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Original Investigations

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Welch's career as a pathologist was remarkable for his co-discovery in 1882, with George H.F. Nuttall, of the organism that causes gas gangrene, known as Bacillus welchii, or Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus.

Photograph of Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus.

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Page from Welch's and Nuttall's Gas bacillus notes.

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Study Abroad

One of the leading European investigators with whom Welch studied on his early trips was Robert Koch. In 1885 (three years after Koch announced the discovery of the tubercle bacillus) he took notes on Koch's demonstrations.

Welch's notes of Koch's demonstrations.

"If good teaching is to inspire enthusiasm on the part of pupils, if it is to impart the real living knowledge which is part of your flesh and blood, if that is good teaching, then Professor Koch is not only a great investigator, but he is also an accomplished teacher." W.H.W.
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Welch's notes (in German) from Robert Koch's lecture on "Tuberkel bacillen" taken by Welch, July 1885.



Koch notes by Welch, "Cholera bacilli," July 1885.

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Welch's drawing of a colony of cholera bacilli, in his notes from Koch's laboratory, July 25, 1885.

View additional notes by Welch, "Cholera bacilli", page 2.