Series VIII:
Notes and Notebooks

Sub-series VIII/A:
Notes; Welch's NOTES, mostly handwritten, cover his reading and research on many topics. They were arranged by Dr. Simon Flexner in Boxes I - VI.
The NOTEBOOKS mostly date from Welch's student days in New York and from his studies in Germany. Additional notebooks date from his years at Bellevue Hospital, and from his laboratory research on hog cholera in Baltimore..
File 119/1-20Notes, historical. Flexner Box I. — n.d.
Folder 119/1Flexner, S., Table of contents Box I
Folder 119/2Early medicine
Folder 119/3Classical philology
Folder 119/4Dispute between Galenists and iatro-chymists
Folder 119/5Examinations of barber-surgeons
Folder 119/6-10Physicians and Surgeons - 18th century journals: private medical schools, London; important special hospitals, infirmaries, London; text books, surgeons, medical schools, London; leading London physicians
Folder 119/11Botany, Physics - Text Books
Folder 119/12Medical botanists
Folder 119/13Discoveries (including note on Withering)
Folder 119/14Physicians St. Bart's 1793-1802
Folder 119/15Hunterian Museum, Heberden, American physicians
Folder 119/16Naturalists, physicians, men of science in provincial cities
Folder 119/17Botanist E. India, other botanists, physicians
Folder 119/18The Shaws and the Mayos - Irish medicine and surgery
Folder 119/19Foundation of medical school in Edinburgh
Folder 119/20Social and intellectual lights in England in the 1st quarter of the 19th century; Pneumatic medicine
File 120/1-12Notes, historical. Flexner Box II. — n.d.
Folder 120/1Flexner, S., Table of contents Box II
Folder 120/2Sanitation: Paris physicians
Folder 120/3Historical references. — 18th century
Folder 120/417th Century medical history
Folder 120/5Physics ? used address on Medical Education in England 18th- 19th century, Johns Hopkins History Club. — Jan 13 and Feb 10 1908
Folder 120/6History of Medicine from Greek medicine thru 19th century, used address Vesalian Society Johns Hopkins. — Jan 6 1906
Folder 120/7Oxford, medicine and natural science; Cambridge; witchcraft; astrology and alchemy
Folder 120/8Midwifery: Famous lecturers; Private teaching-public dispensary; Elizabethan physicians
Folder 120/9Provincial schools of medicine; surgeon-lithotomists to hospitals; text books 18th-19th century; American physicians
Folder 120/10Some aspects of medicine in the 17th century, used address JHH History Club Mar 13 and Apr 10 1905, not published; monographs, urinary organs, fever, other
Folder 120/11Sepsis and antisepsis; British iatro-mechanical school; notes on 17th century medicine
Folder 120/12Teachers and subjects England and Scotland: Physicians and surgeons; disinfection in 18th and 19th century; line of important London physicians; lecturers before 1700
File 121/1-29Notes, historical

Flexner Boxes III and IV

Folder 121/1Flexner S., Table of contents Box III
Folder 121/2List physician names, notes on diseases
Folder 121/3Physicians students in 1810: outside London or Edinburgh
Folder 121/4Varia, apothecaries; educational requirements. — 1895
Folder 121/5Notes for Barbour-Page lectures University VA. — 1912
Folder 121/6American physicians
Folder 121/7American medical botanists
Folder 121/8William Wood, naturalist; medical explorers
Folder 121/9American physicians, foreign and domestic trained
Folder 121/10Anatomy, notes on Godman's lectures at Rutgers
Folder 121/11Mark Twain, notes from Paine biography
Folder 121/12Aristotle, notes on inscription entrance Nat Acad Science
Folder 121/13Medical portraits, used address on the development of English medicine as represented in ... medical portraits
Folder 121/14Journals, foreign and American
Folder 121/15Teachers and subjects, anatomy and other, England
Folder 121/16Provincial physicians 18th century England
Folder 121/17Flexner S., Table of contents Box IV
Folder 121/18Quotation from Charles Lamb essay New Year's Eve
Folder 121/19Notes on Geneva Convention, Miss Barton's address. — 1881
Folder 121/20Pathology, list of early teachers
Folder 121/21Pathology in 17th century
Folder 121/22Roosevelt and the health of the nation
Folder 121/23Medicine and science, probably used address on The development of medicine as a science
Folder 121/24Tuberculosis, references
Folder 121/25Autopsy notes on case of villous carcinoma kidney. — ? 1891
Folder 121/26Medicine from Hippocrates to the 17th century, part of address ("a few precious pages" SF)
Folder 121/27Various historical notes, including on Peacock, William Power, relations of heads of departments with President
Folder 121/28Various notes, including bibliography diabetes, gold-headed cane, Chaucer's Doctor of Physick, erroneous theories (hypotheses), gunshot wounds
Folder 121/29List of books to be purchased for Livingood memorial
File 122/1-9Notes pneumonia, pneumococcus. — 1892

