Series XIII:

The photographs from the Welch papers are catalogued and filed in the Archives photograph collection. The list below is an abbreviated guide to relevant Box #s: note that Box #s in Part XIII refer to boxes in the Photograph collection (Boxes #253-#259) and the OVERSIZE collection (Boxes #259.1-259.8), separate from the Welch papers.

Box 253/1 of 7Portraits. — ca. 1853-1907

(all William Henry Welch unless noted)

Folder 253/1Welch as a boy, ca. 1853 and 1858; sister Emilene. — ca. 1853
Folder 253/2Yale graduation photo
Folder 253/31878
Folder 253/41882 (cartes de visite)
Folder 253/51885 (cabinet cards, cartes de visite)
Folder 253/61893 by Bachrach (cabinet card)
Folder 253/71895 ca.
Folder 253/81899 by fireplace in library
Folder 253/91904 before blackboard
Folder 253/101904 seated at desk
Folder 253/111905 ca. seated at desk
Folder 253/121905 detail Sargent painting
Folder 253/13-141905 ca. at microscope, 2 views
Box 254/2 of 7Portraits. — ca. 1910-1933
Folder 254/11910
Folder 254/21910 ca. taken for AMA presidency
Folder 254/31915 ca. reading
Folder 254/41919 in military uniform
Folder 254/51920 ca. by Bachrach
Folder 254/61936 Photo of painting by Frobisher from a Bachrach photo
Folder 254/71920 photo of portrait painting
Folder 254/81920 ca.
Folder 254/91920 ca. at microscope, by Bachrach
Folder 254/101922 ca. in academic robes, with special portrait print by Doris Ulmann (Jaeger)
Folder 254/111925 ca. detail from group portrait
Folder 254/121926 ca. seated outdoors
Folder 254/131927 press release photo
Folder 254/14-151927 ca. reading, by Doris Jaeger 2 views
Folder 254/161929
Folder 254/171929 ca., Atlantic City proof booklet
Folder 254/181930 ca. in San Francisco
Folder 254/191930 by Louis Schmidt
Folder 254/201930 photo of drawing by S. Woolf
Folder 254/211930 photo Hutty etching, copy Time cover with photo
Folder 254/221932 ca., with hand on cheek, by Harris Ewing
Folder 254/231933 ca.
Box 255/3 of 7Busts, medals, engravings, family photos
Folder 255/11900 Max Broedel (Brodel) engraving
Folder 255/21910 Max Broedel caricature "Some Welsh Rabbits"
Folder 255/31928 bas-relief by Halls
Folder 255/41930 bas relief at microscope ? by Lovorine
Folder 255/5-71930 ca. bust by Konenkov, photo Welch with sculptor, bust on pedestal
Folder 255/8n.d. Equestrian statue by Harriet Mayer and Anna Hyatt
Folder 255/91930 birthplace marker
Folder 255/101934 Welch medal American Assoc. History Medicine
Folder 255/11Welch death mask
Folder 255/12Elizabeth Loveland Welch (Welch's maternal grandmother)
Folder 255/13Welch with nephew Frederick C. Walcott. — ca. 1930
Folder 255/14Welch with Alex Walcott. — ca. 1930
Folder 255/15Welch with William Welch Walcott. — ca. 1915
Folder 255/16? William Welch Walcott. — ca. 1920
Folder 255/17William Welch Young. — 1930
Folder 255/18Walcott and Kendall families at Mill Pond. — n.d.
Folder 255/19Miscellany - Photo plaque of Welch unveiled at Happy Hills (now Mount Washington Childrens Hospital), 1935: family groups
Box 256/4 of 7William Henry Welch with colleagues
Folder 256/1With Crowell, Dawson, Cutter, 1930: with unidentified group at black tie dinner, n.d.: with Gilman, Remsen, Rowland, Gildersleeve in Lanier room. — 1901
Folder 256/2With Councilman at dedication Institute Pathology, Western Reserve University. — 1929
Folder 256/3With Cushing. — 1931
Folder 256/4With Flexner and (Noguchi?). — n.d.
Folder 256/5With Flexner and Rockefeller. — 1931
Folder 256/6With C.A. and S.D. Herter (with poliomyelitis rabbit). — 1887
Folder 256/7With Herbert Hoover. — 1930
Folder 256/8With Mayor Howard Jackson. — 1932
Folder 256/9With Mary Pickford. — 1930
Folder 256/10With the Queen of Belgium, n.d. — prob 1919
Folder 256/11With Sigerist. — 1932
Box 256/4 of 7Group Portraits
Folder 256/12"Bellevue Teachers", Bryant, Dennis, other. — n.d.
