Series X:
Bibliophilic Records
File 142/1-19Bookseller bills (Folders 1-8), notes re books (Folders 9-15), correspondence re book purchases (Folders 16-19). — 1871-1934
Folder 142/1LW Schmidt, New York. — 1871
Folder 142/2D'Oleire und Rasch, Strasbourg. — 1899-1919
Folder 142/3Akademische Buchhandlung, Strasbourg. — 1916-1920
Folder 142/4Gustav Fock, Leipzig, Joseph Ruzicka, Baltimore, other bills books and bookbinding. — 1901-1913
Folder 142/5HK Lewis, London, Lemcke and Buechner New York, other. — 1916- 1919
Folder 142/6Bills and bookseller price lists. — 1922-1928
Folder 142/7Putnam's New York, Dutton's Inc. New York, other. — 1922-1931
Folder 142/8Bills for books and photostats. — 1929-1931
Folder 142/9AMs - books loaned, recommended. — 1905-1934
Folder 142/10AMs - books for Christmas gifts. — 1920-1931
Folder 142/11AMs, TMs - Memos, list of books for tuberculosis library, other. — n.d.
Folder 142/12TMs lists - historical books in Lane Medical Library, San Francisco, 1927; additional purchases by Sudhoff, 1928; purchases by Sudhoff, Leipzig n.d.; invitation from Dr. Wilbur (Miss Ophuls) to visit library. — 1930
Folder 142/13TMs list - duplicates in Welch history of medicine library. — 1924
Folder 142/14-15AMs notes - purchases for Welch library. — 1929-1933
Folder 142/16D'Oleire und Rasch, Strasbourg. — 1905-1910
Folder 142/17Alex Brown and Sons re draft on Berlin. — 1920
Folder 142/18Haupt International Commemorative Volume. — 1923
Folder 142/19Murray Printing Co. Toronto. — 1927
File 143/1-20Book lists, history of medicine European trip. — 1927-1928
Folder 143/1AMs list - R. Lier and Co., Florence. — 1926
Folder 143/2-4AMs TMs lists, letter - French and German texts, letters, Felix Neumann, Washington DC. — May 1927
Folder 143/5-6AMs TMs lists, letters - Alfred Lorentz, Leipzig. — 1927
Folder 143/7AMs TMs lists - International Antiquariat, Amsterdam. — ?1927
Folder 143/8AMs list - by Welch, annotated from Ophuls, others. — n.d.
Folder 143/9AMs notes - addresses London booksellers, other. — ?1928
Folder 143/10TMs lists - historical books in School of Hygiene Library; Ahlfeld Teratological collection; Warrington collection, sent by Lewis Weed. — Dec 1927
Folder 143/11AMs list - "checkup sheets", annotated summary listing by Welch of purchases, for Library. — 1927 -1928
Folder 143/12AMs list - books and prices from booksellers. — 1927-1928
Folder 143/13AMs list - purchases, Italian booksellers. — 1928
Folder 143/14-16Red Notebooks #1-3 - list of books ordered. — 1927-1928
Folder 143/17TMs list - annotated "checked with d'Irsay", CJ Cammermeyer Oslo. — 1928
Folder 143/18AMs lists - Newsholme collection: Leonardo da Vinci, Rome; University Club, New York. — 1927-1928
Folder 143/19Catalogue listing - ? source. — ?1927-1928
Folder 143/20Catalogues - John Grant of Edinburgh, von Quelle of Leipzig. — 1927-1928
File 144/1-145/22Notebooks, bookseller correspondence. — 1927-1928
Folder 144/1Notebook - Booklists Athenaeum Club Library, Osler Library, other: note by Garrison on cover "example of patience personified". — 1928
Folder 144/2Notebook - Trip abroad, notes re books and booksellers, 1928 3-6. Bills - for books European trip. — 1927-1928
Folder 144/7Notes - re bills and recent book orders. — 1927-1928
Folder 144/8-24Bacho, Robert von (Vienna); Blackwell's (Oxford); Boulangé, Ch. (Paris); Burgersdijk und Niermans (Leiden); Casa Editrice Leonardo da Vinci (Rome); Champion, Honoré (Paris); David, G. (Cambridge); Fock, Gustav (Leipzig); Geuthner, Paul (Paris), Gilhofer und Ranschburg (Vienna); Goldston, Edward (London); Grant, John (Edinburgh); Heffer, W. (Cambridge)
Folder 145/1-22Hermann, A. (Paris); Hermanos, Ruiz (Madrid); Hertzberger, Menno (Amsterdam); Hirschwaldsche Buchhandlung (Berlin); Le François, E. (Paris); Legrand, Amédée (Paris); Lewis, H. K. (London); Lier, R. (Florence); Linds, Th. (Copenhagen); Lorentz, Alfred (Leipzig); L'Art ancien S. A. (Lugano); Lull, Robert (Newburyport MA); Maggs Bros. (London); Martinus Nijhoff (Netherlands); Nourry, E. (Paris); Olschki, Leo S. (Florence); Parker and Son (Oxford); Perella, Francesco (Naples); Picard, Alphonse (Paris); Pylus, F. C. (Newcastle); Quaritch, Bernard (London); Rappaport, C. E. (Rome); Reus Editorial (Madrid); Rosenthal, Jacques (Munich); Swets und Zeitlinger (Amsterdam); Taeuber und Weil (Munich); Thorp, Thomas (Guilford UK) Correspondence re books. — 1928-1930
File 145/23-33Other correspondence re books. — 1928-1930
Folder 145/23Dawson's bookshop, Los Angeles CA. — 1930
Folder 145/24Doull, J. A. encl: Guide for exhibitions Section Historical Medicine, Canadian Medical Association meeting; and program for Osler Day, Montreal, Canada. — 1929
Folder 145/25Eberhart, Dr .?, Vienna. — 1930
Folder 145/26French, John C., librarian re books received Johns Hopkins Library. — 1928
Folder 145/27Hartogensis, B. H., Baltimore. — 1930
Folder 145/28Howell, John, San Francisco CA. — 1930
Folder 145/29Knopf, Alfred A. (New York). — 1930
Folder 145/30Nelson, S. Page, re funds from Johns Hopkins for book purchases, Baltimore. — 1927-1928
Folder 145/31Rohrer, C. W. G., encl: reprint Note on books given to the Johns Hopkins Hospital by Dr. Hugh H. Young, JHH Bull Jul 1917 231-238. — sent Welch Apr 1928
Folder 145/32Rothacker, Oscar, Berlin 1930: Verlag, Paul Hartung, Hamburg. — 1929
Folder 145/33Weed, Lewis H., Baltimore, memos and lists from Welch re his book purchases for Johns Hopkins on European trip. — 1927-1928
File 146/1-2Books, correspondence and memorabilia. — 1931
Folder 146/1AMs lists - books, including list from Garrison. — 1931
Folder 146/2Chesney, Alan M., re funds for book purchases for Institute History of Medicine. — 1931
File 146/3-14Correspondence with booksellers. — 1931
Folder 146/3-14Alcan, Félix (Paris); Colin, Armand (Paris); Droz, E. (Paris): Gamber, J. (Paris); Le François, E. (Paris); Gregory, George (Bath, UK); Goldschmidt, E.P.(London); Harrassowitz, Otto (Leipzig) + catalogue; Jaschke, Richard (London); Lewis, H.K. (London); Lorentz, Alfred (Leipzig); Maggs Bros. (London); Myers and Co. (London); Nourry, Emile (Paris); Quaritch, Bernard (London); Sanchez Cuesta, Leon (Libraire Espagnol Paris); Thorp, Thomas (London); Vrin, Joseph (Paris); White, Russell (Formby, UK)
File 146/15-19Bibliophilic memorabilia
Folder 146/15TMs - describing Ein Corpus Medicorum Arabicorum (Ger), given to Welch by Prof. Diepgen. — Jun 29 1931
Folder 146/16Reprint - Simpson WJ, Cancer: an incident in history, J Trop Med Hyg, Aug 1 1931, given to Welch by Simpson. — Aug 1931
Folder 146/17Misc. - TMs, booklet re Edward Gibbons Library at Bader's Librairie Ancienne, Geneva, given to WHW at visit to library with Klebs et al, Sep 7 1931; postcards of 15th century Chateau de Vufflens, notes re lunch party there with Dr. and Mme. de Saussure. — Sep 1931
Folder 146/18Printed booklet - Library Provision in Oxford, Oxford Clarendon Press, annotated "given me by Sir Farquhar Oxford". — 1931
Folder 146/19AMs memo - re receipt 2 volumes Adachi History Japanese medicine, pathology. — 1931
File 147/1-4Books owned by William Henry Welch
Folder 147/1Crissey, Theron Wilmot, History of Norfolk Connecticut 1744- 1900; Everett MA, Massachusetts Publishing Co., 1900; inscribed by Welch as gift from Helen Kendall of Norfolk CT in Nov 1933
Folder 147/2Janus: bound Zeitschrift reprints history and literature of medicine (Ger). Originally published 1846, Breslau, reissued 1929 with introduction by K. Sudhoff; inscribed copy given to Welch in Leipzig. — Oct 17-18 1929
Folder 147/3The William H. Welch Medical Library: Account of origin and development and account of dedication exercises, Oct 17 and 18, 1929, Baltimore, MD. Reprinted from Bull JH Hosp 46,1-153. — Jan 1930
Folder 147/4Mr. Coolidge's Address on Secondary Education, delivered at Philips Academy, Andover MA, at 150th anniversary of founding, May 19 1928. Private printing New York, Tamblyn and Brown. — 1929