Flexner Box V

Folder 122/1Flexner note re box contents - note: AMs of paper on etiology lobar pneumonia in Box #107, f10
Folder 122/2AMs - Appendix to paper on lobar pneumonia
Folder 122/3AMs - Protocols pneumococcus inoculation animals. — 1892
Folder 122/4Draft AMs - Pneumonia, not used
Folder 122/5Notes, references, notes on autopsies - B. coli communis
Folder 122/8Notes on autopsies - ? from Rokitansky
Folder 122/9Notes - Dr. Kelly's case fat necrosis; peculiar infection of rabbit ear; streptococcus infections
File 123/1-9Notes gas bacillus (Cl. Welchii). — 1891+

Flexner Box VI

Folder 123/1Autopsy record original case. — 1891
Folder 123/2Notes - animal inoculations gas bacillus, 1891, used paper bibliog #92, Welch and Nuttall JHH Bull 3:81-91. — 1892
Folder 123/3Notes - New cases gas bacillus
Folder 123/4AMs, notes of Flexner - Experimental inoculation, including microphotograph bacillus, used in Observations concerning B. aerogenes capsulatus, bibliog #144, Welch and SF, J Exper Med 1:5-45. — 1896
Folder 123/5-7Notes on gas bacillus - by Harris, N. McL., Gwyn, Norman B., Jackson D. D.. — 1900-1911
Folder 123/8-9References, autopsy reports gas bacillus

Sub-series VIII/B:
File 124/1-4Notebooks - Welch lecture notes while a student at Columbia University, New York NY. — 1873-1875
Folder 124/1Notebook - course by Delafield on pneumonia, bronchitis. — 1873
Folder 124/2Notebook - laryngitis, goiter, oedema (edema)(labeled as gynecology notes?). — ?1873-1875
Folder 124/3Notebook - Dr. Seguin's course on nervous diseases "probably the notes for which Welch won the prize microscope in 1874"
Folder 124/45 notebooks - various topics, anatomy, caries, Bright's disease, other. — 1873-1875
File 125/1-6Notebooks - Columbia University and Bellevue, New York NY. — 1873-1880
Folder 125/12 notebooks - Dr. Edward Curtis' course on materia medica. — 1873-1875
Folder 125/22 notebooks - re goiter: one n.d. ?pre 1875; one with notes from Surg Gen Library, Washington DC, dated Jan 3 1876, mentioned by Welch in letter to father
Folder 125/3Leatherbound notebook - labeled Dr. Welch His Book, with notes pathology brain, goiter etc. — n.d. ?after 1876
Folder 125/42 notebooks - bacteriology, fever; other unused, for recording medical findings, printed Hooper's NY. — 1877
Folder 125/5Notebook - ovarian tumors, autopsy, Bellevue, New York NY. — 1880
Folder 125/6Notebook - tumors sent for Welch to examine, Bellevue, New York NY. — 1880
File 126/1-12Notebooks studies in Germany. — 1876-1878, 1885-1886
Folder 126/1Notebook (Ger and Eng) - laboratory studies with Wagner, histology with Waldemeyer, Strasbourg. — 1876
Folder 126/2Notes - von Recklinghausen's course pathology, Waldemeyer's course embryology. — n.d.
Folder 126/3Notebook, notes - lymphosarcoma studies with Wagner. — 1877
Folder 126/42 notebooks - Cohnheim's courses pathology, notes pathology blood. — 1877
Folder 126/52 notebooks - Heidenheim's lectures in Breslau on hemodynamics, animal heat. — ?1877
Folder 126/63 notebooks - course by Berger on nervous disease 1877: few prescriptions ? from course on the eye; abstracts from German and English papers. — ?1877
Folder 126/7Notebook - microscopic techniques ? Germany, n.d.. — ?1877
Folder 126/84 small notebooks - experiments acute pulmonary oedema (now edema); book #4 contains notes talk with von Recklinghausen, Jan 2 1878; two larger notebooks with similar experiments. — 1878
Folder 126/9Notebook - lymphosarcoma; list of Welch lectures at Breslau (1st page); list recipients pulmonary edema reprints bibliog #2; list apparatus bought for laboratory in NY. — 1878
Folder 126/10Notebook (Ger) - protocols experiments pulmonary circulation in dogs, made in Ludwig's laboratory. — 1885
Folder 126/112 notebooks - course with Flugge in Gottingen, 1885; course with Koch. — July 1885
Folder 126/12Notebook - laboratory equipment needed for JHH lab. — 1886
File 127/1-5Notebooks and ledgers, Bellevue Hospital, New York NY records. — 1872-1884

