William H. Welch
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Travel Photographs

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International Travel

Welch on one of his voyages by sea,
circa 1900.

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Photographer unidentified

In addition to numerous trips to Europe, Welch made two trips to Asia in 1915 and 1921 as a commissioner of the China Medical Board, a subsidiary group formed by the Rockefeller Foundation to promote modern Western medicine in China.

It was on his first trip to Asia that Welch began to keep diaries. Thereafter, when he was abroad, he always recorded his daily experiences in a journal. The entries became more lengthy as he grew older.

"Geisha at Gov. Uchida's luncheon,
Tokyo - Dec. 9, 1911"

inscribed by Welch.

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Dinner at the Tokyo Conference, circa 1915.
Welch is seated on the far right.

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Photograph by M. Hirano


Enroute to the Ming Tombs, China, 1915.

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Photograph by Simon Flexner

"We started for the Ming Tombs, the rest of the party on donkeys with broad seats or saddles: I on a pony with a sharp saddle. An uncomfortable and fatiguing, also chafing ride on the backs of these most unsatisfactory beasts over a rough road and path for seven hours, including about an hour of stops - covering a distance of about 14 miles there and back -- Still the sight is not to be missed..."  Welch diary, September 26, 1915


The Great Wall of China, the Nankow Pass.

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Photographer unidentified.

"The view of it is wonderfully fine, one of the great sights of the world, the most stupendous work of man, when taken in its entirety. We saw it winding like a serpent, climbing steep heights dipping into valleys, stretching as far as the eye could reach on both sides of us... Many flowers in the broad path along top of the wall-- bluebells, asters, pinks."  Welch Diary, 1915

China Medical Commission of the Rockefeller Foundation. Visit to Tsing Hua College, Peking, China, Oct. 5, 1915

Photographer unidentified

Dedication of the
Peking Union Medical College,
September, 1921.

View of the Peking Union Medical College, circa 1921.

Photographer unidentified

The Union Medical College in Peking was founded as a missionary school in 1906. It was developed and maintained by the missionary groups until 1915. At that time the China Medical Board of the Rockefeller Foundation assumed full support of the College. It was the first school selected by that group to receive funding in their efforts to bring Western medicine to China. In 1921 a six-year reconstruction project was completed. The new facility known as the Peking Union Medical College, was dedicated September 19, 1921. It was modeled on the medical education program at Johns Hopkins. Welch served as a Trustee of the Peking Union Medical College from 1915 until 1931.


The procession crossing the College Court, Peking Union Medical College,
September, 1921

Photographer unidentified

Welch with Victor G. Heiser, and Wu Lien Teh, Peking Union Medical College.

Photographer unidentified


Wu Lien Teh, and W. T. Watt, physician to the [Chinese] president, with the Chinese members of the staff of Peking Union Medical College

Photographer unidentified

(For more information about the Peking Union Medical College, see: Brief Description of the Peking Union Medical College, page 1, page 2.)

Welch at the grave of French politician and writer, Brillat-Savarin, best known for his Physiologie du Goût, a literary work on gastronomy. Belley, Switzerland, September 12, 1927

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Photographer unidentified


Harvey Cushing motoring along the Swiss, Axenstrasse, sent greeting to Welch, September 20, 1929

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Photographer unidentified

Domestic Travel - Trips to the Seashore

Welch was a frequent visitor of
Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Photographer unidentified

Welch with unidentified companions,
Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Photograph by Novelty Picture Gallery,
Harry Phillips, Photographer