Series XI:
Special Interests

Sub-series XI/A:
Box 148Antivivisection pamphlets (supporting antivivisection movement). — 1879-1902 and n.d.
File 148/1-3American Antivivisection Society
Folder 148/1The uselessness of vivisection upon animals. — 1883
Folder 148/2Illustrations of vivisection. — 1889
Folder 148/3All lovers of dogs please read. — ?1892
File 148/4-12American Humane Association
Folder 148/4Report on vivisection. — 1895
Folder 148/5Opinions concerning vivisection and dissection in schools. — 1895
Folder 148/6Light to benefit mankind. — 1895
Folder 148/7The extermination of birds. — 1897
Folder 148/8Resolution of Convention in Washington DC. — Dec 1898
Folder 148/9Kindness to animals in the Christian world. — 1898
Folder 148/10Human vivisection: a statement and enquiry. — 1899
Folder 148/11Concerning human vivisection: a controversy. — 1901
Folder 148/12The reality of human vivisection: a review. — 1901
File 148/13-14American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Folder 148/13Ten rules for the treatment of animals. — n.d.
Folder 148/14Medical opinions on vivisection and the value of antitoxin in treatment. — n.d.
File 148/15-19Humane Education Committee, Providence RI
Folder 148/15Humane education. — 1896
Folder 148/16An appeal to every woman. — n.d.
Folder 148/17Early lessons in kindness or cruelty. — n.d.
Folder 148/18Some timely questions. — n.d.
Folder 148/19Medical opinions concerning vivisection. — n.d.
File 148/20-29Illinois Antivivisection Society, Chicago IL
Folder 148/20The uselessness of vivisection. — n.d. ?1895
Folder 148/21List of physicians and surgeons opposed to vivisection. — 1896
Folder 148/22Our duties to the lower creation. — 1896
Folder 148/23National petition for total abolition of vivisection. — 1897
Folder 148/24Magazine - Our Fellow Creatures. — Feb 1898
Folder 148/25Antivivisection exhibit at the Paris Exposition. — ?1900
Folder 148/26An exposition of vivisection. — n.d.
Folder 148/27Is Christian mercy a cruel, mocking delusion?. — n.d.
Folder 148/28To my dog, Blanco. — n.d.
Folder 148/29A message to the Christian church in America. — n.d.
File 148/30-32International Society for Protection of Animals from Vivisection, London, reprints
Folder 148/30Vivisection, reprint of addresses by the Bishop of Oxford and Professor Ruskin. — Dec 9 1884
Folder 148/31The fallacy of restriction applied to vivisection, Cobbe FP, The Zoophilist. — Feb 1886
Folder 148/32Professor Horsley and the 9 circles. — 1892
File 148/33-48Other antivivisection pamphlets, reprints
Folder 148/33German antivivisection pamphlets. — 1879-1881
Folder 148/34Hamlin CA, pamphlets - An appeal to teachers, n.d.; Cruelty in stables. — n.d.
Folder 148/35-38Leffingwell A., Does science need secrecy?, 1896; other reprints
Folder 148/39London Antivivisection Society, Seen through a medium. — n.d.
Folder 148/40London and Provincial Antivivisection Society, The cruelty and fallacy of vivisection. — ?1909
Folder 148/41Maryland Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, report. — 1897
Folder 148/42-43New England Antivivisection Society: reprint on Personal experiences of 2 American antivivisectionists; copy By- laws. — 1895
Folder 148/44New York Antivivisection Society: Medical opinions against vivisection. — n.d.
Folder 148/45-46Parvin, T., Medical miscarriages, reprint address Am Acad Med Washington, May 4 1891: A physician on vivisection. — 1895
Folder 148/47Pennsylvania Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals (Womens Branch), Vivisection. — 1871
Folder 148/48Perry, R. Ross, Vivisection: a statement on behalf of humanity, reprint address to Commissioners of DC. — 1896
File 148/49-56Journal issues, miscellaneous pamphlets, printed letters
Folder 148/49Journal of Zoophily, Philadelphia PA, vol 5, Apr 1896; vol 7. — Mar 1898
Folder 148/50The Animals Defender, Boston, vol 7 no. 1. — Jan 1902
Folder 148/51The Humane Alliance, New York, vol 25, no. 1. — Jan 1898
Folder 148/52The Zoophilist and Animals' Defender, London, vol 20 no. 1. — Mar 1901
Folder 148/53Letter - Caird, Mona, Vivisection as a test-question at elections, reprint from The Echo. — n.d.
Folder 148/54Letter - Chant, Laura O., Outraging all our higher faculties teach, reprint from ? The Transcript. — n.d.
Folder 148/55What we see, anonymous pamphlet. — ? 1901
Folder 148/56Prohibition vs. restriction: the reasons. — n.d.
File 149/1-52Reprints and pamphlets supporting animal research (vivisection). — 1883-1910
Folder 149/1American Medical Association: Resolution in Defense of Vivisection. — May 1896
Folder 149/2Association for Advancement of Medicine by Research: Official circular addressed to German Universities re safeguards against abuses of vivisection. — 1885
Folder 149/3Association of American Physicians: Memorial resolution opposing Senate Bill 1552. — May 1896
Folder 149/4Bashford EF, The application of experiment to the study of cancer, Science Progress no. 5. — Jul 1907
Folder 149/5Bowditch HP, The advancement of medicine by research, reprint address Mass Med Soc. — Jun 1896
Folder 149/6-7Cannon WB, The opposition to medical research, JAMA 51:635- 640, Aug 1908; Medical control of vivisection, AMA pamphlet 1910
Folder 149/8Clover GF (Rev.), Animal experimentation as viewed by the Superintendent of a hospital, 1909 (this and later pamphlets marked *NY were published by Medical Soc State NY, Committee of Experimental Medicine)
Folder 149/9Cromer, Lord, Defense of animal experimentation, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/10Curtis JG, Why are special laws to restrict animal experimentation unwise?, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/11Dabney CW, Circular from US Department Agriculture re Senate Bill 1552. — Jun 1896
Folder 149/12Dana CL, The service of animal experimentation to the knowledge and treatment of nervous diseases, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/13Dewey J, The ethics of animal experimentation, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/14Eliot CW, The fruits of medical research with the aid of anaesthesia and asepticism, reprint address Mass Gen Hosp, 63d anniversary Ether Day. — Oct 16 1909
Folder 149/15-16Ernst HC, Animal experimentation, J Soc Science no. 42, Sep 16 1904; Closing statement for the remonstrants to Massachusetts House Bill #917, Bost Med Surg J. — Jun 14 1900
Folder 149/17Ewing J, Animal experimentation and cancer. — *NY 1908
Folder 149/18Flexner S, Animal experimentation and infectious diseases, *NY. — 1908
Folder 149/19Fraser TR, The action of remedies and the experimental method, reprint address Int Med Congress 1881, printed 1882
Folder 149/20Golk F, Wider die Humanaster!, reprint (Ger). — 1883
Folder 149/21Gore G, The utility and morality of vivisection, pamphlet of Assoc Adv Medicine by Research, London, JW Kolckmann. — 1884
Folder 149/22Hatcher RA, Animal experimentation and the actions of drugs, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/23Heidenhain R, Die Vivisection, booklet (Ger) Leipzig, Druck und Verlag von Breitkopf und Hartel. — 1884
Folder 149/24Hobhouse E, The scientific basis of medicine, reprint of dissertation for D.M. degree Oxford, BH Blackwell. — 1895
Folder 149/25-27Keen WW, Our recent debts to vivisection, Popular Science Monthly, May 1885: Misstatements of the antivivisectionists, JAMA, Feb 23 and Aug 10 1901; To the members of the medical profession in the United States. — n.d.
Folder 149/28-29Lee FS, The sense of pain in man and lower animals, *NY, 1908: The publications of the New York antivivisection society, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/30Lusk G, Animal experimentation and diabetes, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/31McDonnell R, What has experimental physiology done for the advancement of the practice of surgery?, reprint address to Surgical Soc Ireland, 23 Nov 1877: Dublin, Fannin & Co. — 1878
Folder 149/32McPhail A, Vivisection, Dominion Med Monthly 30:50-71. — 1908
Folder 149/33Medical Society of New York, Committee on Experimental Medicine, Animal experimentation, *NY. — 1908
Folder 149/34-35Meltzer SJ, The function of the thyroid glands, *NY, 1909; Animal experimentation in relation to our knowledge of secretions, AMA Defense of Research pamphlet. — 1910
Folder 149/36Mendel LB, Animal experimentation and nutrition, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/37-39Moore VA, The relation of animal experimentation to the live stock industry, *NY, 1909; Animal experimentation: the protection it affords to animals..., AMA Defense of Research pamphlet 1909; The influence of animal experimentation upon agriculture, reprint Proc Soc Promotion Agricult Science, 17th meeting, Buffalo NY. — Aug 1896
Folder 149/40Norman WW, Do the reactions of the lower animals against injury indicate pain sensations?, Am J Physiol. — Jan 1900
Folder 149/41Paget S, A short account of the act for the better prevention of cruelty to animals, pub. Assoc Adv Med by Research, London, JW Kolckmann. — 1892
