Sub-series XIV/D:
Biographical material on Welch: Flexner's lists, index cards, clippings, other memorabilia

Note: Includes Flexner's index cards and other material used for biography; Boxes #172-#177 contain typed cards indexing Welch correspondence with individuals and organizations; some describe Flexner's correspondence with others after Welch's death; Boxes #178-#182 contain Flexner annotated index cards to Welch family, other topics

Note: Boxes #183-#191 contain assorted memorabilia, including Yale year book 1870, Festschrift book dedicated to Welch by his pupils 1900, phonograph recording 1932, scrap books, other

File 169/28-170/8Flexner notes, other memorabilia used in biography
Folder 169/28Welch family - notes on forbears, including Philip Welch; (dup) reprint Great Welch Family of Doctors, 1934; notes from Stoeckels; photostat Welch and father W. Wickham Welch in Dict Am Biog. — 1936
Folder 169/29Yale class of 1870 - names and careers; also list of class members who "wrote Welch in early and later years". — n.d.
Folder 169/30Teachers of Welch - notes and memos on Alonzo Clark, Cohnheim, Curtis, Dalton, Delafield, Draper, Jacobi, Koch, Markos, McBurney, Parker, St. John, Sands, Seguin. — n.d.
Folder 169/31Baltimore, early years - includes reprint by Johnson G for Poe Society, A proud tower in the town, 1937: notes on Barker 1940. — most n.d.
Folder 169/32New York period - includes note by Hermann Biggs, and notes by SF re Welch 1881-1882 Bellevue lectures pathology. — 1929
Folder 169/33Biographical questionnaires Welch - for Who's Who etc. — 1920- 1931
Folder 169/34Welch bibliography - TMs list 19 items from JHH Bull omitted from Burket's Papers, collected by Miss W. Broemer. — 1889-1920
Folder 169/35Welch CV - TMs, ? by Flexner. — n.d.
Folder 170/1Welch as scientist and speaker - includes analysis of his speeches, contributions to Flint's and Pepper's textbooks; also note re graduation first School of Medicine class 1897
Folder 170/2Welch personality - includes love of baseball, procrastination, recollections by Klebs, last illness. — 1936-n.d.
Folder 170/3Welch trunk contents. — n.d.
Folder 170/5-6Welch diaries - Abstracts and notes 1916, 1919, 1923, 1924, 1927, 1928. — 1931
Folder 170/7Welch letters - AMs notes ?? 1937
Folder 170/8Interviews with Welch - AMs, TMs MacCallum with Welch, May 15 1927; ? SF with Welch re memories Dennis. — Feb 1934
File 170/9-13Flexner visits, interviews, other
Folder 170/9Interviews - Heimendahl, Gittings families, TMs notes. — Feb 1938
Folder 170/10Visit, interviews - Norfolk CT, Feb and Aug 1937. — Aug 1939
Folder 170/11-12Notes - references to Welch in Cushing's Life of Osler: TMs (anon), A student's impression of Welch, annotated Washington Post, mostly re early years in pathology at Johns Hopkins
Folder 170/13Memorabilia - programs, other, including dedications Peking PUMC, Welch library; 50th Commemoration Day; booklet Keeping Faith. — 1921-1932
File 170/14-21Notes and clippings on general topics
Folder 170/14Anagrams - Sarton G, Notes on the history of anagrammatism, Isis 26: 132-138. — 1936
Folder 170/15Gas gangrene, Cl. Welchii - editorials. — 1934-1942
Folder 170/16History of medicine - includes reprint by George Sarton, 1936; TMs of chapter by Traube. — 1871
Folder 170/17Hog cholera - TMs excerpt, Bureau Animal Industry. — 1889
Folder 170/18Medical education - extracts from catalogues; reprints including Weiskotten HG, The medical school survey, JAMA 108:1026-1029, 1937; TMs of paper by SF, Welch as propagandist for higher medical education ? not published. — n.d.
Folder 170/19Public health - grants and contributions from Rockefeller Foundation. — 1940 and n.d.
Folder 170/20Public health laboratories - reprints and letters, including TMs on National Institutes of Health in 1937
Folder 170/21Research institute - TMs on The Memorial Institute for infectious diseases, JAMA 38:110. — 1902
File 170/22-171/4Material on organizations
Folder 170/22Army Medical Library - reprints by Hume EE and others. — 1937
Folder 170/23East Harlem Health Center - booklet A decade of District Health Center pioneering NY, American Red Cross. — 1932
Folder 170/24Journal of Experimental Medicine - TMs notes re early years: List of early medical journals in the USA
Folder 170/25London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - Poster of study courses. — 1934-1935
Folder 170/26Munich Bureau of Hygiene - editorial, JAMA. — Jun 8 1939
Folder 171/1Rockefeller Institute - notes and memos re Welch's role as President, and in award of medical grants, TMs, 1906-1940
Folder 171/2Stanford University - pamphlets re Lane medical lectures, including mention Welch lecture in 1904
Folder 171/3-4Yale University - booklets, Report of the Historical Library 1940-1941; Dedication of Yale medical library. — Jun 15 1941
File 171/5-9Flexner S., writings on Welch
Folder 171/5-7William Henry Welch: a biographical sketch, introduction to Burket's Papers and Addresses of William Henry Welch 1920; TMs Material for introduction, including copies 2 letters from Halsted; reprints, eg Prudden TM, On Koch's methods of studying bacteria...,1885; Osler issue Bull JHH 30:185-219, 1920 with Thomas HM et al. on Osler; AMs letters from Burket, notes conversations SF with Welch in 1920
Folder 171/8TMs re biography - choice of biographer. — 1936
Folder 171/9TMs address - Dr. William H. Welch, at meeting Association American Physicians. — May 7 1940
File 171/10-14Press clippings re Welch collected by Flexner
Folder 171/101921-1932, (some dups other clippings)
Folder 171/1180th birthday. — Apr 8 1930
Folder 171/121932-1939
Folder 171/13Obituaries. — 1934
Folder 171/14Estate. — 1934-1935
File 171/15-21Other press clippings, excerpts
Folder 171/15Clipping - donation books to Johns Hopkins by Leonard Mackall. — 1937
Folder 171/16Clipping - Roberts H, Doctors new and old, editorial, New Statesman. — Mar 6 1937
Folder 171/17Clippings - growth Welch library, including photo Welch on horseback, Baltimore Sun, 1939; TMs re gift Hutty sketch Welch to Armed Forces Inst Pathology. — n.d.
