 111/28Outline, notes - Health in relation to charity and social service: bibliog NA, not published, address Social Service Club YMCA, Baltimore. — Jan 16 1912
Folder 111/29AMs - Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell: bibliog NA, ?not published, remarks at presentation for award honorary LL.D. Johns Hopkins. — Feb 22 1912
Folder 111/30Outline, notes - Medical science and civic warfare: bibliog NA, address convocation University of Wisconsin Madison. — Apr 12 1912
Folder 111/30TMs press abst. The Daily Cardinal, Apr 2 1912, p. 2
Folder 112/1Outline, partial AMs, later correspondence - The development of medicine as a science: bibliog NA, not published, Barbour-Page lectures University Virginia. — Apr 17-19 1912
Folder 112/2AMs - Col. William C. Gorgas: bibliog NA, presentation for honorary degree LL.D. Johns Hopkins. — Jun 11 1912
Folder 112/3Galley proof - The hospital and its sociologic functions: bibliog #339, address AMA meeting, Atlantic City, Jun 1912, ? reported as: The hospital in relation to medical science, JAMA 59:1667-1668. — 1912
Folder 112/4Stenograph transcript - Smallpox vaccination: bibliog #340, #351 testimony before Pennsylvania State Vaccination Commission, Philadelphia, Nov 22 1912 published Commission Report. — 1913
Folder 112/5Outline - Henry E. Phipps Psychiatric Clinic JHH: bibliog NA ?not published, remarks clinic opening. — Apr 16 1913
Folder 112/6Stenograph report - History of pathology: bibliog #352, published(r), address at presentation Ernest Ziegler library to University of Pittsburgh. — Dec 5 1913
Folder 112/7Flexner, S. Table of contents. — 1914
Folder 112/8Outline, partial ms - Present position medical education, its development and great needs for the future: bibliog #354 B* published, address installation Dr. C. R. Holmes as Dean medicine University of Cincinnati. — Jan 16 1914
Folder 112/9TMs, journal copy - Dr. William W. Guth: bibliog NA published, remarks at inauguration WWG as President Goucher College. — Feb 9 1914
Folder 112/10AMs, notes - Silas Weir Mitchell, physician and man of science: bibliog #357 B*, memorial address College Physicians, Philadelphia. — Mar 31 1914
Folder 112/11Stenograph report - Retrospective medicine: bibliog NA ?not published, address at sesquicentennial Litchfield County Med Soc. — Jun 12 1914
Folder 112/12Outline, AMs, typed copy - 25th anniversary Johns Hopkins Hospital: bibliog #358 B* published, address, Baltimore. — Oct 5 1914
Folder 112/13Outline, notes - Peter Bent Brigham Hospital: bibliog #359 B*, address at formal opening. — Nov 12 1914
Folder 112/14Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1915
Folder 112/15Outline - Vesalius and the spirit of his time: bibliog #363 published, address quadricentennial Vesalius, NY Acad Med. — Jan 7 1915
Folder 112/16Outline, notes - Women in medicine: bibliog NA not published, address Goucher College. — Jan 22 1915
Folder 112/17Outline, notes - Medical ethics: bibliog NA not published, address JHH YMCA. — Feb 7 1915
Folder 112/18AMs, notes, refs - Silas Weir Mitchell: bibliog #364 B* published memoir Rep Nat Acad Science 40. — 1915
Folder 112/19Notes - Charles Sedgwick Minot: bibliog #365 B*,published memoir Rep Nat Acad Science 47-49. — 1915
Folder 112/20Outline, notes - The time of Vesalius: contributions of Vesalius other than anatomical: bibliog #366 B* published, address JHH Hist Club. — Feb 8 1915
Folder 112/21Notes, typed report - Recent improvements in medical education: bibliog NA published University booklet, address Washington University Medical School, St Louis. — Apr 29 1915
Folder 112/22Stenograph transcript, copy by Pres. M. Carey Thomas - Miss Mary E. Garrett: bibliog NA ?not published, memorial address Johns Hopkins University. — May 9 1915
Folder 112/23Outline, notes - The duties of a hospital to the public health: bibliog #368 B* published, address Nat Conf Charities and Correction, Baltimore. — May 14 1915
Folder 112/24TMs - Institute of Hygiene: bibliog #390 B* published, report to Rockefeller Foundation by Welch and W. Rose. — May 27 1915

Note: other material on report in Box #99 f15

Folder 113/1TMs - Aims in medical education: bibliog #372 not published, address Peking Union Medical College. — Oct 11 1915
Folder 113/2TMs - Medicine and service in China, bibliog #373 B*, address students Yali at chapel Changsa Hunan. — Oct 17 1915