Folder 149/42Park WH, Animal experimentation and diphtheria, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/43Rawitz B, Für die Vivisection booklet (Ger) Greifswald, Verlag, Julius Abel. — 1898
Folder 149/44Schurman JG, On animal experimentation, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/45Thomson WH, Modern experimental medicine, NY Med J, Mar 10. — Mar 17 1894
Folder 149/46Trudeau EL, Animal experimentation and tuberculosis, *NY. — 1909
Folder 149/47Weir S, Welch WH et al, Vivisection; a statement on behalf of science, bibliog NA, booklet. — 1896
Folder 149/48-50Welch WH, The influence of anesthesia upon medical science, bibliog #136 Boston Med Surg J, Oct 22 1896 (dup); Biology and medicine, bibliog #151, Am Naturalist 31:755-766, 1897 (dup); Reply to statements made by the President of the Washington Humane Society..., bibliog #163 (dup), JAMA 30: 677-679. — Mar 1898
Folder 149/51Wilks S, The value and necessity of experiments for the acquirement of knowledge, pub Assoc Adv Med by Research, London, JW Kolckmann. — 1882
Folder 149/52Woodhead GS, Experiments on living animals, Med Magazine London. — Jun 1898
File 150/1-9Antivivisection press clippings. — 1899-1927
Folder 150/1Clipping - Mark Twain on vivisection, letter to London antivivisection society, ? source. — 1899
Folder 150/2Editorial - Worse even than the tortures of the Spanish Inquisition, New York Journal. — Feb 1899
Folder 150/3Clippings - Baltimore Sun, London Times, other. — 1900-1927
Folder 150/4Journal issue - Welch, WH, Is animal experimentation cruel?, Leslie's Illustrated Weekly 258-9. — Mar 8 1911
Folder 150/5Clipping - Keen, WW, Vivisection, The Country Gentleman 17-54. — Feb 12 1921
Folder 150/6Clipping - Dr. W. H. Welch scores attack on vivisection, report from Annapolis, Evening Sun, Baltimore. — March 19 1929
Folder 150/7Editorial - Animal Welfare, journal issue, also contains article by Julian Huxley, Spectator. — Nov 22 1930
Folder 150/8Editorial - Ancient propaganda against animal experimentation revived, JAMA 117:36-37. — Jul 1941 (sic)
Folder 150/9Poster - Maryland Antivivisection society. — n.d.
File 150/10-19Antivivisection correspondence. — 1899-1927
Folder 150/10Brunton, T. Lauder. — 1898
Folder 150/11Burgan, Harry C; re State MD Senate bill #125. — 1931
Folder 150/12Dankmeyer, Mrs. Charles, MD Antivivisection Soc. — 1921
Folder 150/13Donovan, J. Davis, re MD State legislation. — 1929-1930
Folder 150/14Fairbanks, Senator Charles W., from Welch. — 1898
Folder 150/15Gallagher, Hon. Andrew, from Welch. — 1932
Folder 150/16Gallinger, Senator J. H., 1898. — 1900
Folder 150/17Hodge, C. F. encl: questionnaire, other. — 1893-1898
Folder 150/18Keen, W. W.. — 1900
Folder 150/19Voegtlin, Carl. — 1919
File 150/20-36Antivivisection - Publications re Senate Bill #1063
Folder 150/20Leffingwell A, Vivisection in the District of Columbia, U.S. Senate 55th Congress 3rd session, document #78. — Jan 1899
Folder 150/21Medical Society Nevada, TMs statement opposing Bill. — n.d.
Folder 150/22Memorial - from ... medical and other scientific societies of Washington DC, U.S. Senate publication, 55th Congress 1st session, Document #107. — May 1897
Folder 150/23Memorial - Legislative Committee Medical Society DC: ibid, document #148. — Jun 1897
Folder 150/24Senate Bill #1063, partial printed copy. — May 1897
Folder 150/25Senate Bill #1063, U.S. Senate publication, annotated by Welch in 1899
Folder 150/26Sternberg, George M, (U.S. Surgeon General) TMs letter to Senator Hon. J. McMillan re Bill. — Feb 1899
Folder 150/27-30Welch WH, AMs list of Senators promised to oppose Bill, n.d.; TMs letter to physicians opposing Bill, 1898; TMs statement of objections to Bill, n.d.; TMs arguments used opposing Bill. — n.d.
Folder 150/31-32Welch WH, Memorial of William H. Welch, President of Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons..., U.S. Senate, 55th Congress, 2nd session, document #104, Jan 1898; AMs list recipients copy Welch Memorial protesting Bill. — n.d.
Folder 150/33Welch WH, Objections to the antivivisection bill now before the Senate of the United States, bibliog #164, reprint (dup) JAMA 30:285-289. — 1898
Folder 150/34-36Wilson J, Protest against proposed legislation restricting experiments of the Department of Agriculture: letter from Secretary of Agriculture to Senator R. Proctor, May 1897; letter re Senate Bill 1063, 55th Congress 1st session, Senate document #112. — May 1897
File 151/1-8Antivivisection Senate Bill #34. — 1899-1900
Folder 151/1Reprint - The Gallinger Antivivisection Bill, JAMA. — Jan 1900
Folder 151/2Booklet - Vivisection: Hearing before the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia, on the Bill (S.34)..., Washington, U.S. Government Printing Office. — 1900
Folder 151/3Senate draft Bill - S.34, U.S. Senate publication, 56th Congress 1st session, annotated by Welch. — Mar 1900
Folder 151/4Reprint - Welch WH, Argument against Senate Bill 34, 56th Congress, 1st session, generally known as the "Antivivisection Bill"; bibliog #157, JAMA reprint of statement following amended Bill (dup). — Mar 1900
Folder 151/5Senate draft Bill - S.3424 U.S. Senate publication, 56th Congress, 1st session. — Mar 1900
Folder 151/6Senate draft Bill - S.189, U.S. Senate, 57th Congress, 1st session. — Dec 1901
Folder 151/7Senate draft Bill - S.3068, U.S. Senate 57th Congress 1st session, with AMs note by Welch. — Jan 1902
Folder 151/8TMs annotated - Welch WH, Some objections to bill introduced by Mr. Gallinger S.3068. — Jan 21 1902
File 151/9-11Antivivisection - Correspondence re Senate Bills
Folder 151/9Foster M to Hodge CF re effect of Vivisection Act in Britain. — 1890
Folder 151/10Stewart TG to Keen WW, same topic. — 1898
Folder 151/11Lister, Lord to Keen WW, same topic. — 1898
File 151/12-20Antivivisection - Other Senate and Congressional Bills
Folder 151/12U.S. Senate Calendar - #1144, 54th Congress, 1st session, Report #1049. — May 1896
Folder 151/13-14Memorials - joint committee medical and other scientific societies of Senate Bill 1552, U.S. Senate, 54th Congress, 2nd session, Document #31, Dec 1896. — Jan 1897
Folder 151/15Report - 1st Pan-American Medical Congress on Department of Health for U.S., U.S. Senate, 55th Congress, 1st session, Document #38. — Apr 1897
Folder 151/16Senate draft Bill - S.6400, 57th Congress, 2nd session. — 1902
Folder 151/17TMs - draft Bill S.1258 ("dog bill"). — 1919
Folder 151/18TMs - draft Bill H.R.12605 re military use of gas. — 1922
Folder 151/19TMs transcript - Committee hearing of Senate Bill #44. — 1929
Folder 151/20H.R. Report - Minority views, Patman W. U.S. House of
Folder 151/20Representatives document re Bill #7884, Part 2. — 1930
File 151/21-32Antivivisection - Antivivisection State Bills
Folder 151/21-23Maryland, General Assembly Bill #358, 1902: Antivivisection Society circular and open letter, 1928. — 1929
Folder 151/24Massachusetts, pamphlet presented at State hearing on vivisection in schools. — 1896
Folder 151/25New Jersey, TMs of Assembly Bill #118. — 1908
Folder 151/26-30New York, report of Committee on Experimental Medicine, Medical Society State of NY, 1882; TMs Assembly Bill #1955, 1907; Assembly Bill #470. — 1908
Folder 151/31Rhode Island ?, copy draft U.S. Senate Bill. — n.d.
Folder 151/32Wisconsin, TMs Assembly Bill #660 A. — 1909
File 151/33-40Antivivisection - Other notes and correspondence
Folder 151/33AMs notes - American Association Advancement Science re House Bill #7884, n.d. ?1930 : ASPCA meeting, New York. — 1910
Folder 151/34Letter - Riley RH re House Bill #7884. — 1930
Folder 151/35AMs notes - references. — n.d.
Folder 151/36Letter - Frost WH re list of references on publications from School of Hygiene involving use of dogs. — 1930
Folder 151/37TMs - Johns Hopkins faculty resolution re use of animals in research. — n.d.
Folder 151/38-40Letters, memo - McCoy GW re use of dogs in Hygienic Lab, U.S. Treasury Dept. — 1930
File 151/41-50Animal research reprints and references. — 1890-1930
Folder 151/41-43Goldberger J, Wheeler GA, Experimental black tongue of dogs and its relation to pellagra, Pub Health Rep Reprint #1205:172-217, 1928; other Goldberger references on pellagra. — 1928
Folder 151/44Hale W., The cause of death from subdural injections of sera, USPHS Hygienic Lab Bull #91:5-18. — 1913
Folder 151/45Jackson DE, Smith MI, An experimental investigation of the cause of early death from arsphenamine..., J Pharm Exp Ther 12:221-242. — 1918
Folder 151/46Jackson, note re ref treatment snakebite in JAMA 90: 1298, 1928 (no reprint)
Folder 151/47Rosenthal SM, Some effects of alcohol upon the normal and damaged liver, J Pharm Exp Ther 38:291-301. — 1929
Folder 151/48-49Smith MI, Studies on experimental shock with especial reference to treatment, J Pharm Exp Ther 32:465-508, 1928; The peripheral vasomotor mechanism in experimental shock, J Pharm Exp Ther 34:239-257. — 1928
Folder 151/50Treasury Dept USPHS Hygienic Lab Bull no. 126 journal. — 1920