Folder 171/18Book reviews - William Henry Welch and the heroic age of American medicine, Flexner S, Flexner JT 1941; Cabot H, in NY Herald Trib, Nov 30 1941; MacCallum WG, in Scient Monthly 55:375-376, 1942; Dubos RJ, The growing up of American medicine, NY Times, Jul 4 1954, other reviews
Folder 171/19Advertisement - ER Squibb, They shall serve mankind forever, includes picture Welch, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers. — 1935
Folder 171/20Book announcement - Foreword by Osborn HF, Imhotep to Harvey by Camac CNB: brief mention of Welch. — n.d.
Folder 171/21Misc. late clippings - including Tullai MD, Cleveland's cancer, Sun 1985
File 171/22-24Correspondence re Welch papers. — 1941-1948
Folder 171/22Larkey, S.V. - letter from Francis W. W. re paper by Welch on Benjamin Waterhouse, "the Jenner of America", Proc Phil Co Med Soc 7:172-801, 1884-5, not in bibliography. — 1936
Folder 171/23Larkey, S.V. - Correspondence re Welch papers. — 1939-1956
Folder 171/24TMs - notes by Larkey on Flexner catalog. — n.d.
Box 172Index cards, correspondence Abbe, R. - Cutter, O. H.
Box 173Index cards, correspondence Dakin - Futcher
Box 174Index cards, correspondence Gage, S. H. - Just, E. E.
Box 175Index cards, correspondence Kagan, S. R. - Myers, J. N.
Box 176Index cards, correspondence Nadal - Sydenstricker
Box 177Index cards, correspondence Taueber and Weil - Zueblin

Memorabilia: some glass slides 4x5 from lecture re William Henry Welch, n.d.

Box 178Flexner index cards, Welch family, including notes on family correspondence; each card gives date of letter, where written, and a heading re topic, e.g. Yale graduation, first European trip, other
Card division 178/1Father, [William Wickham Welch] - information about
Card division 178/2Father, William W. Welch - chronological. — 1838 - 1890
Card division 178/3Mother, Emeline [Collin] Welch
Card division 178/4Mother - information about
Card division 178/5Sister, Emma [Welch] Walcott, also W. Stuart Walcott - notes and quotations correspondence. — 1861 - 1909
Card division 178/6Sister - information about
Card division 178/7Stepmother, Emily Sedgwick Welch - notes, correspondence. — 1866 -1901
Card division 178/8Stepmother - information about
Card division 178/9Grandmother, Elizabeth [Loveland] Welch
Card division 178/10Kelloggs - order of filing: Elizabeth Walcott Kellogg (niece), Emeline Kellogg Adams (grand niece), Lewis G. Adams (Emeline's husband), "Dickie" Adams (great great nephew), Frederick S. Kellogg (nephew-in-law), Lois Kellogg Jessup (grandniece), Philip C. Jessup (Lois's husband), Stuart Kellogg (grandnephew), Doris Kellogg (Stuart's wife), William Welch Kellogg (grandnephew and namesake). — 1884-1934
Card division 178/11Walcotts - order of filing: Frederic C. Walcott (later Senator F. C. Walcott) (nephew), Mary Guthrie Walcott (wife of F. C. W.), Alex Walcott (grandnephew), William Stuart Walcott, Jr. (nephew), Marie Avery Walcott (wife of W. S. W., Jr.). — 1877-1934
Card division 178/12Nieces and nephews - relations with, and with grandnieces and nephews
Card division 178/13Welch family - list of Welch cousins, children of John Hopestill Welch, Elizabeth Bell, Mary Emeline, John William, Olive Collins (Mrs. P. E. Curtiss), Alice Louise (Mrs. Andrew F. Gates); other cousins; ancestor Philip Welch; Guiteau-Welch family with notes on Crissey book re genealogy of grandfather Benjamin Welch, Sr.; other notes 14. Welch doctors - notes on Benjamin Welch, Sr. and Jr., others
Card division 178/15Collin family - notes on Collins and Bidwells
Card division 178/16Pettibone family - notes on Benjamin and Rev. Ira Pettibone
Card division 178/17General John Sedgwick - brother of Emily S. Welch, notes on
Card division 178/18Norfolk Conn. - notes, bibliography Norfolk, Litchfield County, Mt. Holyoke seminary, Zilpah P. Grant
Card division 178/19Alice Eldridge - (Mrs. H. H. Bridgman), mentions of in correspondence Welch, other
Box 179Index cards, travel diaries. — 1915-1931; Also: other travels (card division 12), desk calendars (card division 13).