Folder 113/3Press clippings - Some aspects of modern medicine: bibliog #374 B*, address Saturday Club at Tiffin, Shanghai, Oct 30 1915, China Press. — Oct 31 1915
Folder 113/4Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1916-1919
Folder 113/5AMs, typed copy - Report on China Medical Commission to Rockefeller Foundation: bibliog NA ?not published. — 1916
Folder 113/6Notes, stenograph report - Medicine in China and Japan: bibliog #382 not published, address JHH Hist Club. — Feb 14 1916
Folder 113/7Outline, galleys - Medical education in the United States: bibliog #384 B* published, address Harvey Soc New York NY. — Apr 20 1916
Folder 113/8Outline - Contributions and place of pathological anatomy in modern medicine: bibliog NA ?not published, address University Chicago conference on pathology. — Jun 5 1916
Folder 113/9Notes - Medical problems of the Civil War: bibliog #392 abst. published, address JHH Med Soc. — Nov 20 1916
Folder 113/10TMs - Report on hospital ship Solace: bibliog NA ?not published, sent to Secretary of the Navy. — Jun 5 1917
Folder 113/11TMs, galley - Franklin Paine Mall: bibliog #395 published, memorial address at Johns Hopkins. — Feb 3 1918
Folder 113/12AMs, partial - Bastille Day: bibliog NA not published, address Baltimore. — Jul 14 1918
Folder 113/13Outline - Hygiene: bibliog NA not published, address Mount Holyoke College. — Aug 2 1918
Folder 113/14Stenograph report - The Hon. S. S. Field: bibliog NA not published, address at dinner Baltimore. — Aug 12 1918
Folder 113/15Outline and diary abst. - Health activities of the League of Red Cross Societies: bibliog #402 #403 B* published Proceedings address Red Cross Med Conf Cannes. — Apr 3 1919
Folder 113/16Outline, program - The role of pathological anatomy in the development of modern medicine: bibliog NA ?not published, address dedication pathology lab Philadelphia General Hospital. — Dec 11 1919
Folder 113/17AMs, notes - The influence of English medicine upon American medicine in its formative period: bibliog #400, published Contrib Med and Biol Research, tribute to Osler, New York NY p. 811-817. — 1919
Folder 113/18Outline, stenograph report - Social Hygiene: bibliog #401 not published, address Committee of Twenty, Utica NY. — Dec 27 1919
Folder 113/19Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1920
Folder 113/20Outline - Medical social service: bibliog NA not published, address Bryn Mawr College. — Jan 31 1920
Folder 113/20Annotated printed copy - 30th Report of Superintendent Johns Hopkins Hospital, ?used as data source. — 1919
Folder 113/21Stenograph report - Dr. John Whitridge Williams: bibliog #406 published, remarks portrait presentation. — Feb 23 1920
Folder 113/22Outline, notes, abst. - Sir William Osler as the physician: bibliog #407, memorial address NY Acad Med. — Feb 28 1920
Folder 113/23Outline, notes, stenograph report - Sir William Osler: bibliog #408(r),memorial address Johns Hopkins. — Mar 22 1920
Folder 113/24Outline, stenograph report - Training of students in schools of hygiene and public health: bibliog NA ?published Proceedings, address Conference State and Provincial Health Authorities North America, Washington DC. — May 25 1920
Folder 113/25Stenograph report - 50th reunion Yale class of 1870: bibliog NA ?not published, includes WHW remarks as toastmaster, New Haven. — Jun 22 1920
Folder 113/26Outline - Venereal disease: bibliog NA ?not published, introductory remarks All-American Conference, Washington DC. — Dec 6 1920
Folder 114/1Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1921
Folder 114/2AMs outline, typed copy - Editorial: introduction to the American Journal of Hygiene published 1921
Folder 114/3Outline, notes - The place of Dr. Meltzer in American medicine: published memorial address NY Acad Med. — Jan 6 1921
Folder 114/4Outline, stenograph report, printed copy - Dr. W. W. Keen: address celebration 84th birthday Philadelphia. — Jan 20 1921
Folder 114/5Outline, stenograph report, galley titled Abstract for Annals - Training of public health officials: ? published, address Am Congress Internal Medicine, Baltimore. — Feb 23 1921
Folder 114/6Printed copy - The training of nurses: remarks at meeting nursing endowment fund Feb 26 1921, published JH Nurses Alumn Mag 20:9-10. — 1921
Folder 114/7TMs - Looking backward: address nursing class graduation Johns Hopkins Hospital. — n.d.