Folder 256/13Carnegie Institution Board of Trustees. — 1928
Folder 256/14International Congress Medicine. — 1927
Folder 256/15Johns Hopkins Institute History of Medicine. — 1933
Folder 256/16-18Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health Advisory Board: Classes 1922-1924, other
Folder 256/19-21Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Bloodgood banquet 1929; pathology staff, ca. 1910; with Howell, others, n.d
Folder 256/22Mayor Jackson with Welch, others at WBAL studio. — 1932
Folder 256/23National Academy Sciences. — 1931
Folder 256/24Red Cross Societies Committee, American delegation. — 1919
Folder 256/25Rockefeller Foundation Commission in China, 1915. — 1921
Folder 256/26Rockefeller Institute Board Scientific Directors. — 1931
Folder 256/27U.S. Public Health Service Conference VD Control. — 1920
Folder 256/28University Pennsylvania, Welch receiving honorary degree. — 1930
Folder 256/29Yale University Class 1870 reunion. — 1920
Folder 256/30Welch and others in academic robes, Welch receiving honorary degree, Cambridge University UK. — 1923
Folder 256/31Unidentified groups
Folder 256/32U.S. Army uniformed group, Arles, France. — 1919
Box 257/5 of 7Portraits of colleagues/friends
Folder 257/1Barker, Dr. and Mrs.. — 1903 and 1923
Folder 257/2Bayert. — 1884
Folder 257/3Bidwell, Alfred M. and family. — 1932
Folder 257/4Biggs, Herman. — n.d.
Folder 257/5Bu...? 1928
Folder 257/6Chedt, Luang. — n.d.
Folder 257/7Flexner, Abraham. — n.d.
Folder 257/8Hata. — S. 1923
Folder 257/9Jacobi, Abraham. — n.d.
Folder 257/10Kodama, S.. — n.d.
Folder 257/11Lienteh, W.. — 1921
Folder 257/12Mastrorilli, M.. — n.d.
Folder 257/13Mayor, Alfred G.. — n.d.
Folder 257/14Mendell, Lafayette B.. — n.d.
Folder 257/15Miura, K.. — 1923
Folder 257/16Monette, John W.. — n.d.
Folder 257/17Morton, Rosalie Slaughter and family (album). — n.d.
Folder 257/18Nagayo, M.. — 1923
Folder 257/19Padua, Dr. and Mrs.. — 1925
Folder 257/20Power, William. — ?1832
Folder 257/21Rokitansky. — n.d.
Folder 257/22Siler, Joseph F.. — n.d.
Folder 257/23Swasey, Ambrose. — 1931
Folder 257/24Waldeyer. — n.d.
Folder 257/25Weigert, Carl. — n.d.
Folder 257/26Unidentified colleagues, friends
Box 258/6 of 7Travel photos and miscellany
Folder 258/1Welch at Atlantic City (on beach in bathing suit). — ca. 1900
Folder 258/2Welch and others on board ship. — ca. 1900
Folder 258/3Stereocard scenes, Grand Canyon. — 1903
Folder 258/4Welch at conference in Tokyo, Japan. — ?1915
Folder 258/5Welch on horseback in China. — 1915
Folder 258/6Welch and others overseas with military. — ca. 1918
Folder 258/7Scenes of Rio de Janeiro. — 1920
Folder 258/8Celebration at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. — 1923
Folder 258/9Welch with unidentified group. — ca. 1925
Folder 258/10Welch in Switzerland at Brillat-Savarin's grave. — 1927
Folder 258/11Welch, Barker, Cushing in Berne, Switzerland. — 1931
Box 258/6 of 7Miscellany
Folder 258/12MacCallum, others at cemetery and home, Norfolk CT. — 1937
Folder 258/13Welch's study. — n.d.
Folder 258/14Henry Barton Jacobs room, Welch Library. — n.d.
Folder 258/15Welch exhibit at Enoch Pratt Free Library. — 1941
Folder 258/16Isabelle Stuart Gardner Museum Boston. — n.d.
Folder 258/17Bust of Pasteur by Aronson, given to Welch. — 1923
Folder 258/18Misc. travel photos. — n.d.
Folder 258/19Group photos in China, 1915 and 1921: American delegation to Red Cross Conference, Cannes and Geneva. — 1919:
Folder 258/19photocards Philadelphia, Berlin, Leyden. — n.d.
Box 259/7 of 7Oversize, mostly enlargements
Folder 259/1Photo, daguerrotype Emeline Collin Welch (mother)
Folder 259/2-4Miscellany travel photos
Folder 259/5Photos Welch with Mayor Howard Jackson, others at WBAL radio station. — Jan 1932
Folder 259/6Photo Welch with Flexner, Rockefeller. — Apr 1930
Folder 259/7Group photo - Welch with Sigerist, Temkin, Oliver, Garrison at Johns Hopkins Institute History of Medicine. — Oct 1932
Folder 259/8Travel scenes - Kitasato Institute, Japan, n.d. ?1915; Temple of Heaven, Peking, Nankow Pass, Great Wall China. — n.d.
Folder 259/9Group photo - Yale 50th reunion class of 1870. — 1920
Folder 259/10Photo-portraits Welch - mounted enlarged dups of photos in Box #254, including pictures by Bachrach, Jaegar, Schmidt, and in Army. — 1910-n.d.
Folder 259/11Group photo in Army uniform. — ?1919
Folder 259/12Group photo China. — 1915
Folder 259/13Group photo Welch with Hektoen, others. — 1929
Folder 259/14Photo color-tinted of Welch. — n.d.
Folder 259/15Family photo 2 grandnephews ? Alex and William Welch Walcott. — n.d.