(Note: Welch was pathologist at Bellevue from 1878 to 1885. These records are mostly not his personal notes)

Folder 127/1Ledger - clinical summaries, brief autopsy reports ?, resumes, Bellevue. — 1872-1875
Folder 127/2Ledger - lecture notes, annotated bibliography various pathologic subjects. — 1879
Folder 127/3Ledger - unused: some loose pages autopsy notes. — ? 1884
Folder 127/4Ledger - autopsy notes, some marked "copied", mostly on ovarian cysts, other gynecologic. — 1879-1884
Folder 127/5Ledger - clinical summaries, autopsy reports. — 1879-83
File 128/1-4Notebooks and ledgers, Bellevue Hospital records. — 1875-1883
Folder 128/1Ledger, notes - clinical summaries, autopsy reports, ("handwriting ?of Frederick S. Dennis", SF). — 1875
Folder 128/2Ledger - clinical summaries, autopsies, 1875-1879; list of professors ? who were loaned pathology slides. — 1882-1883
Folder 128/3Ledger, leatherbound - clinical notes till discharge, few autopsy notes. — 1875-1876
Folder 128/4Ledger, leatherbound - annotated "Bellevue Hospital case reports (ward)-in more than one handwriting". — 1875-1876
File 129/1-22Notebooks animal inoculations hog cholera, Baltimore. — 1888-1892
Folder 129/1-12Laboratory notebook - animal inoculations hog cholera, pages numbered 3-632, few unnumbered. — Nov 1888-Jun 1892
Folder 129/13 Typed summary notes - animal inoculations hog cholera. — 1889
Folder 129/14Laboratory notes - hog cholera (swine plague) and pseudo swine plague. — 1887-1891
Folder 129/15-22Laboratory notes, typed summary notes - hog cholera. — 1889- 1891
File 130/1-39Notebooks animal inoculations hog cholera. — 1887-1892
Folder 130/1-36Notebooks typed notes - animal inoculations hog cholera (swine plague), including data from "penitentiary outbreak". — 1887-1892
Folder 130/37Notebook, draft ms - preparatory data for publication on hog cholera. — 1888-1889
Folder 130/38Notebook - hog cholera experiments, annotated "notes mss Clement and Dr. Welch Sep 1889" (SF. — 1935)
Folder 130/39Notes, letter - note by SF re address by Welch and Clement AW on hog cholera, bibliog #121, at 1st Internat Veterinary Congress, Chicago, Oct 20 1893; letter from George Banham re outbreak swine fever at Veterinary Infirmary, Cambridge England. — Jul 1890
File 131/1-16Notebooks animal inoculations hog cholera. — 1887-1892
Folder 131/1-3Laboratory notes - hog cholera. — 1887-1889
Folder 131/4-15Tabulations, typed - hog cholera data. — mostly n.d.
Folder 131/16Laboratory notes - hog cholera. — 1889 and n.d.
Folder 131/16Notes on Theobald Smith's report of swine plague. — 1891

Series IX:

Sub-series IX/A:
China and Japan
File 132/1-19Travel memorabilia, China and Japan. — 1915
Folder 132/1-8Invitations and calling cards - China and Japan, 1915, including Japanese script invitations, annotated by Welch, to address students at Imperial University, Kyoto, Dec 3 1915 and from Count Okuma to lunch at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. — Sep 1 1915
Folder 132/9Certificate Identity - US Consular Service, for travel to Hongkong. — Nov 1915
Folder 132/10Permits - US Embassy Tokyo, for entrance Imperial Gardens Kyoto and Monastery of Koya-san. — Nov 1915
Folder 132/11Letter of credit - Standard Oil Co., Yokohama. — Dec 1915
Folder 132/12Ship passenger list, menu - SS Tenyo Maru, Yokohama to San Francisco. — Dec 1915
Folder 132/13Notes, memos - including list of Chinese hospitals and missions, notebook re visit Wuchang hospital, notes re paper on Changsha and the Chinese by Reed AC, Scientif Monthly. — 1915
Folder 132/14Notes, memos - including notes visit Red Cross hospital of Harvard medical school at Shanghai, Oct 29, list missions in Shanghai, notes on Tientsin. — 1915
Folder 132/15Annotated postcards Japan (2) - pencilled on back English- Japanese translation common questions, e.g. "have you any rooms?". — 1915
Folder 132/16Postcards - dinner meeting, Tokyo, 1915; other Kobe, 1921 ?; Shanghai n.d.
Folder 132/17AMs notes - names and studies of Japanese professors Imperial University, Kyoto, including Adachi, Araki, Inada, Kamon, Kitasato, Nakamura, Okamoto, Sato, other. — 1915
Folder 132/18Postcards - Shanghai, other China. — n.d. ?1915
Folder 132/19Calendar curriculum (Japanese) - students Baron Takaki's Charity Hospital, Tokyo. — 1915
File 132/20-28Journal issues, booklets
Folder 132/20List - members Medical Missionary Association China. — 1915
Folder 132/21Directory - Chinese medical graduates 1915, compiled by Nat Med Assoc China. — 1915
Folder 132/22Report - Medicine in China, by China Medical Commission Rockefeller Foundation, New York NY 1914: enclosures re name of Welch in Chinese and Halsted's speech on Welch statue on horseback
Folder 132/23Journal issue - The Chinese Recorder vol 46 #11, with articles on Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), Rockefeller Foundation and missionary work, other. — 1915
Folder 132/24Journal (Chi) - from Dr. Herman Dold with letter. — Nov 9 1915
Folder 132/25Pamphlet - Year Book of Prayer for Foreign Missions, Presbyterian Church USA. — 1915
Folder 132/26Journal issue - containing account by Tsao Muh-Tuh of visit by Welch and Rockefeller Medical Commission, Oct 5 1915, Tsing Hua College J Peking 1:19-20. — Nov 1915
Folder 132/27Booklet - Bolt RA, Tsing Hua Medical College Peking, reprinted from The Far Eastern Review Shanghai. — 1914
Folder 132/28Journal issue - Shanghai Young Men. — May 2 1913
File 133/1-11Travel memorabilia - Catalogues - China. — 1915
Folder 133/1Canton - Hackett Medical College for Women, allied institutions. — 1915-1916
Folder 133/2Hangchow - Story of the Hangchow medical mission. — 1910
Folder 133/3Manchuria - Annual report Moukden medical college,
Folder 133/3Manchuria, 1914: pamphlet Moukden Hospital, 1883-1908. — 1908
Folder 133/4Nanking - Catalogue, courses of study 1912-1914; By-laws, 1911, Nanking University; announcement East China Union Medical College. — 1911
Folder 133/5Peking (Beijing) - Catalogue (Chi) Government Medical School, note by Welch "under Dept. Education". — 1914
Folder 133/6Shanghai - Reports St. John's University, 1914-1915; St. Luke's Hospital. — 1914
Folder 133/7Shanghai - Catalogues (Ger) German Medical School for Chinese. — 1910-1915
Folder 133/8Shantung - Annual report Christian University, 1915; pamphlets on Tehchow hospitals sent by Dr F. F. Tucker 1915; Tsi-nan-fu Institute report 1914, leaflet. — 1915
Folder 133/9Soochow - Elizabeth Blake Hospital, Soochow, 1912; Everett Brown Chester Womans Hosp and training school nurses, 1915
Folder 133/10Soochow - Catalogues University, 1915-16 and n.d.; booklet (Eng and Chi) Woman's Medical College, prob. 1914
Folder 133/11Tientsin - Annual report (34th) London Mission Hospital, Tientsin. — 1914