Folder 114/8Stenograph report, letter - General William C. Gorgas: minute of memorial, Rockefeller International Health Board. — May 24 1921
Folder 114/9AMs, TMs - Miss Isabella Eldridge: unpublished address unveiling memorial tablet Norfolk CT. — Jun 26 1921
Folder 114/10Outline - Medical education in China: unpublished remarks to educational commission on board S.S. Empress of Asia. — Aug 25 1921
Folder 114/11-13Notes, stenograph reports - Pneumonic plague: Pathologic problems in the Orient: The advancement of medicine and its contribution to human welfare: remarks dedication Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), China, Sep 20-22 1921 published Peking 1921
Folder 114/14Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1922
Folder 114/15Outline - Rockefeller Institute: ?not published, remarks 20th anniversary reception, New York NY. — Jan 20 1922
Folder 114/16TMs press release - Endowment of the School of Hygiene and Public Health by the Rockefeller Foundation: Mar 1 1922
Folder 114/17Stenograph report - The future of public health in the United States: published address as chairman Conference on future public health, Washington DC. — Mar 14 1922
Folder 114/18AMs, TMs, galley - Contributions of Bryn Mawr College to the higher education of women: published (r) address Bryn Mawr. — Jun 8 1922
Folder 114/19Outline, notes, printed program - Fundamental contributions of Pasteur to biology: ?published address Pasteur centennial NY Acad Med. — Jan 10 1923
Folder 114/20Printed copy - The health work of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company: address Baltimore. — Feb 20 1923
Folder 114/21Stenograph report - Pasteur's contribution to biology: ?not published, address meeting Johns Hopkins honoring 100th anniversary death Jenner, birth Pasteur. — ? Mar 19 1923
Folder 114/22Outline - League of Nations: unpublished remarks dinner inaugurating Maryland branch, Baltimore. — Apr 12 1923
Folder 114/23Outline, notes - Early medical history of Maryland: published(r) address 25th anniversary Med Library Assoc, Baltimore. — May 7 1923
Folder 114/24AMs, notes, typed copies - Pasteur: ?not published, remarks as U.S. delegate Pasteur centennial, Paris. — May 22 1923
Folder 114/25AMs - St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Medical College: published remarks octocentenary celebration at Guildhall, London. — Jun 5 1923
Folder 114/26TMs - Congratulatory letter from Rockefeller Institute to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. — Jun 5 1923
Folder 114/27AMs, galley - William S. Halsted: published(r) memorial address Homewood, Baltimore. — Dec 13 1923
Folder 115/1Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1924-25
Folder 115/2Pamphlet - Introduction: to reviews of Beers CW, A Mind that Found Itself. — Jan 18 1924
Folder 115/3AMs - Theories and practice of public health at different periods of time: published(r) Sedgwick lecture at MIT, Boston. — Jan 25 1924
Folder 115/4Outline, notes, stenograph report - Dr. Hermann M. Biggs: unpublished memorial address NY Acad Med. — Apr 29 1924
Folder 115/5Pamphlet - Louis Pasteur: published remarks on presentation bronze bust by Aronson to NY Acad Med. — May 15 1924
Folder 115/6TMs - Osler, student and teacher of disease: published address Johns Hopkins History Club at presentation Osler memorial plaque. — Jan 19 1925
Folder 115/7Outline, notes, partial ms. - The modern school of medicine: ?unpublished address dedication Sterling Hall of Medicine Yale. — Feb 23 1925
Folder 115/8Outline, notes - Medical research and practice: ?unpublished address Vanderbilt University. — Oct 15 1925
Folder 115/9Outline, notes, steno report - William Wood Gerhard and the differentiation of typhus and typhoid fever: published Gross lecture at presentation 1st Gerhard medal to Welch by Pathologic Society, Philadelphia. — Nov 12 1925