Folder 259/16Miscellany
File 259.1/1-12OVERSIZED Photos of William Henry Welch collected by H. Sigerist and F.H. Garrison
Folder 259.1/1Group Welch with Cohnheim, others - framed sepia enlargement, b/w copy by Althausen, Breslau. — ?1878
Folder 259.1/2Portrait Welch by Hollinger for AMA Presidency. — 1910
Folder 259.1/3Photo Welch at desk, neg, 2 enlargements. — ?1913
Folder 259.1/4Photo portrait Welch at microscope - Bachrach. — 1915
Folder 259.1/5Group photos (2) - Welch with Simon Flexner, Conant, Theobald Smith, Opie, C.R. Stockard, Blake, ?? Pruitt, Rockefeller Institute Board Directors. — 1931
Folder 259.1/6Photostat enlargement Welch letter to Mrs. Dennis re broccoli, cover letter from Shriver. — 1927
Folder 259.1/7Snapshots, enlargements Welch aboard SS Belgenland. — 1928
Folder 259.1/8Photoproofs Welch by Atlantic Foto Service. — ?1929
Folder 259.1/9Photo X-ray jaw ?Welch, and notes
Folder 259.1/10Photo portrait Sudhoff by Louis Schmidt. — 1929
Folder 259.1/11Program, including Hutty sketch Welch, 80th birthday celebration, dup. — 1930
Folder 259.1/12Group photo Welch with Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, others. — ?1919
File 259.1a/1-5Photos of William Henry Welch collected by Sigerist and Garrison - Photo portraits
Folder 259.1a/1Welch as a boy, young man, 2 n.d., 1 Yale graduation. — 1870
Folder 259.1a/2By Louis Schmidt - dups, some autographed. — 1923
Folder 259.1a/3By Harris and Ewing - n.d. ?? 1930
Folder 259.1a/4By Doris Jaeger - in academic robes. — 1922
Folder 259.1a/5In Army uniform. — prob 1919
File 259.1a/6-18Photos of William Henry Welch collected by Sigerist and Garrison - Other photographs
Folder 259.1a/6-8Miscellany travel photos, China, Switzerland. — 1915 and n.d.
Folder 259.1a/9Snapshot Welch laying cornerstone US Marine Hospital Baltimore, with accompanying letter. — 1933
Folder 259.1a/10Group photos, snapshots - American delegation Red Cross Societies, Cannes. — Apr 1-11 1919
Folder 259.1a/11Snapshots Cannes, France - scenery, Scottish dancing, bombed cathedral, children's t.b. clinic. — 1919
Folder 259.1a/12Formal group photos - Welch with President and Mrs. Hoover 1930; in Army uniform, Arles, France, Apr 1919; with Nagayo, others, Tokyo, 1915; with Flexner, Rockefeller at dinner, Maryland Club, Jan 1931; with Crowell, Lord Dawson of Penn, and Irving Cutter, Chicago. — Oct 1930
Folder 259.1a/13Snapshots Welch with others - with Sudhoff in Sigerist's garden, Leipzig 1931: with Mrs. Chinard, Paris. 1931; with Dr. and Mrs. Hertz, Dubrovnik, 1927; with Harvey Cushing, Berne, 1931; with Cushing, Strong, others, Boston, 1929; with McCollum, others (see Box #18 f20), Baltimore. — 1924
Folder 259.1a/14Johns Hopkins groups - Welch with graduating classes 1897, (1st class), 1899; list class names; with Ubiquiteers School of Hygiene 1922; ? with pathology faculty, MacCallum, Whipple, other. — n.d.
Folder 259.1a/15Formal group portraits at conferences - Welch with Klebs, Ebstein, Sudhoff, others at Bad Homburg, 1927; with Dr. Bela, others at Budapest, 1923, 1927; at V.D. Conference, Washington DC, 1920; at National Academy Science meeting, Washington DC, 1931; other and n.d.
Folder 259.1a/16Colleagues - including Osler family snap in UK, 1907; Prof. John Howland, n.d.; 2 other unidentified. — n.d.
Folder 259.1a/17Welch Medical Library - laying of cornerstone and under construction. — 1928
Folder 259.1a/18Travel photo - ? Villa Schaffler ? Germany. — n.d.
File 259.2/1-7Photos Welch Norfolk home and birthplace
Folder 259.2/1By Simon Flexner - annotated Aug 31 1921
Folder 259.2/2By Ford of Clinton studio - of home and dedicatory plaque. — May 1930
Folder 259.2/3By Charles H. Jaeger - mounted snapshots, sent 1921, taken 1920
Folder 259.2/4Photo ? source - sent to Flexner, Jul 1941, used in biography p.13
Folder 259.2/5Snapshots Norfolk CT - by Simon Flexner of Welch home, family plot, fountain dedicated William Wickham Welch, other. — Aug 1937
Folder 259.2/6Photograph albums (7) - scenery and people of Norfolk CT with accompanying verse: includes picture of "Buttermilk Falls, named by Grandma Welch", ? taken 1888; pictures Yale bicentennial, 1901; most photos prob taken early 1900's, compiler unnamed, albums n.d. ?1933
Folder 259.2/7Photo postcard - residence of F.C. Walcott, Norfolk CT. — 1924
File 259.2/8-13Other photos, memorabilia, oversize
Folder 259.2/8Family photos, unidentified - in envelope sent from Rockefeller Inst 1930: includes view from church ?, Norfolk CT, 1887; family groups taken studios, Utica NY. — n.d.