Card division 179/11915 - Diaries 1-6, China and the Orient
Card division 179/21916 - Diaries 7-8, England and France
Card division 179/31917-18 - Diaries 9-12, Camp inspection trips
Card division 179/41919 - Diaries 13-14, Red Cross conference, Cannes; London
Card division 179/51921 - Diaries 15-16, China and the Orient, dedication Peking Union Medical College; Manila; Nagasaki
Card division 179/61923 - Diaries 17-19, France, England, Berlin, Prague, Geneva
Card division 179/71924 - Diaries 20-21, England, France, Scandinavia, Vienna
Card division 179/81927-28 - Diaries 24-30, Europe, Harvey tercentenary
Card division 179/91927-28 - Book purchases (see X), notes from diaries 24-29
Card division 179/101930 - Diaries 31-36, Huntington Library CA
Card division 179/111931 - Diaries 37-41, Europe, Public Health Congress Frankfurt, London, Switzerland
Card division 179/121902-1914 - Europe 1902, Western trip Lane lectures 1904, Europe 1909, Pacific coast and Alaska 1911, Europe 1914
Card division 179/131906-1933 - Brief notes on events recorded on calendars
Box 180Subject Index cards; Contain references to relevant correspondence, most to bibliography: Early years (card division 1-10); Welch and Baltimore, Johns Hopkins years (card division 11-26); Welch roles (card division 27-29); Welch as investigator (card division 30-45); Organizations (card division 46-52).
Card division 180/1Boyhood (7) - also notes re letters to sister, Winchester Institute, SF's reflections on boyhood character
Card division 180/2Yale (30) - undergraduate years, class standing, catalogue 1865-1874, classmates, societies, Skull and Bones, smoking, reunions, Silliman, Smith, quotes from The Nation 1870-1876, quotes from Bagg LH, Welch relations later years, mentions in Welch bibliography, Yale in China
Card division 180/3Norwich N.Y. (2)
Card division 180/4Choice of profession (4)
Card division 180/5College Physicians and Surgeons (5) - also catalogue entry 1872, Welch notes re studies
Card division 180/6Germany (15) - also notes 1st trip Leipzig, Strassburg, 1876-77, 2nd trip 1884, comments on perfect period study with Cohnheim in Breslau and Koch in Berlin, notes re Lister
Card division 180/7Teachers of Welch (35) - also brief biographies: Agnew, Mendel, Chandler, Chiari, Clark, Cohnheim, Curtis E., Curtis J. G., Dalton, Delafield, Detmold, Draper, Flugge, Hebra, Heidenhain, Hoppe-Seyler, Jacobi, Koch, Lefferts, Leuckart, Ludwig, Markoe, McBurney, Otis, Parker, Pettenkofer, Recklinghausen F. von, St. John, Sands, Seguin, Silliman, Wagner, Waldeyer, Weigert,
Card division 180/8New York (8) - period 1878-1884, also prospects livelihood, County medical society, Womans Hospital and College, quotes from The Nation, Welch reputation
Card division 180/9Bellevue Hospital (10) - also note on books of histories and autopsy reports, reminiscences, library, Isham J. B.
Card division 180/10New York medical schools (7) - quotes from books by Jones, T. F., Medical Record, other re foundation schools
Card division 180/11Baltimore (10) - New York v. Baltimore, reception by profession, landladies, Miss Simmons, hospital infectious diseases, quotes book by Janvier re 80s and 90s, medical schools
Card division 180/12Johns Hopkins University history (20) - Johns Hopkins, Gilman, quotes from The Nation, Baltimore American 1875, from clippings in alumni office re opening 1876, other Press quotes, notes re financial losses 1887, Welch address 1890, Butler re Gilman 1901, notes Remsen inauguration 1902
Card division 180/13Johns Hopkins University and Welch (20) - also list dates appointments from Baxley Professor pathology 1884 to emeritus 1931, note by Billings, pathology appointment, Cohnheim's recommendation, quote annual report President to Trustees 1884, Welch as acting President, notes on organization, presentation Konenkov bust Welch 1926, retirement
Card division 180/14Johns Hopkins Hospital (20) - references re history, correspondence, early appointments, buildings, abstract Billings lecture 1877, early days, opening 1889, 25th anniversary, Harriet Lane Home, Phipps clinic, Historical Club, Laennec Society, mentions in Welch bibliography
Card division 180/15School of Hygiene and Public Health (40) - abstract Welch address 1920, extensive notes conference Oct 1914 re plans for school, notes Rockefeller Foundation bound report 1916, notes early lectures hygiene Billings other prior school opening, diary notes, burning McCoy Hall, bacteriology and hygiene (Welch's early ideas), notes re Welch-Rose report May 1915, General Education Board meetings, announcement opening school 1918
Card division 180/16Johns Hopkins Medical School (40) - also notes history of, Welch as Dean, early medical teaching, Miss Garrett's gift, appointment of Osler, early faculty, education for women, opening 1893, quotes from The Nation, no. graduates, Herter lectureship, Hunterian lab, chairs Art in Medicine and Pediatrics, Ames reminiscences, full time clinical chairs
Card division 180/17Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (3)
Card division 180/18Department of pathology (10) - first courses, class members 1886 (includes Halsted and Herter), examinations, quotes from Circular re classes and Welch fever lecture, list Fellows
Card division 180/19Pathology department publications (20) - list references from Thomas H. M. 1891 to Stevenson H. M. 1915
Card division 180/20Institute History of Medicine (15) - also Cushing, Sigerist Singer as successors to Welch, dedication 1929, Billings, lectures, book purchases
Card division 180/21Welch medical library (10) - also dedication 1929, General Education Board grant 1927
Card division 180/22Wilmer Institute (3)
Card division 180/23Journal Experimental Medicine (5) - launching with Welch as editor 1896
Card division 180/24Medical journals (8) - list of journals 1887-1912, notes re Am J Physiol, other
Card division 180/25Pupils of Welch (5) - also quote from Welch address Bellevue 1930 "greatest joy of my life..."