Folder 115/10Stenograph report - The practice of medicine and public health: unpublished address NY Tuberculosis and Health Conference. — Nov 20 1925
Folder 115/11Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1925-26
Folder 115/12AMs, TMs, notes, reprint (dup), mailing list - A great physician and medical humanist: review of Cushing's Life of Sir William Osler. — 1925
Folder 115/13TMs - Comments on Dr. Fraser's report on teaching of clinical medicine...: published report to Rockefeller Foundation. — Feb 27 1926
Folder 115/14Notes, stenograph report, Flexner, S. comments - Reminiscences of medical studies in New York in 1870's:?unpublished address dinner Alumni Coll Phys Surg Columbia, New York. — Mar 19 1926
Folder 115/15AMs, notes, stenograph report, program, - Welcoming address: published remarks International Cancer Symposium, Lake Mohonk NY. — Sep 20 1926
Folder 115/16Outline - Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene: ?published remarks opening ceremony. — Oct 22 1926
Folder 115/17Pamphlet - Dr. Erwin F. Smith: testimonial at meeting Am Phytopathologic Soc, Philadelphia. — Dec 29 1926
Folder 115/18AMs, galley - Introduction: to The Natural Increase of Mankind, Sweeney JS Baltimore. — 1926
Folder 116/1Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1926-1928
Folder 116/2Outline - The role of erroneous hypothesis in the advancement of science: ?unpublished address History of Ideas Club, Baltimore. — Jan 18 1927
Folder 116/3Stenograph report - Peoples League of Health Great Britain: unpublished address luncheon for Miss Nethersole, New York NY. — Jan 21 1927
Folder 116/4Outline, stenograph report - Dr. John Howland: published memorial address Johns Hopkins. — Jan 30 1927
Folder 116/5Outline, stenograph report - Dr. Lewellys F. Barker: published remarks at portrait presentation. — Feb 22 1927
Folder 116/6AMs, partial - Receiving the Kober medal: published (r) remarks at Assoc Am Phys, Atlantic City NJ. — May 4 1927
Folder 116/7AMs, notes, reprint (r) - Foreword: Sir William Osler Memorial Volume, Internat Assoc Med Museums. — 1927
Folder 116/8Outline, notes - Harvey tercentenary: published response to toast to delegates, banquet Guildhall London May 16 1928. — May 16 1928
Folder 116/9Outline - Teaching and study of medical history in Europe: ?unpublished address History Science Soc, New York NY. — Dec 29 1928
Folder 116/10Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1929
Folder 116/11Stenograph report - Influenza: ?unpublished remarks at USPHS Conference, Washington DC. — Jan 10 1929
Folder 116/12Outline, xerox of reprint - Endowment of Chair in History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins: published(r) address Commemoration Day. — Feb 22 1929
Folder 116/13TMs notes, outline - Yale and its medical school: published abst. address dinner, New Haven. — Feb 23 1929
Folder 116/14Outline - Prohibition of experiments on dogs: ?unpublished remarks antivivisection Bill hearing, Annapolis MD. — Mar 19 1929
Folder 116/15Stenograph report, letter Krumbhaar EB - Institutes of medical history: abst. published address banquet Am Assoc Hist Med, Atlantic City. — May 6 1929
Folder 116/16Outline, steno report - Frederick T. Gates: ?unpublished memorial address Rockefeller Inst, New York NY. — May 15 1929
Folder 116/17Stenograph report - Department of History of Medicine Johns Hopkins: published remarks at inauguration department, Baltimore. — Oct 18 1929
Folder 116/18Outline - Madame Curie and radiation: unpublished address at Nat Acad Science, Washington DC presentation of check to Mme. Curie for purchase 1gm. radium. — Oct 30 1929
Folder 116/19Notes - Dr. Amanda Taylor Norris: unpublished address her golden jubilee, Baltimore. — Nov 9 1929
Folder 116/20Notes - Foreword: to The Life of Hermann Biggs, Winslow CEA, Philadelphia 1929; also typed copy 12 chapters of book; copy Health News dedicated HMB. — July 1923