Folder 259.2/9Collection copies Welch autographed letters
Folder 259.2/10Correspondence, certificate of award - Order of the Crown, Königlicher Kronenorden, Germany. — Mar 1911
Folder 259.2/11Commission - as Lieutenant Colonel US Army. — Feb 20 1918
Folder 259.2/12Diploma - decoration Commander 2nd Class, Order of St. Olav, bestowed by King Haakon of Norway. — Oct 1926
Folder 259.2/13Poster - announcing Cartwright lecture by Welch on the general pathology of fever, bibliog NA, Alum Assoc NY Phys and Surg. — Mar 1888
File 259.3/1-259.4/1Scrapbook of press clippings, group photo
Folder 259.3/1Scrapbook press clippings ?? compiled by Frederick Kellogg, including New Haven Register re Yale award honorary LL.D. to Welch 1896, Sun listing 1st graduating class Johns Hopkins Medical School 1897, NY Times re Pneumonia Commission 1904, A.M.A "Welch Rabbits" dinner 1910, other and obituaries. — 1896-1934
Folder 259.3/2 List photos given by Dr. T. S. Cullen. — n.d.
Folder 259.3/3Oversized group photo - Welch with Talbott, Holt, Russell, Hamill, Biggs, Baldwin, Red Cross meetings. — 1919
Folder 259.4/1Scrap book letters re dedication Welch Library and Institute History of Medicine. — October 17-18 1929
File 259.4/2-5Photos centennial celebration (1950); dedication Welch home Baltimore, 1976; other oversized
Folder 259.4/2Photo Sudhoff - autographed, given to Welch at Library dedication. — Oct 17 1929
Folder 259.4/3Photos at celebration centennial of Welch birth, including exercises at Hurd Hall, centennial dinner, and portrait photo of Welch. — April 15 1950
Folder 259.4/4Photos and Press release - dedication of Welch home at 935 St. Paul Street, Baltimore as National Historic landmark. — Sep 23 1976
Folder 259.4/5Osler, William, photo of portrait in oils by Seymour Thomas, annotated by Welch "presented to me by Mr. Thomas... July 1930", painted in Paris. — 1911
File 259.5/1-3Scrapbook, memorabilia 80th birthday celebration. — 1930
Folder 259.5/1Scrapbook press clippings - embossed on cover "William Henry Welch: his Eightieth Birthday in the Daily and Periodical Press. — Apr 1930"
Folder 259.5/2Magazine issue - Flexner JT, Dean of American Medicine: a world-wide celebration..., NY Herald Trib Magazine Section XII: pp 10-11, 16. — Mar 30 1930
Folder 259.5/3Magazine issue - Woolf SJ, America honors its Dean of Medicine, NY Times Magazine p. 3, 19. — Apr 6 1930
File 259.6/1-7Portraits and sketches of William Henry Welch, including Max Brodel (Broedel) sketch 1910, Hutty sketch 1930
Folder 259.6/1-2Presentation copies - Max Brödel sketch portrait of Welch for Medical and Surgical Assoc. — 1910
Folder 259.6/3Cartoon - Max Brödel "Society of Pithotomy". — 1897
Folder 259.6/4Press release copies - Alfred Hutty drypoint sketch of Welch, released April 8 1930
Folder 259.6/5Presentation copies - Alfred Hutty drypoint sketch. — 1930
Folder 259.6/6Copper plate engraving - Alfred Hutty drypoint sketch. — 1930
Folder 259.6/7List - oversized photos of Welch in map case 1 drawer 3
File 259.7/1-2Oversize books owned by William Henry Welch

(other books in Box #150)

Folder 259.7/1Bock CE, Atlas of Human Anatomy. — 1881
Folder 259.7/2Maclise, Surgical Anatomy. — 1866
Bound volume 259.8Letters of congratulation on 80th birthday

pp.1-277, letters Abel-Zinsser; 278-377, telegrams; 378-386, cards

259.8/1Abel, John J.
259.8/278Academy of Medicine, Cincinnati
259.8/278Academy of Medicine, Cleveland (Rowland, V. C.)
259.8/2Agramonte, Aristides
259.8/279Albany Medical College (Ordway, Thomas, Dean)
259.8/279Allegheny Co. Medical Society (Grieg, Thomas C.)
259.8/3Albert, Henry (Iowa State Department Health)
259.8/4Albert, Jose
259.8/5Allen, Frederick W.
259.8/280Alumni groups, Johns Hopkins, Augusta (Akerman, Joseph)
259.8/281Alumni groups, Colorado
259.8/282Alumni groups, Minnesota (Spratt, Charles N.)
259.8/282Alumni groups, Portland OR (Martzloff, Karl H., others
259.8/283Alumni groups, University of California (Allen, Herbert W.)
259.8/284Alumni groups, University of Rochester
259.8/6American Child Health Association (Crumbine, S. J.)
259.8/7American Legion Auxiliary MN (Amundsen, Mrs. A. E.)
259.8/285American Medical Association (Heckel, Edward B.
259.8/8American Red Cross (Payne, John B.)
259.8/9-10American Social Hygiene Association (Keyes, Edward L., and Snow, W.F.)
259.8/286American Society Control of Cancer
259.8/11Angell, James Rowland (also 274)
259.8/12Ard, Frank C.
259.8/13Ashburn, Col. P.M.
259.8/14Association of American Physicians (Means, J. H.)
259.8/286Austrian, Charles, Florence
259.8/287Axtelle, J. F.
259.8/15Bacon, Jay H.