File 133/12-14Travel memorabilia - Catalogues - Japan. — 1915
Folder 133/12Tokyo - Imperial Institute study of infectious diseases. — 1914
Folder 133/13Keio University School Medicine - (Japanese), with photos including director Dr. Kitasato. — ? n.d.
Folder 133/14Tokyo - Charity Hospital Medical School visited by Welch Dec 10 1915
File 133/15-19Travel memorabilia, China and Japan - Reprints, misc. pamphlets
Folder 133/15Logan OT, The "wholesale" treatment of cholera, China Med J, Sep 1913: The ....egg of Ascaris lumbricoides, NY Med J, Dec 21 1907; Bolt RA, An endemic goitre region in N. China, China Med J, Sep 1914; Cadbury WW, Medicine as practised by the Chinese, ibid, May 1915; anon, From our Chinese medical portfolio, China Med Missionary J. — n.d.
Folder 133/16Selden CC, Conditions in South China in relation to insanity, Am J Insanity 70:411-424, 1913; Nagayo M, Spotted fever and ticks; Tasawa on beri-beri. — 1915
Folder 133/17Brown NW, Medical education in Nanking; McCracken JC, Medical education in Shanghai, The Chinese Recorder. — Nov 1915
Folder 133/18Nagayo M et al. (Ger and Jap) re Paragonium infection. — ?1914
Folder 133/19Patrick, H. Couper: letter and press clipping. — 1915
File 134/1-2Travel memorabilia, China and Japan - Pamphlets, press clippings. — 1915
Folder 134/1List medical films, slides available in China, ?1915; pamphlets on Pacific Scientific Institution, 1915; press clipping Lights and shadows of Chinese life- doctors and doctoring, MacGowan Rev. J, The N.-C. Herald and S.C. and C. Gazette. — May 30 1908
Folder 134/2Press clipping - ? source re approaching coronation Emperor of Japan; envelope annotated by Welch "Mrs. Learned" (husband, Yale class 1870). — Oct 31 and Nov 5 1915
File 134/3-135/20Travel memorabilia, China and Japan - Catalogues - Dedication Peking Union Medical College (PUMC). — 1921
Folder 134/3-8Invitations and calling cards, China. — 1921
Folder 134/9Mementos - sailing list China Medical Board on Empress of Asia from Vancouver to Hongkong, Aug 18 1921; ship's passenger list; itinerary JD Rockefeller canal trip Shanghai Soochow. — Sep 1921
Folder 134/10Mementos - ship's passenger list Empress of Russia sailing from Yokohama. — Oct 22 1921
Folder 134/11Passport - #63510 annotated "used for China and Japan". — 1921
Folder 134/12Programs (3) - Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) dedication, Sep 15-22 1921, including copy group photo: menu dinner to delegates Grand Hotel de Pekin, Sep 17 1921; luncheon. — Sep 21 1921
Folder 134/13-16Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) - Architectural plan; descriptive pamphlets; reprint of letter from Dr. Houghton to Peking Leader, Jul 14 1921; Data re personnel, 1914; Flexner proposal, 1915; action of Rockefeller Board, Oct 1915; AMs of memo by Welch for Rockefeller address re Teaching and research graduate instruction, Sep 1921 Annual Report 1914-1915; Department of Medicine schedules, 1922-1923; Catalogue, 1921-1922; leatherbound listing graduating class (2), 1924 Bibliography PUMC. — 1929-1930
Folder 134/17Book list - books on China: notation by Welch. — 1921
Folder 134/18Memorabilia - travel expenses re dedication; bill for 2 suits; AMs copy of Chinese wedding notice. — 1921
Folder 134/19Miscellany - copies photographs, medical illustrations (inc. anatomic drawing I-lin Kai-tso 1828), Welch on horseback, graduating class East China, 1914, other, n.d
Folder 134/20Mementos - booklet How to see Manila, 1921; quarantine instructions re cholera. — 1921
Folder 134/21Catalogue - Chinese paintings exhibited at Asia Pacific exhibit, San Francisco. — n.d.
Folder 134/22Canton Christian College, 1917-1919: encl: 3 reprints, including Cadbury WW, The 1918 pandemic of influenza in Canton, China
Folder 134/23Peking University - illustrated brochure. — 1921
Folder 135/1Catalogue - Shanghai College. — 1921-22
Folder 135/2Catalogue - Soochow Hospital Extras. — ? 1917
Folder 135/3TMs - The social evolution of Japan by CH d'Avigdor. — ? 1921
Folder 135/4Pamphlet - The Health Show Comes to Town by EG Routzahn, re public health in China. — 1920
Folder 135/5-20Peking Daily News, Sep 22 1921; other press clippings