Folder 116/21Outline - Mental Hygiene: ?published address 20th
Folder 116/21anniversary dinner New York NY. — Nov 14 1929
Folder 117/1Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1930
Folder 117/2Outline, notes - Medical libraries and the profession: published(r) address Boston Med Library. — Feb 5 1930
Folder 117/2Notes - of books to buy for Welch Library: booklet re Boston Med library
Folder 117/3TMs - Introduction: to William Stewart Halsted, MacCallum WG, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press. — 1930
Folder 117/4Notes, stenograph, letter Sidney H. Licht, reprint (r) - Return to Bellevue: address William Welch Society Bellevue, New York NY (encl: microphotos by Carr 1884). — Feb 25 1930
Folder 117/5Notes - William Royal Stokes: unpublished memorial address University of Maryland, Baltimore. — Mar 23 1930
Folder 117/6Notes - Health work of the League of Nations: unpublished address dinner Ubiquiteers School of Hygiene. — Mar 26 1930
Folder 117/7Galleys - 80th birthday: published(r) remarks at dinner NY Acad Med. — Apr 4 1930
Folder 117/8TMs, program copy - 80th birthday celebration: published(r) remarks at dinner Memorial Continental Hall, Washington DC. — Apr 8 1930
Folder 117/9Notes, partial ms, stenograph report - Medicine in 1830: published booklet 1931, address centennial Med Chi Fac MD library. — Apr 23 1930
Folder 117/10Outline, notes, stenograph report, program - Dr. Abraham Jacobi: ?unpublished address dinner centennial Jacobi's birth NY Acad Med. — May 2 1930
Folder 117/11Stenograph report - Chairman's remarks: ?unpublished, at 1st Internat Congress Mental Hygiene, Washington DC. — May 6 1930
Folder 117/12AMs - Mental hygiene: remarks for Fox Movietone. — May 7 1930
Folder 117/13Outline, notes - Health ideals: ?unpublished address dedication Physical Education building University of South Carolina. — Jun 6 1930
Folder 117/14Typed memo of data - Johns Hopkins alumni: unpublished talk Alumni dinner Town House, Los Angeles CA. — Jun 19 1930
Folder 117/15Outline - Retrospective: unpublished address dinner Hollywood Academy Medicine CA. — Jul 9 1930
Folder 117/16Stenograph report - History of medicine: unpublished address University of California Berkeley. — Sep 22/?23 1930
Folder 117/17TMs report by S.V. Larkey - History of cinchona and malaria: published remarks by Welch at San Francisco medical history seminar. — Sep 24 1930
Folder 117/18AMs notes, stenograph report, program - The development of the modern medical clinic: ?unpublished address, Philadelphia. — Oct 10 1930
Folder 117/19Notes - The influence of Galen: ?unpublished address 18 hundredth anniversary birth Galen at College Physicians, Philadelphia. — Oct 23 1930
Folder 117/20Notes - Dr. William Royal Stokes: unpublished address at unveiling bronze memorial tablet City Hall annex, Baltimore. — Nov 26 1930
Folder 117/21Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1931
Folder 117/22Notes, outline, stenograph report - The medical clinic, some historical considerations: unpublished address banquet Am Coll Physicians, Baltimore. — Mar 26 1931
Folder 117/23Outline, reprint(r) - Changing viewpoints in medical education: published address dedication Duke University School Medicine, Durham NC. — Apr 2 1931
Folder 117/24AMs draft - Introduction: to The Foundations of Medical History, Power Sir D'Arcy Baltimore. — 1931
Folder 117/25Outline, printed invitation - Recollections of Robert Koch: ?unpublished address Freitag University, Germany. — Jun 5 1931
Folder 117/26Notes - Harveian Society: published reply to toast to visitors at centennial dinner Grocer's Hall, London. — Jun 12 1931
Folder 117/27AMs partial - Collège de France: unpublished congratulatory message from Rockefeller Institute at 400th anniversary College founding, Paris. — Jun 19 1931
Folder 117/28Notes, biographic sketches, stenograph report - Distinguished physicians who have graduated from West Nottingham Academy: published address at Med Chi Fac MD meeting, Colora MD. — Oct 21 1931