259.8/384Bacon, Miss Nancy
259.8/384Baekeland, L. H.
259.8/288Baily, M. A.
259.8/288Baily, N. Herbert
259.8/365Baldwin, Edwin R. (Trudeau Foundation)
259.8/16Baldwin, J. Mark
259.8/17Baldwin, Mrs. L. Grant (Bessie)
259.8/18Balfour, Sir Andrew (London School Hygiene, Tropical Medicine)
259.8/19Baltimore Club (Burns, F. Highlands)
259.8/20Barber, Walter L.
259.8/324Barbour, Henry G.(Innominate Society)
259.8/21Barker, Lewellys F.
259.8/22Bartlett, D. F.
259.8/23Barus, Carl
259.8/284Bayne Jones, Stanhope (alumni group University of Rochester)
259.8/24Beach, Charles C.
259.8/25Beitler, Frederic V.
259.8/289Berkley, Dr. and Mrs. Henry J.
259.8/289Berliner Med. Gesellschaft (Goldscheider, A.)
259.8/26Bernard, Leon
259.8/27Bigelow, Miss Sara E.
259.8/290Birkhaug, Konrad E.
259.8/290Bloede, Victor G.
259.8/28Bishop, E. L. (Department Public Health State of Tennessee)
259.8/29Bishop, William W.
259.8/30Blakeslee, A. F.
259.8/291Blumenthal, George
259.8/291Boas, Franz
259.8/31-32Blumer, G. Alder
259.8/33Bogert, Marston T. (also 292)
259.8/34Bolt, Richard A.
259.8/35Bowie, William
259.8/386Brack, Charles B.
259.8/386Brack, Dr. and Charles E.
259.8/292Breckinridge, Mrs. Aida de Acosta
259.8/36Bridgeman, Alice (also 343)
259.8/37Bridgman, Edward C.
259.8/38Brogden, Miss Margaret S.
259.8/39Bronson, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott (also 293, 383)
259.8/293Brookings, Robert S.
259.8/40Brooks, Paul B.
259.8/294Brown, Lawrason
259.8/41Bruce, William Cabell
259.8/42Buck, Albert H.
259.8/294-295Buckler, Marion, Thomas, family
259.8/43Buckmaster, A. H.
259.8/296Bunce, Philip D.
259.8/296Burgess, T. D.
259.8/44Bunting, C. H.
259.8/297Burgess, W. H.
259.8/297Cairns, A. A.
259.8/45Burket, Walter C.
259.8/46-47Burrows, Montrose T.
259.8/48Calmette, Albert
259.8/281Campbell, William A. Jr. (alumni group Colorado)
259.8/298Campbell, W. W.
259.8/299Canadian Medical Association Journal (Nichols, A. G.)
259.8/49Carey, H. W.
259.8/50Carnegie Institute Washington (Merriam, John C.)
259.8/299Carnwath, Thomas
259.8/385Cashman, Mrs. Catherine
259.8/300Castellani, Aldo
259.8/300Chapin, Mrs. Susan
259.8/378Chatard, Ferdinand E.,IV
259.8/378Cohen, Solomon S.
259.8/51Chesnutt, James H.
259.8/305Cincinnati University (Dabney, Charles W.)
259.8/52Civitan Club of Baltimore
259.8/53Clark, Mrs. Kate U.
259.8/301Cleveland Social Hygiene Association
259.8/54Cochran, Miss Jean C.
259.8/55-56Coe, Henry C.
259.8/57-58Coley, William B.
259.8/355College of Physicians, Dublin
259.8/302College Physicians and Surgeons, NY (Darrach, William)
259.8/302Collin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.
259.8/59Collins, Congressman Ross A.
259.8/303Committee of Sixteen, Erie (Wright, Ross P.)
259.8/303Corper, H.J. (National Jewish Hospital, Denver)
259.8/60Corey, William L. (National Medical Freedom League)
259.8/284Corner, George W. (alumni group, University of Rochester)
259.8/61Cornwell, John J.
259.8/304Costello, Henry N.
259.8/304Cunningham, D. W.
259.8/62Cranley, Thomas H. (also 382)
259.8/63Curley, Archbishop Michael J.
259.8/64Dall, Mrs. William H.
259.8/65Dana, Edward S.
259.8/302Darrach, William (College Physicians Surgeons NY)
259.8/66Davenport, Charles B. (also 305)
259.8/306Davis, James E.
259.8/306Dennis, Frederic S.
259.8/67Davis, William H.
259.8/68Dawkins, Walter I.
259.8/69Dawson, Miles M.
259.8/70Dean, H. R.
259.8/71De Forest, Robert W.
259.8/72Dennis, Mrs. Lida Thomas
259.8/73Deutsche Vereinigung Mikrobiol. (Hahn, M., and Otto, Richard)
259.8/307Dewart, William T.
259.8/307Erie Social Hygiene Association (Ward, John C.)
259.8/74Diepgen, Paul
259.8/75Dieuaide, Francis R.
259.8/254D'Irsay, Stephen
259.8/76Dunham, Kennon
259.8/77Dunn, B. Sherwood
259.8/78Ely, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
259.8/79Emerson, Kendall (National Tuberculosis Association) (also 341)
259.8/80Enright, Mary (Mrs. John H.)
259.8/81Erlanger, Joseph
259.8/82Ewing, Mrs. Leila
259.8/83Farber, Edwin J.