Sub-series XI/B:
Public health in Britain. — 1848-1930; Reports, British Association Advancement of Science.
Folder 152/1TMs - Extracts Public Health Acts. — 1848-1889
Folder 152/2Booklet - Reports on cerebrospinal fever, London, Jas. Truscott for H.M. Stationery Office. — 1916
Folder 152/3Journal issue - The History of the Royal Institute of Public Health, editorial J State Medicine 32:2-15. — 1924
Folder 152/4Circular, TMs - Training of Health Visitors, Ministry of Health Circular #557, 1925; TMs Training of health pediatrics. — n.d.
Folder 152/5Booklet - Parkes LC ed., Jubilee retrospect of the Royal Sanitary Institute. — 1926
Folder 152/6-7Prospectus University of Liverpool - Faculty Medicine courses; School of Hygiene lectures Sanitary Science 1926-1927; cover letter Dr. Hope to Dr. Carnwath. — 1927
Folder 152/8Pamphlet Cambridge University - Degree requirements Public Health. — 1927
Folder 152/9TMs, letter - Carnwath T, Health, local, national and international, Ministry of Health radio address. — Mar 7 1928
Folder 152/10TMs, pamphlet - Brief histories Diploma Public Health (DPH) in Oxford and Cambridge; DPH in Britain; and Diploma Sanitary Science, Manchester. — 1928
Folder 152/11TMs, pamphlet - History education in Public Health, Edinburgh and London. — 1928
Folder 152/12Booklet - The Royal Institute of Public Health. — 1930
Folder 152/13Clipping, journal issue - Book reviews of Pioneers of Public Health by Walker, MEM, in J Royal Soc Arts 77:956-957, 1930 and the Scotsman. — Jul 21 1930
Folder 152/14Booklets meeting reports - British Association Advancement of Science, Hull 1922. — London 1931