Card division 180/26Published work Welch pupils and associates to 1915 (40) - references Abbott, Barbour, Barker, Bassett, Berkley, Blachstein, Bloodgood, Bolton, Booker, Carter, Councilman, Cullen, Cushing, Flexner, Halsted, Helmholtz, Herter, Howard, Kendall, Livingood, MacCurdy, Mall, MacCallum, Marshall, Nichols, Nuttall, Opie, Peabody, Pease, Reed D, Schmeisser, Thayer, Thomas, Van Wart, Williams, Wilson, Whipple, Winternitz
Card division 180/27Welch as a teacher (13) - with quotes from MacCallum, McCrae, Welch lecture notes, SF "spirit of the pathological", influence on younger men
Card division 180/28Welch as a writer (7) - requests for articles, list Welch book reviews
Card division 180/29Welch as a speaker (10) - also comments Cushing, Sabin, other, preparation of an address, reflections SF on "repetition with a difference", invitations to speak
Card division 180/30Welch as investigator (4) - also reports microscopical examinations, quote Burket
Card division 180/31Investigations (45) - "papers and addresses related publications and correspondence": abscesses, actinomycosis, anatomy, aneurism/aneurysm, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, bacteriophage, blood corpuscles, brain, chemotherapy (arsenic), cow pox, cyst, cytotoxins, dysentery, edema lungs, encephalitis, fever, gall stones, glomerulonephritis, haemochromatosis, heart, histology, horse disease, infarction, influenza, leukemia, lymphosarcoma, myelitis, necrosis, nephritis, neuro-epithelioma, neurotoxins, nomenclature, parasitology, peritonitis, rabies, Rocky mountain spotted fever, snake venom, stomach, syphilis, Texas cattle fever, thrombosis and thromboembolism, thyroid gland, tumor, typhus, ulcers, vaccination, viruses
Card division 180/32Bacteriology (4)
Card division 180/33Cancer (5)
Card division 180/34Cholera (3) - also epidemic 1892
Card division 180/35Diphtheria (5) - also diary notes by SF re lecture and experiments
Card division 180/36Gas bacillus (7)
Card division 180/37Hookworm (2) - correspondence with Stiles
Card division 180/38Immunity (4) - also note re Huxley lecture
Card division 180/39Malaria (1)
Card division 180/40Pathology, general (5)
Card division 180/41Pneumonia (3) - also Pneumonia Commission 1904
Card division 180/42Swine diseases (including hog cholera) (5) - also Commission on swine disease 1888
Card division 180/43Tuberculosis (12) - also notes National Association, Hodgkins essay prize, Phipps Institute Philadelphia, Barker's discussion Welch re falling TB mortality
Card division 180/44Typhoid fever (5) - also press clipping 1937 re declining mortality
Card division 180/45Yellow fever (7) - also notes re SF and Welch discussions 1900, 1928, Barker and Welch 1934
Card division 180/46American Association Advancement Science (5)
Card division 180/47American Medical Association (7) - also notes re Welch election to AMA presidency 1909
Card division 180/48Army medical library (6) - also note re Index Medicus and Army museum
Card division 180/49Carnegie Institute (12) - also notes re Welch election Trustee 1906, embryology laboratory and Streeter, Mall
Card division 180/50China medical board, China Commission, Peking Union Medical College (12) - also notes re John D. Rockefeller Jr., dedication PUMC, University Chicago China Commission
Card division 180/51General Education Board (Rockefeller Foundation) (7) - also abstracts annual reports 1921-1927
Card division 180/52Hall of Fame New York University (3) - also note re Welch ballots
Box 181Subject Index; Contain references to: Organizations (continued, card division 1-15); Welch life and interests (card division 16-46).