Sub-series IX/B:
File 136/1-34Travel, Europe. — 1923-1924, 1927-1928
Folder 136/1Invitation, acceptance - celebration centenary Pasteur's birth, Strasbourg. — May 24 1923
Folder 136/2Passport renewal correspondence - Brist G. L. re travel as delegate of Health section League of Nations. — 1924
Folder 136/3Correspondence - letter of credit, Brown, Shipley and Co.. — 1927
Folder 136/4Passport - Special Passport #2084, Apr 29 1927; passport correspondence with Buhrman P. W., Claffey J. F.. — 1927
Folder 136/5Receipts, notes - money exchanged in Europe. — 1927-1928
Folder 136/6-12Hotel bills - and list hotels in Europe. — 1927-1928
Folder 136/13Program - 6th International Congress History Medicine, Amsterdam. — Jul 18-23 1927
Folder 136/14Program - meeting History of Medicine, Frankfurt, Germany. — Sep 18-22 1927
Folder 136/15List - pamphlets NY Academy Medicine. — 1927
Folder 136/16Program - World Population Conference, Geneva Aug 31-Sep 3 1927; postcard - American doctors home invalid children, Geneva, annotated "given me by Mme. Grouitch Sep 5 1927"
Folder 136/17TMs list - Christmas cards received. — 1927
Folder 136/18Program, reprint - meeting on malaria in Sicily (Prof. Luigi Manfredi), Sep 28 1926, given to Welch Jan 1928
Folder 136/19-25Hotel bills, notes re bills - Naples, Italy; Hotel Victoria, London; Paris. — 1928
Folder 136/26-27Harvey tercentenary - London, May 1928 Program, May 14-18; Instructions re reception Buckingham Palace; TMs of report in Lancet 1:1090, 1928; invitations and memos; program, Merton College Oxford. — May 1928
Folder 136/28-31Invitations and calling cards. — 1927-1928
Folder 136/32Kalendarium and book catalogue, Munich. — 1928/29
Folder 136/33Mementos - including passenger list R.M.S. Belgenland, Antwerp to New York. — Sep 14 1928
Folder 136/34Mementos - wallet and notes re exchange rates, letters of credit. — 1927-1928
File 137/1-51Travel, Europe - Paris conferences. — 1928; Reprints, Social Work Conference, Committee reports, booklet.
Folder 137/1Programs - International Child Welfare Conference, Paris, July 8-12 1928; Bulletin International Social Welfare Fortnight, Paris, Jul 2-13 1928; Program International Conference Social Work, Paris. — Jul 1928
Folder 137/2Alden, P: Definition and scope of social work (London)
Folder 137/3Armistead, C: Mutual registration of assistance... Case work of London Charity Organisation Society
Folder 137/4Bacourt, Mlle de: The need for international case work for migrants (Paris)
Folder 137/5Balzani, Countess Nora: Training for social work in Italy
Folder 137/6Belpaire, Father: The moral limitations of social work
Folder 137/7Breckinridge, SP: Social work in the United States
Folder 137/8Cabot, RC: Hospital and dispensary social work (Harvard)
Folder 137/9Charity Organisation Quarterly - journal issue. — Jul 1928
Folder 137/10Cordemans, Mlle: Training for social work in Chile
Folder 137/11Dalmazzo, Fanny: Social case work in Italy
Folder 137/12Dawson, CA: Training for social work in Canada
Folder 137/13Dreyer, E: The social legislation of Denmark
Folder 137/14Falk, HT: Social work in Canada
Folder 137/15Fleming, EG: Social work and health (Montreal)
Folder 137/16Folks, H: The distribution of the cost of sickness in the United States (New York)
Folder 137/17Gini, C; Niceforo, A: How to measure the extent of social work: quantitative indices (Naples, Italy)
Folder 137/18Giunti, I: Social work and public health in Italy (Rome)
Folder 137/19Horion, D: Definition and progress of social work in Germany
Folder 137/20Jebb, Eglantyne: International social service, Save the Children Fund, England
Folder 137/21Kellogg, PU; Deardoff, NR: Social research as applied to community progress (Pittsburgh)
Folder 137/22Kracht, E: Methods of creating a community spirit in rural districts (Holstein, Germany)
Folder 137/23Krakesova, Mary: Development of case work in rural communities (Prague)
Folder 137/24Loriga, G: Health work in industry (Rome)
Folder 137/25Macadam, Elizabeth: Report on schools of social work (London)
Folder 137/26Maus, MI: Training for social work in Belgium
Folder 137/27Milnes, Nora: Difficulties encountered in recruiting and training ... social workers...(Edinburgh)
Folder 137/28Ogg, FA: Foundations and endowments in relation to research in the USA (Wisconsin)
Folder 137/29Pauwels, M: Social work in industry (Belgium)
Folder 137/30Polligkeit, W: Social work in Germany: Scope and relations of public and private agencies of social work (Frankfurt)
Folder 137/31Povisen, A: The community spirit in rural districts and the people's high schools in Denmark