Sub-series XI/C:
History of Medicine; Notes and publications (Folders 1-12); Reprints (Folders 13-32); Collections of reprints (Folders 33-34).
Folder 153/1AMs notes - classical scholarship, famous physicians. — n.d.
Folder 153/2TMs annotated - safety mask of Dr. John Lewis (1847). — 1933
Folder 153/3TMs - extract Dict Nat Biog re John T. Woolhouse (c.1711). — n.d.
Folder 153/4Pamphlet - Bradshaw John H, A visit to Bellevue Hospital, New York City. — n.d.
Folder 153/5TMs - Fujimani A., A brief account of the development of modern medicine in Japan. — n.d.
Folder 153/6TMs booklet - Letters of Nathan Smith and his Introductory Lecture on the progress of medical science, (1806- 1827), annotated, sent by Longcope. — 1932
Folder 153/7Pamphlet - The graphic story of Yale in China, Bull. #4 Changsha. — 1920
Folder 153/8Journal issue - Octocentenary celebrations number, St. Bartholomew's Hosp J 30:149-170. — Jul 1923
Folder 153/9Pamphlet - Regolamento Istituto Storico Italiano dell'Arte Sanitaria 1925, annotated "received 1928"
Folder 153/10TMs - Address, White HC, History of the medical department University of Georgia, delivered Columbia SC. — Nov 1926
Folder 153/11Editorial - The Prayer of Maimonides and its true author, annotated, JAMA. — Mar 9 1929
Folder 153/12Reprint - Dingle H, Johannes Kepler 1571-1630, Spectator pp. 715-716. — Nov 15 1930
Folder 153/13Bartlett CJ, Peter Parker, the founder of modern medical missions, JAMA 67:407-411. — 1916
Folder 153/14Billroth, T, Historical studies on the nature and treatment of gunshot wounds..., 4 parts, Yale J Biol Med 4:1-257. — 1931
Folder 153/15Carmichael EB, The South's contribution to science, Science 74:421-427. — 1931
Folder 153/16Delmas P., L'évolution de la faculté de médecine de Montpellier (Fr), Montpellier J. — 1921
Folder 153/17-19Diepgen P, Karl Sudhoff (Ger) in Der Chirurg Berlin, Julius Springer, pp. 862-864, 1933; Die Revolution von 1848/49 und der deutsche Artestand, Klin Wochen 12: 1577-1589, 1933; Der untergang der antiken Welt und die Medizin, in: Jahreskurse für arztliche Fortbildung Munich, JF Lehmanns 1-13. — 1934
Folder 153/20Gilcreest EL, Lord Lister: The man and his achievements, Trans South Surg Assoc 40:166-174. — 1927
Folder 153/21Habeling W., Geburthauser berühmter Aerzte, (Ger) Therap Berichte #9,11. — 1929
Folder 153/22Hunger FWT, Bernardus Paludanus (Berent ten Broecke) 1550- 1633 (Fr), Janus 32:352-364. — 1928
Folder 153/23Keen WW, Seven decades in medicine, Yale Rev. — Jan 1919
Folder 153/24Muller R, 80 Jahre Seuchenbakteriologie (Ger), Zentralblatt Bakteriol 115:1-17. — 1929
Folder 153/25Newman G, A century of medicine at Padua, London, British Periodicals Ltd. — n.d.
Folder 153/26-28Steiner WR, Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, Arch Int Med 19:194-219, 1917; Dr. Elisha Perkins of Plainfield Conn. and his metallic tractors, Bull Soc Med Hist Chicago 3:79-95, 1923; Dr. Elisha North of New London Connecticut, founder of the first eye infirmary in the United States, Trans Am Ophthal Soc. — 1932
Folder 153/29-30Thomson, St. Clair, A house surgeon's memories of Lord Lister, Annals of Medical History 2: 93-108, 1919; The strenuous life of a physician in the 18th century, Annals of Medical History 1:1-15 (sic). — 1929
Folder 153/31Warthin AS, Noah Webster as epidemiologist, JAMA 80:755- 764. — 1923
Folder 153/32Webb GB, Robert Koch 1843-1910, Annals of Medical History new series 4:509-523. — 1932
Folder 153/33Leake CD, 6 reprints, 1929-1930, annotated by Welch as given to him by CDL in 1930
Folder 153/34Morton WTG, collection of reprints by and about Morton and discovery of anesthesia; also Welch notes (AMs) re inscription on Morton for Hall of Fame. — 1904-1925

Series XII:

Sub-series XII/A:
Papers by William Henry Welch
File 154/1-8Original articles by William Henry Welch. — 1878-1900

Note: *B indicates paper republished in Burket

Folder 154/1Zür Pathologie des Lungenödems (Ger), bibliog #2, [# refers to bibliography # in Burket 3:505-557, Papers and Addresses by William Henry Welch, Lord Baltimore Press, 1920; Virchow Arch Path Anat 72:375-412, 1878, also *B
Folder 154/2The behaviour of red blood corpuscles when shaken with indifferent substances [Meltzer SJ, Welch WH], bibliog #5 *B, J Physiol 5:255-260. — 1884
Folder 154/3An experimental study of glomerulonephritis, bibliog #12 *B (also presented at 1st meeting Am Phys and Surg, Army Med Museum, Washington DC, June 18 1886), Trans Assoc Am Phys 1:171-183. — 1886
Folder 154/4Asiatic cholera in its relation to sanitary reform, bibliog #94 *B, Pop Health Mag Washington 1:6-12. — 1893-94
Folder 154/5Bacterial investigations of diphtheria in the United States, (report American Committee on diphtheria to 8th Internat Congress Hygiene and Demography, Budapest, Sept 1-9 1894), bibliog #112 *B, Am J Med Sci. — Oct 1894
Folder 154/6A case of intestinal and hepatic actinomycosis in man, associated with leukemia, [Latimer TS, Welch WH], bibliog #140 *B, Trans Assoc Am Phys 11:328-339. — 1896
Folder 154/7Objections to the antivivisection bill now before the Senate of the United States, bibliog #164 *B, JAMA 30:285-289. — 1898
Folder 154/8Argument against Senate Bill 34, 56th Congress, 1st session, generally known as the "Antivivisection Bill", bibliog #197 *B, JAMA 34:1242-1244;1322-1327. — 1900
File 154/9-33Published addresses. — 1890-1900
Folder 154/9Pathology in its relations to general biology: Address at opening Biological Lab University of Toronto, Dec 20 1889, bibliog #46 *B, JHH Bull 1:25-27. — 1890
Folder 154/10-11The causation of diphtheria: Address Med Chi Faculty State Maryland, Baltimore, April 1891, bibliog #54 *B, Medical News, May 16 1891: Trans Med Chi Fac Maryland 1-27. — 1891
Folder 154/12Conditions underlying the infection of wounds: Address 2nd Congress Am Phys and Surg, Washington DC, Sep 22 1891, bibliog #56 *B, Am J Med Sci 102:439-465. — 1891
Folder 154/13Sanitation in relation to the poor: Address Charity Organization Society of Baltimore, Nov 14 1892, bibliog #93 *B, 11th Ann Report Charity Org Soc Balto. — 1893
Folder 154/14-16The evolution of modern scientific laboratories: Address at opening William Pepper Lab Clinical Medicine, Philadelphia, Dec 4 1895, bibliog #128 *B, Proc Pepper Lab Clin Med no.2:17-31, 1896; ibid, journal issue: JHH Bull 7:19-24. — 1896
Folder 154/17-18The influence of anesthesia upon medical science: Address at Mass Gen Hosp, Oct 16 1896 on 50th anniversary 1st public demonstration surgical anesthesia, bibliog #136 *B, Boston Med Surg J 134:401-403, 1896; ibid, journal issue. — 1896
Folder 154/19Clinical and bacteriological diagnosis of diphtheria: Remarks Conference health officers, Baltimore, Feb 17- 18 1897, bibliog #146 *B, Maryland Med J 36:392-395. — 1896-7
Folder 154/20-21Adaptation in pathological processes: Address Congress Am Phys and Surg, 1897, bibliog #148 *B, Trans Congress 4:284-310,1897; Science 5:813-832. — 1897
Folder 154/22-23Biology and medicine: Address dedication Hull Biologic Labs, University of Chicago, July 2 1897, bibliog #151 *B, Am Naturalist 31:755-766,1897; Univ Record University Chicago 2:141-146. — 1897
Folder 154/24The relation of sewage disposal to public health: Address joint meeting Med Chi Fac MD and MD Pub Health Assoc, Nov 19 1897, bibliog #161 *B, Maryland Med J 38:199- 204. — 1898
Folder 154/25Remarks at presentation of candidates for degree of Doctor of Medicine at Commencement, Johns Hopkins University, June 14 1898, bibliog #166 *B, JHH Bull 9:151-154. — 1898
Folder 154/26Relations of laboratories to public health: Address at APHA meeting, Minneapolis Oct 31-Nov 3 1899, bibliog #186 *B, Trans Am Pub Health Assoc 35:460-465. — 1899
Folder 154/27-28Venous thrombosis in cardiac disease: Address Assoc Am Phys, Washington DC, May 3 1900, bibliog #195 *B, Trans Assoc Am Phys 15:441-469,1900; also in: Internat contrib med lit Festschrift Abraham Jacobi, NY, 463-483. — 1900
Folder 154/29-32Morbid conditions caused by Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus: The Shattuck Lecture to Massachusetts Med Soc, Jun 12 1900, bibliog #198 *B, Boston Med Surg J 143:73- 87,1900: Med Communic Mass Med Soc 18:253-307,1900; JHH Bull 11:185-204,1900; Philadelphia Med J 6:202-216. — 1900
Folder 154/33The material needs of medical education: Address at opening new building Coll Phys Surg, Baltimore, Dec 21 1899, bibliog #199 *B, J Alum Assoc Coll Phys Surg 2:97-106. — 1900
File 155/1-23Reprints published addresses by William Henry Welch. — 1901-1908
Folder 155/1Minutes of opening remarks Assoc Am Phys, April 30 1901, bibliog #205 *B, Trans Assoc Am Phys 16:16-22. — 1901
Folder 155/12-5 The relation of Yale to Medicine: Address 200th anniversary founding Yale College, Oct 21 1901, bibliog #207 *B, Yale Med J 8:127-158, 1901-1902; ibid bound reprint: Science 14:825-840, 1901; Med News NY 80:1165-1174. — 1902
Folder 155/6ibid, retitled Yale in its relation to medicine, privately printed bound book. — 1902
Folder 155/7-8The Huxley lecture: Recent Studies of Immunity, with special reference to their bearing on pathology: Address Charing Cross Hosp, London, Oct 1 1902, bibliog #223 *B, Brit Med J 2:1105-1114, 1902; Medical News NY 81:721-735. — 1902
Folder 155/9-10Origin and aims of the new Section of Physiology and Experimental Medicine: Address Am Assoc Adv Science, Washington DC, Dec 29 1902, bibliog #227 *B, Proc Am Assoc Adv Science 52:529-534, 1903; private reprinting 1906
Folder 155/11-12The Endowment for Medical Research: Address formal opening Rockefeller Inst Med Research, New York, May 11 1906, bibliog #262 *B, JHH Bull 17:1-12, 1906; Science 24:6- 12. — 1906
Folder 155/13Presidential Address, reply to welcome at 56th meeting Am Assoc Adv Science, Ithaca NY, June 28-Jul 3 1906, bibliog #263 *B, Science 24:37-40. — 1906
Folder 155/14-15The unity of the medical sciences: Address at dedication new buildings Harvard medical school, Sep 26 1906, bibliog #264 *B, Boston Med Surg J 155:367-372, 1906; Science 24:454-461. — 1906
Folder 155/16Position of natural science in education: Address opening 57th session Am Assoc Adv Science, Columbia University, New York NY, Dec 27 1906, bibliog #267 *B, Science 25:50-56. — 1907
Folder 155/17Experience as a sitter for the Sargent portrait: summary of Welch's remarks by Cortissoz R, ed, in Unveiling of Sargent's Painting of the 4 Doctors, Jan 19 1907; Journal issue, bibliog #269 *B, JHU Circ2:19-22. — 1907
Folder 155/18The relation of the hospital to medical education and research: Address at opening new Jefferson Med College, Philadelphia, June 7 1907, bibliog #271 *B, JAMA 49:531-535. — 1907
Folder 155/19Some of the conditions which have influenced the development of American medicine, especially during the last century: Address at centennial celebration Coll Phys Surg Columbia New York, June 11 1907, bibliog #272 *B, JHH Bull 11:33-40. — 1908
Folder 155/20Federal regulation of public health: Address at annual meeting NAAS, Chicago, Jan 2 1908, bibliog #275, Am Health 1: 6-8. — 1908
Folder 155/21-23Medicine and the University: Address at 65th Convocation University of Chicago, Dec 17 1907, bibliog #284 *B, Univ Record Chicago 12:75-86, 1908; ibid, journal issue vol 12 no. 3, Jan 1908: JAMA 1:1-7,1908; Science 27:8- 20. — 1908
File 156/1-20Reprints published addresses by William Henry Welch. — 1908-1932