Card division 181/1Kober award, also Association American Physicians (3)
Card division 181/2League of Nations (10) - also diaries, report to Health section, World Court, MD branch
Card division 181/3Milbank Fund (4)
Card division 181/4National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (10+) - notes re founding, history from Hale, Brocket, war service, peace time activities
Card division 181/5New York Academy Medicine (3)
Card division 181/6Red Cross (6) - American, conference Cannes 1919, League
Card division 181/7Rockefeller Institute (30) - also notes 1901 meeting, plans for laboratory, site purchase, organization, Welch remarks 20th anniversary, SF notes re early grants, studies meningitis and diarrhea
Card division 181/8Rockefeller Foundation, International Health Board, Sanitary Commission (40) - also notes original gift to Johns Hopkins, Hopkins fire loss, full time, International Congress, syphilis clinic, School Hygiene, trip to China 1921, portrait of Lavoisier, Wilmer Fund, JDR Jr. on prohibition, meeting re hookworm, quotes from Welch address at Gates memorial, last illness
Card division 181/9Miscellaneous organizations (35 +) - Listing organizations to which Welch belonged, dates and offices held:
Académie de Médecine Paris
Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique
All-America Conference Venereal Diseases
Alumni Association Johns Hopkins
American Academy Medicine
American Association Advancement Science
American Association History of Medicine
American Association Legion of Honor
American Association Pathologists and Bacteriologists
American Association University Professors
American Child Health Association
American Child Hygiene Association
American Eugenics Society
American Foundation for Mental Hygiene
American Friends of the Pasteur Institute
American Medical Aid for Russia
American Medical Association
American Philosophical Society
American Physiological Society
American Psychiatric Association
American Public Health Association
American Red Cross
American School Hygiene Association
American School of Damascus
American Social Hygiene Association
American Society of Clinical Pathologists
American Society for Experimental Pathology
American Society of French Legion of Honor
American Society of Naturalists
American Society of Tropical Medicine
American Therapeutic Society
Association of Alumni College Physicians and Surgeons
Association of American Physicians
Association of American Universities
Athenaeum Club (London)
Baltimore Alliance
Baltimore City Department Health
Baltimore City George Washington Bi-centennial Commission
Baltimore City Medical Society
Baltimore Country Club
Baltimore Dairy Council
Baltimore Monthly Medical reunion
Beaumont Medical Club (Yale)
Berliner medizinischen Gesellschaft
British Association Advancement Science
British Medical Association
Carnegie Institute Washington
Charter Revision Committee
Child Health Organization
China Medical Board (Rockefeller)
Citizens Emergency Relief Committee
City Club of Baltimore
City-wide Congress
College Physicians Philadelphia
Columbia University Alumni Club MD
Comité International d'Histoire des Sciences
Commission on Disease of Horses
Committee Public Health Nursing Education
Committee Research in Syphilis
Committee Study Visiting Nursing
Congress American Physicians and Surgeons
Cosmos Club Washington
Delta Omega
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften
Deutsche Medizin Gesellschaft in New York
Deutsches Zentralkomitee zür Erforschung und Bekämpfung der Krebskrankheit
Emergency Society German and Austrian Science and Art
Encyclopaedia Britannica Fellowship Founders
English- Speaking Union
Eugenics Committee USA
Facsimile Text Society (Columbia)
Federation American Societies Experimental Biology
Foreign Policy Association (Baltimore)
Friends Johns Hopkins University Library
Frontier Nursing Service
Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien
Gorgas Memorial Institute Panama
Hall of Fame New York University
Happy Hills Convalescent Home Children
Harveian Society London
Harvey Society New York
History of Science Society
Hollywood Academy Medicine
Hooper Foundation Medical Research
Hüfelandische Gesellschaft Berlin
Human Welfare Group Yale
Institute Biological Research Johns Hopkins
International Anti-Tuberculosis Association
International Association Medical Museums
International Committee Mental Hygiene
International Congress Hygiene and Demography
International Congress Mental Hygiene
International Congress Tuberculosis
International Health Board
International Neurological Congress
International Physiological Congress
International Society Microbiology
Istituto Storico Italiano
Japan Society
Johns Hopkins Hospital Historical Club
Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Society
Johns Hopkins Training School Nurses
Kaiserlich Leopold, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher
Laennec Society Johns Hopkins
League of Nations Association
League of Nations Health Section
League of Nations Non-Partisan MD branch
League Red Cross Societies
Legion of Honor France
Leonard Wood Memorial
Life Extension Institute
Lighthouses for the Blind
Mahogany Tree Club Philadelphia
Marie Curie Radium Fund
Maryland Club
Maryland Historical Society
Maryland Public Health Association
Maryland Social Hygiene Society
Maryland Society Bacteriologists
Maryland Society Prevention Blindness
Maryland State Association Graduate Nurses
Maryland Board of Health
Maryland Tuberculosis Association
Maryland War Records Commission
Medical and Chirurgical Faculty State MD
Medical Society County of Kings NY
Medical Veterans World War
Mental Hygiene Society MD
Michigan State Medical Society
Milbank Memorial Fund
Moderation League
National Academy of Sciences
National Association Study and Prevention Tuberculosis
National Committee Federal Regulation Birth Control
National Committee Mental Hygiene
National Conference Social Work
National Institute of Health (NIH)
National Institute Social Sciences
National Organization Public Health Nursing
National Tuberculosis Association
New Charter Revision Committee
New York Academy Medicine
Nu Sigma Nu
Officers Reserve Corps...
Pathological Society Great Britain and Ireland and London
Peking Union Medical College (PUMC)
People's Unemployment League MD
Phi Beta Kappa
Philadelphia Institute Medical Research
Philadelphia Pathological Society
Physiological Society (British)
Pithotomy Club
Public Health Athletic League
Rachford Memorial Fund Cincinnati
Reale Accademia Medica di Roma
Research Institute National Dental Association
Ritchie Citizenship League
Rockefeller Institute Medical Research
Rockefeller Sanitary Commission
Royal College Physicians Edinburgh
Royal Institute Public Health
Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society
Royal Sanitary Institute
Royal Society of Medicine
Save the Children Fund
Schlesische Gesellschaft...