Folder 137/32Radlinska, Mme HO: Training for social work in Poland
Folder 137/33Rajniss, F: The contribution of social case work to other fields of social endeavour (Budapest)
Folder 137/34Rott, Prof.: Social work and public health in Germany
Folder 137/35Rowntree, BS: The prevention of unemployment (York, England)
Folder 137/36Semachko, N: The protection of public health in the USSR: Social insurance in the USSR
Folder 137/37Sokal, MF: Family problems in emigration (Poland)
Folder 137/38Thomas, CC: Social and health work in schools (London)
Folder 137/39Vanicek, F: Methods employed to create a community spirit in urban districts (Prague)
Folder 137/40Vanicek, F; Tuma, A; Bresky, E: Social work in Czechoslovakia
Folder 137/41Weiland, Ruth: Problems of administration and financial support in development of social case work...(Berlin)
Folder 137/42Willems, E: Social case work in Belgium
Folder 137/43Williams, P: Endowed foundations in the USA (New York)
Folder 137/44Winslow, Emma A: Household management in relation to wage expenditure (New York)
Folder 137/45Wronsky, Frau; Muthesius, C: Methods of social case work in Germany (Berlin)
Folder 137/46Wunderlich, Frieda: Social work and industry in Germany
Folder 137/47-50Reports - Social work in Chile/ Great Britain/ Japan/ Sweden
Folder 137/51Booklet (Fr) - Some Social Institutions of Paris....
File 138/1-18Travel, Europe. — 1931
Folder 138/1Athenaeum Club, London, honorary membership. — 1931
Folder 138/2-5Hotel bills - Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Berne, London. — 1931
Folder 138/6Pocket diary: wallet with notes re prescriptions. — 1931
Folder 138/7TMs, seating plan - Dinner speech by Arnold Klebs at Hotel Bellevue, Berne. — Aug 31 1931
Folder 138/8Wallet - Welch calling cards, memos. — 1931
Folder 138/9Invitations and calling cards. — 1931
Folder 138/10Booklet - Memorial tribute Edwin Klebs 1834-1913, printed 1914, given to Welch Sep 1931
Folder 138/11AMs - miscellaneous notes. — 1931
Folder 138/12Passport - (Special passport #2384): bill for passage on Nieuw Amsterdam, New York NY to Plymouth. — May 2 1931
Folder 138/13Program - 3rd International Course, Tomarkin Foundation, (inscribed by Tomarkin), Locarno. — Oct 11-26 1931
Folder 138/14Program - International Neurological Congress, Berne. — Aug 1- Sep 4 1931
Folder 138/15Program - Royal Institute of Public Health International Congress, Frankfurt, May 19-24: (Welch attended and received honor May 19 1931)
Folder 138/16-18Travel mementos - including Holland America Line passenger lists, booklet on Berne from Arnold Klebs. — 1931
File 139/1-16Travel, Europe, 2nd International Congress History of Science and Technology, Science Museum, London. — Jun 29-Jul 3 1931
Folder 139/1Booklet - Mieli, Aldo, Rapport du Secrétaire Perpétuel
Folder 139/2Notices - Chicago Centennial Exhibition, 1933; Project for publication Newton's correspondence; Report on the Ma'Al-Waraqi by Stapleton HE, Hidayat Husain M.
Folder 139/3TMs - Haldane JS, Hogben, Russell, Needham, Yoffe: The historical and contemporary inter-relationship of the physical and biological sciences
Folder 139/4TMs - Shaw, W. Napier: The interdependence of pure and applied science, other abstracts same topic
Folder 139/5Reprints - papers from session on Science at the Cross Roads by Soviet delegation: Bukharin N, Colman, Hessen, Joffe, Mitkewich, Rubenstein, Vavilov, Zavadovsky
Folder 139/6TMs - Vetter Q, The Kopernik manuscript; Heldrum AN, Lavoisier's work on water; Mitkewich WTh, Faraday
Folder 139/7-8Stenograph reports symposia - The Sciences as an integral part of general historical study, addresses by Clark, Bukharin, Colman, Mosharaffa, Greenwood, Yoffe et al.;
Folder 139/7-8The teaching of the history of science, addresses by Mieli, Danneman, Heath, Stephanides, Vetter, Wolf
Folder 139/9Reprint - Lhéritier M., L'Enseignement de l'Histoire des Sciences - projet d'enquête Archeion 13:159-167. — 1931
Folder 139/10Reprint - Singer C, The beginnings of science, inaugural address delivered Royal Geographical Society London, Jun 29: Nature. — Jul 4 1931
Folder 139/11-13Memorabilia - including AMs list speakers at session on The teaching of the history of science, presided over by Welch, Jun 30 1931; badge (medallion) of Congress; ticket for excursion to Cambridge. — Jul 1 1931
Folder 139/14Invitations and calling cards. — 1931
Folder 139/15Programs - including notice of special exhibit British Museum, other
Folder 139/16Press clippings - Observer, Times. — 1931