Note: Burket bibliography ends 1920

Folder 156/1[The discovery of ether] A consideration of the introduction of surgical anesthesia [anaesthesia]: Address at Mass Gen Hosp on 62nd anniversary Ether Day, Oct 16 1908, bibliog #283 *B, galley and bound reprint, Boston Med Surg J 49:599-604. — 1908
Folder 156/2-3The interdependence of medicine and other sciences of nature: Address Am Assoc Adv Science Chicago, Dec 1907, bibliog #285 *B, Science 27:49-64,1908; reprinted bound booklet by Welch Bibliophilic Soc Baltimore. — 1934
Folder 156/4Fields of usefulness of the American Medical Association: Presidential address 63rd annual meeting AMA, St. Louis, June 7 1910, bibliog #314 *B, JAMA 54:2011-2017. — 1910
Folder 156/5The significance of the great frequency of tuberculosis in early life for prevention of disease: Presidential address 7th annual meeting, Denver, June 20-21 1911, bibliog #330 *B, Trans Nat Assoc Study Prevention TB 7:17-28. — 1911
Folder 156/6Advantages to a charitable hospital of affiliation with a University Medical School: Address 43rd anniversary Presbyterian Hospital, New York, Dec 2 1911, bibliog #337 *B, The Survey 27:1766-1770. — Feb 17 1912
Folder 156/7Address by Welch on the history of pathology: (original title, Historical significance of pathological anatomy suggested by a collection of books), at presentation of Ernst Ziegler library to University of Pittsburgh, Dec 5 1913, bibliog #352 *B, (pub. posthumously Bull Inst Hist Med 3:1-18, 1935)
Folder 156/8Yale's new leader [President-elect James Rowland Angell]: address Alumni University Day, Feb 21 1921: Yale Alum Wkly 30:547-548. — 1921
Folder 156/9-10Contributions of Bryn Mawr to the higher education of women: Address Commencement exercises, June 8 1922, on retirement President M. Carey Thomas, Science 56:(1- 16), 1922; Bryn Mawr's gift to education, Bryn Mawr Alum Bull 2:18-23. — 1922
Folder 156/11Medical education: address American Bar Association, Washington DC, Feb 23 1922: Proc. Special session Legal Education ...,Am Bar Assoc pp. 84-99. — 1922
Folder 156/12Early medical history of Maryland: Address, Baltimore, May 7 1923, Bull Med Library Assoc 13:27-35. — 1924
Folder 156/13Public health in theory and practice. An historical review. 2nd annual Sedgwick memorial lecture, Boston, Jan 25 1924. Reprint book form (2) New Haven, Yale University Press. — 1925
Folder 156/14-15Acceptance of presentation Kober medal Assoc Am Physicians May 4 1927: Trans Assoc Am Phys 42:8-13, 1927; Science 66:21-25. — 1927
Folder 156/16Establishment of chair of History of Medicine: Commemoration Day Address Johns Hopkins University, Feb 22 1929, JH Alum Mag 17:374-383. — 1929
Folder 156/17Medical libraries and the profession: Address Boston Medical Library, Feb 5 1930, New Engl J Med 202:446-448. — 1930
Folder 156/18Dr. William H. Welch visits Bellevue: Address William Welch Society Bellevue, New York, Feb 28 1930, Bellevue Violet (?) 6:192-197. — 1930
Folder 156/19Remarks inauguration radio health talks service City of Baltimore, Jan 12 1932, Baltimore Health News 9:11-12. — 1932
Folder 156/2050th anniversary of the discovery of the tubercle bacillus and its effect upon public health, radio address WBAL, Baltimore, Mar 22 1932, Baltimore Health News 9:26-27. — Apr 1932
File 157/1-17Reprints chapters, committee reports, memorials, reviews. — 1894-1932