Sigma Xi
Skull and Bones
Societa Med-Chir di Bologna
Société Française d'Histoire de la Médecine
Société Royale des Sciences Médicales de Bruxelles
Société de Thérapeutique
Society American Bacteriologists
Society Experimental Biology and Medicine
Society Medical Officers of Health Great Britain
Southern Medical Association
Special Charter Commission
the Strollers
Tuberculosis Association Bengal
Tudor and Stuart Club Johns Hopkins
Union Internationale contre la Tuberculose
Union Memorial Hospital Baltimore
United States (U.S.) Department Agriculture Meat Inspection Commission
United States (U.S.) Public Health Service (Treasury Department)
United States (U.S.) Veterinary Medical Association
University Club Baltimore
University Club New York
Washington Medical and Surgical Society
Welfare Council City of New York
Wiener Gesellschaft Mikrobiologie
William Holland Wilmer Foundation
World Congress Physicians Surgeons
World Court Organization MD
World Federation Education Associations
Yale Alumni Association MD
Additional 10 cards on correspondence with miscellaneous organizations from American Committee on Devastated France thru University Club Baltimore
Card division 181/10Commissions (7) - "includes some Welch a member," swine diseases, Philippine expedition, bubonic plague, pneumonia, meat inspection, Panama canal, Markleton Hospital
Card division 181/11Congresses (20) - 9th Internat Med 1887, American Physicians Surgeons 1897, tuberculosis 1908, Hygiene and demography 1912, venereal disease ?1920, world population 1927, history medicine 1927, social work child welfare 1928, mental hygiene 1930, history science and technology, neurological, Royal Sanitary all 1931 Contemporaries and Associates
Card division 181/12Contemporaries medical and scientific (30) - also mentions in diary, some added biographic data: Albutt, Arrhenius, Aschoff, Banting, Belfield, Bergson, Billroth, Bowditch, Celli, Curie, Darwin, De Vries, Ehrlich, Flint, Gay, Grawitz, Hale, Hay, Hofmann, Huxley, Keen, Kronecker, Kuhne, Leidy, Lister, Lotsy, Lusk, Marchand, Mendel, Metchnikoff, Minot, Mitchell, Noguchi, Osborn, Pasteur, Pavlov, Pupil, Reed (Walter), Roy, Salomonsen, Sanderson, Sedgwick, Seguin, Sewall, Stiles, Virchow, Walcott, Warthin, Weir, Wood
Card division 181/13Associates (50) - biographies, dates correspondence: Abbott, Abel, Barker, Beyer, Biggs, Billings, Brodel, Buttrick, Councilman, Cullen, Cushing, Flexner, Flint, Garrison, Gates, Gilman, Goldthwaite, Gorgas, Halsted, Herter (including notes Mrs H. D. Dakin, Atwater-Herter controversy re alcohol, Welch Festschrift, Rockefeller Institute, illness Welch's sister), Howell, Janeway, Kelly, Livingood, MacCallum, Mall, Mallory, Martin, Meltzer, Nuttall, Opie, Osler (incluing note re introduction Welch to Osler by Seguin), Pearl, Pirquet, Prudden, Remsen, Rose, Rowland, Russell, Sigerist, Smith, Sternberg, Thayer, Thomas, Vaughan, Williams
Card division 181/14Contemporaries (30) - biographical notes, dates correspondence Alexander family, Arnold, Carnegie, Doyle, Elizabeth Queen of Belgians, Farrand, Garden, Garrett J., Garrett Mary, Godkin, Hambleton, Heine, Kitty (Hanfstengel), Herrick, Hill, Hoover, Johnson, Marburg, MacPherson, Mencken, Olcott, Phipps, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Root, Shriver, Thomas, Venable, Vincent, White, Wood
Card division 181/15F. S. Dennis (10) - also note relations Welch after 1884, Yale degree, biography, obituary
Card division 181/16Education (3) - includes references re education for women
Card division 181/17Medical education (40) - A. M. A Council, quotes from Welch, endowments, entrance requirements, quote by Eliot re Harvard students, Welch's last 3 addresses on topic
Card division 181/18Medical history (30) - also notes ether controversy, quotes re early interest of Welch
Card division 181/19Full-time clinical chairs (25) - also notes from diaries, publications, quote from Barker's talk with Welch during last illness
Card division 181/20Medical research (10) - quotes re research talent, medicine and human welfare, list research institutes
Card division 181/21Antivivisection (7) - also notes interview SF with Welch 1920
Card division 181/22Hygiene and public health (20) - also notes on MD Board of Health, US Public Health Bureau, Barker's notes re Welch address on National Hygiene 1909
Card division 181/23Mental hygiene (5) - also diary re Clifford Beers, National Committee
Card division 181/24Extra-academic activities (7) - notes re pressure of engagements, aid to European scientists after War, dates retirement some offices
Card division 181/25World War (5) - also war service, attitude towards Germany
Card division 181/26Finances, personal (3) - also notes Barker interview re role nephew Senator Walcott
Card division 181/27Honors (15) - also list medals, honorary degrees, 1900 Festchrift on 25th anniversary M.D. degree, Sargent portrait, dinner Brenner medallion 1910, A. M. A. presidency dinner, Corner portrait, gold headed cane, Welch lectureship Mt. Sinai hospital, Harben gold medal, plaque Happy Hills, other