259.8/308Faust, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
259.8/308Fisher, Arthur L.
259.8/84Fischel, Martha (Mrs. Washington E.)
259.8/85Fishbein, Morris
259.8/86Fisher, Irving
259.8/87Fitzgerald, T. G. (University of Toronto)
259.8/88Flexner, Abraham
259.8/309Flexner, Helen (Mrs. Simon)
259.8/309Flexner, Jacob A., and Morris
259.8/310Flexner, Washington
259.8/310Flexner, William Welch
259.8/311Florence County S. Carolina Med. Soc. (Hay, P. D. Jr.)
259.8/89Flugge, Rudolf
259.8/90Foundation Positive Health
259.8/91Francis, W. W.
259.8/311Frankel, Lee K.
259.8/312Freeman, Stanley L.
259.8/242French, John C. (Tudor and Stuart Club)
259.8/312Friedenwald, Edgar B.
259.8/92Fulton, J. A.
259.8/313Fulton, John F.
259.8/313Garrett, John W.
259.8/378Fulton, John Samuel
259.8/326Fulton, John Street (Kansas State Public Health Association)
259.8/93Gaither, Ernest H.
259.8/379Garmany, Jasper J.
259.8/314Garrison, C. W.
259.8/314Goler, George W.
259.8/94-95Garrison, Fielding H.
259.8/96Gartner, August
259.8/97Gates, Mrs. Alice Welch
259.8/98General Federation Womens Clubs (Sippel, Mrs. John F.)
259.8/99Giering, Robert X.
259.8/100Gittings, John S.
259.8/352Gould, Charles W.
259.8/315Grandy, Dr. and Mrs. Charles
259.8/101Graves, William W.
259.8/383Gray, Miss Dora H.
259.8/102Green, Theodore F.
259.8/103Greene, Roger S. (Peiping Union Medical College)
259.8/104Griffith, John M.
259.8/105Guilfoy, William
259.8/316Gunn, Selskar M., others (Pasteur Institute Paris)
259.8/317Hale, George E.
259.8/317Hammond, John H.
259.8/106Hallett, F. D.
259.8/318Harkness, Edward S.
259.8/318Hartigan, J. W.
259.8/107Harper, C. A.
259.8/108Harrison, Ross G.
259.8/109Hartwell, John A.
259.8/110Hastings, Thomas W.
259.8/111Hazemann, R. H.
259.8/112Heald, Charles M. (also 352)
259.8/319Heiser, George V.
259.8/319Helmholtz, Henry F.
259.8/113Hemmeter, John C.
259.8/320Henderson, William E., others (alumni group American Chemical Society)
259.8/114Henry, J. Hugh
259.8/115Henshaw, W. T.
259.8/323Herbert, Gaston A. (Hot Spring and Garland Co. Medical Society)
259.8/116Herty, Charles H.
259.8/320Hertzberger, Menno
259.8/320Hess, Alfred F.
259.8/117Herzfeld, Carl F.
259.8/321Hibben, John G.
259.8/321Hilken, Henry G.
259.8/385Hicks, Rev. Lewis W.
259.8/118Hills, John M.
259.8/119Hirschfelder, Arthur D. (also 232, 322)
259.8/379Hoeber, Paul B.
259.8/385Hoffman, Joseph K.
259.8/322Holman, Miss Lydia
259.8/366Hooper Foundation, University of California (Meyer, K. F.)
259.8/120Hoover, Harvey D.
259.8/121Hopkins, William T.
259.8/122Horsley, J. Shelton
259.8/323Howard University (Adams, Numa P. G.)
259.8/123Huber, C. Carl
259.8/365Hygiene Institute, University of Breslau (Prausnitz, Carl; Pfeiffer, Richard; Lubinski, Herbert)
259.8/353International Health, Rockefeller Scientific Directors (Cole, Rufus)
259.8/124Ireland, Surgeon General M. W.
259.8/325Jacobs, Dr. and Mrs. Walter A.
259.8/125Jackson, Howard W.
259.8/126Jastrow, Joseph
259.8/127Jeliffe, Smith Ely
259.8/128Johns Hopkins Medical Society (Geiling, E. M. K.)
259.8/129Johnson, Mrs. Emma James
259.8/130Johnson, Gerald W.
259.8/325Jones, Thomas P. B.
259.8/131Jones, Edwin C.
259.8/132Karaner, Howard F.
259.8/133Kaufmann, Harry M.
259.8/134Kean, W. W.
259.8/326Kelley, Mrs. Robert W.
259.8/327Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
259.8/135-136Kelly, Howard A.
259.8/137Kendall, Arthur I.
259.8/384Kendall, Mrs. John C.
259.8/138Keyes, Edward L.
259.8/139Kirkbride, Franklin B.
259.8/140Kirkland, James H. (also 368)
259.8/327Kitasato Institute Japan (Hata, S., Kitishima T., Kitasato B.)
259.8/141Klebs, Arnold (also 328)
259.8/328Kletsch, Gustav A.
259.8/142Kober, George M.
259.8/143Koebig, A. H.
259.8/144Kofoid, Charles A.
259.8/145Kolmer, John A.
259.8/329Konenkov, Mr. and Mrs. Sergei
259.8/146Kraus, Louis, Jr.