Copy Burket's bibliography to 1920

Folder 157/1Chapter - General considerations concerning the biology of bacteria, infection and immunity, bibliog #108 *B, in: Theory and Practice of Medicine, ed. Pepper, Philadelphia 2:1-69. — 1894
Folder 157/2Committee report - Procedures recommended for the study of bacteria. Report to APHA committee on water pollution, submitted meeting, Philadelphia Sep 1897 (Subcommittee of 8, chair JG Adami, Welch member), bibliog #126, Am Pub Health Assoc Report, Concord NH Rumford Press. — 1898
Folder 157/3Letter - Reply to statements made by President of the Washington Humane Society in a letter... to each US Senator, bibliog #163, JAMA 30:677-679. — 1898
Folder 157/4Memorial statement US Senate - Memorial protesting against the passage of Senate Bill 1063, bibliog #168, Senate Doc #104 55th Congress, 2nd session. — 1898
Folder 157/5Committee Report - 1st and 2nd Annual Conference Committee on National Legislation of AMA, Washington DC, May 1-2 1900, Feb 20-21 1901. Johnson HLE, Welch WH, Rodman WL. Private printing ?by AMA 1901
Folder 157/6Chapter - The pathological effects of alcohol. in: Physiological Aspects of the Liquor Problem, bibliog #228 *B, Boston, Houghton Mifflin 2:349-374. — 1903
Folder 157/7-8Memorials to Osler - William Osler 1849-1919, bibliog #405, The Survey 43:389,1920; Remarks Osler Memorial meeting, Johns Hopkins, Mar 22 1920, JH Alum Mag (journal issue),9:302-311. — 1921
Folder 157/9Memorial - In memoriam-William Stewart Halsted: Address Johns Hopkins, Dec 16 1923, JHH Bull 36:34-39. — 1925
Folder 157/10Review - A great physician and medical humanist: review of Harvey Cushing's Life of Sir William Osler. Saturday Review Literature. — Nov 21 1925
Folder 157/11Foreword - Sir William Osler Memorial Volume, (2nd imp.) Internat Assoc Med Museums Bull no.9. — 1927
Folder 157/12Memorial - Hideyo Noguchi, 1876-1928, Bull NY Acad Med 5: 884-886, (Journal also contains memorial by TH Smith, review by Garrison of Osler Catalogue). — Sep 1929
Folder 157/13Introduction - Contributions to the medical sciences. Emmanuel Libman Anniversary Volumes, New York Internat Press 1:1-12. — Oct 1932
Folder 157/14Memorial - The services of Wickliffe Rose to public health In: Wickliffe Rose 1862-1931, Booklet of addresses at memorial meeting, Rockefeller Inst, p. 5-10. — Feb 25 1932
Folder 157/15Editorial - Undernourishment in childhood, Child Health Bull pub Am Child Health Assoc NY 8:73. — 1932
Folder 157/16-17Bibliography of William Henry Welch [thru 1920] - reprint from Burket WC, Papers and Addresses of Welch 3:505- 557, 1920: Garrison's review of earlier bibliography Science. — 1917

Sub-series XII/B:
Papers about William Henry Welch
File 158/1-19Reprints about William Henry Welch. — 1910-1934

Note: Reprints of some obituaries and late posthumous tributes to Welch are in Part XIV, Boxes #163 and #192. Printed tributes re 80th birthday celebrations in Box #90

Folder 158/1Osler W, Dr. William H. Welch, Am Mag ?vol:456-459. — 1910
Folder 158/2Editorial - William Henry Welch, President Am Soc Hygiene Assoc, brief biography, photo (r), Soc Hygiene 4:1-3. — 1918
Folder 158/3Flexner S, William Henry Welch - A biographical sketch, reprint of Introduction to Papers and Addresses by William Henry Welch, Burket JHU Press 1920; Science 52:417-488. — 1920
Folder 158/4Litchfield L, The Lure of Medicine, [Describes Welch as "Virchow's greatest pupil"] Penn Med J ?vol:1-12. — 1922
Folder 158/5Flexner S, Dr. Welch and the Johns Hopkins University, Address at presentation bust of Welch by Serge Konenkov, 50th Commemoration Day, Feb 22 1926. Reprint, Tms, copy program and photos Welch from NY Times; Science 63:272-273, 1926; Photograph Konenkov bust, Progress of Science, ? Scientif Mthly p.87. — n.d. ?1926
Folder 158/6Bradshaw JH, A visit to the Mass General Hospital (letter): mentions Welch role in clarifying history of anesthesia. J Med Soc New Jersey ?vol:?pp. — 1926
Folder 158/7Editorial - re Welch and public health nursing. Trained Nurse and Hosp Rev 81:159. — 1928
Folder 158/8Editorial - William H Welch MD, re Kober award to Welch, (typed copy, not reprint) Brit Med J 1:150. — 1928
Folder 158/9Editorial (?by Ford WW) - The Progress of Science: The William H Welch Medical Library...includes photo of library and of Pavlov, Scient Mnthly ?vol:280-285. — Sep 1929
Folder 158/10Editorial - Cholera in 1892, mentions role Welch, City of NY Dept Health Weekly Bull 19:57. — 1930
Folder 158/11-12Editorial, TMs and program - Dedication Duke Medical School Hospital, April 20 1931: Welch honored as speaker, and as one of 14 physicians after whom wards are named; Duke U Alum Reg 17:110-111. — 1931
Folder 158/13Hunt R, Chemistry and Medicine, mentions Welch role in cinchona in medical history, The Nucleus. — March 1931
Folder 158/14Editorial - presentation of Harben gold medal, May 19, and city of Frankfurt medal of honor to Welch, May 20 1931, Frankfurt, Germany, The Medical Officer 45:250. — 1931
Folder 158/15Knopf SA, Robert Koch and the golden anniversary of his discovery of the tubercle bacillus, mentions Welch as "the Nestor of the American medical profession", Med J and Record ? vol, pp.8-10. — Mar 1932
Folder 158/16Editorial - award D.Sc. New York University to Welch Jun 7 1932 (also mention availability Welch lecture reprints by Theobald Smith), NY Med Week 11:9-10. — 1932
Folder 158/17Sheldon EW, Address opening Cornell University Medical College, Sep 26 1932, quotes Welch's use of New York Hospital library, Printed program. — 1932
Folder 158/18Review - of Libman Anniversary Volumes quotes intro by Welch, Med Review of Reviews 446:41-43. — 1933
Folder 158/19Hume EH, Two distinguished sons of '70, JS Chandler and Welch, Yale Alum Wkly 43:471. — 1934

Sub-series XII/C:
Reprints collected by William Henry Welch at Huntington Library, San Merino, CA. — 1930
File 159/1-15Reprints and memorabilia Huntington Library, CA. — 1930
Folder 159/1-10Cole, GW American libraries, their past, present and future, Pennsylvania Library Club, Occasional papers #3. Philadelphia, Burk and McFetridge, 1895; Bermuda and the Challenger expedition, bibliography, Private printing, Boston 1901; Bibliography - A Forecast, Bibliog Soc America 14:1-19, 1920; The photostat in bibliographical and research work; a symposium, Bibliograph Soc America 15:1-16, 1922; The cataloguing of rare books in the Huntington Library, Bull Am Library Assoc 16:3-12, 1923; The Henry E. Huntington Library and Art gallery, Library J Sept 15 1923; Bibliographical pitfalls - Linked books, Bibliog Soc America 18:1-19, 1926; Early library development in New York State 1800-1900, NY Pub Library reprint, 1927; Lewis Hughes: the militant minister of the Bermudas and his printed works, Am Antiquarian Soc reprint, 1928; The ideally perfect library, special chapter reprint, Yale University Press, 1929
Folder 159/11Cushing, H, Experiences with the cerebellar medulloblastomas...., Act Path Microbiol Scand 7:1- 85. — 1930
Folder 159/12-13Farrand, M. - Henry E Huntington Library and art gallery. First and 2nd annual reports. — 1927-1929
Folder 159/14Vincent JM, The Battle Abbey records in the Huntington Library, Am Hist Rev 36:63-68. — 1930
Folder 159/15Wagner HR, Sixteenth century Mexican imprints, (marginal annotations by Welch) in: Bibliographical Essays: a tribute to Wiberforce Eames, Cambridge. — 1925
File 159/16-20Catalogues and memorabilia
Folder 159/16-17Catalogues - Library and art collections. — 1930
Folder 159/18Announcement publication - Documents relating to New Netherland, 1624-1626, in the Library. — n.d.
Folder 159/19Call slips used by Welch in Library, Aug 14 thru Sep 4 1930, with annotation by Dr. Eugene Campbell dated Sep 1993
Folder 159/20Photostat of catalogue Nederlandsche Bibliographie van 1500 tot 1540 Martinus Nijhoff 1923, annotated by Welch. — 1930