Card division 181/28Birthdays (7) - notes 60th birthday, 70th, Burket's Papers and Addresses 1920, 75th, 79th, 81st with Cushing anecdote, 82nd, 84th
Card division 181/2980th birthday (10) - also notes Hutty etching, list printed tributes, programs
Card division 181/30Summer 1932 (2) - also note SF diary
Card division 181/31Sound film 1932 (1)
Card division 181/32Last illness (15) - also notes greetings JHU Trustees, conversations Barker, Kellogg, SF, mention Temkin
Card division 181/33Death (3) - also partial list condolences
Card division 181/34Tributes (20) - listing letters tribute during life, other notes by Cushing, Alexander, Lord Dawson, Barker, Mayo; partial listing obituaries
Card division 181/35Welch's career (5) - influence on American medicine, Welch's opinion own career, advice to young scientists
Card division 181/36Welch biography (5) - also detailed note MacCallum discussion with SF re choice biographer, press clipping
Card division 181/37Characteristics (30) - notes Welch as administrator, appearance, as bibliophile, breadth knowledge, as correspondent, dinners, comments Garrison, judgement of men, kindness, popularity, procrastination, travel habits
Card division 181/38Anecdotes (15) - also notes customs house experience, raising of white mice, President Gilman, poster party at Johns Hopkins, food in China, Scheveningen
Card division 181/39Tastes and Interests (20) - art, Atlantic City, aviation, baseball, bibliography, Carlsbad, games and puzzles, Greek, literature, marriage, music, neurology (Seguin), painting, sweets, walking, women in medicine
Card division 181/40Religion (5) - also notes Darwinism, Barker's recollections
Card division 181/41Social life (4) - in Germany, New York, Baltimore
Card division 181/42Welch's rooms (1)
Card division 181/43Celebrations (10) - notes University Geneva 350th 1909, Leipzig 500th 1909, Pasteur and Jenner 1923, St. Bartholomew's 800th 1923, Harvey 300th 1928, Koch 50th 1932, Leeuwenhoek 300th 1932
Card division 181/44Positions offered Welch (1) - list offers 1873-1897
Card division 181/45Positions to be filled (3) - re positions outside Johns Hopkins
Card division 181/46Advice, requests for (3) - list correspondence requests re medical schools, books, scientific
Box 182Bibliography Index Cards. — 1870-1932
Card division 182/1Bibliography (100+) - (see VII, XIIA), includes listing published and unpublished addresses; listing is more complete than Burket or current files
Card division 182/2Unpublished addresses (40+) - annotation: "these cards represent addresses presumably delivered by Welch, with no record of publication and no notes preserved
Card division 182/3Reviews (4) - includes 2 reviews of Flints' Practise 5th edition, discussing Welch's contribution to book, 1881; notes on editorial in Medical News re Welch's Cartwright lectures, 1888; reference Garrison's review Burket's bibliography. — 1917
Box 183Book and journal lists, Johns Hopkins departments, other. — 1916-1928
Folder 184/1Phonograph records - Seven great scientists, 78 RPM recordings on cardboard backing, Science Service Inc. Washington DC. — 1932
Welch WH, The 50th anniversary of the discovery of the tubercle bacillus
Compton KT, Science and engineering
Conklin EG, The mystery of life
Merriam JC, The record of the rocks
Baekeland LH, Chemistry and civilization
Millikan RA, The rise of physics
Mann WM, Our animal friends. — 1932
Tape cassette re-recording - Nov 15 1998 by Dale Levitz
Folder 184/2Printed transcripts, photocopies - accompanying Science Service phonograph recording. — 1932
Folder 184/3Correspondence - Science Service to Welch re recordings. — Feb 1932
Folder 184/4Recordings (dups). — 1932
Bound volume 185Bound volume - minutes, records, correspondence of Executive Committee Federation of American Societies Experimental Biology. — 1915-1935
Bound volume 186/1Yale Year Book 1870 (Welch's copy) contains photos Welch and classmates. — 1870
Folder 186/2Program - National Academy Science dinner. — April 22 1914
Folder 186/3Program, correspondence - dedication Welch window in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. — Jan 3 1971
Folder 187/1Scrapbook press clippings, 1915-1926 - presented to Welch by Joseph K. Hoffmann, janitor department of pathology School of Medicine. — Apr 8 1926
Folder 187/2Scrapbook re 75th birthday - press release and clippings presented by Milbank Memorial Fund. — 1925
Book 188Leatherbound book: Festschrift. — 1900; Contributions to the Science of Medicine, dedicated by his pupils to William Henry Welch on the 25th anniversary of his doctorate, 38 chapters by Mall, Sabin, Halsted, Herter, Cullen, Reed, Halsted, other, Baltimore, JHU Press, 1900.
Folder 189/1-3Memorabilia, unidentified (Boxes - ?) once contained presentation medals,; ribbons; 2x2 duplicates travelogue slides, Switzerland. — all n.d.
Box 190Pathology glass slides. — ?1884-1900; Boxes of microscopy slides pulmonary edema, malaria, other, including box slides made by Dr. Walter L. Carr when in Welch's pathology class, Bellevue, 1884.
Box 191Slides of scenic views, Switzerland. — n.d.; Annotated "from Dr. Welch's vault", prob reproduced from a travel book around 1900.