Folder 117/29Stenograph report - Reminiscences of medical ... studies a half century ago: unpublished address Biology Soc University of Maryland. — Nov 3 1931
Folder 117/30Outline, notes - Medical aspects Dr. Stiles' work on hookworm: published address Stiles retirement dinner Washington DC. — Nov 7 1931
Folder 117/31Notes, stenograph report, copy Smith's bibliography - Dr. Theobald Smith: unpublished address testimonial dinner, Princeton NJ. — Nov 20 1931
Folder 117/32Notes, program - Observations on 2nd International Congress History of Science: ?unpublished address joint meeting Am Hist Assoc and Hist of Science Soc, Minneapolis MN. — Dec 30 1931
Folder 118/1Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1932
Folder 118/2Outline, notes - English surgical reformers of the 16th century: unpublished Mayo Foundation lecture Mayo Clinic MN. — Jan 1 1932
Folder 118/3TMs press release, reprint(r) - Radio health talk, address on WBAL Baltimore at inauguration public health broadcast. — Jan 12 1932
Folder 118/4AMs, TMs, notes, press report, - 50th anniversary discovery of tubercle bacillus: published(r) radio talk WBAL Baltimore. — Mar 22 1932
Folder 118/5TMs, proofs - Foreword: to Medicine and the State by Sir Arthur Newsholme. — London 1932
Folder 118/6Outline, notes - The services of Wickliffe Rose to public health: published(r) memorial address Rockefeller Inst, New York NY. — Feb 25 1932
Folder 118/7Outline, copy transcript - The Milbank Fund: ?unpublished address dinner 10th annual Board meeting at NY Acad Medicine. — Mar 17 1932
Folder 118/8Outline, invitation, seating list - Science Service: unpublished address dinner National Press Club, Washington DC. — Apr 27 1932
Folder 118/9Outline - American Therapeutic Society: unpublished remarks on becoming honorary member, Baltimore. — May 16 1932
Folder 118/10Outline - Laboratory to Library: unpublished remarks at graduation training class Enoch Pratt Library, Baltimore. — May 27 1932
Folder 118/11Outline, stenograph report - History of University of Maryland: ?unpublished address 125th anniversary medical school founding, College Park MD. — Jun 4 1932
Folder 118/12AMs, TMs - Film talk reminiscences: script for film of Welch reminiscences Don Carlos Ellis films at Barbizon Hotel, New York NY (film in Archives). — Jun 27 1932
Folder 118/12aCorrespondence re film - mostly posthumous, re ownership of film, permission to duplicate, etc., including 1943 report of Committee on the Preservation of the Welch Film (Mansfield Clark, H. Sigerist, A.M. Chesney). — 1932-1963
Folder 118/13Outline - Dr. Emanuel Libman: unpublished address testimonial dinner, New York NY. — Oct 15 1932
Folder 118/14Outline, notes, bibliography - Introduction: to Contributions to the Medical Sciences in honor of Dr. Emanuel Libman, 3 vols, New York NY, 1932; encl: pamphlet re Mount Sinai Hospital, NY
Folder 118/15Flexner, S., Table of contents. — 1932 - 1934
Folder 118/16Notes - Introduction: to Man and Medicine by Henry E. Sigerist, New York NY, WW Norton. — 1932
Folder 118/17Notes, refs, stenograph report - Vaccination in Maryland: unpublished address Baltimore Med Soc. — Nov 4 1932
Folder 118/18Outline, notes - Medical theories and medical practice at various periods: unpublished address Twentieth Century Club, Hartford CT. — Dec 14 1932
Folder 118/19Notes - Beaumont lecture: address Yale. — Dec 16 1932
Folder 118/20Notes - Antonj van Leeuwenhoek: unpublished address meeting celebrating 300th anniversary birth, Hist Science Soc, Atlantic City NJ. — Dec 29 1932
Folder 118/21Outline, stenograph report - East Harlem Health Center: unpublished address Harlem NY. — Jan 19 1933
Folder 118/22TMs, draft - Introduction: to 25 Years After - Sidelights on the Mental Hygiene Movement and Its Founder, ed. Wilbur L. Cross, New York NY. — 1934