Sub-series XII/D:
Reprints by associates, contemporaries
File 160/1-162/29Reprints by contemporaries
Folder 160/1-2Abel JJ, Chemistry in relation to medicine, J Chem Ed 6:1045-1064, 1929; The education of the superior student, J Chem Ed 7:283-293. — 1930
Folder 160/3Ashford BK, Medical service in the French lines, Military Surg 59:1-67. — n.d.
Folder 160/4Barcroft J, Experiments on man, Stephen Paget lecture, in The Fight Against Disease 22:22-36. — 1934
Folder 160/5Barker LF, Some tendencies in medical education in the United States, JAMA 56:1-40. — 1911
Folder 160/6Batchelder SF, Harvard hospital-surgeons of 1775, Harvard Alum Bull 22:501-513. — 1920
Folder 160/7Bell ET, Early stages of glomerulonephritis, Am J Path 12:801-826. — 1934
Folder 160/8Bierman W, The history of fever therapy in the treatment of disease (mention Welch), Bull NY Acad Sci 18:65-75. — 1942
Folder 160/9Bowditch HP, The advancement of medicine by research, Reprint address Mass Med Soc. — Jun 10 1896
Folder 160/10Boycott AE, The transition from live to dead: the nature of filterable viruses, Proc Roy Soc Med 22:55-69. — 1928
Folder 160/11Bruce WB, A criticism of Bertrand Russell's "New morality", Current History journal issue ?vol:1105-1108. — Mar 1930
Folder 160/12Butler NM, Imponderabilien (Ger), reprint by Germanistic Soc of America Address to Reichstag, Berlin. — Apr 30 1930
Folder 160/13Cabot RC, The achievements, standards and prospects of the Massachusetts General Hospital: Ether Day address, ?private reprint. — 1919
Folder 160/14Carrel A., Les Principes de la technique de la stérilisation des plaies (Fr), Arch Med Pharm Mil ?vol:1-14. — 1916
Folder 160/15Carty JJ, The relation of pure science to industrial research, reprint address American Institute Electrical Engineers. — Jun 27 1916
Folder 160/16Castellani A, Taylor F, Combined vaccination with multiple vaccines..., Brit Med J. — Sep 15 1917
Folder 160/17Christy C, Pawning of human beings in Liberia, J African Soc ?vol:169-174. — Apr 1931
Folder 160/18Collip JD, Some recent advances in the physiology of the anterior pituitary: The William Henry Welch lectures at Mount Sinai Hospital (bound), J Mount Sinai Hosp 1:28- 71. — 1934
Folder 160/19Culpin M, The history of psychology in medicine, Proc Royal Soc Med 29:1569-1576. — 1936
Folder 160/20Cushing H, The personality of a hospital: Ether Day address, Boston Med Surg J 185:529-538,1921; The pioneer medical schools of central New York: private reprint address Syracuse University centennial. — Jun 1934
Folder 160/21Dercum FX, Nervous and mental diseases and the newer pathology, J Nerv Ment Dis 42:358-369,1915; Metabolism in insanity, JAMA 66:1183-1188. — Apr 15 1916
Folder 160/22Eaton ER, New York City a hundred years ago: Life of William Cullen Bryant, private reprints from Quarterly of Phi Alpha Gamma. — 1933-1934
Folder 160/23Ewing CB, The action of rattlesnake venom upon the bactericidal power of blood serum, Lancet. — May 9 1894
Folder 160/24-26Fejervary GJ de, reprints on fossils (Fr). — 1916-1921
Folder 160/27Flexner A, TMs - The history of full-time clinical teaching, address College Physicians, Philadelphia, Feb 24 1927, annotated "expansion of FT"; Reprint - Symposium on the outlook for higher education in the United States, address read Apr 23 1930, Proc Am Philosoph Soc 49: 257- 269. — 1930
Folder 160/28Flexner S, A half century of American medicine, Science 85:505-512, 1937; The evolution and organization of the University Clinic, Private reprint, Oxford. — 1939
Folder 160/29-30Garrison FH, Medicine as an agency in the advancement of science art and civilization, ?source 1928; The history of bloodletting, NY Med J, Mar 1913; Armand Trousseau a master clinician, Internat Clin 3:1-20, 1916; Developmental possibilities in medical history as a branch of the medical curriculum, Bull NY Acad Med 5:741- 756,1929; Transvaluations and deflations in the history of medicine and its teaching, Bull NY Acad Med 10:579-592,1934; Bibliography with mention of Welch, Bull NY Acad Science 11:661. — 1935
Folder 161/1Gorgas WC, Carter HR, Lyster TC, Yellow fever: its distribution and control in 1920, South Med J 13:873- 880. — 1920
Folder 161/2Grawitz P et al., Pathology of the cornea (Ger). — 1914
Folder 161/3-4Greenwood M. Jr, The factors that determine the rise, spread, and severity of epidemic diseases, Report 17th Internat Cong Med London, 1913; (with Yule GU), The statistics of anti-typhoid and anti-cholera inoculations..., Proc Roy Soc Med 8:113-190. — 1915
Folder 161/5Gregg A, The work of the Rockefeller Foundation in medical education and ... sciences, Rockefeller Bull. — 1931
Folder 161/6Hale GE, Building the 200-inch telescope, Harper's Mag. — Nov 1929
Folder 161/7Havens RD, Shelley's Alastor, PMLAA 45:1098-1155. — Dec 1930
Folder 161/8Haythorn SR, William H. Singer Memorial Research Laboratory, Private printing. — 1917
Folder 161/9Henderson LJ, The relation of medicine to the fundamental sciences, Science 82:477-482. — 1935
Folder 161/10Hofbauer J, Concerning the etiology of hyperplasia of the endometrium, Surg Gyn Obst 52:222-227. — Feb 1931
Folder 161/11Hurd HM, William Stewart Halsted 1852-1922, JH Nurses Alum Mag 21:166-168. — Nov 1922
Folder 161/12Kirkpatrick TPC, The early history of the medical school of Trinity College Dublin, Irish J Med Sci. — Mar 1926
Folder 161/13-20Knopf SA, Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec and the 100th anniversary of his book on mediate auscultation, Med Record Dec 1919; William TG Morton, discoverer of anesthesia, and his place in the Hall of Fame, galley proof letter to editor ?journal 1920; Ideals in the treatment of tuberculosis..., Am Rev Tuberc 4:118-131, 1920; The antituberculosis movement in the USA..., Med Record, Jun 1920; Sir William Osler, Bart: in memoriam, Am Rev Tuberc 3:745-?,1920; The soul of the consumptive...,NY Med J Jan 1921: A tribute to Morton: Ether Day at AMA meeting in Boston, Am Med 16:289-295, 1921: In memoriam Godfrey Roger Pisek (1873-1921), NY Med J Jan 29 1921; Mental and physical rest in pulmonary tuberculosis, Med J and Record, Dec 1, 15 1926: The medical....aspects of birth control, pamphlet ?1927; Essentials in the prevention of tuberculosis in infancy and childhood, JAMA 88:1058-1060, Apr 1927; The alarming increase in the morbidity and mortality of tuberculosis among young women, JAMA, Feb 1928
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