259.8/372Krieg, Mrs. Joseph J., Jr.
259.8/329Krumbhaar, Edward B.
259.8/366Kyes, Preston (University of Chicago Laboratory Preventive Medicine)
259.8/330Ladd, Louis W.
259.8/147Lawrence, Mrs. Cynthia Hallock
259.8/148Learned, Dwight W.
259.8/149Lecomte du Nouy, Pierre
259.8/150LeCount, E. R.
259.8/151Levene, P. A.
259.8/330Lewin, Adolph L.
259.8/386Lewis, Dr. and Mrs. Dean
259.8/386Linthicum, Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles
259.8/331Linden, Harry
259.8/380Loesch, H. F.
259.8/332Longcope, Miss Barbara, Mrs. W. T.
259.8/332Lyle, Dr. (Miss) Annie G.
259.8/152Lukens, Henry
259.8/333MacCarty, William C.
259.8/284McCann, William S.
259.8/367McClean, Franklin C. (University of Chicago medical faculty)
259.8/153MacLean, George E.
259.8/154MacNider, William de B.
259.8/155McClure, J. G. K.
259.8/156McCook, Mrs. J. J.
259.8/157McCrae, Thomas
259.8/158McLeod, John K.
259.8/334Mackall, Leonard L.
259.8/335Mackay, Clarence H.
259.8/335Mandelbaum, Seymour
259.8/281Mann, Albert (also 380)
259.8/336Mansfield, Howard
259.8/159Maryland Society Prevention Blindness (Little, Mrs. Francis W.)
259.8/160Matthews, William B. (MD Tuberculosis Association)
259.8/161Matas, Rudolph
259.8/350May, Walter R. (Social Hygiene Society Portland OR)
259.8/162Mees, C. E. Kenneth
259.8/163Memorial Home for Yugoslav Children (Mrs. Mabel S. Grouitch)
259.8/164Memphis and Shelby Medical Society (Cooper, A.F.)
259.8/336Mercy Hospital, Wilkes Barre (Bernard, Sister Mary)
259.8/337Meyer, Alfred
259.8/337Michaelis, Leanor
259.8/165Michelson, Albert A. (also 338)
259.8/338Milbank, Albert G.
259.8/166Miller, Dayton C.
259.8/167Miller, James
259.8/339Miller, Dr. and Mrs. Walter McN.
259.8/339Miner, Charles H.
259.8/168Minor, J. L.
259.8/340Missouri Social Hygiene Association (Schwitalla, A. M.)
259.8/340Mitchell, James F.
259.8/169Miyajima, M.
259.8/170Moore, R. B.
259.8/171-172Morgan, Thomas H.
259.8/341Morrow, Dwight W.
259.8/173Murray, Miss Jennie Erskine
259.8/174National Committee Mental Hygiene (Clifford W. Beers)
259.8/175National Health Council
259.8/176National Organization Public Health Nursing (Tucker, Miss Katharine)
259.8/177National Society Prevention Blindness (Carris, Lewis H.)
259.8/178National Womens Party, MD branch, (Kennard, Miss Florence E.)
259.8/179Newsholme, Sir Arthur
259.8/342Newton, Isaac B.
259.8/180Noble, Mrs. Lucy Seward
259.8/343Norfolk, CT selectmen (Curtiss, Augustus P., others)
259.8/367Novy, F.G. (University of Michigan)
259.8/344Nuttall, George H.F.
259.8/344O'Brien, Daniel P.
259.8/345Ohio State Medical Association (Goodman, S. J.)
259.8/181Oliver, John R.
259.8/346Oliver, J. C.
259.8/182Onondaga Health Association (Towne, Arthur W.)
259.8/183Osborn, Henry F.
259.8/184Osborne, Mrs. Julia C., Miss Ruth
259.8/185Osler Club, London (Franklin, Alfred W.) (also 346)
259.8/73Otto, Richard
259.8/186Palmer, Mrs. Alden
259.8/187Pan American Union (Rowe, F. M.)
259.8/347Parfitt, Charles D.
259.8/347Parker, Mrs. Valera H.
259.8/188Parsons, H. de B.
259.8/189Pathological Society Great Britain (Stewart, Matthew J.) (also 348)
259.8/348Peabody, George F.
259.8/190Pearce, Mrs. Richard M.
259.8/349Peiping Union Medical College
259.8/349Pettibone, Mr and Mrs. Robert
259.8/191Pettibone, Miss Margaret H.
259.8/192Phillips, Wendell C.
259.8/193Pierson, Frederick T.
259.8/194Plotz, Harry
259.8/195Pollack, Dr. Flora
259.8/196Pomeroy, Frank T.
259.8/350Portland OR Medical Society (Kiehle, Frederick A.)
259.8/380Pratt, Elias
259.8/197Prausnitz, Carl (also 365)
259.8/198Price, Mrs. Henrietta G.
259.8/199Princeton University Trustees (Farrand, Wilson)
259.8/351Ramsdell, Edwin G.
259.8/351Reder, Francis
259.8/200Rankin, W. G.
259.8/352Reeve, Charles McC.
259.8/386Remsen, Mrs. Ira
259.8/201Riesman, David
259.8/202Riggs, Theodor F.
259.8/203Ritchie, Albert C.
259.8/204Robertson, H. E.
259.8/352Robinson, Frank
259.8/205Robinson, George H.
