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Welch was a leading statesmen of Western medicine. Dignitaries of many countries welcomed his visits. During trips to China in 1915 and in 1921 he was received by the President of China.

In his diary of 1915 he recounts his arrival at the Presidential Mansion, and his meeting with Chinese President Yuan Shi-Kai, "We drove in two carriages to the American Legation...We were met at the boat landing by a Chinese Colonel and then we entered a launch and were poled across the lake to the President's Palace...On landing we were received by Mr. Wang (?), the court chamberlain, who escorted us through several court-yards, halls and passage-ways past a number of guards of soldiers, who presented arms as we passed...Depositing hats and canes in the entrance hall we were led to the reception room of the President.. The President beamed and expressed his gratification and welcome - and of the need of China for improved medical education and practice. Dr. Buttrick then spoke of the philanthropic undertaking of Mr. Rockefeller and the various directions in which the Foundation is working and of opportunity in China." Welch thought the meeting which utilized interpreters was a success and that the President's,"remarks and replies to what we said, while brief, were always to the point and not common place phrases. He is undoubtedly a strong man, and I think, must attract men to him with firm bonds of friendship."

Welch noted on leaving that the reception room had been modern and uninteresting. However, he found the surrounding grounds to be lovely, "The rest was beautiful and too much to attempt to describe- lovely courtyards, rocks, grottoes and gardens in Chinese style, beautiful pink walls, yellow and green tiles..."

Diary entry continued, October 8, 1915

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Detail of a program for a dinner in honor of members of the China Medical Commission of the Rockefeller Foundation, October 1915.



Welch's invitation to a Garden Party by President and Madame Hsu on September 17, 1921.

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A detailed program accompanied the invitation to the Garden Party at the Presidential Mansion. "Visitors are to enter by the Hsin Hua Men at about 2 p.m. and leave by the Fu Hua Men." It continued...

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