Sub-series IX/C:
Travel Guides, postcards
File 140/1-3Guides, China and Japan. — 1910 - 1915 and n.d.
Folder 140/1-2China - Shanghai, n.d: Nanking and the Nanyang Exposition. — May 1910
Folder 140/3Japan - Train service, 1915; Noted Sights of Nagoya. — 1913
File 140/4-20Guides, Europe. — 1907 - 1931 and n.d.
Folder 140/4France, Aix-La-Chapelle. — n.d.
Folder 140/5-7Germany - Aachen Bad Aachen, n.d; Leipzig, 1923; Munich. — 1925
Folder 140/8-18Great Britain (U.K.) - Cheltenham Spa, n.d; Hampton Court, 1931; Isle of Man, n.d.; Lichfield Cathedral, 1931; ,National Portrait Gallery London, 1931; London Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, n.d; Salisbury Cathedral, 1931; Tintern Abbey, 1907 and n.d; Warwick Castle, 1930; Wells Cathedral chapel. — 1929
Folder 140/19Holland, Leiden. — n.d.
Folder 140/20Switzerland, Geneva. — n.d.
File 140/21-22Travel postcards. — n.d.
Folder 140/21France: Dinard, Mont St. Michel, St. Rémy, Strasbourg L'horloge astronomique
Folder 140/21England: Temple Church, Hampton Court, Knole, Fountains Abbey
Folder 140/22Czechoslovakia: Prague
Folder 140/22Germany: Salzburg, Karlsbad
Folder 140/22Holland: Enkhuisen, the Hague
Folder 140/22Italy: Capri, Amalfi, other
Folder 140/22Yugoslavia: Dubrovnik

Sub-series IX/D:
File 141/1-21Maps, Baltimore, other parts USA, other countries
Folder 141/1-9Baltimore MD, 1876,1884,1885,1904,1906,1907,1909. — 1918 and n.d.
Folder 141/10Maryland and Delaware. — n.d.
Folder 141/11-13California - Los Angeles, 1930; LA and southern CA, 1930; Pasadena. — 1930
Folder 141/14Canada, Vancouver BC. — 1921
Folder 141/15-17China - Peking 1921; Shanghai, n.d., South Manchurian railroad timetable. — 1921
Folder 141/18-20France - La Côte d'Azur n.d.; Pays d'Azur, 1919; Verdun (marked 1919 trip)
Folder 141/21Japan, Tokyo. — 1914