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William H. Welch Film

View an early "motion picture talking" film made in 1932, featuring William H. Welch, first professor of pathology. In this film he reflects on the formative years of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Reminiscences of the Early Days of the
Medical School.

A short film by Don Carlos Ellis, Educational Films, 1932

Courtesy of
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Detail from original invitation, 1932

The film begins with this note, "A precious record of a great figure in American medicine who speaks of a most significant period in the development of medical science."


Hear a recording of Welch made in 1932.

Dr. William H. Welch
Johns Hopkins University Speaks on
The Fiftieth Anniversary of the
Discovery of the Tubercle Bacillus

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The Welch phonograph, a vinylized,
paper disk, 1932.

Reissued with permission from SCIENCE NEWS,
the weekly magazine of science, copyright 1932 by Science Service, Inc.