259.8/353Rockefeller, John D., Jr.
259.8/206Rolleston, Sir Humphrey
259.8/354Rose, Wickliffe
259.8/207Rosenau, M. J.
259.8/208Rosenau, William
259.8/209Rous, Peyton
259.8/354Rowntree, Leonard G.
259.8/355Royal College Physicians, Edinburgh (Walker, Norman)
259.8/355Royal College Physicians, Ireland
259.8/210Royal College Physicians, London (Bradford, Sir John R.)
259.8/211Royal Society Medicine (Edwards, Geoffrey R.)
259.8/212Royster, Hubert A.
259.8/213Ruhrah, John
259.8/353Russell, Frederick F. (Rockefeller International Health Scientific Directors)
259.8/356Ryerson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin
259.8/356Schafer, E. A. Sharpey
259.8/214Scaife, Mrs. Helen A.
259.8/215Schaefer, S. W. (also 281)
259.8/357Schmeisser, Harry C.
259.8/216Schmidt, Louis B.
259.8/217Schorer, Edwin H.
259.8/218Schweinitz, George E. de
259.8/340Schwitalla, A. M. (St. Louis University School of Medicine) (also 360)
259.8/295Seymers family
259.8/301Shantung Christian University (Chee, Loo)
259.8/381Shaw, Albert
259.8/219Sheldon, Edward W.
259.8/220Shepard, Mrs. Alice G.
259.8/221Sherwood, Miss Mary (secretary Miss [Dr.] Lillian Welch)
259.8/222Sherwood, Mrs. Sidney
259.8/223Shillady, John R.
259.8/357Sigerist, Henry E.
259.8/358Singer, Dr. and Mrs. Charles
259.8/224Smith, L. E.
259.8/225Soper, George A.
259.8/359Southern California Public Health Association
259.8/226Spalding, Rebecca (Mrs. George)
259.8/360St. Louis Medical Society (Blair, Vilray P., Langsdorf, Herbert S.)
259.8/361Stampar, Andrija
259.8/227Stanton, E. McD.
259.8/362Stark County Medical Society OH (Van Dyke, F. S.)
259.8/228Starr, M. Allen
259.8/229Steiner, Walter R.
259.8/385Sterling, Miss Helen
259.8/230Stewart, G. N.
259.8/231Stockton, Charles G.
259.8/232Stockes, Mrs. William R.
259.8/363Straus, Nathan
259.8/233Strong, R. P.
259.8/234Sudhoff, Karl (also 364)
259.8/235Suyenaga, B.
259.8/236Swasey, Ambrose
259.8/237Tait, H. Sinclair
259.8/238Thayer, William S.
259.8/239Thomas, Charles C.
259.8/240Thomas, Edward M.
259.8/364Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
259.8/241Torrance, Mrs. Elizabeth
259.8/382Trust, Miss Rene
259.8/242Tudor and Stuart Club (French, John C.)
259.8/243Tyler, William B.
259.8/244-245University of Minnesota, (Hoffman L. D., Lyon, E. C.)
259.8/246University of Southern California (Kleinsmid, Rufus B. von)
259.8/247Vanderbilt University (Leathers, W. S.)
259.8/369Venable, Edgar, Miss Katharine
259.8/248Venable, Miss Susie
259.8/370Viets, Henry R.
259.8/370Waite, W. W.
259.8/381Virchow, Hans
259.8/381Walsh, James J.
259.8/371Walcott, Mr. and Mrs. William S.
259.8/371Walker, W. Irving
259.8/249Wallace Kate (Mrs. William C.)
259.8/250Walter, Miss Josephine
259.8/251Walter, William I.
259.8/252Ward, A. N.
259.8/372Warren City Hospital OH
259.8/253Weaver, George H.
259.8/254Weeks, Miss Marion R.
259.8/373Welch, Harry E.
259.8/374Welch, Miss Isabel
259.8/221Welch, Miss (Dr.) Lillian
259.8/255Welch, Nellie (Mrs. Edward)
259.8/256Wellcome, Henry S.
259.8/257Werckmeister, Edwin A.
259.8/258West, Olin
259.8/374Westheimer, Milton F.
259.8/259Whipple, George H. (also 282)
259.8/384Wiese, E. Robert
259.8/260Wilbur, Ray L. (Secretary of Interior)
259.8/261Wile, Udo J.
259.8/262Willard, Daniel
259.8/263Williams, F. E.
259.8/264Williams, G. Huntington
259.8/265Willis, Park Weed
259.8/266Wilmer, William H. (also 375)
259.8/267Wilson, William
259.8/268Winne, Charles K., Jr.
259.8/269Winter, W. A.
259.8/270Winternitz, Milton C.
259.8/271Wolfe, Miss Katherine M. (also 376)
259.8/272Womans Medical Society MD and DC (Rees, Maud M., Abercrombie, Anne P., Karpelis, Kate B.)
259.8/273Woolf, S. J.
259.8/376Wright, Sir Almroth
259.8/303Wright, Ross Pier
259.8/377Wyatt, Bernard L.
259.8/274Yale University, (Angell, James A., Lohmann, Carl L.)
259.8/275Yerkes, Robert M.
259.8/276Yi Yu Hui (Peiping Union Medical College, Read, Mrs. B. E.)
259.8/383Zahn, Mrs.
259.8/277Zinsser, Hans