Sub-series XIV/E:
Late posthumous honors and tributes. — 1934-1986

Note: Boxes #193-#195 contain duplicate copies reprints and programs

File 192/1-6Late tributes
Folder 192/1Press clipping - Launching of the William H. Welch boarding cutter of U.S. Public Health Service. — Aug 9 1934
Folder 192/2TMs, press clippings - Unveiling of plaque of Welch at Happy Hills Home for Invalid Children, address by Alfred J. Shriver, Jun 1935: clipping re display Welch memorabilia at Enoch Pratt library Baltimore. — Oct 1941
Folder 192/3Memo, press clippings - Information on Liberty Ship William H. Welch, launched Mar 1943: naming of Army convalescent hospital, Daytona Beach Florida. — March 1944
Folder 192/4Journal issue - Kagan SR, Dr. William Henry Welch (1850- 1934), J Internat Coll Surg 7:133,159. — 1944
Folder 192/5Memo - re dedication Welch window at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. — Jan 3 1971
Folder 192/6Correspondence, clippings - Dedication Welch home at 935 St. Paul Street, Baltimore as National Historical Landmark, including TMs Dean Turner's address, other tributes. — Sep 23 1976
File 192/7-9Centennial celebration, 1950, publications
Folder 192/7Journal issue (2 copies) - Welch memorial, Suppl. to Bull JHH 87, no. 2: 1-54. — August 1950
Folder 192/7Bronk, DW Introductory remarks, p.1
Folder 192/7Goodpasture EW, The influence of William Henry Welch upon the development of pathology, pp.3-11
Folder 192/7Freeman AW, The influence of Dr. William H. Welch on public health, pp.12-17
Folder 192/7Shryock RH, Dr. Welch and medical history. — pp.19-27
Folder 192/7Gregg A, Dr. Welch's influence on medical education, pp.28-36
Folder 192/7Flexner A, William Henry Welch, pp.39-54
Folder 192/7Journal illustrations: Welch 1832, 1884 intro; Photostat Welch first lecture notes 1882, p.2; group photo staff Institute History Medicine 1932, p.18; Welch on horseback on trip to Ming tombs China 1915, p.38
Folder 192/8Reprint copies - Addresses at Welch centenary celebration of American Association History of Medicine, Boston, May 21 1950, published Bull Hist Med 24: 305-351. — 1950
Folder 192/8Temkin O, Editorial Dr. William H. Welch April 8 1850-April 30 1934, Bull Hist Med 24: 305-307. — 1950
Folder 192/8Temkin O, The European background of the young Dr. Welch, ibid. — 308-318
Folder 192/8Cohen B, Comments on the relation of Dr. Welch to the rise of microbiology in America. — 319-324
Folder 192/8Shryock RH, Dr. Welch and medical history, 325-332
Folder 192/8Salomonsen CJ, Reminiscences of the summer semester, 1877, at Breslau, 333-351
Folder 192/8Illustration: Welch portrait photo at 80, p. 304
Folder 192/9Reprint, transcript ms - Chesney AM, William Henry Welch: a tribute on the centenary of his birth, JH Mag 9-10, April 1950; excerpt - J Assoc Am Med Coll, Jan 1950 quoting Welch on Arrangement of curriculum; press clipping re centennial, Baltimore Sun. — Apr 16 1950
File 192/10-24Programs and memorabilia collected for centennial
Folder 192/10Program - The centennial of the birth of Dr. William Henry Welch: Hurd Memorial Hall, Johns Hopkins Hospital. — Apr 15 1950
Folder 192/11Program dinner - William Henry Welch 1850-1934, dinner Sheraton Belvedere Hotel, Baltimore: TMs table seating plan: copies 2 photographs. — Apr 15 1950
Folder 192/12Invitation - Larkey SV to centennial dinner. — 1950
Folder 192/13Correspondence - Larkey SV with Lowell Reed, other centennial correspondence, including copy Halsted acceptance speech of Welch equestrian statue. — 1949-1950
Folder 192/14TMs list - Contents 1950 exhibit of the life of Dr. William Henry Welch by Stanford V. Larkey. — 1950
Folder 192/15AMs notes - for exhibit on Welch in Welch Library, n.d., prob Larkey outline. — 1950
Folder 192/16Audiotape, transcript - ? of autobiographical film of Welch made in New York. — 1932
Folder 192/17Phonograph, printed transcript - Welch address: The 50th anniversary of the discovery of the tubercle bacillus, Science Services Inc., Washington DC. — 1932
Folder 192/18Copies photographs - photo of Welch bust, n.d.; group photo Lanier room 1901, Welch with Gilman, Rowland, Remsen, Gildersleeve; Time cover Welch. — Apr 14 1930
Folder 192/19Copies (2) booklet - The eightieth birthday of William Henry Welch, addresses at Memorial Continental Hall, Washington DC. — Apr 8 1930
Folder 192/20Copies (2) invitation and program - dedication Welch Medical library and department of history of medicine. — Oct 1929
Folder 192/21Reprint - Garrison FH, In memoriam: William Henry Welch (1850-1934), Scient Monthly 38:579-582. — 1934
Folder 192/22Booklet - Memorial meeting William Henry Welch, University Club Baltimore, (stamped EV McCollum). — May 22 1934
Folder 192/23Book copy - Burket WC, The bibliography of William Henry Welch Baltimore, Lord Baltimore Press. — 1917
Folder 192/24Invitations - Welch centenary dinner, JH Alumni Assoc N. Carolina; AMA meeting San Francisco. — Jun 28 1950
File 192/25-26Reprints, other published tributes after 1950
Folder 192/25Editorial - William Henry Welch, Baltimore Health News ?vol:137-143. — 1953
Folder 192/25Editorial - Dr. Halsted wondered Might it be Sancho Panza? Under the Dome. — Nov 1963
Folder 192/25Editorial - A memorial mortar, The Herb Grower Mag 20, no. 4. — 1967
Folder 192/25Reprint photostat - Harvey, A McG, Teacher and distinguished pupil: William Henry Welch and George Hoyt Whipple, Hopkins Med J 135:178-190. — 1975
Folder 192/25Editorial - William Henry Welch (1850-1934) Southern Med 65:4-5, 1977: Rehfeldt FC, William Henry Welch: a psychohistory, ibid 65:11-18. — 1977
Folder 192/25TMs - Turner TB, William Henry Welch - 1850-1934. — n.d. ?1979
Folder 192/25Reprint - Gossell, PP, William Henry Welch and the antivivisection legislation in the District of Columbia 1896-1900, J Hist Med Allied Sciences 40:397-419. — 1985
Folder 192/25Clipping - captioned color photocopy Corner's portrait Welch, from Human Sexuality, 20, no. 5. — 1986
Folder 192/26Listing - Medline refs books and papers re Welch, 1966-1997 in Welch Gateway system. — Feb 1998